French Style Green Beans with Onions, Red Pepper & Garlic.New look!Same great taste.Garden quality.Seasoned vegetables.


Green Beans, Water, Dehydrated Onion, Salt, Dehydrated Red Pepper, Garlic Powder.

Product Features

Deliciously seasoned vegetables for meals that delight.Tasty nutrition bursting with flavor.Seasoned with savory onions, red peppers and garlic, our blue lake green beans are grown in the best soils in America. They're picked at the peak of ripeness and packed on the same day to capture the tasty flavor and essential nutrients of beans freshly cooked from scratch in your home.Meals that shine.Savory onion, red pepper and garlic add zesty flavor to our garden quality green beans. They're simple to serve, and simply delicious. A tasty way to brighten your plate.