Enjoy a delicious and naturally fat-free snack with these Sun Maid Sour Strawberry Flavored Golden Raisins. This handy six-pack makes it easy for you to stock your kitchen cupboards or pantry with your favorite natural fruit snack with no sugar added. Each 1-oz box contained in this pack of six features only 90 calories. Each box contains one full serving of these sour golden raisins. They can be enjoyed right out the box as a convenient snack on the go or mixed with your favorite recipes. They are especially tasty when paired with your favorite breakfast cereal or into pancake batter and other baked goods. Each one of these Sun Maid golden raisins was grown in a Californian vineyard and stringently inspected for quality. They feature a tangy sour strawberry flavor that kids and adults alike are sure to love.


California Golden Raisins, Contains 2% or Less of Natural Flavors, Sunflower Oil, Malic Acid, Fruit and Vegetable Juice (Color), Dried Orange Peel, Sulfur Dioxide (Sulfites) Added as a Preservative.