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Scotch-Brite Shower & Bath Scrubber 1ct product image

Scotch-Brite Shower & Bath Scrubber 1ct

$9.89 $10.99
  • ($10.99 each)

Switchable cleaning head! Removes soap scum without scratching. Features extending handle! Stock up on easy-to-replace scrubber heads (sold separately)! Made in China.

Item #: 10057
Brand: Scotch-Brite

Unlock. Twist handle counter-clockwise. Pull to desired length. Lock. Twist handle clockwise. To Change Cleaning head: 1. Push tab up. 2. Push forward to remove. 3. Slide the cleaning head onto handle and click into place.

WarningsSome delicate surfaces may scratch. Test in an inconspicuous area with pressure you desire to use. Rinse thoroughly before and after use


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