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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Kristen P. Sat Nov 14, 2015
Garden Grocer made our trip to Disney World easier and even happier than we expected. And the prices were reasonable! Thank you, Garden Grocer!
Joann N. Sat Nov 14, 2015
Excellent service!
melanie m. Sat Nov 14, 2015
I felt very confident in my order especially because a person contacted me via email to confirm my order. She also allowed me to updated my order twice!!! Will HIGHLY recommend and use your services again!
Brett G. Sat Nov 14, 2015
I would strongly recommend Garden Grocer to anyone coming from out of town and needing groceries.
Lauren F. Fri Nov 13, 2015
This is our second time using garden grocer, and it was fantastic! They make it so easy! Order your food, and let them do the rest! The fruit was so fresh and they even made sure to put the trail mix in the bag that goes in the fridge at bell services so the little chocolate pieces wouldn't melt! Now that's thinking! They called, emailed and texted me to let me know my food was ordered and then called emailed and texted again once it was delivered. We did the 8am-12pm time slot if I remember correctly and we got the call around 9 that it was delivered to bell services at our hotel! Wouldn't hesitate to use them again, absolutely love their services!
Kristina G. Fri Nov 13, 2015
This was awesome and sooo worth it! The groceries were ready when we arrived at the hotel and they were kept cold! I can't imagine how much we saved by having our own bottles of water, snacks for the kids, and breakfast items in our room. I am using this service again, without a doubt.
Donna R. Fri Nov 13, 2015
Loved Garden Grocer. Excellent customer service. Will certainly use again!!
Katie B. Fri Nov 13, 2015
Everything was delivered in a timely manner.With the Magic
kingdom being a yearly visit we will definitely use this service again!! Thanks
Debbie F. Fri Nov 13, 2015
So happy I used garden grocer, my cold things were cold, my ice cream was still frozen and everything else was perfect 😊
I saved almost $400.00 by not getting the meal plan!!!!
jennifer O. Fri Nov 13, 2015
Everything was perfect. Always great service.
Dawn G. Fri Nov 13, 2015
Great service, easy to use website and fruits and veggies were fresh! I use Garden Grocer every time I visit Disney!
Stephanie S. Fri Nov 13, 2015
Garden Grocer was perfect!
Carrie R. Fri Nov 13, 2015
The service was impeccable! Everything we asked for was delivered, quality was superb (bananas were ripe, bread was fresh) and the timing was spot on! Would 100% recommend.
Michelle Fri Nov 13, 2015
Garden Grocer is a great service. It gives me peace of mind knowing that the items we need while on vacation will be delivered with no effort on our part. They always get it right & make our vacation even more enjoyable. I have recommended their service to several friends & family members as well. Thank you Garden Grocer!
Pamela G. Fri Nov 13, 2015
Finding Garden Grocer was a dream come true. The website is very easy to use. The customer service was OUTSTANDING -- I received a phone call after ordering to confirm, a text message when the groceries were delivered to the hotel, a phone call once they were delivered to our room and the cold foods were packaged separately so the hotel could store properly. I found the pricing to be very fair -- certainly cheaper than the small convenience stores at the hotels.
Colette M. Fri Nov 13, 2015
It was so convenient to have some of my daughters favorites right in the room. We were also able to pack a lunch to bring to the parks with us so we knew she would have something she liked to eat. I would highly recommend Garden Grocer!
Stephanie R. Fri Nov 13, 2015
Appreciated the personal phone call after I placed my order. Email confirmations and texts were perfect since we were en route to the hotel when our items were delivered. Great way to have snacks and essentials ready and waiting for you when arriving at your hotel! Worth it to plan ahead and order 60 days in advance.
cindy h. Fri Nov 13, 2015
Part of my order wasn't received, but when Garden Grocer was notified they rectified it immediately. They are very professional and pleasant to work with.
Tanya F. Thu Nov 12, 2015
Excellent service delivery with friendly support & follow up. Highly recommend & looking forward to our next vacation to Disney with Garden Grocer experience. Thank you.
Susan C. Thu Nov 12, 2015
Excellent service! We order every family trip to Walt Disney World.
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