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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Amanda L. Thu Apr 21, 2016
This is an amazing service! I would recommend this to anyone!
Summer C. Thu Apr 21, 2016
Garden Grocer was a very handy service! Although I had a few items missing from my order, they were quick to rectify it. After each delivery, we received a call confirming our delivery and asking for feedback.
April Y. Thu Apr 21, 2016
Awesome! I was very pleased!!! Thank you!
Karen J. Thu Apr 21, 2016
Very convenient. Was delivered right to hotel.
Genene S. Thu Apr 21, 2016
What a convenience it was to have some food items in our hotel room! Before our Walt Disney World vacation, we ordered breakfast "stuff": Cereals, milk, bananas, berries, muffins, paper bowls, etc. We also ordered a case of bottled water, some snacks, and even some wine. We were out the door and ready to enjoy the "magic" everyday, with no stops before rope drop at each park! We saved lots of time and money! Garden Grocer was perfect! Our groceries arrived when they said they would and were packaged nicely. We'll definitely use their services again!
Chelsey B. Thu Apr 21, 2016
This was our first time using Garden Grocer and I will continue using them for every vacation!! Our order was 100% correct and the produce was fresh. They also took the time to call and let us know our order had been delivered, on top of sending an email. Excellent service!!!
John R. Thu Apr 21, 2016
PERFECT! That's how I would describe our experience with Garden Grocer. Having never used such a service before we were a tad apprehensive. As our plane landed we received notification that our groceries had already been delivered to our condo! We were able to order the foods we like, at the same price we are used to paying, AND have it timely delivered. One less thing to worry about while on vacation is always a huge plus.Thank you so very much, Garden Grocer, but helping make our vacation perfect!
Brian C. Thu Apr 21, 2016
Convenient, easy to use, and customer service was great in communicating when order was delivered to my hotel (which, of course, was on time).
Karen C. Thu Apr 21, 2016
All of the food was delivered on time and was good quality but we were especially impressed with how fresh all of the produce was! We like to always have fresh fruit on hand for the kids and I was nervous about ordering all of it at once for our entire stay, but it was as good the last day as the first!
Camela M. Thu Apr 21, 2016
Took a big stress out of getting food and drink for our stay. Very pleasant to work with
Nancy K. Wed Apr 20, 2016
Original grocery list had to be changes; no problems and refund was done! Thanks for great service and grocery delivered on time!
louise g. Wed Apr 20, 2016
Great selection and excellent service!
Amanda B. Wed Apr 20, 2016
Loved the simplicity of the service for our Disney World trip!
Pam h. Wed Apr 20, 2016
I highly recommend Garden Grocer. The website is easy to navigate. Good choice of items and the delivery was made as svelte.
Maureen W. Wed Apr 20, 2016
Garden grocer was easy to use and very accommodating. I was able to change my delivery date easily. I like that they will deliver to the resort without us being in the room.
jennifer n. Wed Apr 20, 2016
We have used Garden Grocer on our last two trips to Walt Disney World. We have no complaints. Reasonable prices & great communication(emails & phone calls). We saved time & $$.
Janelle W. Wed Apr 20, 2016
Was very pleased with my whole experience with garden grocer.
From ordering to the quality of their products. A+
Amy R. Wed Apr 20, 2016
Lightning fast! Very pleased & so glad to be able to use this service! Well worth it!
Melanie T. Wed Apr 20, 2016
Amazing. My groceries were waiting for me at the hotel when I arrived. So convenient and made our trip seamless.
Teresa S. Wed Apr 20, 2016
We were very pleased with your service...my husband told everyone he met and spoke to at Disney All Star Sport's on our vacation about you! I expect your business will be booming from us sharing how wonderful it was to have groceries and beverages in our room when we arrived! :) My husband is hard to please and he was so pleased with you all! Thank you! We will def. order again and again:))
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