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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Deana G. Mon Jun 5, 2017
Wonderful service!
Will use again!
Steven M. Mon Jun 5, 2017
Worked extremely well delivered on time the order was 100% correct and the quality of the food was great. Thank you. It was more expensive than going to the store yourself but was well worth the cost in time and aggravation of doing it yourself.
Paula G. Mon Jun 5, 2017
Great service. Love using these folks. Saves us a lot of money.
Lisa F. Mon Jun 5, 2017
Properly packaged and delivered quickly. Nothing missing and no damage. I'm a very happy first time customer. Thanks
Amanda W. Mon Jun 5, 2017
Having the groceries ready at the bell hop of our hotel on arrival added so much convenience to our trip and made going with an 18 month old not only do-able but enjoyable. I was impressed with the quality of food, as well. We ordered an avocado, for example, which was perfectly ripe. Thanks so much!!
Carlton G. Sun Jun 4, 2017
We were very happy. Groceries showed up when promised, with a message letting us know. We also received a follow up call to confirm everything was delivered as ordered. The milk, meat, etc. were all cold when we picked up from the bell stand. Definitely will order again
Brittney K. Sun Jun 4, 2017
Great service and I will be using this service from now on for all Disney trips.
Sushovan D. Sun Jun 4, 2017
Our first WDW trip became more pleasant because of Garden Grocer. As we received our groceries the moment we checked in to the resort. It was very convenient, as we could use our precious vacation time having fun...and not having to bother about making grocery store trips😊.
Valerie H. Sun Jun 4, 2017
Everything was perfect! I received a text message and voicemail saying our groceries had been delivered. Called bell services and they were delivered to my hotel room. The refrigerated items were separate from the other items. I would definitely recommend this to others!
Connie T. Sat Jun 3, 2017
We used Garden Grocer while at Disney World and they were amazing! They delivered during the time slot that they said they would. We had an issue with an item, I called and they replaced it. So worth it and would definitely use them again!
Amber S. Sat Jun 3, 2017
Thank you Garden Grocer! I was so grateful for your service when we came to Disney for the week. It was so nice to choose all my groceries ahead and have them delivered to us at our resort! Everything was perfect and so easy to order! We will use you again!
Michele D. Sat Jun 3, 2017
Super easy to order, great selection and fantastic service. First time for us but will now use for every trip to Disney World!
Mary F. Sat Jun 3, 2017
Great service.
Kelsey P. Sat Jun 3, 2017
This service was very convenient and easy to use! There was clear communication from customer service which made it easy to understand the process as I was a first time user. When I emailed regarding a question, I had a very quick response. Will recommend to anyone going on a Disney vacation and will definitely use again in the future!!
Maureen E. Sat Jun 3, 2017
Excellent service! Great communication when the order was placed and when the order was delivered. It seems like customer service is very important to them. Very happy!!
Tiffany G. Sat Jun 3, 2017
I loved how convenient it was to have our groceries delivered at our hotel! Everything arrived and packaged well. Super nice employees as well
Michelle S. Sat Jun 3, 2017
This has been a great option for us! Love being able to get up and have breakfast before hitting the parks. Saves money and most of all precious Disney TIME!!!
Brenda G. Fri Jun 2, 2017
Excellent service. They were right on time to the hotel and everything was exactly as I ordered. Thank you
Ali G. Fri Jun 2, 2017
I spent $200 on groceries and saved hundreds at the parks each day with packed meals and snacks. Easy to use, great options, and quick. Text message alerts and phone calls kept me informed. A must use for families that are used to packing and eating on the go!
Jamie P. Fri Jun 2, 2017
Great service!!
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