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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

lyne r. Thu Mar 30, 2017
Didn't have to worry about a thing!
Julia M. Thu Mar 30, 2017
Your apples were beautiful. Consistently crisp & sweet.
Kerri S. Thu Mar 30, 2017
Would recommend anyone using Garden Grocer if their going to Disney!!
Michael D. Thu Mar 30, 2017
Terrific attention and service to the customer! Great place to do some grocery shopping when your from out-of-town!
Thank you!
Camille P. Thu Mar 30, 2017
The customer service I received from this business was top notch. Within minutes of submitting my online order, I received a phone call to confirm my purchase and clarify any questions I may have about delivery, order updates, etc. The best part of the service was that I was not required to be on-site at my hotel for my delivery to be made. My groceries could be kept with the bell service at the entrance and properly stored until I was available to take them to my room.
Sue L. Thu Mar 30, 2017
Was skeptical about the idea but had a great experience. Would definitely use the service again
Amy C. Thu Mar 30, 2017
Such a great service! I was traveling by plane with a baby and not having to pack diapers in the suitcase saved me so much space. The groceries were at my resort when I got there and all my perishables refrigerated. Everything was exactly what I had ordered and prices/delivery were very reasonable. I would absolutely use this service again!
Jill K. Thu Mar 30, 2017
Amazing service! Everything I ordered was delivered and packaged well. Cold items were packed together and kept cold!! Breakable items were double wrapped! Would definitely use the service again!
Dawn E. Thu Mar 30, 2017
We were very happy with our order! It was so nice to have everything ready for us when we arrived at our resort. We had a problem with the resort misplacing part of our order, but the Garden Grocer customer service helped me track it down and promptly find our items. I would use them again!
Christina Z. Thu Mar 30, 2017
Great service. Food arrived at hotel when I requested. Would recommend and use again.
Jennifer A. Thu Mar 30, 2017
Great service! All our items were neatly packed and waiting for us at our resort when we arrived. Really helped save $ on our overall food costs! Would recommend this service to anyone visiting Disney!
Mary L. Wed Mar 29, 2017
Fresh produce good quality fast delivery
Dee G. Wed Mar 29, 2017
Garden Grocer was super easy to use. I placed my order online and within minutes they called to confirm my order. They delivered my order right to our resort at the drop off slot that I selected. Garden Grocer couldn't have been any easier to use! Thank you!
Mary L. Wed Mar 29, 2017
Very convenient for those without cost of renting a car just to pick up groceries while on vacation. Good quality,timely delivery
Diane N. Wed Mar 29, 2017
This service was a "life saver!" It was awesome to have fresh fruits, bottled water, soda and snacks delivered to our room at the resort so that we had something to munch on anytime anyone in our family needed a snack. We also were able to take snacks and bottled water with us to the parks each day at a great savings. I highly recommend this service!
mike L. Wed Mar 29, 2017
what an awsome service. saves time and money at the resort
Emily H. Wed Mar 29, 2017
Great service. On time, easy to use, would definitely use again and recommend. Lots of option for food allergies, like mine (gluten).
andrea m. Tue Mar 28, 2017
Buy here! Despite the delivery charge, it's so worth it. So much cheaper than the parks.
Robert C. Tue Mar 28, 2017
Customer Sevice, delivery etc. was outstanding. Thank You!
STACIE V. Tue Mar 28, 2017
Great service! Would definitely order from you again!
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