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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Jen H. Tue Dec 20, 2016
We had a wonderful experience with Garden Grocer!!! The customer service was phenomenal (a text, email, AND phone call (from a live person) confirming our order, and notifying when it had been delivered) - the website was easy to navigate, and they had everything we needed for our trip! We will definitely use again, and recommend to others!
Sue H. Tue Dec 20, 2016
You were excellent to work with! I was apprehensive at first but your service put me at ease. I appreciate the text AND phone calls to verify order and delivery. Our groceries were waiting for our arrival! Thank you!
Christine M. Tue Dec 20, 2016
This was our first time to order from Garden Grocer. I got the text that my groceries had arrived even before my delayed flight left the airport. Everything I ordered was there and in good condition. I am placing a second order from my resort for a few items I forgot the first time.
carrie b. Mon Dec 19, 2016
All products I ordered were delivered. I would use this service again.
Elyse B. Mon Dec 19, 2016
Was a great and easy way to order the foods we wanted to take to Disney but were unable to get ourselves. Thanks
Ryan M. Mon Dec 19, 2016
Fantastic service! Fresh produce was perfectly selected and all shelved products were exactly as stated. Great help for us as international travellers with 2 young children!
Jo-Ann M. Mon Dec 19, 2016
This is our first time using Garden Grocer and it was awesome! The ordering was easy, the follow-up was good and best of all the food/drinks were there on time and just as we ordered!
Elaine K. Sun Dec 18, 2016
User-friendly app, great selection of products and outstanding service - we will definitely use again and highly recommend!
Walt P. Sun Dec 18, 2016
We have been going to Walt Disney World annually since our son's Make A Wish trip in 1999.

In 2009 we became Disney Vacation Club members, which meant we could have groceries in our Villa just like at home!

The first year or so we picked up some groceries upon arrival of our vacation but it was difficult as our son has special needs and our daughter (and us) were tired from flying 2 flights from New York. So we then ordered from the Disney Vacation Club grocery service, but it was expensive and didn't have exactly what we wanted. This year while asking on the Disney World website Mom's Blog if there was somewhere close to Disney with reasonable prices and selections....Garden Grocer was recommended.

I placed my order, which included exactly what we wanted, recieved a follow up phone call the next day, and then the groceries were waiting for us when we arrived! We even recieved a call to see if we recieved everything we ordered! Everything was fresh. :)


Rosanne, New York
Michelle C. Sun Dec 18, 2016
What a huge help for families who don't want to pay a fortune at Disney parks! Water, snacks and fruit delivered to our resort- in perfect condition!!! Apples, bananas and chips.... and not one broken, bruised or rotten.... garden grocer ROCKS!!!!
Tom D. Sun Dec 18, 2016
This is our second time using Garden Grocer and they haven't let us down either time. We love the convenience of ordering what we need way before leaving for our vacation and having it delivered before we arrive. Makes our Disney Experience even more Magical. We will surely use them again and we always tell everyone to order from Garden Grocer.
Patricia M. Sun Dec 18, 2016
I was told about Garden Grocer just a few days before my Disney vacation so my order required a quick turn around time and Garden Grocer didn't disappoint. Fresh fruit and veggies, cold milk, cereal, cookies, and a great recommendation for the Snyders of Hanover honey mustard and onion pretzels wee a hit!!!!
nelda c. Sat Dec 17, 2016
Garden grocer order at resort when we arrived and was a life-saver on a couple nights when we didn't have dining reservations and also was perfect for our picky eater. Yhanks
Amanda G. Fri Dec 16, 2016
Great customer service, order delivered on time to Disney hotel, excellent overall service and would recommend for a hassle free grocery order.
Amy L. Fri Dec 16, 2016
Fantastic service! I would recommend to anyone!
Melissa W. Fri Dec 16, 2016
Very convenient for our Disney trip. Great variety and fresh options!
Maureen S. Thu Dec 15, 2016
Complete and speedy service! Great quality produce! Very pleased..would highly recommend!
Melissa Z. Thu Dec 15, 2016
Everything was delivered when scheduled. Everything we ordered was in perfect condition. Would highly recommend Garden Grocer and plan to use them again.
David P. Thu Dec 15, 2016
Used this service for the first time and loved it! Will definitely use it again and again. Thank you GardenGrocer.
Carol W. Thu Dec 15, 2016
GardenGrocer did a great job! App very easy to use, good selection of items, reasonably priced. Delivery was on time. Will use again!
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