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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Kelly A. Sun Nov 6, 2016
This service was fantastic and a huge help to a family traveling with a baby. We were able to have diapers, formula and baby food all waiting for us at the hotel, rather than traveling with it. We will definitely use them again!
Michelle W. Sun Nov 6, 2016
Service was excellent and groceries were delivered on time!
Patrick S. Sun Nov 6, 2016
Great way to buy food and drinks while on vacation at Disney World.
Tanya M. Sun Nov 6, 2016
I heard about this service from a friend. The groceries showed up early, and was perfect for our trip!
Tricia O. Sun Nov 6, 2016
Garden Grocer is the best! I had to change one item in my order after I placed it and they responded back to me very quickly to let me know the change had been made. I received a text when the order had been delivered and then a follow up text to make sure I received everything and it was in good condition. I'm a fan!
Diane P. Sun Nov 6, 2016
Overall, I was extremely pleased with Garden Grocer's service. I will definitely use it again.
Carice J. Sun Nov 6, 2016
Garden Grocer worked great. Apples, bananas and oranges were delicious. Prices reasonable. Glad I got the gallons of drinking water to fill our water bottles because the water out of the fountains at Disney was sulfery and terrible. Will use any time I'm in Orlando. Highly recommended. Easy peezie.
Brenda C. Sun Nov 6, 2016
This is an excellent company to do business with. Your Groceries are delivered on time, you have instant notification that the delivery was made and I got a follow-up call within 30 minutes to ensure that my order was processed correctly. Now that is SERVICE
Jenny P. Sun Nov 6, 2016
Good service, saved us alot of time. Even though an item was forgotten they were quick to rectify the problem. Would use again and recommend
Caitlin S. Sat Nov 5, 2016
Read about garden grocer on Disney blogs and specifically how beer is not regularly served in the park, and is very expensive. I ordered some groceries a few days before my trip, received a text when my items were delivered, and had them brought to my room as I arrived. The minimal delivery fee is well worth it when keeping in mind the considerable upcharge for items in Disney parks, especially beer which is $8 for 1 can at my resort when I paid around $10-11 for a six pack at garden grocer.
Jeanna S. Sat Nov 5, 2016
We used Garden Grocer during a recent trip to WDW. I was really impressed with this service. It is extremely easy to use and having our groceries delivered to our hotel and waiting for us upon our arrival was awesome! When I turned on my phone as our plane landed, I had a text message stating our groceries had been delivered. Our order was delivered during the promised time slot and came just as I ordered. The groceries are a bit more pricey than you would pay if going to the grocery store yourself, but to us, the extra expense was well worth it since we didn't have a rental car during our stay. With our groceries, we were able to save a lot of time & money by eating breakfast in our Disney resort room each morning. I would highly recommend this service, and we will definitely use them again when we return!
Jessica D. Sat Nov 5, 2016
Garden Grocer enabled us to enjoy our Disney trip and realize some food savings! We loved having food already at our resort by the time we flew in from out of state. We will definitely use this service again!!
helen d. Sat Nov 5, 2016
Groceries were waiting for me when I arrived along with a text all items were there, great service and highly satisfied
stephanie h. Sat Nov 5, 2016
Thanks for being excellent and reliable! I counted on you to deliver my baby diapers and food and everyhing was waiting for us at the hotel when we arrived! What a perfect eay to begin a Nice vacation!!!
Gary H. Sat Nov 5, 2016
Garden Grocer is the best way to save money at Disney. If you want to spend 3-4 dollars every few hours just to stay hydrated at the parks ignore my words. Otherwise buy a 24 pack of water from Garden Grocer and put some snacks in your bag to avoid getting taken advantage of by Disney's overpriced snacks.
Douglas J. Sat Nov 5, 2016
My fiancé and I had a phenomenal experience using Garden Grocer. We had an item that was partially spoiled (3 out of 9 cans were spoiled) and they brought out a replacement pack immediately at no extra charge. The gentleman I spoke with (Kevin) was apologetic and very courteous. Will recommend to anyone staying at a Disney resort who wants to save a bit on fresh fruit, beer, water, and other things the parks and resorts overcharge for! Thanks Garden Grocer!
Jen H. Fri Nov 4, 2016
Love Garden Grocer!! Highly recommend them and will 100% use them again in the future!!
Julie U. Fri Nov 4, 2016
So easy to use! Everything was waiting for us at our hotel when we arrived! Thank you Garden Grocer!!!
Stefanie C. Fri Nov 4, 2016
Our order was delivered at the expected time. The prices are very reasonable for the service. We were extremely happy we went with garden grocer instead of having to go out of our way to shop at a store. We will definitely use this service again.
Jennifer G. Fri Nov 4, 2016
All items ordered were fresh and yummy to eat. Best thing about using garden grocer is I didn't have to waste vacation time to go shopping. Win win for all!
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