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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Donna P. Thu Nov 12, 2015
Ordering through GardenGrocer.com was so easy and convenient. When we arrived at our Disney resort, our order was brought to our room! What a great service! :)
G L. Thu Nov 12, 2015
Using garden grorcer made the trip a lot easier. We always has food and snacks in our room whenever we needed it.
Nancy O. Thu Nov 12, 2015
Service was wonderful. Would definitely use again.
Anita J. Wed Nov 11, 2015
Order delivered when requested and complete
Elizabeth S. Wed Nov 11, 2015
Very convenient. Made our trip easier.
Patricia G. Wed Nov 11, 2015
Very easy app to use and a follow up call as soon as my order was submitted. Groceries delivered as promised. Efficient.
Valerie M. Wed Nov 11, 2015
We truly appreciated this when we took out trip to Disney. This site got all of our groceries to our resort at the time they said and gave text messages to notify us plus saved us money. We will definitely refer this site to friends.
Lisa H. Wed Nov 11, 2015
Garden Grocer was the perfect addition to our Disney World vacation. Everything I ordered was delivered to our hotel before we arrived. They were friendly and confirmed delivery of my order by text message. I would recommend Garden Grocer to anyone who traveled to Disney World.
Carolyn W. Wed Nov 11, 2015
What a great service! They called when the delivery was made to the hotel. It couldn't have been easier. Will use again!
Melissa T. Wed Nov 11, 2015
Needed to change my order pretty close to out trip. Customer Service is the absolute best. Everyone is so kind and quick to help. Order was delivered, received text letting us know it was there and how to get it. Absolutely perfect!
Stephanie B. Wed Nov 11, 2015
I appreciated the communication about my grocery order and loved that it was delivered right to my cabin (and cold items put away) prior to my arrival. Excellent!!
Susan C. Wed Nov 11, 2015
Love Garden Grocer. We us it every time we stay at Disney. We always have the dining plan, but this is a great way to have a light breakfast and extra snacks in your room. Having it delivered to your room the day you arrive make everything so easy. I have used Garden Grocer for years and never had a mistake or delay. Website is very easy to use. Can't say enough great things about Garden Grocer.
Rick M. Wed Nov 11, 2015
We usually buy items from the hotel store, this was so much easier with way better selection. Our experience was excellent and we will definitely use your service again on future Disney trips
Derek S. Wed Nov 11, 2015
Excellent service. GG had my food delivered to my resort without problem. Could not have been an easier process and they are fantastic with communication.
Danielle A. Tue Nov 10, 2015
Excellent service - our order was waiting for us when we checked in. I'd recommend this service to anyone!
Barbara G. Tue Nov 10, 2015
Will definitely use again. Very courteous, pleasant, helpful staff. Delivery right on time.
Amy K. Tue Nov 10, 2015
Excellent customer service and quality!
Janann D. Tue Nov 10, 2015
What an amazing service that made our trip to Disney World so much easier! It was wonderful to arrive in our hotel room after a long day of traveling to find our food already in the fridge. The ordering was super easy and everything we received was of very good quality. Thanks!!
Annette E. Tue Nov 10, 2015
Our order was perfect. It was at the resort when we arrived. Would recommend Garden Grocer and will use it again for our next trip.
Virginia G. Tue Nov 10, 2015
This was my first time using Garden Grocer for my Disney World trip. I loved having the food options in my room and the food arrived at the resort before we did!
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