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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Christine S. Wed Jul 19, 2017
Made our trip much easier. Food was delivered and stocked as necessary. Enjoyable experience.
Katie C. Tue Jul 18, 2017
Our order was on time and perfect! Having bottled water delivered to our Disney Resort saved us a ton of money in the parks too.
Susan M. Tue Jul 18, 2017
Garden Grocer was wonderful! The website is easy to use and food prices are reasonable, as was the surcharge for delivery. Most noteworthy is Garden Grocer's communication. When I ordered, I not only received an email acknowledgement, I received a phone call from the company to confirm my order. When our groceries were delivered to our WDW resort, Garden Grocer texted and emailed me to let me know they were there. This is a great service that I highly recommend!
Leah M. Tue Jul 18, 2017
We used Garden Grocer for the first time and it is very convenient to have snacks and refreshing drinks stocked up here in our Disney Resort hotel room. The delivery was great, and they kept us informed of the delivery status.
Gordon C. Tue Jul 18, 2017
This was the first time we've used garden grocer and we will certainly be using them again. It was so easy to order on line, there was a good choice of groceries. It was delivered soon after we checked into our hotel. Everything we'd ordered had arrived, and the quality of the food was excellent. Overall a fantastic service and excellent customer support.
Kiki C. Mon Jul 17, 2017
Arrive on time. Will order again when I'm in the area
Amy R. Mon Jul 17, 2017
Great Service! Would highly recommend. The easiest way to get groceries delivered right to your room. It was right on time and saved me lots of money at Disney World.
Sonya V. Sun Jul 16, 2017
Received everything ordered & waiting for us at our resort upon arrival. Loved the text letting us know it had already been delivered!
Lucia P. Sun Jul 16, 2017
Great food and service. Ordered snacks and water bottles for our trip to Disney and would definitely use the service again. The food was in our room upon our arrival! Quick and easy to order too! Thank you, Garden Grocer, for helping to make our vacation a lot more yummy :)
Murray J. Sun Jul 16, 2017
The website was easy to use. The communication after the order was placed and delivered was excellent. One item was missed on the order, but we called and it was delivered the next day. We would use Garden Grocer again.
alison b. Sat Jul 15, 2017
Excellent service with excellent communication
Denise C. Sat Jul 15, 2017
This was the best decision we made other than visiting and staying at Disney! It was easy to meal plan and order, and then everything was delivered to the villa. For a family of 9, it was a life saver and time saver. Excellent customer service and easy to do.
Amy R. Sat Jul 15, 2017
Delivery is always on
Melissa W. Fri Jul 14, 2017
I used Garden Grocer for the first time when my family and I took a trip to Disney world this month.
Excellent service!! From the time I placed my order their customer service could not have been any better!
Casey H. Fri Jul 14, 2017
Simple, easy - no problems at all! If you go to Disney and need stuff in your room at the hotel, Garden Grocer is the ONLY way to go! Fantastic!
STEPHANIE A. Fri Jul 14, 2017
Garden grocer was a breeze to use! When I finally checked in to my room at 9 pm, my milk and perishables were in the refrigerator and everything else was on a table ready to for use for the next day! A bit pricey but worth it since I didn't have a car.
Timothy P. Fri Jul 14, 2017
Such a lifesaver for families traveling with young, picky eaters!
Amy C. Fri Jul 14, 2017
Everything was handled perfectly. Even loved the follow up phone call that I received to make sure the delivery was satisfactory! Very professional. Would definitely use Garden Grocer again and recommend to friends!! Thank You!
Teri G. Fri Jul 14, 2017
Great service! Certainly made getting settled in at Disney very convenient. Great notifications of delivery and follow up for satisfaction.
Carrie S. Thu Jul 13, 2017
First time I used GardenGrocer and it was fast, easy, and convenient.
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