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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Christina H. Thu Sep 24, 2015
I love Garden Grocer! Excellent service and fair delivery charge!
Rory H. Thu Sep 24, 2015
Excellent, easy to use service.
Will use for every trip to the Orlando Area. never an issue
Mindy B. Thu Sep 24, 2015
We will definitely be using garden grocer again! Our order was at our hotel at the requested time! Super friendly and professional! Thank you!
Kelly D. Thu Sep 24, 2015
Used Garden Grocer for the first time for our September 2015 trip to Disney. The offerings are great as far as variety goes. The service was easy to understand and use. I received a follow up call about 15 minutes after I placed my order to confirm everything with me. The day of delivery, I received a text from Garden Grocer early stating that my order had been delivered. I was able to call Bell Services at our resort to get our groceries. Much easier than trying to rent a car/cab (we used Disney transportation to/from the airport) and find a grocery store.
Wendy T. Thu Sep 24, 2015
Just used Gardengrocer for first time last week at WDW Wliderness Lodge. It was great! We will use again and again for our future WDW vacations.
Anesha L. Wed Sep 23, 2015
Delivery was prompt and we were also notified promptly of the delivery. Saved us lots of money!
Kevin S. Wed Sep 23, 2015
This was the first time we used garden grocer and I would definitely do it again. We did not have to spend any of our precious vacation time shopping. The order was delivered on time and 100% accurate. Worth the extra expense so that we didn't have to leave our resort to shop!
Teri A. Wed Sep 23, 2015
Great service. You made our vacation comfortable.
Tamara H. Wed Sep 23, 2015
Service was awesome. Prompt delivery. And I was alerted to every detail. Great company will definitely use again.
Billy S. Wed Sep 23, 2015
Great company and I will use them again. Delivered on time and all items as promised. Follow up was timely to notify me of delivery to my resort.
Courtney S. Wed Sep 23, 2015
Wonderful service! Arriving to a hotel room full of groceries couldn't have been better!!
Mary B. Wed Sep 23, 2015
Excellent perfect service!
Skip M. Wed Sep 23, 2015
Easy to use, delivery on time, cold items stayed cold, packaging was excellent. This was 1st time using and it worked as described. Will use service again if we return to WDW.
Amy G. Wed Sep 23, 2015
This is the second time we have traveled to Disney and had our groceries delivered. By writing a stellar review, I feel like I'm giving away one of the best kept secrets! Garden Grocers delivers!! Ordering was easy, and saving our money was easier. The cost of food, drinks, and meal plans at Disney is ridiculous. By using Garden Grocers, we get to eat breakfast in our room, pack lunches and snacks for the parks, and have plenty of water. The resorts keep your groceries until your room is ready and keep your refrigerated items chilled until they can be delivered. I highly recommend GG if eating restaurant/park food three times a day doesn't appeal to you.
Amy N. Wed Sep 23, 2015
This is a great service for individuals who are traveling via airplane and don't have a vehicle to travel to a grocery store.
Wendy B. Tue Sep 22, 2015
We were very pleased! The prices were reasonable and the groceries were delivered as expected. No surprises - our order was exactly as we placed it and saved us a lot of hassle on our trip.
Scott S. Tue Sep 22, 2015
Pricing is better than you would expect for a service like this but the level of convenience can not be overstated. Absolute top marks on price, products and delivery as promised. This made settling in on the first day of our vacation so much easier.
Carrie M. Tue Sep 22, 2015
We placed an order for the day of our arrival and the resort held the food until we arrived and then delivered it to our room. It was great to have some items for mornings and snacks. Made the trip easier!
John M. Tue Sep 22, 2015
It was so easy to place our order for our Disney World vacation. It was delivered to our resort before we had even arrived. We will definitely recommend and use this service again.
Christine S. Tue Sep 22, 2015
We spent a few days at Disney with no transportation outside of the property. Garden Grocer was a life saver. We saved money by ordering bottled water and not having to buy drinks at $3 a bottle in the hotel and in the parks. I plan on using Garden Grocer on every visit. The customer service was excellent from the confirmation call of our order to the text when the order had been delivered. Well done, Garden Grocer!
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