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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Susan M. Mon Feb 6, 2017
I have used GardenGrocer twice both times outstanding! Ordered for my daughter and college girlfriends they were surprised and grateful both times perfect.
Thank you!
Matt K. Mon Feb 6, 2017
Easy ordering process. Delivery was right in the window time. Good quality and fresh food.
Julie K. Sun Feb 5, 2017
It was wonderful!!!! Wish all my shopping was so easy.
Lisa S. Sun Feb 5, 2017
It was easy to place my order. The food was delivered when promised. The food quality was excellent. It was great to have bottled water, breakfast foods and snacks in our hotel room.
Christy L. Sat Feb 4, 2017
Very nice staff and easy to use. Good selection and I like that they can & will try to find specific things that are not listed on the site. Love the all the updates & follow up as well!
Karen S. Sat Feb 4, 2017
Our order was at the registration desk when we arrived at our Disney resort. Everything was included as ordered. The selection of products and product quantities was excellent. Would recommend to anyone wanting groceries for their room.
Pamela C. Sat Feb 4, 2017
Fantastic service. Great follow-up when order was placed. When order was delivered, I received a text, email and phone call. Food selections were fresh and correct. Highly recommended! Brilliant idea.
Tina W. Sat Feb 4, 2017
This service was above expectations!! We ordered 4 days before arriving and groceries were there when we arrived at our resort and then the resort delivered them to our room when we requested!! The order was perfect and I reccomend!!
Alexandra N. Sat Feb 4, 2017
Thank you so much! What a relief to know I didn't have to pack all the essential that are bulk for my baby! I ordered diapers, formula, gallons of water, and baby food for our trip to Disney. It arrived in the time window I requested and was alerted by call, text, and email. I highly recommend this service. It made my life so easy. Well worth the delivery feee. Thanks again for the great service!
adam c. Fri Feb 3, 2017
Fast, easy, detailed and precise. Thank you for your service!
Panda O. Fri Feb 3, 2017
We received our order on time and it was exactly what we wanted. We will use this service again.
Kathryn P. Fri Feb 3, 2017
We were very satisfied and have no complaints. We will recommend and use them again!
Monica H. Fri Feb 3, 2017
I loved getting to our Disney resort and having all our food ready for us at Bell Services! It was awesome that they refreidgerated our perishables too! Would highly recommend to any Disney visitors!
Alexa F. Fri Feb 3, 2017
This service was phenomenal! We ordered groceries for our Disney trip so that we could have a decent breakfast every morning and have some snacks to go. The customer service was amazing, with calls to make sure I didn't have any questions or if I needed anything and to make sure I received the groceries. Everything was at our hotel before we even arrived and it was all in as I would have expected. Nothing was squished or rotten. I will most definitely be using garden grocer again on our next visit.
Sarah L. Fri Feb 3, 2017
This was excellent! Very easy to use and everything was delivered when it said it would. Highly recommended!
Penny M. Fri Feb 3, 2017
Excellent service! We were staying at A resort at Disney World and when we arrived, our food was there waiting for us. I highly recommend taking advantage of this wonderful service!
Candice B. Fri Feb 3, 2017
Great service!!! Made is easy to have healthy snacks at the resort for my family!!! Will definitely use them again!
Helen P. Fri Feb 3, 2017
Would do it again. Helped a lot😃
sondra g. Fri Feb 3, 2017
I would definitely use Garden Grocer again. The site was easy to maneuver and understand. The food was delivered on time and I received a text telling me the food was at the hotel. Thanks for not having to worry about going out and wasting time shopping.
Michele P. Fri Feb 3, 2017
Fantastic service! Highly recommended for a Disney or Orlando vacation!
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