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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Mary B. Sat Dec 31, 2016
This is an excellent way to augment a meal plan and stretch your budget. Bottled water is a must have if you aren't used to sulpha water. Everything was here when I arrived.
Nancy R. Sat Dec 31, 2016
This was our first time using your service for our WDW family vacation. It was wonderful to have an actual phone # to use when I couldn't find an answer to my question under FAQ. We also called to verify when to add our additional items. Your (phone staff) was very friendly and helpful each time. It was delivered within the time you gave us and everything was as advertised and fresh. Yes, we will look forward to using Garden Grocer on future trips.
Bree N. Sat Dec 31, 2016
Service was excellent and delivered exactly when they said. Would highly recommend this service. We will be using again when we visit disney!
Christy L. Sat Dec 31, 2016
Having groceries ready and waiting for us when we arrived without worries was a big help! Everything we ordered was there and the staff was friendly and followed up to be sure we didn't need anything!
David N. Fri Dec 30, 2016
This made me a hero for our Disney trip. Best way to keep a youngster waiting on line calm is to feed snacks. Make sure to bring a backpack.
Elizabeth F. Fri Dec 30, 2016
I've used Garden Grocer for several trips to Disney World. The service is always excellent and timely. I recommend it to anyway asking me how to get groceries for their trip.
Bobby M. Fri Dec 30, 2016
Top of the line service. Recommend on all of our Disney trips.
Linda S. Fri Dec 30, 2016
The best experience ever! Very easy to use and excellent communication. We will definitely use you again and highway reccomemd to others. Thank you!
Shaun C. Fri Dec 30, 2016
Such a great service. We ordered water, soda, breakfast items, milk, etc. and when we arrived at the hotel, there it was!!! This was so convenient. I didn't need to spend vacation time at a grocery store. Everything is reasonably priced too! I will definitely use garden grocer on my next visit to Disney world!
Phyllis P. Fri Dec 30, 2016
Wow! I will now always use GardenGrocer to delivery my groceries while I'm on Disney property. It's just so easy to order and they deliver right to your resort.
Philippe P. Thu Dec 29, 2016
delivery right on time, fresh fruits
Marcel S. Thu Dec 29, 2016
Thanks, Garden Grocer! Our trip to Disney started on the right foot!
Kristen D. Thu Dec 29, 2016
I used GardenGrocer for the first time on my latest Disney trip and I will use them over and over again in the future! I got everything I need and it was so convenient and very inexpensive.
Linda J. Thu Dec 29, 2016
Would recommend this service to anyone going to Disney World who has a kitchen in their accommodations. A specially for breakfast. We get up early to hit the parks before it gets busy and don't want to take time to eat breakfast. So if you have fixings for breakfast it works great. We also have at least one dinner at our campsite as we stay at the Cabin's in the campgrounds and have access to a grill. The kids love to be with their cousins and feel like they are at a picnic.
Dennis J. Thu Dec 29, 2016
Silky smooth transaction! Easy to use website + very communicative updates + food magically appearing at my Disney Resort. Seriously, this is the service you're looking for to get snacks (healthy or otherwise) for your Disney trip. Saves a ton of money in the long run!
erinn b. Thu Dec 29, 2016
Always on time/ exceptional communication- order always accurate. Highly recommended
THERESA H. Wed Dec 28, 2016
Smartest decision we made was to use GardenGrocer.com for our Disney World trip. All of our groceries, including diapers & wipes, were delivered and cold items were put into the refrigerator at our resort room as soon as we arrived. No need to shop, pack & bring the items we would need for the week. Would definitely recommend & use again.
Stephanie R. Wed Dec 28, 2016
Ordering was very simple. Found all the items I needed. Order was promptly delivered on time. Produce was fresh. Highly recommend!
breanna m. Wed Dec 28, 2016
I've used this for two trips to Disney. Makes a great option for breakfast instead of paying high prices in the parks. Great fruit options too.
Patricia W. Wed Dec 28, 2016
Garden Grocer is so convenient! No time wasted trying to find the store and the products I need, and I save money by getting only what I need. Garden Grocer delivers it right to my resort, and bell services brings it to my door. Great way to start a vacation!!
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