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Erin E. Mon Jun 22, 2015
Groceries were waiting upon arrival. Order was correct. This saved us money in the parks. We bought lots of snack foods for the kids when they were hungry and we were out! Worked out great!
Tracey P. Mon Jun 22, 2015
This was my first time using garden grocer. It was amazing. As soon as I placed the order online I received a phone call from a very friendly person who confirmed all the information. After checking into my resort I received an email telling me my groceries where with bell services. I called down and they where delivered right to my room. The cold items where cold from being in the fridge. The fruit was first rate, great quality and stayed perfect for the 4 nights until it was gone. I will used this service from now on for my trips to Disney, it is much cheaper then using a car service.
Chris N. Mon Jun 22, 2015
If you're not renting a car to get to a grocery store - this is the way to go! The produce was wonderfully fresh, the bread was not squished or smashed, the juice and milk were cold and the eggs were not broken. What more could you ask for? Great service!
Adam S. Mon Jun 22, 2015
Easy, stress free way for us to save $ at Disney.
Jeanette N. Mon Jun 22, 2015
We were very happy to use your services. We will recommend to family and friends. Everyone I spoke to were wonderful and delivery was on time and 100 percent correct. Thank you!
Jonathan F. Mon Jun 22, 2015
The service from Garden Grocer was fantastic. Items were delivered on time and as advertised. I appreciated all of the staff's efforts to make my experience seamless.

Joyce O. Mon Jun 22, 2015
What wonderful service!!!! Received everything and all was in double paper bags so no rips or accidents! Received in the time frame..that's a big plus!! Thank-You Garden Grocer!!
Tara L. Mon Jun 22, 2015
Garden Grocer was efficient, quick, and very easy to use. Our groceries were even in our room upon arrival, and all was there as ordered! Will use this service anytime we go to Disney!
Kendra R. Mon Jun 22, 2015
This worked fantastic for us. Our food was at the bell station when we arrived and totally accurate.
darlene c. Mon Jun 22, 2015
Fantastic quality everything in my order delivered on time with the perishable items given to conceriage and refidgerated as promised.highly recommend for large family's on extended vacation.
cheryl K. Sun Jun 21, 2015
You all worked so hard to help pull off our little surprise! Thank you so much!
Stephanie Z. Sun Jun 21, 2015
Made our trip to disneyworld so simple! Would recommend and will definitely use again!
Lisa B. Sun Jun 21, 2015
This place is efficient and provides a smooth process to get food in your room!
Kimberly F. Sun Jun 21, 2015
This was our 10th visit to Disney World and we never tried this before but we are very satisfied with the outcome. Our daughter has a gluten intolerance and we wanted to give her a better choice of food than what is offered at the parks. Thank you so much for helping to make our Magical Visit a success.
John J. Sun Jun 21, 2015
So easy to use. The prices were also reasonable
Toni J. Sun Jun 21, 2015
We are so glad we used Garden Grocer. Groceries were fresh and delivered on time. This saved us lots of money. We were able to eat breakfast in our room and take bottles of water into the parks!
Denise R. Sun Jun 21, 2015
Everything was perfect!
Darlene H. Sun Jun 21, 2015
Excellent experience and very convenient
Jillian B. Sun Jun 21, 2015
It is a very convenient way to purchase groceries at Disney World since we flew in and did not have transport. One warning is not to overbuy like I did!
Mary H. Sun Jun 21, 2015
Awesome service!
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