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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Tiffany P. Thu Jan 21, 2016
I was blown away by how easy this service was. Food was waiting for us when we arrived at our resort and we even received a text message once it arrived so we did not have to worry.
Katherine D. Thu Jan 21, 2016
Have used Garden Grocer on multiple occasions , Transactions have always gone smoothly , received all specific items ordered, delivery times accurate to Bay Lake Tower. I even received a phone from a garden grocer associate when order was placed to confirm information to avoid any problems. I highly recommend this delivery service. A++++
Laurie M. Thu Jan 21, 2016
They called to confirm my order when I first placed it and called again to make sure it was delivered. Excellent customer service
Dianne M. Thu Jan 21, 2016
Absolutely the best! I ordered just breakfast items. We were able to all eat what we liked, beat the lines and were out the door on time!! Best way to go!!
Carole R. Thu Jan 21, 2016
I highly recommend the Garden Grocer. Excellent product selection and fantastic service. When are arrived, I was missing a few items and called garden grocer - they located the missing bag in minutes (it was the hotel's error!) and the customer services rep was lovely and helpful. Awesome service!!
Nancy A. Wed Jan 20, 2016
Ease of use, very friendly and professional. thanks
Jandi W. Wed Jan 20, 2016
Thank you for a wonderful experience! We arrived at Art of Animation with our two tired children (both under 6) & we were pleasantly surprised that our groceries were delivered ahead of schedule! Not only were they delivered but in our room and our fridge. The website made ordering easy, and a representative called me less than an hour later to confirm the order. The prices were not too overpriced but it was certainly worth the few extra dollars for the convenience. I even had to add a few other items last minute... We will definitely use Garden Grocer again.
Peter A. Wed Jan 20, 2016
Everything went smoothly and groceries were delivered correctly and on time.
Lori H. Wed Jan 20, 2016
This site allows you to customize your list and request items not on it. I was emailed the results and the item was delivered. Very good at communicating! Delivery on time! Prices are reasonable!
Natalie E. Wed Jan 20, 2016
We use Garden Grocer every time we stay at Disney. It's convenient, good quality and always perfectly packaged and there by our arrival!
Rebecca D. Wed Jan 20, 2016
this was an easy service to use and made my trip much more relaxed knowing all my items would be delivered directly to my hotel. I would recommend this service to anyone its was simple, and cost effective. Will be using again next time I visit.
Tom P. Wed Jan 20, 2016
Fantastic Customer Service!

On Time and In Full!

Completely Satisfied!
Sheila D. Wed Jan 20, 2016
Fantastic service. Easy to order and our groceries were at our Disney Villa when we arrived.
Lisa O. Tue Jan 19, 2016
Items were delivered to our resort promptly and in fact arrived before we got there and delivered directly to our room. All items were as viewed on the website. This service made our trip more affordable and of course, healthier! Highly recommend to others.
Steph H. Tue Jan 19, 2016
Garden grocer was convenient and it excellent to use this service. We were travelling to Disney world and wanted snacks and drinks in our room. We ordered online and it was delivered to the hotel and delivered to our room. No hassles and so easy to use! Thank you so much garden grocer.
Jennifer N. Tue Jan 19, 2016
Garden Grocer is extremely efficient in not oinly getting us our items, but confirming via text, email and voicemail that the order had been delivered. Seamless customer service.
Kristen R. Tue Jan 19, 2016
So easy and convenient--and priced well.
John S. Tue Jan 19, 2016
We found Garden Grocer when we were planning our Disney vacation. The web site was easy to use, they followed up with a phone call after we placed our order to confirm and we had a great experience. It was very convenient when we checked into Disney that we had snacks and drinks that we ordered waiting for us, highly recommend Garden Grocer.
Sergio D. Tue Jan 19, 2016
Our order was delivered to the hotel as planned. GG team kindly call to make sure we had received and everything was okay.
Amanda Y. Mon Jan 18, 2016
I would highly recommend Garden Grocer. We had six adults on our vacation / RunDisney experience and ordered groceries in addition to 16 gallons of spring water. The service was outstanding! We saved so much by using our own water bottles and bringing water with us each day.
Amanda - Pittsburgh, PA
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