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Amy H. Sun Jul 10, 2016
What a luxury to have our groceries waiting for us when we arrived! I received a text when our plane landed telling us our order had been delivered. Everything was complete and the refrigerated items were even kept cold. I can't recommend Garden Grocer highly enough!
Donna H. Sun Jul 10, 2016
thank you so much for making this an easy process
Karen A. Sun Jul 10, 2016
Very happy with my Garden Grocer experience. They delivered everything I order right on time. I highly recommend them to anything me visiting Florida.
Glen B. Sun Jul 10, 2016
Worked out perfect. Everything delivered as ordered
Roberta K. Sun Jul 10, 2016
They called me as our plane landed to let me know it was delivered and to ask me to call when I checked in to make sure I got everything. They called me again 1 1/2 hrs later while walking to my room b/c I hadn't called back yet and they were concerned I hadn't received it. Very attentive and appreciative when I did call back after checking my order. Will order from them again in the future.
Miriam R. Sun Jul 10, 2016
I am grateful for the excellent service you provide. What a relief to come to the hotel after a whole day of walking in the park with the grandkids and to find our bottle water and the yogurt, cheese in the fridge. And the best of all you kept me informed fronbreceiving the order to delivery. Thank you!
Karen I. Sun Jul 10, 2016
Convenient and the customer service was great!
Fran Q. Sun Jul 10, 2016
Our order was delivered before we arrived and I was notified via text, phone call and email. That was much appreciated. Excellent service!!!
Teresa R. Sat Jul 9, 2016
Great service, will definitely order again
Roger M. Sat Jul 9, 2016
Great service
Alyson O. Sat Jul 9, 2016
This was an amazing experience to add to our visit to Disneyworld. I like that you can keep the items in the grocery cart and go back to when making list from home. I kept going over it because I didn't want wasted food at the end of the trip. My experience was highly satisfied. Produce was fresh. The bread or eggs were not smashed. All the items we purchased were bagged perfectly. I received a phone call from Garden Grocer to make sure everything arrived properly. I got the text alert when my items arrived at the resort while I was in Animal Kingdom. I was able to add on an item super easy. The bellman of Saratoga Springs brought the food right into our room. I will definitely use again on our next trip. Use there services! You will not regret because the last thing anyone wants to do is go grocery shopping the day you arrive in Disney.
Elena A. Sat Jul 9, 2016
Great service!! Quick and easy to set up. We will always order from Garden Grocer when we visit Disney.
michael b. Sat Jul 9, 2016
all DVC members should download the Garden Grocer app now!
Anastasia R. Sat Jul 9, 2016
This is a very handy option when spending time on vacation. Loved to have groceries delivered, especially since we did not have a car for transportation.
Richard G. Sat Jul 9, 2016
First time using Garden Grocer, and I had a fantastic experience. Service was excellent, and it was so much better having groceries delivered to our resort instead of running to the supermarket on our first day of vacation.
Jen W. Fri Jul 8, 2016
I was extremely impressed with this company and will absolutely use it again! Garden Grocer was super easy to use, had terrific service and will be something I recommend to others!
Karen H. Fri Jul 8, 2016
This service is amazing! We used to depend on a family member to take us to a store because we didn't want the small little portions on property that sold for high prices! Now we can just order exactly what we want and need! So happy a friend told us about this and we will definitely use it again!
Cyndi F. Fri Jul 8, 2016
I highly recommend Garden Grocer to anyone vacationing in the Orlando area. Fabulous and excellent customer service.
Aynslie C. Fri Jul 8, 2016
I would recommend Garden Grocer to anyone visiting a Disney resort and needing some food or beverage in their room. Having a cold adult beverage in the room after a day at the park was perfect.
Jason H. Fri Jul 8, 2016
I made an order on Mexico on the first half of my vacation. When I arrived in Orlando, I received a text that my order had been delivered. A follow up call from Garden Grocer assured I knew how to claim my order from Bell services. Excellent customer service. Took the stress out of shopping and fighting traffic to grab essentials for the room. I have a low carb diet and they had great selections for me and my wife.
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