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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Elyse C. Mon Feb 1, 2016
This was our second time using Garden Grocer and we were once again impressed. The order was correct and delivered in a timely way. Items were well cared for and arrived intact. Will definitely use again!
David(Xiwei) S. Mon Feb 1, 2016
excellent service! One ordered item was missing. I called customer service, then it got delivered the next day. Great customer focus.
Brandy T. Mon Feb 1, 2016
This was our first time using Garden Grocer and it was a seamless process. Our groceries were already at our cabin before we checked in and put away for us. Communication between GG and us was great. I would use them again!
Thomas M. Mon Feb 1, 2016
This is an AMAZING service. It was a good feeling knowing I could have fresh food and fruits available to my family on vacation with all the hassles of shopping taken out of the equation. We were able to start our vacation as soon as we got there and not worry about shopping.
Alea C. Sun Jan 31, 2016
Absolutely loved using this service during our recent WDW vacation!! Saved us a ton of money so we wouldn't have to buy snacks/waters at the parks. Order was delivered before the time expected. Everyone on the customer service team we dealt with was superb!! Would definitely use this service again!! Thank you!!
Laura K. Sun Jan 31, 2016
Garden Grocer was a dream come true! I ordered all the groceries we needed for our Disney Resort online the day before we arrived...water bottles, juice boxes, snacks for the hotel...by the time we arrived everything was in our room and ready for us! They got the entire order correct and everything we needed was there. It was wonderful.I definitely recommend using Garden Grocer!
Marie M. Sun Jan 31, 2016
Perfect way to get those few "creature comforts from home" to make the Disney trip less of a journey from home and CHEAPER! :)
Karen S. Sun Jan 31, 2016
Such a convenient way to make a vacation more enjoyable and not have the stress of food shopping for family".
Sheryl L. Sun Jan 31, 2016
Arriving with 3 Kids aged 5 and under and knowing that their favorite treats, drinks, food pouches and organic milk were delivered in time made the start of our trip perfect. We packed up our bags and went straight to MK. Ordering breakfast foods and yogurt gave us the needed start in the morning and the fruit was fresh and delicious. Having wine and beer on the balcony once the kids went to sleep was an added - much appreciated perk! Definitely recommend Garden Grocer!!
Jan H. Sun Jan 31, 2016
It was great to have our groceries ready and waiting in our room. When one item needed replacing Garden Grocer brought a new one to us right away. Having food in our room to prepare breakfasts and pack lunches saved us tons of money at Disney.
Thanks for the good service!
Kathy M. Sun Jan 31, 2016
Everything was waiting at our hotel when we arrived. Even found the special milk for my granddaughter. Great service. Thanks so much
Donna O. Sat Jan 30, 2016
First time using service. Was very impressed with on time delivery and text message telling me when groceries were delivered.
Sarah L. Sat Jan 30, 2016
First time ever using Garden Grocer! It was a great success! Groceries arrived on time to our resort and it was just what we ordered. We will definitely use this service again.
Michel M. Sat Jan 30, 2016
Use Garden Grocer on a trip to Walt Disney. Excellent service and food quality. Truly a perfect experience.
Michelle K. Sat Jan 30, 2016
Had the best service! So worth it!!
Kenneth M. Sat Jan 30, 2016
We had Garden Grocer deliver to us at our hotel in Disney. We loved having snacks, drinks, and other items we needed ready to go without leaving our room.-
diane i. Fri Jan 29, 2016
Found this to be an awesome source of convenience. Our order was delivered, and waiting for us when we arrived. everyone I was in contact with extremely helpful and kind. would do it again in a heartbeat.
Susan D. Fri Jan 29, 2016
Our delivery was on time to our resort and all items were in good condition!
Rick S. Fri Jan 29, 2016
GG is a fast convenient service to WDW that will save you time and money. I recommend to everyone I know going to Orlando.
Stephanie B. Fri Jan 29, 2016
Great experience...would definitely use every time I travel to DisneyWorld!
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