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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Carrie M. Thu Oct 1, 2015
We love the convenience of Garden Grocer. We place our order a few weeks before our trip and we don't have to give it another thought until we arrive. Delivery is always on time and it couldn't be easier. We love Garden Grocer and recommend them to all our friends traveling to Disney.
Susan B. Thu Oct 1, 2015
I've used Garden Grocer several times each time order was received on time and correct.
Nancy M. Thu Oct 1, 2015
We were very pleased with Garden Grocer! Our delivery was there on time, and packed well. We will use them again, very handy since we were using Disney Transportation.
A great service, very friendly and efficient when I spoke to them on the phone. Highly recommended!
William Thu Oct 1, 2015
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Conrad C. Wed Sep 30, 2015
Great service! Will definitely use them again during my next trip to Orlando.
libby s. Wed Sep 30, 2015
Very satisfied with on time delivery & items exactly as expected. Box of gerber mixed pouches was a good mix, our picky baby loved all but 1 of them. Cold items were appropriately chilled, groceries were bagged so that nothing was smushed.

*Be sure to remember a wine opener if you order wine, Disney sells them for $8.
Carrie M. Wed Sep 30, 2015
Saved so much money having groceries delivered to resort! Made mornings more enjoyable and also nice to have snacks in the afternoon after touring parks! Fruit was great quality! Staff was pleasant and professional. Highly recommend !
Karen R. Wed Sep 30, 2015
I think your service is beyond excellent! I don't even know how many times I have used your service in the past and it has been beyond excellent every time and I hope to use you in the future many times!!!
Brian O. Wed Sep 30, 2015
Used the Garden Grocer for the first time during our recent trip. As soon as our plane landed I got a text that our groceries had arrived. Everything was great! Strongly recommend them and we will use them again in the future ourselves!
Anna F. Wed Sep 30, 2015
We were so glad we ordered from Garden Grocer. Everything was waiting for us when we arrived to our resort and all items were exactly what we ordered. Great service!!
Janie T. Wed Sep 30, 2015
My family of 14 needed some snack foods/quick breakfast options and baby supplies for our week long trip to central Florida. We are so thankful for the price and convenience Garden Grocer offered us. The best part was we didn't need to be there when they delivered. We were able to go play and enjoy our vacation and they worked everything out with our resort to have it delivered to us later. I will definitely be using them again on our next trip!
Yar M. Wed Sep 30, 2015
Service was fantastic, everything arrived on time and the delivery person was very nice. Had no issues what so ever using this service, would definitely recommend and use again. Perfect !
Colleen M. Wed Sep 30, 2015
Had groceries delivered to our hotel room at Disney World. Order was accurate and on time. Would highly recommend!
Shannon W. Wed Sep 30, 2015
Loved it especially worried about feeding our allergy child and if I would have to pack a whole suitcase for her food. Thank you thank you!
John S. Wed Sep 30, 2015
Well run company, very professional with good communication. I'd recommend them...
Matthew D. Wed Sep 30, 2015
Great service! We've used Garden Grocer twice for our trips to Disney World and it's fantastic to show up at the hotel and have the groceries already there, waiting for us. Super convenient and it allows us to get into the parks much faster than having to stop to get groceries.
Becky G. Wed Sep 30, 2015
Everything worked out smoothly with no error. I was very happy with the whole process!!
Marie J. Wed Sep 30, 2015
Very easy to use... Food delivered quickly, produce in great shape... Would definitely use again!
Matthew R. Tue Sep 29, 2015
Easy to order and pay. Everything arrived before we did and I was notified via text of the delivery. The order was exactly as placed and we were ready for our stay, perfect!
John H. Tue Sep 29, 2015
The site is very easy to use and the customer service is simply fantastic. I would not hesitate to recommend Garden Grocer to anyone visiting Disney!
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