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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

MaryAnn K. Thu Jun 15, 2017
Great service. Easy to use app. Very effiecient notifications and reminders.
Bruce S. Thu Jun 15, 2017
Service was awesome .All the things we ordered were there on time and very fresh . Would recommend to anyone .Thank you so much .
Adrienne M. Thu Jun 15, 2017
Garden Grocer was a fast and easy service for us to obtain groceries during our recent stay at a Disneyworld resort. The website was extremely convenient and our groceries were already waiting for us when we arrived at our hotel. Great, convenient service!
Gerald S. Wed Jun 14, 2017
Easy to use site. Delivery was on time as they stated. Follow up and conformations were outstanding.
Ondine B. Wed Jun 14, 2017
Garden Grocer is an excellent way to get your grocery shopping done, without having to take time out of your vacation to do it. They delivered everything we ordered when they said they would. They also called, emailed AND texted me to let me know the groceries had been delivered. The cost was not much more than our prices at home, and the value of having it delivered by the time we arrived at our resort is wonderful. Thank you so much, Garden Grocer, for providing this service!
Ken K. Wed Jun 14, 2017
Excellent service at an affordable price.
Angela D. Wed Jun 14, 2017
Thanks to Garden Grocer for making our trip to Disney World with our 10 month old less chaotic and hectic than it could've been. All of the baby's needs were available and ready at our resort when we checked in. The staff were extremely helpful and professional, I couldn't say enough wonderful things about Garden Grocer. We had all the comforts of home in our resort without the hassle of packing them in our luggage or going to buy them!
Ashley H. Wed Jun 14, 2017
This was a great way to save money on vacation. The food was exactly what I ordered and delivered on time. I will use this service on my next visit.
Janice L. Wed Jun 14, 2017
Our Garden Grocer order arrived on time and was delivered promptly to our resort room upon our arrival. All the food was fresh and high in quality, and our refrigerated items were kept cold. It was wonderful to have fresh fruit, milk, water, other beverages, sandwich fixings, and snacks in our resort room for breakfasts, meals in-between parks, and to take to the parks. Garden Grocer was a great way to lower our food budget and eat healthier at Walt Disney World!
Mary L. Wed Jun 14, 2017
Great service. A representative contacted me right after I placed my order and made a requested change to delivery date right on the spot. I was contacted prior to and after the delivery to be sure all was well. Fruits and vegetables were very fresh!
David S. Wed Jun 14, 2017
Ordered twice while at Disney World. Everything came as ordered when it was supposed to. We were contacted by email and phone to explain the process and to make sure everything was correct. so glad we found out about this. Great service!
Gloria H. Wed Jun 14, 2017
Easy, convenient and up to date information about your order. We planned it for s trip to Disney World. They called immediately to confirm the order , text when we landed it was delivered and then called again later that evening to ensure we got everything. That's great service.
Karolan D. Wed Jun 14, 2017
Fantastic service will definitely recommend to everyone .We used this to buy essentials for our hotel room in Disney world ( beers , wine etc ) if you're familiar with the pricing structure
You know that it's roughly $9 for a beer . Just like shopping online at home , did my order a couple of weeks before holidays Brilliant
Lianna K. Wed Jun 14, 2017
Before our room was ready, our groceries were already tucked away with bell services. It was so convenient not to worry about getting groceries on our vacation!!! Great job! We will use this amazing service in the future!
Rachel P. Wed Jun 14, 2017
You were fantastic. I appreciate the communication and punctuality.
Bridgit V. Wed Jun 14, 2017
What a delight! After a long search, the prices at Garden Grocer were the best and most reasonable. My order was prompt and complete. A weight was lifted off my shoulders! Will use again!
Lori M. Wed Jun 14, 2017
First time using garden grocer and everything went smoothly. Thanks!
Claire S. Wed Jun 14, 2017
Great service. Good products, everything went to plan and There was excellent communication all the way from Garden Grocer. I totally recommend them and will definitely use them again.
Janice G. Tue Jun 13, 2017
We have used Garden Grocer on our last two disney trips after a friend recommended them. It is so convenient, economical and their service is super. The website is easy and the selection is great. We saved so much in ordering bottled water, beer & snacks, and breakfast foods! Both times the delivery was on time and we received a text when they arrived at the resort. The perishables were separated and labeled. The resort will hold them (and refrigerate) then deliver them to the room when we arrive! Could not be easier!
Sherri Tue Jun 13, 2017
My order was at the resort upon arrival exactly as ordered. The items were fresh and customer service was great! Thank you!
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