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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Amanda F. Fri Sep 16, 2016
Found Garden Grocer on Google when looking for grocery delivery for our Disney trip. All items were available when we arrived. Was worth the $14 shipping for our wine and beer. Would have spent way more than that at the resort.
Richard P. Fri Sep 16, 2016
Great service! Will use again!!
james a. Fri Sep 16, 2016
Garden Groceries provided accurate, on time delivery for my family of 7. They even sent me a text message and gave me a call up when my order was delivered. Great service and I will use Garden Grocer every trip we take to Disney World.
Stacey L. Thu Sep 15, 2016
Loved it! Will use it again!
Terri B. Thu Sep 15, 2016
I would like to thank the Garden Grocer team for their awesome service and follow-up. I will certainly use your service in the future.
Jennifer C. Thu Sep 15, 2016
It was great service. They delivered everything right after we arrived. It was great having some drinks and snacks in our room! Thank you for the great service.
Teresa B. Thu Sep 15, 2016
Garden Grocer was outstanding. My full order and requested special item were all delivered on time as promised. All items were exactly as ordered. The price was reasonable. I appreciated the email letting me know when my order was delivered and waiting for me! Excellent service and I will definitely use them again on the next trip!
Juan V. Thu Sep 15, 2016
First time using garden grocer and it was amazing! You got a new loyal customer. Can't wait to use it again at Disney
Dale G. Thu Sep 15, 2016
Been coming to Disney since the mid eighties with family now the grand kids this has eliminated two hours of shopping etc. 48 hours prior make your order, so simple, and when you arrive the chocolate milk and beer are nice and cold. Thank you Garden Grocer and Disney.
Elisabeth F. Thu Sep 15, 2016
From start to finish my experience from Garden Grocer was top notch. It was easy to use their page to decide what I would need for my trip. The order process was easy, as was payment and even getting them a copy of my drivers license so I could buy alcohol. The follow up phone call once the order was placed was a big & welcomed surprise. I loved the fact that I was notified via text that my order had been delivered to my Disney resort. The whole thing, was easy and seamless! Thanks so much!
Chriscilla F. Thu Sep 15, 2016
Communication and service was exceptional.
Audrey P. Thu Sep 15, 2016
This service was easy, fast and friendly. I was pleased with all items and prices were competitive. I will use this service again when we visit WDW.
Christie M. Thu Sep 15, 2016
This was our family's first time using Garden Grocer. All items arrived promptly as promised. I'll admit I was worried about our eggs, but, not one was broken. The prices of the products are reasonable and the delivery fee is fair. We will certainly use Garden Grocer again the future!
Joyce L. Thu Sep 15, 2016
Excellent service. Great quality with fresh items! Easy to use.
Randy Z. Thu Sep 15, 2016
It was great! We were able to take a trip to the grocery store before our travels began and from the comfort of our own home. Without a form of transportation available this is the only way to go!
Deborah C. Wed Sep 14, 2016
Awesome to do business with...had no issues...produce was fresh. Everything was handled without any issues!!
Barb W. Wed Sep 14, 2016
Best service. Everything was packaged well and delivered on time. Will definitely use again.
Cynthia G. Wed Sep 14, 2016
They held the order at the Boardwalk until I notified you. As soon as I called you they brought the order up to our room. I was very pleased with your service it is so convienent. Thank you so much..
Bethany B. Wed Sep 14, 2016
This was my first time using a grocery service and I'm so glad I did. I was able to go right to my theme park from the airport instead of spending an hour at the grocery store.
Jennifer H. Wed Sep 14, 2016
We used Garden Grocer for our recent stay at Disney World. It was beyond easy and made traveling with our baby much more convenient.
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