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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Holly A. Mon Sep 28, 2015
Text on arrival was great and everything well packed. Made our holiday so easy!
dan w. Mon Sep 28, 2015
Garden Grocer services save me money and allows me to spend more time relaxing on vacation instead of running out to the store. I use them every time i go to Disney World. My order is always there upon my check in. Great service and reasonable prices. Highly recommend A++++++
Jennifer E. Mon Sep 28, 2015
Very easy! Ordered online&food was already in room upon arrival at hotel! Would definitely recommend it to anyone.
Jaime B. Mon Sep 28, 2015
The fruits was so amazing and super fresh. I was so happy with that purchase
Peter M. Mon Sep 28, 2015
The easiest way to prepare and plan for being on vacation and having good food ready.
Dawn H. Mon Sep 28, 2015
This service made buying groceries for our Disney resort stay SO easy. The groceries were delivered directly to our resort right on time. The service was also quite affordable.
Dawn H. Mon Sep 28, 2015
Great service. Our order was at our resort when we arrived. We loved using Garden Grocers and highly recommend them.
Erik S. Mon Sep 28, 2015
This is a great service and will use again! Saved us money by having it delivered to our room from Garden Grocer instead of buying from resort. Prices were very fair and the process was very easy! I will use again and recommend to all!
Jacqualyne F. Mon Sep 28, 2015
Website very intuitive. Customer service wonderful as well. Food arrived when expected, packed neatly and delicious (fruit). VERY convenient way to save some money by packing snacks for Disney visit.
Emily B. Mon Sep 28, 2015
Great fresh produce. Dependable service. Easy to use. Would use again when we travel to Florida.
Christi N. Mon Sep 28, 2015
It was easy to use and well coordinated with the hotel
Carla W. Mon Sep 28, 2015
Awesome Customer Service! Everything I ordered was at the hotel when I arrived! Would definitely use this service again! Keep up the great work!
james c. Sun Sep 27, 2015
Incredibly awesome !! Everything was ready for pick up when we arrived !! Garden grocer saved me lots of time waitting in line! My family ate breakfast in our room and hit the parks. While others waitted in line for breakfast at the resort and waitted @ the park !
Thx GG !
Martha T. Sun Sep 27, 2015
The food was name brand and the fresh food good quality. It was delivered where they said and when it needed to be there. They even texted me to let me know they were there. My only hang up was the $40 minimum order.
Kasandra M. Sun Sep 27, 2015
Loved the phone call from Customer Service once order was placed. Everything arrived with no shortages. Just a Happy Customer!
Hali B. Sun Sep 27, 2015
We love Garden Grocer! The whole process is easy, the groceries are fresh and we've never had any issues. I took advantage of the custom order process this time too to purchase some items that were not on the website and it worked great! The customer service is fantastic.
Carolyn E. Sun Sep 27, 2015
Very happy with my 1st time purchase! We were staying at a Disney resort and as soon as we landed, I received a text that our groceries were waiting at bell services. Once they were delivered to our room, everything was fresh, cold things cold and packed great! Highly recommend! We have enough water for taking to the parks daily and overall saved us a lot of money! Thank you, Garden Grocer! We will use again!
Sarah C. Sun Sep 27, 2015
A great service! I would highly recommend it! Customer service responded quickly to all of my questions and quickly fixed a small problem with my order. Would not hesitate to use them again!
Amy H. Sun Sep 27, 2015
We ordered some healthy foods from garden grocer while staying at Disney. It was delivered quickly for a minimum delivery fee. Everything was fresh & delicious! Thanks
Kathleen N. Sun Sep 27, 2015
This is the second time we have used your service and we will highly recommend you. All our food was reasonably priced and came right on time. The produce was fresh and delicious!! Thank Garden Grocer!!!
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