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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Karen L. Fri Aug 19, 2016
As soon as I placed order I received a phone call to confirm my order and delivery location. Items arrived on time and fresh. They called and texted when delivered. We will definitely use them again for our next trip to Disney.
Melissa P. Thu Aug 18, 2016
So easy to use! After our flight we went straight to disney parks. Arriving to our room after a long day our food was waiting for us in the room with perishables in the fridge!!
Robert M. Thu Aug 18, 2016
Grocerys arrived on time, packaged nicely, double bagged, cold stuff was cold too! Exceeded my expectations....
Colleen F. Thu Aug 18, 2016
Everything was super easy and convenient!! We even had a rental car and chose to use Garden Grocer so as not to waste any time. Our order was delivered to our resort (cold things stored in fridge) at bell services until we called and we're ready to have it brought to our room! It was great!!
Jody L. Thu Aug 18, 2016
I was looking for a specific item that I did not see on the site and put in special request. After 24 hours they were able to find my special request item and add it to my order. I really appreciated that extra service.
Kristie B. Thu Aug 18, 2016
First time using Garden Grocers and will use them again on future trips to Walt Disney World.
Tracy L. Thu Aug 18, 2016
We stayed at the Floridian Resort and Spa and set up a drop off time between 4 and 8pm. The food was there at 4pm and the order was correct. Would highly recommend this service.
JILL H. Thu Aug 18, 2016
This service is great and a MUST if you're staying at a Disney resort/property. The money we saved on bottled water, alone, as opposed to buying in the parks, was worth it.
JOY T. Thu Aug 18, 2016
Ordered 1 month before arrival at Yacht Club. When I arrived the bell services brought everything to room. It was glad, to have this service. Water, snacks for the park and room.
Keep up the good work.
Luis C. Thu Aug 18, 2016
Great service had the products I was looking for
Graham M. Wed Aug 17, 2016
THE place to order from when visiting Disney. Hands down.
Margaret C. Wed Aug 17, 2016
This is the cheapest way to eat at Disney. Easy and great for picky eaters. You can pick out exactly what you need way ahead of time and get a discount. They keep it cold for you and you don't even have to be at the hotel when they drop it off. This made our trip so much better! Thanks Garden Grocer!
Mark T. Wed Aug 17, 2016
Great service,food was waiting at Hotel as requested,will use again.
Tamby E. Wed Aug 17, 2016
Love the wonderful service and we always get exactely what we ordered. You can also add more products onto the original order, i.e. instead of another $40 order and delivery charge!
They also did a follow-up phone call the next day , asking if everything was fine and if we needed anything. Just a
Super company!
Lisa H. Wed Aug 17, 2016
This was so easy to do!!! We ordered snacks for our Disney trip on line (navigation of the site was super easy) .. Delivery set up worked like a charm .. and everything that we ordered was accounted for... Why waste time in a grocery store when you get to Orlando when you can have Garden Grocery do your shopping for you!!! Will recommend to friends and use again!!! Thank you!!!
michele h. Wed Aug 17, 2016
Absolutely fabulous! Just ordered too much food.
Ann K. Wed Aug 17, 2016
Great service, so convenient, friendly, order was perfect, five stars!!!!
Stacy T. Wed Aug 17, 2016
This service was so easy to use. After I placed my order they called to confirm it. Once there, it arrived during the window I chose. I received a text message and bell service was happy to deliver it to my room. I also received a call from Garden Grocer to ensure I received my order and was happy with it. Definitely will use it every time I go!!
Daniel C. Wed Aug 17, 2016
Garden Grocer was a life saver. After the refrigerator was left open in our hotel room, spoiling the milk and yogurt for our one-year old, I had to call first thing in the morning to get it replaced and the team worked to get it delivered within two hours. It was amazing effort to surpass my expectations in every way.
Sarah B. Wed Aug 17, 2016
This service is a MUST with small children! We loved having our favorite foods in our room for snacks and breakfast! And the convenience of having it delivered to our room and refrigerated before our arrival is fantastic! 5 stars! I would highly recommend Garden Grocer and we will definitely order again for our next trip!
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