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Mari W. Sat Apr 23, 2016
Had a great experience using your website and getting your service towards our Disney vacation in April 2016. We will be using your services again.
Jenilee V. Sat Apr 23, 2016
Garden Grocer had an easy to use site and was a helpful service for our trip to Disney. I was able to order my kids' favorite snacks and have them delivered to my resort the day we arrived. I didn't even have to be there to accept them. Definitely helped to make long days at the park with picky eaters easier.
Dawn M. Sat Apr 23, 2016
Such an awesome service! Our food was delivered on time and was everything we ordered. Total money saver!!
Flavia R. Sat Apr 23, 2016
Love it! Will order again in the future!
Jill S. Sat Apr 23, 2016
Easy, on time and covienent! Garden grocer made our Disney vacation so much more enjoyable and we saved so much money!
Karen T. Sat Apr 23, 2016
Loved having all my items right in my room. Thank you!
Joyce M. Fri Apr 22, 2016
Service and follow up was fantastic. Received all order items in a timely fashion. Food a little more expensive than doing the shopping yourself but the convenience was well worth the extra price.
Peter G. Fri Apr 22, 2016
Awesome service items waiting for us at bell service
Amy B. Fri Apr 22, 2016
Very prompt and accurate delivery! A great place to shop when you are in Disney and feel trapped because you have no transportation other than the buses and can't transport dos on the plane! I am so glad I discovered this service! Will continue to use it every time I am in Florida!
Shaun P. Fri Apr 22, 2016
I wouldnt travel to Disney again without using GardenGrocer,com
Judy S. Fri Apr 22, 2016
I found the website easy to navigate and I liked the fact that you contacted me personally to ask about the order and to let me know that it had been delivered. Thank you for providing this service, it made things so much easier for me.
Maureen M. Fri Apr 22, 2016
I used this service while in Disney World with my son in April 2016. I found the service very easy, fast and accommodating. I received my groceries as promised along with text and phone call to advise me they were at the resort as we were at the park when they arrived. The resort kept the cool items in the fridge for us until we returned. Great service and will definitely use again if we go back some day :)
Shari M. Fri Apr 22, 2016
Garden grocer was great. The quality of the food we ordered was very good. We would definitely order from them again
Fabiola H. Fri Apr 22, 2016
It was the first time I used this service. My order was delivered correctly, at the promised time. I received text messages both before and right after my groceries were delivered. Excellent service!
Daniela R. Fri Apr 22, 2016
Everything was perfect! Congratulations on your service. We saved a lot of money in waters, and snacks. We did purchase the disney dinning plan and donĀ“t regreat it at all, but we always need more snacks and water extra, and having that in our room was a relieve. My daughter could snack all that she wanted.
Julie V. Fri Apr 22, 2016
I easily saved 50% of my food and beverage expanse during a four night stay by pre-ordering from Garden Grocer. My resort was pretty sprawling and my room was a half mile from any of the restaurants. Having fresh fruit and snacks in my room saved me time walking back and forth, particularly first thing in the morning and late at night.
Elise B. Fri Apr 22, 2016
We used Garden Grocer for our recent trip to Disney World. We purchased a few healthy snacks for the kids (apple slices, bananas, craisins, applesauce pouches etc.) as well as some breakfast foods like granola bars, cereal cups and yogurt. We were on the dining plan, and didn't need much, but this food was a huge help in filling in any gaps. The food arrived as promised and the order was correct. I would absolutely use Garden Grocer again!
Jessica R. Fri Apr 22, 2016
This whole process was so easy! The level of communication was great. I knew exactly when and where my groceries were delivered. Everything was fresh and good quality. This was far cheaper than the other service I looked into that charged you based on the size of your order. The fees are upfront and easy to understand. We will definitely use Garden Grocer again.
Lindsay P. Fri Apr 22, 2016
On time. Great selection!!! Couldn't have been easier!
Ellie b. Fri Apr 22, 2016
Our order was at Bell Services upon arrival,then delivered to our villa when we moved in.
Everything as ordered...
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