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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Allison J. Sat Jul 25, 2015
I ordered groceries for our trip to Disneyworld. Very easy process,good communication and delivery to our resort. Will definitely use this service again!!
Cecilia I. Fri Jul 24, 2015
Our order was delivered complete and on time as promised to our resort , however between the time the order was dropped off and we asked the bell person to deliver to our room, a 12 pack of beer was suddenly missing. I called Garden Grocer and they replaced it, even though the missing beer was most likely the fault of the resort. I definitely recommend this service if you are a guest at any resort in Orlando.
Misty C. Fri Jul 24, 2015
Using Garden Grocer was so easy and convenient. My order was waiting for me at the resort when we arrived. Having groceries in our room for breakfast and snacks saved us hundreds of dollars. Love this service!
Karen D. Fri Jul 24, 2015
I was thrilled with the service we received using Garden Grocer! We were nervous about the delivery times, but our ordercame exactly on time and was perfect! We will use Garden Grocer every time!
Deanna C. Fri Jul 24, 2015
Our Green Grocer experience was top notch. We were very happy to have this option to supplement our Walt Disney World experience. We will use the Green Grocer delivery service again.
Hector V. Fri Jul 24, 2015
Fabulous service. They even placed food in fridge. Will use again. Thanks!
Patricia S. Fri Jul 24, 2015
The Garden Grocer is an excellent service....we flew into the Disney Resort and needed distilled water for my husbands cpap machine. I placed my order about a week prior to our arrival and it was waiting at our hotel when we arrived. We got some drinking water and a few other drinks. It was awesome since we flew to not have to worry about how to get things we needed for our stay. Would definitely recommend to everyone I know headed to Disney!
Shanna M. Thu Jul 23, 2015
We loved this service! We will be telling all our friends that vacation at Disney. It was so convenient to have cases of water, drinks and breakfast foods delivered to our room.
Lynn Y. Thu Jul 23, 2015
Great website, great follow up!
Jessica B. Thu Jul 23, 2015
After trying another service, which was way below standard, we were greatly impressed with Garden Grocer as it far exceeded our expectations! Thank you! The Briggs Family, Pasadena, CA
Nancy P. Thu Jul 23, 2015
With three experiences so far, I would definitely do it a fourth time. Garden Grocer bags and delivers while you get to vacation.
Stephanie A. Thu Jul 23, 2015
Easy! Huge selection! Don't worry about packing everything to WDW when it can be delivered to you. I so appreciated this service on two occasions this month while traveling to Orlando for business and for pleasure. BRILLIANT!
Gillian S. Thu Jul 23, 2015
Fantastic service. Excellent fresh produce.
Thomas G. Thu Jul 23, 2015
The service was great. The groceries were at the Beach Club before we arrived. We received everything we ordered. I received a text message that our groceries had been delivered as our flight arrived in Orlando. You made our vacation that much more enjoyable! Thank you.
Carol S. Thu Jul 23, 2015
It worked perfectly for my trip to Disney. I was traveling with 4 grandchildren and groceries were in my room when I arrived. Will recommend and use your services again. Over ordered but donated groceries that were left.
LYNN M. Thu Jul 23, 2015
A great service for having breakfast and snack foods in the hotel. We ordered a lot of water and other beverages since it is important to be well hydrated on hot Florida days. Highly recommend !!!
Jennifer G. Wed Jul 22, 2015
Garden Grocer is a great store with excellent service! I found all the items I needed on their user friendly website. I gave my hotel address. I paid for the order. I received an immediate email and phone call confirming my order. My order was delivered on time and everything was fresh! I highly recommend using the Garden Grocer!
Robin N. Wed Jul 22, 2015
Would recommend we didn't get to our room til 6:00, was nice to have snacks for kids. A Beer to relax, after our flight. We had a quick breakfast in am, cereal, milk, bananas so we could head to Magic Kingdom. Would do this service again!
Myra G. Wed Jul 22, 2015
Delivery was on time, very prompt.
Cheryl S. Wed Jul 22, 2015
Everything was right, order was complete and on time!!
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