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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Jyl O. Thu Aug 3, 2017
Absolutely amazing service!! Would use Garden Grocer again in a heartbeat!
Pete R. Thu Aug 3, 2017
I thought they did an excellent job keeping me informed of my order when it was delivered and everything was there. We also had ordered some sunscreen and one can wouldn't spray and they promptly replaced it
Andrea W. Thu Aug 3, 2017
Fantastic service and reciev d everything we requested.
Yolanda D. Thu Aug 3, 2017
Great service! Would definitely use again!
Kim W. Thu Aug 3, 2017
Very good service and good selection. My daughter has several food allergies and they had Soy milk that she drinks, which is hard to find, so we were able to order that for her and have it delivered to room. Would highly recommend this service.
Lauren C. Thu Aug 3, 2017
Absolutely wonderful experience. From the personsal phone calls to the tracking of our groceries, I was very impressed. I will be using Garden Grocer again and recommending them to friends.
JOHANNA R. Thu Aug 3, 2017
I was impressed with the service I received from Garden Grocer. The online ordering process is quick and easy and the prices are much lower than what we would of paid purchasing the grocery items and alcohol at Disney! Our order was ready at our hotel when we arrived around 1pm and all of our grocery items were in great condition! I will recommend Garden Grocer to all of my friends and will definitely use the service again when we visit Disney in the future!
Jennifer G. Thu Aug 3, 2017
Garden Grocer was easy to use and my order arrived exactly when requested and was completely accurate. SO convenient.
Tiffany W. Wed Aug 2, 2017
We purchased a few grocery items (mainly snacks and breakfast) for our trip to Disney World and very glad we did! The selections offered by Garden Grocer were very good, service was great and I appreciated the follow ups after my order and phone call after delivery to our resort. Also, a simple delivery fee and expected delivery time helped make the process easy.

Its nice to be able have healthier food while traveling and not rely on eating out for every meal or snack. I would definitely recommend Garden Grocer.
Summer M. Wed Aug 2, 2017
You were excellent!!
Joseph W. Wed Aug 2, 2017
First time customer & was very pleased . Outstanding service as 2 items were not delivered. I contacted customer service and they had them delivered asap.
Ashraf K. Wed Aug 2, 2017
Awesome! Excellent! Outstanding! Fully satisfied & wil recommend to all my friends & relatives. Many thanks for saving our money & offered the best customer services.
Mary L. Wed Aug 2, 2017
I loved arriving to our room and all of our groceries was there waiting for us. It made our vacation that much easier.
darcy w. Wed Aug 2, 2017
Reading tripadvisor.com comments from travelers, and decided to get all of our breakfast foods for the week so we could save a few hours a week sitting in restaurant and get out early to the Disney parks. All was waiting for us when we arrived, the Kidani Village kept all cold, and all food was exactly as ordered.
Brian P. Tue Aug 1, 2017
This was our first time using this service. It was easy and seamless. The communication was great. We received texts and emails when the food was delivered. Delivery was very prompt. We plan on using this service again.
Michelle G. Tue Aug 1, 2017
Our first trip to Disneyworld and this was a great way to save on breakfast, fruits, snacks, water, beverages, etc. If you do not have a car this is a great way to get things directly delivered to your room and stock the mini fridge with items you will most definitely need/want! We were able to eat breakfast in our room each morning and even a few lunches. Nice to not have to worry about what to do when the kids say "I'm hungry" for the umpteenth time :)
Rick W. Tue Aug 1, 2017
We used Garden Grocer for our trip to Disneyworld. Garden Grocer is the best for food selection and service. We would highly recommend Garden Grocer to all!
June D. Mon Jul 31, 2017
Quick and professional delivery of our groceries. Everything was perfect. Will most definitely be using Garden Grocer for all our visits to Disney.
Julie H. Mon Jul 31, 2017
Our food was at the hotel before we arrived! GREAT for teenagers who are always hungry - we had food or snacks whenever they needed it!!
Kim D. Mon Jul 31, 2017
Great service for people coming in from out of town
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