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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Beverly L. Mon Oct 17, 2016
Great communication and everything was just what we wanted
Heather P. Mon Oct 17, 2016
Loved having our groceries ready at our Disney World resort when we arrived. No more running around town trying to find a grocery store when you have arrived at your vacation! Great service.
Stephanie A. Mon Oct 17, 2016
So love Garden Grocer. Arrives to the hotel and no hassle of driving offsite.
Linda W. Mon Oct 17, 2016
Had never heard about it until a friend put a post on her business website what it was all about. It worked beautifully to have the groceries and bottled water delivered right to our door by the hotel staff where we were staying.. We were in Orlando for a conference and could go back to our rooms for breakfast and lunch and then go out for a nice meal in the evening with friends.. We were there when hurricane Matthew was suppose to hit and we were confined to our rooms for a day. Very nice to be prepared so we didn't have to scramble to prepare.. Thanks for this great service!! Linda

Brett F. Mon Oct 17, 2016
Everything was as ordered. We will definitely use again!
Allicyn T. Mon Oct 17, 2016
Great concept and great service. Thank you
Krista Q. Mon Oct 17, 2016
Reliable and easy to use!
heather P. Mon Oct 17, 2016
I was thrilled to show up at our hotel and our groceries were all ready there.
Amy S. Mon Oct 17, 2016
Easy, smooth and amazing communication. Will definantly be using in future visits from the uk to the us.
Rebecca F. Mon Oct 17, 2016
We were so happy that we had fresh groceries in our room during the hurricane that visited us during our recent vacation!
Patrick C. Mon Oct 17, 2016
Our first trip to Disney with 3 little girls and I'm thankful a friend suggested Garden Grocer! Upon arrival at the resort our food was already delivered to our room and cold items in the refrigerator! We will def use this service again!
Paula C. Mon Oct 17, 2016
Received a text our groceries were delivered to our resort before we even arrived. Everything was there and order was accurate. Thanks!
susan q. Mon Oct 17, 2016
Great service, great goods, will definitely recommend to friends and family
Kandie S. Sun Oct 16, 2016
First time user! Website is easy. Delivery was at the resort as we were arriving. Will certainly use again and recommend to family and friends
Lee S. Sun Oct 16, 2016
Our trip was delayed due to weather and the customer service was fantastic! They responded within minutes and adjusted our delivery date. The site was easy to use and we were happy with our order.
Diane P. Sun Oct 16, 2016
Your service is Florida's best kept secret. It was superb. Loved everything about it.
Thank you so very much.
Lisa J. Sun Oct 16, 2016
It is so great to have all of your food delivered right to your hotel room!
Lauren J. Sun Oct 16, 2016
We have had wonderful experiences with Garden Grocer. The customer service is excellent and I would HIGHLY recommend this service to my peers. We had problems with our check in date due to a hurricane and their staff was attentive and went above and beyond to ensure great service. I will definitely use them next time!
Jennie B. Sun Oct 16, 2016
I used Garden Grocer recently for our first visit to the Magic Kingdom. Our groceries were waiting on us when we arrived! I have already recommended GG to 3 friends who are traveling to Orlando in the next 6 months. We will definitely use this service again!
Steffany H. Sun Oct 16, 2016
Great service! Easy to order, came when they said it would, and the food was perfect!
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