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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Matt B. Sat Aug 1, 2015
I would recommend Garden Grocer to anyone that is travelling from the UK
John E. Sat Aug 1, 2015
The service was awesome!! Everything was waiting for us at our hotel as soon as we arrived - just as we ordered!!
Bryan A. Sat Aug 1, 2015
Excellent service, easy to use and everything delivered as ordered and on time. Will always use it when I visit Orlando.
lynda v. Sat Aug 1, 2015
We love using Garden Grocer! Easy to use, accurate, and on-time.
Faye S. Sat Aug 1, 2015
We love Garden Grocer. We have used them on our trips to Orlando and the food and service has always been outstanding! It is so nice to have your food at your resort, house, or condo. When you arrive! Not using your vacation time at the grocery store. We will continue to use your service!
Angela I. Sat Aug 1, 2015
Love the service, very convenient to have items delivered right to hotel.
Janet M. Sat Aug 1, 2015
I thought everything about using your grocery service was fantastic!
Jan R. Sat Aug 1, 2015
Great place to shop. Ordered our things before we left for Disney. Our order was delivered to our resort when we requested. Great service!!!!!
walter f. Fri Jul 31, 2015
Excellent service, order was waiting for hotel when I arrived, thanks
Stephen H. Fri Jul 31, 2015
easy and convenient Ill use the service again.
Janice S. Fri Jul 31, 2015
Great service. Everything as I expected it. Prices good. I ordered early to get the 10% off.Then, as I reviewed my order a few days before I left, I noticed I ordered 3 boxes of Glad garbage bags by mistake. (I knew my husband would NOt be happy with me!) I called and was treated very nicely. I then e-mailed what I needed changed. I got a refund to my credit card and best of all -- only one box of garbage bags. Soooo very happy with Gardengrocer. Made my life easier. :)
Norma-jean C. Fri Jul 31, 2015
Everything I ordered was delivered on time and in perfect condition!
Shonda S. Fri Jul 31, 2015
We used GG for the 1st time during our vacation to Orlando and everything went perfectly. Not an item was missed, it was delivered right on time, it was all nicely packed and double bagged and it made my life so much easier and took the stress away from having to make that dreaded trip to the grocery! I HIGHLY recommend them and praise them on thier customer service. I will absolutely use them again!
Kristina G. Fri Jul 31, 2015
This was my first time using Garden Grocer and I highly recommend it. It was very easy to use and the delivery was quick. Great service!
Sayde S. Fri Jul 31, 2015
Everything was delivered as ordered and when promised. We will definitely use Garden Grocer again!!!
Darrin T. Fri Jul 31, 2015
We've now used GG twice and will continue to rely on them for our vacation grocery needs. The fruit was as fresh as a farmers market, the service was fast and accurate. Thank you Garden Grocer!!!!
Amanda C. Fri Jul 31, 2015
Garden grocer made our trip to Disney so much less stressful! It was so easy to put in the order and have it show up when we checked in.
Mary F. Fri Jul 31, 2015
I used garden grocer for the first time on a recent trip to Disney. I cannot say more about the ease of process in ordering groceries. The web site is very easy to use. A wide variety of groceries and adult beverages, and fresh produce could be ordered too. Many dates and times for delivery were readily available, confirmation was immediate, and communication from them to confirm the order was reassuring. Email was received when they were delivered and follow up was immediate. Can't say anything more positive about my experience. Will definitely use them again on my next trip.
Lauren R. Fri Jul 31, 2015
No improvements needed! I've been very pleased every time I've used Garden Grocer.
Joanne C. Fri Jul 31, 2015
Got everything I needed prices where fair Arrived on time Saved us time from going food shopping they made sure everything was satisfactory Thank you
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