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Kim C. Tue Feb 21, 2017
Wonderful service for having groceries sent directly to your room! We had a diabetic in our party so it was comforting to know that emergency food supplies were within our reach when needed so we didn't need to walk back to the main resort to find snacks.
The cold food was cold so nothing spoiled. All the snacks were fresh and packed well.
The prices and convenience were great! Would definitely recommend Garden Grocer!
Anne G. Tue Feb 21, 2017
Great service. Vey good communication about our order. Everything arrived at resort before we did and was stored.
Kath;y B. Tue Feb 21, 2017
This was great! The food was there when we arrived at the resort and it was so nice having one less thing to worry about. We will definitely use this service again!!
Brian S. Mon Feb 20, 2017
Very pleased with our order from Garden Grocer. Communication was excellent and delivery was prompt. Having some food in our hotel room made morning breakfasts so much easier!
Kelby S. Mon Feb 20, 2017
This was our first time using Garden Grocer for our stay at a DVC resort. Their online process for completing orders combined with their confirmation and follow-up process - which was handled via email and text - were ideal for me while managing the overall planning of my family's trip (group of 8). Their partnership with Disney Resorts and coordination with Bell Services was excellent in getting me everything I requested on time.
lisa k. Mon Feb 20, 2017
I loved your service! It is so nice to arrive at our vacation villa with all our perishables here waiting for us. I loved getting the text just as we were about to takeoff that our groceries had just been delivered. Everything we ordered was was waiting for us in the bell service fridge. Your website was very easy to maneuver as well.
colleen k. Mon Feb 20, 2017
The service was convenient and the staff were helpful and the order arrived as scheduled. Thank you
Jennifer B. Mon Feb 20, 2017
Hands down the best idea ever! Great way to save money and it's so easy! Everything was great! Great communication! Excellent service! I felt that everyone went above and beyond!
Totally recommend!
Anne B. Mon Feb 20, 2017
Fresh fruit, apples and bananas were perfect. I will definitely recommend them to others and use them again.
Matthew F. Mon Feb 20, 2017
We really enjoyed the service and we will absolutely use it again.
Erica G. Mon Feb 20, 2017
I highly recommend Garden Grocer. Our order arrives before we did. Great selection. Also, great communication to let us know of our order'a arrival. We will be using them again on our next Disney trip.
Richard D. Sun Feb 19, 2017
There is no easier way to stock your hotel with necessities during a Disney World trip
Mary M. Sun Feb 19, 2017
Garden Grocer website was easy to use, and items were delivered on time. I am so glad I ordered the cases of water in addition to breakfast items I couldn't pack in my suitcase. I will definitely use GG again and have recommended them to friends.
Pam S. Sun Feb 19, 2017
Fabulous service. Just what we needed. Easy to order exactly what we wanted. Delivered before our arrival. Wonderful text alert to let us know when groceries were delivered ( right before we boarded our plane). Couldn't ask for better service! GardenGrocer has it figured out!
michele S. Sun Feb 19, 2017
We are a first time customer and did not have a rental car while staying onsite at the Disney resort. This was a HUGE convenience factor for us to be able to pre-order before arriving and having a large selection to pick from. Garden Grocer communicated when our groceries were delivered and the bell service at the resort quickly brought everything to room. We saved not only time but also money in the process. I even recommended to someone along one of our rides to the Disney parks and they were impressed! Keep up the good work Garden Grocer we will be using your service again next time were back in town!
Adrian W. Sun Feb 19, 2017
Groceries were delivered professionally and were great quality (especially the fresh items). Would definitely recommend!
Rick C. Sat Feb 18, 2017
The process from start to checkout and delivery with email confirmations along the way was flawless. It could not have been better. Definitely the way to go for groceries at Disney. I will use them from now on. Thanks garden grocer.
Carol E. Sat Feb 18, 2017
We loved having fresh food delivered, so we had breakfast in our room and snacks to carry around the parks, saving us money and helping us eat healthier, too. The groceries were delivered on time, with great communication, including it was very easy to change our hotel.
Thank you so much!
sue r. Sat Feb 18, 2017
Wonderful option to have when you come for vacation and don't want to eat out every day. The ordering was easy and I had the ability to add to my order at a later date. There was a lot to choose from and it was very organized. Someone called me after my initial order to verify that I placed the order and to see if I had any questions. We were at Disney's Boardwalk; they delivered the food to the bell desk and sent me a text that it was there. Disney will store your items (even put the refrigerated/freezer food away) until you get it. I already passed along the Garden Grocer website to someone that I met yesterday and I will definitely use it again!
Katy C. Sat Feb 18, 2017
Exactly what we expected and more!
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