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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Mary K. Tue Nov 24, 2015
We got fresh, good tasting fruit and vegetables, waiting for us in our room when we arrived. Garden Grocer is an excellent service.
Kristie P. Tue Nov 24, 2015
Absolutely awesome!!!!
Dean L. Tue Nov 24, 2015
Perfect. On time and great price too. Will use again.
Mary R. Tue Nov 24, 2015
This was our first time using Garden Grocer and I would certainly use and recommend this service again. What a great experience! Our groceries arrived on time at our resort and the text message alerting me that they were there was very helpful. All items we ordered were delivered in pristine condition. Couldn't have asked for a better or more convenient experience.
Melanie R. Tue Nov 24, 2015
I was nervous before using the service for the first time as iteemed strange to submit a grocery order from Canada a week before our trip! Everything was there as promised, produce was fresh, had one missing item and I emailed and it was sent over the very next morning. Excellent experience overall and was great to have breakfasts and snacks in our hotel room.
Rona S. Tue Nov 24, 2015
We arrived at our hotel and our groceries were waiting for us. Cold stuff was already in the frig and freezer. Appreciated having everything delivered,being able to use immediately. Would highly recommend this service by garden grocer.
Julie J. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Great Company! They did everything they said they would. I will use them again.
Deann S. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Loved your service!! Was awesome with delivering food by the time we got to our resort!!
Denise H. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Brilliant service that gave our family a peaceful morning with breakfast in our resort room. We also appreciated being order baby food, diapers and formula. Saved lugging an extra suitcase of supplies.
Elizabeth L. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Great service! So convenient to have groceries delivered right to our hotel room. It arrived on time during our delivery window and the staff called to make sure we had everything we needed. I'll definitely be using this service again.
Kelly L. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Thank you for helping make our trip extra special!! The prices were great, service was excellent, and the staff was incredibly helpful. Thank you-thank you- thank you!!
Anne K. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Garden Grocer was so easy to use, and saved us the time, travel expense and hassle of having to find a grocery store during our vacation. It was exactly what we had hoped it to be. When we checked into our hotel, our groceries were already there, all perishable items were excellent quality, and we were able to get on with our vacation! We will recommend Garden Grocer to all of our friends and family.
Laurie G. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Our order was accurate and on time. Loved getting a text to say it had been delivered. And as a bonus was put in our room before we arrived. Would definitely use this service again and recommend to anyone.
Katharine B. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Prices were reasonable. Delivery was prompt and accurate. Produce was fresh. Great job all around!
Courtney M. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Everything was so easy and efficient ordering through Garden Grocer! Our food was already in our hotel room by the time we arrived. Our order was correct. I would definitely use this service again! :) Thank you!
Lisa B. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Placing an order was simple and quick. The delivery to my hotel was on time and notifying me was prompt. The contents of my order was accurate and fresh. I would definitely use this service again!
Jodie M. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Both times I have used Garden Grocer the groceries arrived before I did! It's great getting to your room after traveling and having food and water waiting for you.
Teresa K. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Great service and loved having the groceries delivered right to our hotel!! A definite Must for every trip to Disney!!
Jody K. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Great service! I never had to worry about a thing and was glad to have groceries at our resort that we didn't have to worry about going out to get. Thank you!
Andrea B. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Excellent Service!
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