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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Courtney M. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Everything was so easy and efficient ordering through Garden Grocer! Our food was already in our hotel room by the time we arrived. Our order was correct. I would definitely use this service again! :) Thank you!
Lisa B. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Placing an order was simple and quick. The delivery to my hotel was on time and notifying me was prompt. The contents of my order was accurate and fresh. I would definitely use this service again!
Jodie M. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Both times I have used Garden Grocer the groceries arrived before I did! It's great getting to your room after traveling and having food and water waiting for you.
Teresa K. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Great service and loved having the groceries delivered right to our hotel!! A definite Must for every trip to Disney!!
Jody K. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Great service! I never had to worry about a thing and was glad to have groceries at our resort that we didn't have to worry about going out to get. Thank you!
Andrea B. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Excellent Service!
Jason K. Mon Nov 23, 2015
I have used Garden Grocer on three separate trips to Walt Disney World, at three different resorts (Bay Lake Tower, Animal Kingdom Kidani Village, and Art of Animation). Each time, the service was perfect. We were notified with text messages during the promised time window, and the food was properly stored in the refrigerators and at Bell Services, who later brought the food to the room for us. I can't think of a better way to get food at Disney. Breakfasts, snacks, sandwiches, fruits, water, etc. are much cheaper and more convenient this way. Thanks for everything!
Jennifer F. Mon Nov 23, 2015
Awesome for Disney Park snacking.
Grace P. Sun Nov 22, 2015
It was so convenient to have our groceries arrive at the resort and delivered right to our room! Everything was fresh and in great shape. I have already encouraged a couple of my friends who are heading to WDW to use this service.
Garden Grocer is the way to go!
Stephanie B. Sun Nov 22, 2015
Great customer service and prompt delivery! Thank you!
Linda G. Sun Nov 22, 2015
Our grocery delivery was made to our Disney World resort exactly when it was supposed to be. Nothing was missing. We were very happy with the groceries and the service. We would highly recommend Garden Grocer.
Sharon W. Sun Nov 22, 2015
This was our first time using your service but it won't be our last!
Helen H. Sun Nov 22, 2015
Excellent. I didn't have to lift a finger
Andrea F. Sun Nov 22, 2015
Easy & reliable! Will definitely use them again.
Carol D. Sun Nov 22, 2015
I already sent one in when the groceries were delivered!
Kelly L. Sun Nov 22, 2015
Great service!! Would use again in the future.
Stephanie D. Sun Nov 22, 2015
Loved using Garden Grocer! The food was at our hotel before we arrived. They took the time to get us items that were not on their website and when we were missing an item they brought it over right away. Prices may seem a little more than home on certain items but overall it saved is hundreds from purchasing the food in the park. Would definitely recommend Garden Grocer if you have a room with a little kitchen area or even just for things like water and snacks to help save money in the park.
Rebecca C. Sun Nov 22, 2015
This is a phenominal service especially for families with dietary restrictions. Having groceries made or vacation affordable and much less stressful. I knew that we had safe food for us to eat in our room. Thank you!
Robert F. Sun Nov 22, 2015
The service was excellent. Our order was at our hotel when we arrived, and everything was packed well. Plus, great selection of gluten-free items for two family members with celiac disease. Thank you!
Robin L. Sun Nov 22, 2015
So easy and convenient!
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