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  98.2% would recommend Garden Grocer

Linda N. Thu Sep 14, 2017
First time I used garden grocer. Excellent service. My order was delivered before I even got to my hotel pop century. Will definitely use this service again when we go to Disney next year!
Nina Thu Sep 14, 2017
Traveling with a family of 6.. On very hot days just the cost alone saved in being able to bring our own Waters, Gatorades and light snacks that I ordered from garden Grocers was a savings and great bonus!
All the fruits and vegetables that I ordered were very fresh and lasted our entire stay.. I would definitely recommend using Garden Grocers especially when traveling to Disney
andrea r. Wed Sep 13, 2017
Placing order is very simple. I had ordered both perishable and non perishable foods. I got a text when my order had arrived at my wdw respet. Everything that needed to be in a refrigerator was cold when I got it. Got everything I had ordered and was on time.
Daniel C. Wed Sep 13, 2017
Great first experience with Garden Grocer. Ordered items for a trip to WDW as I was getting off the plane I had a text stating it was delivered to resort. Everything I ordered in great condition. Look forward to next trip and being able to use this wonderful service.
Alexa T. Tue Sep 12, 2017
Fantastic customer service. Would definitely use again.
Timothy A. Tue Sep 12, 2017
Even with an approaching hurricane Garden Grocer was able to deliver everything I needed to our resort on time and in perfect condition.
Amanda L. Tue Sep 12, 2017
We loved it! It saved us a time and money. We used garden grocer for all breakfast needs, which lasted all week! They then set us up during the hurricane!! It was a great experience.
Judy W. Mon Sep 11, 2017
At the very last minute (day of) I decided not to make this trip to Disney because of the hurricane forecast. Just didn't make sense to me to fly into Florida when everyone else was trying to get out. My kids and grandchildren were already at Saratoga Springs so I wanted them to be able to use the food. I had trouble getting through to Saratoga Springs. Your staff was great and helped me get the food to them so it could be used up before they had to leave. Thank you!
Lee-Anne Mon Sep 11, 2017
First time I've used garden grocer! Def will use again. Food was fresh, well packed in browns bags and easily labeled! Thanks for making our Disney vacation great! They delivered on time. Best grocer for Disney vacationers!!
Caron D. Mon Sep 11, 2017
All fruits and vegetables we're fresh and excellent quality. Prompt service.
Valerie C. Mon Sep 11, 2017
Ordering online was extremely easy and the early order discount was an incentive. Once order was placed I received a call to verify. When order was delivered I received a text message and a phone call to make sure all was okay and that delivery was made. Delivery was made on time and even before I arrived at the hotel. When I checked into my room all cold items were already placed in fridge and ready for me. The grocery service saved me a lot of money and time. Ordered fruit and it was fresh. Will definitely be using this service in the future.
Susan S. Sun Sep 10, 2017
Excellent service, high quality products, delivered when promised. Recommend highly.
Lee R. Sun Sep 10, 2017
The order was easy to place and was there waiting for us when we arrived. Super convenient! There was an error in the order but it was corrected promptly when we noticed them.
Angela A. Sun Sep 10, 2017
We used Garden Grocer for the first time on this trip and we are likely to be them again! The items we ordered were at our resort t the beginning of our window and it as everything we needed!
Carol T. Sun Sep 10, 2017
I loved how easy it was. The groceries were waiting for us when we arrived at our resort. Produce and dairy was fresh. Pricing was comparable. Staff was excellent through the whole process. Thank you!
Niki T. Sun Sep 10, 2017
Every item was in great condition and everything was packaged properly freezer/perishable/non perishable. Fruits ordered in great condition. COST EFFECTIVE. Will defenetely use again.
Sheri S. Sun Sep 10, 2017
Order was delivered when it was expected almost everything we wanted was abled to be ordered one of the product we wanted was not available was contacted and an alternative was found they wanted to know if okay to substitute. Received a phone call to verify order was delivered and everything we ordered
Erica B. Sat Sep 9, 2017
Used it for our Disney World Vacation, everything was there within hours of our arrival. I would definitely recommend it
Rose R. Sat Sep 9, 2017
Great pricing! Awesome service! Garden Grocer delivered last minute items including water the day after I ordered even with all the water shortages due to hurricane Irma. I would highly recommend Garden Grocer and will definitely order from them when we come back again.
Susan K. Sat Sep 9, 2017
This is such a convinient service.. we arrived to our room in Disney and the groceries were on the table and in the refrigerator ready for us!
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