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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Pamela L. Sun Jun 7, 2015
Fantastic! Ordering was easy, delivery was right on time, and our delivery person was friendly and helpful. Will definitely use this service again and have already recommended it to friends. Thank you so much for making the start of our vacation so smooth and easy! Pam
Valerie B. Sun Jun 7, 2015
Easy, reliable, affordable. A Disney Do.
Lauryn G. Sun Jun 7, 2015
We ordered a week a head of time and it was delivered at the earliest possible part of our time slot! What a great surprise to walk into our hotel room and not only be on vacation but to also have food and drinks waiting for us!!!
Melissa S. Sun Jun 7, 2015
This was our first time dealing with Garden Grocer and the customer service was top notch! Any time I had questions, needed to make changes to my shopping list or change date and time on delivery, they were always there immediately changing it for me to make sure that our groceries were exactly as we ordered them and delivered to us on time so that our trip was made that much easier!
Michelle C. Sun Jun 7, 2015
The Garden Grocer was a great Service to use in our recent trip to Disney World. We knew what to expect, had our groceries delivered to our room. Cold items even got out away for us. The web site was easy to use. We highly recommend using this service for your trip to Orlando!!
Frances W. Sun Jun 7, 2015
Exact order arrived - on time. Would definitely use anytime I visit Disney!
Jessica C. Sun Jun 7, 2015
This was our first onsite trip to WDW and universal. Previously we had access to a grocery store, so I wondered how we would get snacks, breakfast items, beer, etc.

I heard about GG from Disboards and set up an order. It was so easy. Our order was there when we arrived at the resort. It was so nice to have breakfast stuff to eat on our way to the bus stop in the morning. And have snacks in the room for breaks of when we came back late at night. We also ordered some alcohol for my husband and I to enjoy. It worked perfectly and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
Sandra R. Sun Jun 7, 2015
I used Garden Grocer for my recent trip to Disney World and their service was excellent. All of my groceries were at my resort when I checked in and the whole process was great. I will definitely use them again!
Jacqueline G. Sun Jun 7, 2015
Especially with babies as guests, diapers, food, and fresh fruit!
natasha p. Sun Jun 7, 2015
Easy to use, friendly, efficient.
Susan H. Sat Jun 6, 2015
I was extremely happy with the service all items delivered in perfect condition for my arrival at the hotel thank you.
Bennett L. Sat Jun 6, 2015
Everything was exactly as ordered. Fresh and on time
Cheryl H. Sat Jun 6, 2015
Garden Grocer delivers the products you order in great condition with prompt service!
Heather S. Sat Jun 6, 2015
This is a fantastic service!
Jamie W. Sat Jun 6, 2015
Great! Placed order and didn't have to worry about anything. Received phone call to verify order then text alerting that order would be delivered on day of arrival. And one more text stating that it had been delivered. Worked really well.
Amy H. Sat Jun 6, 2015
Great service and delivered right to our door!!!
Celeste P. Fri Jun 5, 2015
Very good service.
Mary O. Fri Jun 5, 2015
Great service!
Danielle H. Fri Jun 5, 2015
I'm so pleased with this service! I'll continue to use it when needed. Anytime someone else can grocery shop for me AND get it right- I'm happy. Well done Gardengrocer.com!
Christine H. Fri Jun 5, 2015
Ordering was an ease! Awesome customer service. I was called to confirm my order within 20 minutes! Order was deliver promptly and accurately. I would definitely use Garden Grocer again!
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