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Jennifer C. Wed Aug 5, 2015
Loved it! Our best in-hotel meal we had? Caesar Salad. We ordered romaine lettuce, Caesar salad dressing, crutons, and some things we had brought in an insulated lunch box on the plane (pre-cooked chicken chunks, pre-cooked bacon, shredded Parmesan cheese). It was so good!
shawn s. Wed Aug 5, 2015
I was pleased with how easy it was
Ann B. Wed Aug 5, 2015
Excellent company with wide range of products! Customer service helped us navigate multiple family order, and the groceries were delivered and unpacked when we arrived at Ft. Wilderness. Order was complete as ordered! We have shared your website with many friends, and we look forward to doing business with you again! Thanks for making our shopping a breeze!
Danielle G. Tue Aug 4, 2015
Service is very convenient and easy to use. We were missing a couple of items from our order. I called customer service, and immediately, they sent a reorder to our resort.
Cheryl B. Tue Aug 4, 2015
Extremely easy process! Groceries beat us to the resort! Would definitely recommend and will use again!
Jennifer L. Tue Aug 4, 2015
What a wonderful service! So efficient and time saving! Thank you!
susan b. Tue Aug 4, 2015
We were traveling with a group of 126 people. I told the group about garden grocer. Some used before we left. A few families decided to use garden grocer after they saw our delivery. They ordered from Disney and their order was delivered the next day! Great service!!
martha r. Tue Aug 4, 2015
Superb service! Really impressed with the follow up call right after I placed my order. Fruits were very fresh! Only complaint is that I got fat free milk when I ordered 1%.
Della A. Tue Aug 4, 2015
Great idea so helpful to have snacks for kids water bottles saved the day
Grisselle M. Tue Aug 4, 2015
I will recommend to all my friends
Brenda N. Tue Aug 4, 2015
Love this service. Every time I come to Disney I will use garden grocer. The service far exceeded my expectations. The confirmation call after the order was placed to the email and text that my order had arrived at my resort was wonderful
Brandi B. Tue Aug 4, 2015
This service is FANTASTIC. Will definitively use again.!
Darla W. Mon Aug 3, 2015
Easy to order. Great service. Order at hotel on time & correct.
Jeff S. Mon Aug 3, 2015
What a treat to have perishable and fragile groceries ready for our room when arriving from out of state.
Yvonne D. Mon Aug 3, 2015
Everything was delivered that was ordered. Cold items were kept refrigerated. All the items were delivered when they said they would be. Good job!
Stacy-Anne F. Mon Aug 3, 2015
Items were delivered in a timely matter and held at bell services in refrigerator for our arrival. Superior quality and service. Couldn't ask for more.
Margaret C. Mon Aug 3, 2015
Great service. Ordering bottle water, breakfast (milk & cereal) & snacks from garden grocer really helped to save money while vacationing in Disney. Also, I didn't have to bring a separate suitcase just for food. Would definitely use again on our next trip.
John V. Mon Aug 3, 2015
We found out this is the way to go. We order and Garden Grocers will deliver. Our groceries were delivered directly to our villa at Disney World. This made our vacation more enjoyable, no car to rent to go to grocery store. Everything we ordered was delivered in a timely manner. Way to go Garden Grocers.
Denis G. Mon Aug 3, 2015
Easy, excellent quality, very good service!
Alicia S. Mon Aug 3, 2015
Order was correct and waiting on us upon arrival!! Highly recommend this service!!
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