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Mon Dec 11, 2017

Very easy and worry free service! When we arrived at our destination our products were where they needed to be.


Mon Dec 11, 2017

It was so easy and convenient! It made life way easier having things delivered straight to our Disney hotel, then bell service delivers to our room!


Mon Dec 11, 2017

Everything was in perfect condition, even the fruit and bread. We are definitely using Garden Grocer next trip.


Mon Dec 11, 2017

We used Garden Grocer for the first time and will ALWAYS use it in the future! So easy to order and when got to the hotel our order was already delivered and waiting on us! So convenient!


Sun Dec 10, 2017

Garden Grocer is a must when visiting Mickey & Pals. Excellent service every time.


Sun Dec 10, 2017

Loved this service!! We purchased snacks, water, fruit, etc and loved the convenience of having it all in our room to take each day into the parks or have in the evening after we returned. Great service!


Sun Dec 10, 2017

Excellent quality--our fresh fruit was perfect and everything was delivered on time just as we had ordered. We highly recommend this service!


Sun Dec 10, 2017

Super easy to order and delivered to resort without any issues! Awesome!


Sun Dec 10, 2017

Great service! Will definitely use again! Thank you!


Sun Dec 10, 2017

We will definitely use this service again. Our order was complete and delivered right on time. Produce was the right temperatures and fresh. Thank you!


Sun Dec 10, 2017

Great service! The prices were reasonable and it saved us from taking time out of our vacation to visit the grocery store! Everything was just as we ordered and the fruit was fresh and delicious!


Sat Dec 9, 2017

Our order was waiting for us upon our arrival. Everything we ordered was there and the fruit fresh. We will use this service again, no question.


Sat Dec 9, 2017

First experience went so smoothly, ordered additional times during the time spent in Florida. Thank you!


Sat Dec 9, 2017

Prices were reasonable and very easy to use service save me a lot of money while vacationing at Disney World.


Sat Dec 9, 2017

It was so easy to use. I had a question, and it was easy to pick up the phone to speak with a real person. I had them deliver to our Disney resort, and the Disney team delivered the groceries to our room. It was like magic showing up to our resort room with all our favorite snacks and bottled water waiting for us!


Sat Dec 9, 2017

The site was easy to use I really liked that they called to confirm my order. It was delivered right on time . I was concerned a little about ordering produce but the fruit was ripe, beautiful and delicious.Great alternative than paying high prices for snacks at Disney .


Sat Dec 9, 2017

Good, efficient service


Fri Dec 8, 2017

Food delivered as promised, nice and fresh. Slight problem was super quickly resolved!! Not even Garden Grocer's fault. Would use again for sure. Great service for a Disney visit.


Thu Dec 7, 2017

First time we've used air travel to go to Walt Disney World, and the grocery service was more than able to meet our needs for our stay. Will use them on future trips here too !


Wed Dec 6, 2017

This was fantastic to use. Food was delivered to our Disney room.