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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Linda M. Mon Sep 14, 2015
This is our first time using the Garden Grocer and we're sooooo glad we did. Everything arrived before we did and it was ready for us immediately. We will definitely use the Garden Grocer every time we visit Disney!
tania d. Mon Sep 14, 2015
Great service! Very convenient. Worth every penny. Bell hop brought everything up to our room when we got back from the park. I didn't waste any time and was able to go straight from airport to park.
Mary S. Mon Sep 14, 2015
Awesome service and following contact to make sure our experience was satisfactory was incredible. Our first time ordering but definitely not our last. Well done Garden Grocer!!!
Carrie D. Mon Sep 14, 2015
Everything was great!
Brandi D. Mon Sep 14, 2015
I loved our experience using Garden Grocer. Our order was waiting for us when we checked in to our resort and was exactly what was ordered. We were able to eat breakfast in the room all week and just what we saved on bottles of water paid for the delivery fee many times over. I highly recommend Garden Grocer and will use them again for our trip next year.
Andrea C. Mon Sep 14, 2015
I thought the service was excellent and I love that I got a text when our stuff was delivered.
Robbi S. Mon Sep 14, 2015
We used you guys for our first family trip to Disney. Everything I ordered was delivered long be before we arrived, and everything was correct. Great service. Will use again in the future if the situation warrants. Thank you!
Andrea B. Mon Sep 14, 2015
Easy convenient has anything you could want away from home
Anita B. Sun Sep 13, 2015
Great service. Great variety. Will definitely use again on our next visit to Disney.
Ashley D. Sun Sep 13, 2015
They forgot my bananas, but the customer service lady I talked to was very curteous and bananas were promptly delivered the next day...I would definitely use them again.
Emma H. Sun Sep 13, 2015
Saved both time and money using the delivery service to Disneyworld. Highly recommended to all visitors to WDW.
Marianne S. Sun Sep 13, 2015
We were pleased with everything we ordered.
Stephen H. Sun Sep 13, 2015
Excellent service, quality and freshness. I will use them again
Deborah B. Sun Sep 13, 2015
We were traveling to Disney for the first time and wanted some snacks and specific items for my daughter delivered to our resort. The selection of items was great and the service excellent. We enjoyed having some flexibility in being able to have some things in our room during our stay!
Michelle P. Sun Sep 13, 2015
First time user here; the service was exceptional! Everything was ready when we arrived and the prices are very reasonable! We will be using this service again for sure!
Roxanne M. Sun Sep 13, 2015
This was the first time that we had used Garden Grocer and we will definitely use them again. Not only did they deliver everything we ordered on time, but they also made sure to send us an email and a text message so that we knew it was all there ready for us on our arrival. Everything was very fresh - all in all, it was an excellent experience using Garden Grocer.
Kristen G. Sun Sep 13, 2015
Amazing service! Will definitely use every Disney trip!!
Jamie S. Sun Sep 13, 2015
Provided excellent service to Coronado Springs Resort at Disney. Order was perfect as ordered and delivered on time. Highly recommend!
Janice M. Sat Sep 12, 2015
Nice to have all your grocery needs waiting for you at your hotel! Saves precious holiday time and everything has always been great and there before we even arrived!
Alexandre G. Sat Sep 12, 2015
Lovely service. Had a call 5 min after the order was place. Everything was there. Thanks
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