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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Shannon k. Fri Jul 29, 2016
Having fresh groceries delivered to our hotel made life so much easier while on vacation! We not only saved on food for our week but we didn't need to rent a car which was another big savings. The food was delivered quickly and the customer service was outstanding. Highly recommend this company and will definitely use them again!
Beth L. Fri Jul 29, 2016
Excellent customer service. Will definitely use Graden Grocer in the future.
Brent W. Fri Jul 29, 2016
Fast, easy and fruit was good quality
Joseph R. Fri Jul 29, 2016
This is a very reliable, dependable, user friendly service. I highly recommend it.
Rebecca M. Thu Jul 28, 2016
I was so pleased with the personal phone calls from a human and how fresh everything was, I would definitely use them again
Jonathan L. Thu Jul 28, 2016
First time we used this service for our Disney vacation. Absolutely wonderful experience. Highly recommend.
Jodi S. Thu Jul 28, 2016
I love Garden Grocer. It's a must for every trip to Disney for me. My order is always waiting for me upon check in. Always cold and fresh. I love the ease of shopping on line and with one click I'll have everything I need during or Walt Disney World stay. Thanks Garden Grocer for always being there.
Nicole H. Thu Jul 28, 2016
This is our third time using Garden Grocer. Our food was complete with no missing items and delivered to our resort on time. Thanks!
Kylie S. Thu Jul 28, 2016
Garden Grocer made traveling so much easer! From calling to confirm our order to quick delivery we were very satisfied!
Christopher T. Thu Jul 28, 2016
Our first time use of this service was terrific! All went smoothly without a hitch.
Everything waiting for us upon our arrival at our hotel.

Thanks to the entire staff!
kim Thu Jul 28, 2016
This is the 2nd time I've used Garden Grocer. I stocked up on drinks saving so much money at the parks. Also, we have lots of snacks for the hotel room and the parks. I had to change an item 1 week before delivery and it was done quickly without any problem. The food arrived before we did, and all perishables were kept cold by our hotel. Garden grocers is a time and money saver, and keeps your kids happy with snacks they are used to at home.
Deborah K. Thu Jul 28, 2016
Stayed at the Caribbean at Disney World and had my groceries delivered there. Prompt service and all groceries were fresh and in great shape. Will definitely use them again! Thank you for great customer service!
Beth R. Thu Jul 28, 2016
Great service. Our order was ready and waiting when we arrived. We would definitely use again!
Debbie E. Thu Jul 28, 2016
First time using Garden Grocer, and they were excellent! Our order arrived on time and was unpacked and put away for us. Everything that we had ordered was there, took away the stress of having to go grocery shopping after just getting off a flight. Great selection to choose from and prices are same as the grocery store. Very professional and courteous do deal. Highly recommend!
Sue H. Thu Jul 28, 2016
Our groceries were there when we arrived at our Disney resort and everything was there and in great condition! If I go to Disney World again, I will definitely use Garden Grocer for our breakfast and snack foods.
Dawn H. Thu Jul 28, 2016
I would recommend GardenGrocer when staying inside Disney World. It helps to have water and snacks easily accessible to take into the parks with you. It is a great service!
Maryanne G. Wed Jul 27, 2016
Thank you! Very helpful and easy to use!
Adrianne S. Wed Jul 27, 2016
I tried Garden Grocer for the first time for our family trip to Disney World. The whole process was seamless and their customer service was great! I will not hesitate to use them again the next time we go to Disney World!
Joanne D. Wed Jul 27, 2016
Garden Grocer went above and beyond with my orders during my Disney World vacation. The food was delivered before the time slot they even gave me which was wonderful. I can't wait to use Garden Grocer again.
John O. Wed Jul 27, 2016
Great service easy to use and highly recommend. They are there on time. They call u after u order and after they deliver to make sure all is ok. Our. A scale of 1-10 absolutely a 10.
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