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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Dawn G. Sat Oct 22, 2016
We had a few things delivered to our resort when we stayed in Disney last week. Easy to order, and they sent us a text when our order had been delivered. We will definitely order from GardenGrocer again! Thanks!
CATRIN D. Sat Oct 22, 2016
Excellent service....keep doing what your doing!
MARY K. Sat Oct 22, 2016
Most helpful when needing info on an item, as accommodating as possible when flight cancelled and had to delay delivery for two days. Good produce.
Michelle S. Sat Oct 22, 2016
Having groceries delievered to our resort at Disney before our arrival was so convenient and helpful!
Andrea E. Fri Oct 21, 2016
Excellent experience! Customer service and delivery were top notch. Food items were exactly as ordered.
Diana P. Fri Oct 21, 2016
Our order was delivered on time and just as I ordered. They did a great job!
Niki K. Fri Oct 21, 2016
Having fresh fruit and items in our room with no shopping required helped make our Disney trip great.
Colleen K. Fri Oct 21, 2016
Garden Grocer was a great service. It allowed us to save a good deal of money by having basics sent directly to our hotel room. This meant packing less items that could potentially leak in flight. Also my picky eater had things to have that were more like home. We would highly recommend to everyone.
Keri F. Fri Oct 21, 2016
We love using Garden Grocer every time we go to Disney! Their website is so easy to use, they are very accessible should you have any questions or changes and they are in constant contact with you while your groceries are being delivered. We definitely will be using them again!!
Deborah J. Fri Oct 21, 2016
Thank you for helping make our vacation so welcoming by offering your delivery service. The ease of use and accuracy exceeded my expectations. The fresh produce even looked and tasted fresh.
Ashley K. Fri Oct 21, 2016
Easy to order and delivered when promised. Made our trip so much more enjoyable! Thank you!!
Gene S. Fri Oct 21, 2016
I love Garden Grocer. I've used them for the past 10 years and have never been disappointed. I highly recommend them for your stay at walt Disney World Resorts.
Chandi M. Fri Oct 21, 2016
We are from Saskatoon, SK Canada. We found garden grocer to be an exceptional service. The fruit was fresh and all the products were delivered on time! We would highly recommend garden grocer to anyone!
James M. Thu Oct 20, 2016
Great selection and prompt delivery. We stayed in a Disney resort and since Disney provides all transportation to and from we had no need to rent a car. If we had to go grocery shopping it would have been somewhat of a challenge since we have a two year old. I'm certain we saved money and definitely time by using Garden Grocer. Great and professional service that we will use again next trip to Orlando.
Emily S. Thu Oct 20, 2016
We LOVED this service and it was easy robust. Our family of picky eaters were able to eat our typical foods while on vacation and I never had to go to the grocery store. All of our brands were there and it was delivered for us. Thank you thank you thank you!
Eric H. Thu Oct 20, 2016
Please keep up the great work! When my friends or me come to disney again we will diffently use your service. Thank you
Victoria M. Thu Oct 20, 2016
The service was fantastic! We arrived at Disney's Saratoga Resort and Spa and within in ten minutes our grocerys were delivered to our room! Perfect!!!
Jessica W. Thu Oct 20, 2016
The ease and affordability of the Garden Grocer service was amazing! We could not have been more pleased with every aspect of our experience with this company. Will definitely be using this service again and recommending to friends and family!
Annette Thu Oct 20, 2016
Even during a hurricane, great service was provided! Great way to start our vacation being one step ahead and having everything waiting on us!
Hannah D. Thu Oct 20, 2016
We are extremely happy with the service we received from Garden Grocer. Our delivery was scheduled for the day of Hurricane Matthew and we were really worried that we wouldn't receive our groceries which included speciality milk for our 1 year old (impossible to buy on site). Our flights were cancelled so we drove down and arrived the following day. We were amazed that our groceries were waiting for us when we arrived. Garden Grocer went above and beyond to make sure that their customers received their orders despite the terrible weather. Thank you so much, we will be using your service again next year and will recommend you to all our friends visiting Disney.
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