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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Jan E. Thu Jan 7, 2016
Very pleased with the process and what we received. Having food in the hotel has made breakfast a snap and has allowed us to spend less on our overall vacation food budget.
Juli S. Wed Jan 6, 2016
This was fantastic! The site is very easy to use - especially with pictures to help you select the products you want. Then, I received a phone call to confirm my order and tell me how it would work at the resort and let me know that my particular resort would be able to keep my refrigerated items cold until I arrived. Once they were delivered, I received a text message to let me know they had arrived as well as a follow-up phone call to make sure I had indeed received them and that everything was fine! Heck - they even made sure that our chocolate donuts were in with the "refrigerator" items so they wouldn't melt while waiting at the resort! Will definitely use again and recommend to everyone I know! Great job Garden Grocer! A lot of businesses could learn a lot from you!!!!
Diane M. Wed Jan 6, 2016
love It !!! a big money saver for those that fly.
Mike F. Wed Jan 6, 2016
Perfect delivery on items that were needed for my 2 years birthday vacation at Disney. Will absolutly be a return customer
Dantzler B. Wed Jan 6, 2016
We love Garden Grocer! All groceries were delivered promptly and saved us time. When there was a problem with the order (the doughnuts were open) they corrected it (brought some new ones). The Christmas tree that they delivered for us was so beautiful we had to bring it home. We will be using this company in the future. .
Rodrigo S. Wed Jan 6, 2016
Practical and confortable for who Is getting in town after a long flight.
Joan N. Wed Jan 6, 2016
Our order was delivered shortly after arrival, it arrived before our suitcases.Great service.
Tara M. Tue Jan 5, 2016
We ordered our groceries before we left Australia, followed all the prompts while ordering and our groceries were ready and waiting for us. Excellent service. Thank you
Katrina G. Tue Jan 5, 2016
I highly recommend garden grocer delivery service. It was so convenient. We were not required to be in our room for delivery. Bell services kept our groceries and delivered it when it was convenient for us.
jennifer m. Tue Jan 5, 2016
Easy to use, convenient, and affordable
Jennifer F. Tue Jan 5, 2016
My experience with garden grocer was great , my order was delivered to my resort and even tho my order was missing a couple of items and got a few more items I didn't order , they apologize and by next morning the rest of my order was delivered. But convinience is great specially when having kids with lots of food allergies. Rather make home made meals
Heidi B. Tue Jan 5, 2016
The customer service and contact from Garden Grocer were superb! Had to order the day before our arrival since there were closed on Christmas Day but they alerted us that it was all delivered n held at the Resort bell hop and would be brought to our room upon our arrival. I'll be using this service every vacation!!
Kristen K. Tue Jan 5, 2016
It was great.
Karen O. Mon Jan 4, 2016
Ordering from Garden Grocer was easy and convenient. Delivery to our Disney resort was on time with everything we requested. It was a very personal touch when we received a call after ordering and once again to inform us the groceries were delivered. We highly recommend Garden Grocer!
Mary K. Mon Jan 4, 2016
Very happy with Garden Grocer' s service. Items ordered were delivered correctly and on time. Would definitely use again.
Margaret G. Mon Jan 4, 2016
Garden Grocer is the best alternative when staying on property without a rental car. I was able to get all the groceries that my family wanted for our stay. Garden Grocer is a great convenience and the site is very easy to use. I would highly recommend Garden Grocer to my friends visiting the WDW area.
Chris B. Mon Jan 4, 2016
We had to change our schedule at the last minute and GG was very accommodating to work with. Our order was 100% correct and everything was fresh. Thanks for the great service!
Jessica A. Mon Jan 4, 2016
It was so nice to come back from a full day of travel and half day at the park to find cabinets full and the fridge stocked with everything we needed the rest of the week! A+
Jennifer R. Mon Jan 4, 2016
My family LOVES garden grocer! GG makes our trips to Disney World so easy. We love the convenience of having snacks and drinks delivered to our room for our stay. It's wonderful to have a little something in room when we come back from a long day at the parks.
Judy M. Mon Jan 4, 2016
We arrived late and were grateful for a fridge and cupboard already stocked with exactly what we needed to start our vacation. Thanks !
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