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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Amy C. Sat Feb 18, 2017
Very easy! We had plenty of food for the week at Disney!
Rebecca M. Sat Feb 18, 2017
Using Garden Grocer was fast and easy. I was able to choose all of the items I needed to plan easy meals while at Disney World and it was all in my hotel room when I got there! The cold stuff was even put in the refrigerator and the quality of the food was perfect! I didn't order any fresh produce but the bread I ordered was fresh and soft! Highly recommend if you're planning a trip and won't have time or a car to run to the store. We made lunches everyday and it was cheaper than eating at the parks for sure!
Carla M. Sat Feb 18, 2017
Garden Grocer employees responded so quickly to my questions, and when a few items from my order were missing, they had resent the items very quickly to outhe hotel. Very excellent service, I will pass your name around to all my travelling friends.
Elizabeth M. Fri Feb 17, 2017
My family has special dietary needs that had made travelling for pleasure a thing we thought in our past. Thanks to Garden Grocer we were able to order gluten-free products as well as dairy-free and fresh vegetables and fruit. Service was second to none and any questions swiftly and satisfactorily answered thanks to Monique via Live chat. I would not hesitate to recommend this service.
Kirby D. Fri Feb 17, 2017
Great service. Our order was delivered and waiting our arrival as promised. Will definitely use Garden Grocer again..
Maryann R. Fri Feb 17, 2017
Easy, convenient and reasonably priced. Garden Grocer will take care of your grocery shopping and have the items delivered to your Disney hotel. Hassle free. We will definitely use them on future vacations.
Shari T. Fri Feb 17, 2017
Our order was waiting at the Bell Hops desk when we arrived. Everything we ordered was there. The produce was fresh. Very happy with this series ice!
Colleen C. Fri Feb 17, 2017
So easy to work with and great variety of options!
Neil H. Fri Feb 17, 2017
Unlike many visitors to Walt Disney World who rent cars and shop at Costco, Walmart, etc; we have used Garden Grocer by completing our order on-line the last few years and have always received exactly what we ordered. The groceries are packaged well and frozen items are marked for freezer storage at the Disney Resorts.

Sure beats renting a car and shopping at Target or Walmart.

Dawn and Neil Holmen
Calgary, CANADA
Linda H. Fri Feb 17, 2017
Excellent service, order was exactly as placed. Produce was fresh without bruising. Would definitely recommend them without hesitation. I was a first-timer and would use again
vaughn h. Fri Feb 17, 2017
Delivered on time every time. Exceeded my expectations.
theresa c. Fri Feb 17, 2017
Always a great choice when staying at Disney World with kids, we loved having everything waiting for us in our room (cold stuff all in the fridge), bakery goods are delicious and we will always use Garden Grocer when visiting Florida! Thank you for making our trip, with 5 kids, ALOT easier and cheaper. Theresa and Jimmy C. from NJ
Tiffany T. Thu Feb 16, 2017
They made it so easy to have fresh fruit on our vacation!
nanette s. Thu Feb 16, 2017
Garden Grocer was a great way to have groceries delivered to our Disney Villa. It was waiting for us when we arrived. It was fresh and everything I ordered was there. I received a text, phone call and email letting me know it had arrived and if I need assistance. Great service, great price!
Briana R. Thu Feb 16, 2017
My classmates and I went to a veterinary conference and needed food for breakfast every day. We ordered from Garden Grocer about a week before we left and they delivered the food to our hotel while we were at the conference. It was easy, accurate, and priced like normal, every day food. The food was also extremely fresh and tasty. I will definitely use Garden Grocer any time I need to order food on a trip again.
Heath W. Thu Feb 16, 2017
So happy we used Garden Grocer for our recent trip to WDW. So nice to arrive to our resort and have groceries brought up to our room within minutes!!! Especially after a day of travel with a toddler. We didn't have to waste vacation time going to the grocery store for basics like milk, bottled water and snacks. Highly recommend!!!
wayne r. Thu Feb 16, 2017
Met/exceeded our expectations! Thanks for the great service!
Rushelle F. Thu Feb 16, 2017
Customer service was awesome both before and after delivery. My order was delivered on time and was exactly as ordered. I will definitely be using your service on future trips.
Kathleen T. Thu Feb 16, 2017
Our group of 9 purchased breakfast foods for our week at Disney World. One breakfast out would have been equal to the price of the food and delivery for our whole stay-saving us quite a bit. It was nice to have the bottled water and snacks delivered since we were flying to Orlando. We were pleased with the selection and would recommend the service.
Kristin S. Thu Feb 16, 2017
Great service, good value
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