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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Christine K. Tue Jun 27, 2017
Wish I would have known about this 8 visits ago! Tremendous!
Susan L. Mon Jun 26, 2017
Garden Grocer made it so easy to order. It was great having the food there during our stay. The called to confirm the order after it was placed and delivered everything on time. It was Great. I would definitely use them again on our next stay there.
Laura S. Mon Jun 26, 2017
Thank you - the process was so easy.
Dawn M. Mon Jun 26, 2017
Worth every penny! Who wants to waste precious park time at the grocery store? This service was so easy. I strongly recommend this company. Everything was packaged perfectly! Thank you!
Kim g. Mon Jun 26, 2017
Great service! Amazing communication! Worked perfectly for us.
Ashley H. Mon Jun 26, 2017
I was incredibly impressed with my entire experience!! The piece of mind I had knowing our groceries were waiting for us at our resort made all the difference! Thank you for adding to the magic of our Disney experience!!
Donna A. Sun Jun 25, 2017
The ease of the website and the wonderful service from Garden Grocer certainly made my vacation more pleasurable. Thank you so much.
YAKINA P. Sun Jun 25, 2017
Ordered groceries through Garden Grocer for our recent week-long trip to Walt Disney World. We took advantage of the "early-order" discount which helped saved costs.
Enjoyed the timely delivery and follow-up by the staff (we received both a phone call and an email when the items were delivered to the hotel). An item was missing; however, after a quick phone-call, it was delivered the next day. We will definitely use the services for our future visits.
Kim B. Sun Jun 25, 2017
As always, Garden Grocer provided excellent service for our recent Disney vacation. Our large order was delivered on time, was 100% accurate, and all the food was fresh and high quality. Thank you so much!!!
Joyce M. Sun Jun 25, 2017
The service was great. Everything was delivered as scheduled. This service has saved us time and money. I have recommended to families I have met on this trip. Great service. I will definitely use on the next trip
Colleen G. Sun Jun 25, 2017
Garden Grocer's service was flawless. Our order was correct and waiting for our family when we arrived at our resort. Having this service made our vacation a lot easier and enjoyable.
Kathryn C. Sun Jun 25, 2017
Order was perfect. Their customer service was wonderful. Called before trip, text us when order arrived and called us after to make sure we were happy with our order. Extremely pleased and will absolutely use them next time we are in Disney!
Jeff W. Sat Jun 24, 2017
This was an incredibly positive experience. You all communicated so well with me from my original order through delivery. The products were excellent and everything happened exactly the way you described. Thank you!
Kristie Y. Sat Jun 24, 2017
First time we used this service. It was delivered on time and sent to our room while we were at the parks. Everything was there and no problems.
Rosa V. Sat Jun 24, 2017
My experience was Garden Grocer was amazing. They delivered 2 weeks worth of food to our Walt Disney resort on the day of our arrival and delivered our order at the exact time promised. We then placed a second order and it was also delivered on time. Both times we received a phone call and email to confirm that our order had been received and that all items were received. They provided exceptional customer service and would definitely recommend them to our friends as well as use their service again. Thank you Garden Grocer for allowing our family of 5 save money on water, snacks and meals while on vacation at a Walt Disney resort!
Rosa Villarreal
Josette W. Sat Jun 24, 2017
Great service. I would recommend this web site to anyone staying at any of the Disney resort.😀
Wendy E. Sat Jun 24, 2017
Great concept...one I wish I had come up with!!
denise m. Sat Jun 24, 2017
This was an awesome idea!! Everything was delivered to our room within 20 minutes after our arrival!
Cathleen E. Fri Jun 23, 2017
I am so thankful for Garden Grocer. I was able to have all the special foods I eat while at WDW. It was fresh and easily delivered once we arrived at our location. Thanks again for a wonderful service. Cafe
Alexis f. Fri Jun 23, 2017
Loved that they checked to make sure my delivery was on time and to my satisfaction. I would recommend this site to anyone who is going to disney.
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