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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Barbara P. Tue May 5, 2015
We were extremely pleased with the ease of shopping online, the wonderful customer service, delivery time promises, and value. This service made our recent Disney trip even better! Thank you so much to this great company!
Joy F. Tue May 5, 2015
Super easy and on time delivery.
Veronique D. Tue May 5, 2015
The service was very good. We received our food at our room, and everything was good! Just take a look at the servings to avoid waste
kathleen t. Tue May 5, 2015
Service was great
Shannon V. Tue May 5, 2015
Great customer service! Followed up after the order was placed & again once order was delivered! SO happy they were referred to me & I've been telling everyone I can who is going to Orlando to use this site! Easy & very convenient!!
donna p. Tue May 5, 2015
We wouldn't use any other service. Have always been pleased
Melody b. Tue May 5, 2015
So glad that I read about Garden Grocer. It was so easy & such a convenience having groceries in our room. We had fresh fruit & milk for breakfast every morning. Loved having bottles of water to take everywhere. You can't find seltzer at Disney so it was great having berry seltzer in our room. Thank you so much.
Erin G. Tue May 5, 2015
I used this grocery delivery service while at Disney World Resort. The customer service was fabulous. I not only received a confirmation email but also a phone call from a very nice rep. The groceries were delivered on time, in the first half of my delivery window. I received an email and a phone call letting me know the delivery was made to the hotel. Everything was correct and packaged well. Cold items were put in the bell desk refrigerator until the bellhop brought my order to my room. I would definitely use this service again.
Lisa E. Tue May 5, 2015
Garden Grocer was not only easy to use but the people you deal with when you call are extremely helpful and accommodating. The service from beginning to end was excellent and I would use them again in a heartbeat.
lesley k. Tue May 5, 2015
Cost effective way to eat while at Disney and purchases necessities like bottled water and snacks.
Heather M. Tue May 5, 2015
This is our first try using garden grocer. How nice to arrive at our Disney resort & the food was already there waiting for us. After dealing with the airport & checkin, it was one less detail. Disney held it at bell service, & delivered it to our room within 5 minutes of a phone call!
Hayleigh O. Tue May 5, 2015
Definitely would order again from here!!
JUDY G. Mon May 4, 2015
I found information about Garden Grocer on some of the reviews that I read regarding going to Disney World in Orlando Florida. I ordered by items way in advance and received a 10% discount. All of the items I ordered were delivered right to my room upon my arrival at the All Star Music Resort. All cold items were still cold. I was extremely happy with the service and the products including produce that I ordered. It saved my family a lot of money being able to eat breakfast in the room. I also ordered two cases of water which saved us a tremendous amount of money.
Karen S. Mon May 4, 2015
Garden Grocer was easy to use, reasonably priced and offered quality products. Everything delivered was exactly as ordered and arrived before we did!
Pamela P. Mon May 4, 2015
I have never used a grocery delivery place before. When we previously went on a Disney vacation groceries were expensive and getting to another store was a nightmare. You made it so easy right from the start. We can not thank you enough and will definitely be using your service again.
sue b. Mon May 4, 2015
This was a great service and i am so glad i was told about it. Great service from start to finish.
James O. Mon May 4, 2015
Great service, prices are reasonable will use them again.
Tracee H. Mon May 4, 2015
The groceries were fresh and packed nicely for delivery!
Linda S. Mon May 4, 2015
Great service! Loved not having to find a local store and finding time to shop. We never received an item and even after calling still didn't receive it but still happy with service.
helena t. Mon May 4, 2015
My Groceries were already at the Hotel when we arrived. I would definitely use this service again.
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