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Teresa B. Sun Jan 15, 2017
I used your service while on vacation at Disney World. It was wonderful! I ordered online, then a confirmation email was sent as well as a confirmation phone call. The items came just as expected. I would definitely recommend garden grocer!
Amber R. Sun Jan 15, 2017
Life saver for our Disney Trip!
Meagan G. Sun Jan 15, 2017
It was convenient and everything arrived at the promised time and well organized!
Kelly L. Sun Jan 15, 2017
We used this service when coming to Disney staying at Fort Wilderness. The website was easy to use and the service was wonderful, they called almost 5 minutes of placing our order to confirm it. Will defiantly recommend and use again! Thank you!
Courtney J. Sun Jan 15, 2017
Having Garden Grocer provide us with some of the familiar foods and comforts of home not only saved us time but some money as well! The delivery option was perfect and we can't wait to use them again!
Mary M. Sun Jan 15, 2017
This service is outstanding! I shared it with my travel agent. The site was easy to navigate and the following up emails and calls were terrific!
Jonette M. Sun Jan 15, 2017
We took our first Disney world resort family vacation at the Ft Wilderness cabins. It was wonderful to arrive and find our groceries already inside our cabin. It was beyond wonderful to wake up and have our coffee and breakfast and make lunches for our adventures at the parks! Lastly, it was awesome to unwind with beer, wine coolers and snacks with my hubby after each magical day! Thank you for your wonderful service that helped create a memorable vacation home away from home! We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know planning a Disney vacation! Thank you! The McQuide Family
Mary S. Sat Jan 14, 2017
Excellent service, especially at a busy time. Cold foods were cold, and frozen foods were well frozen. I would definitely use Garden Grocer again.
bobby D. Sat Jan 14, 2017
Great service really convenient. Would use them again. Can't wait for next trip.
Dustin F. Sat Jan 14, 2017
Groceries delivered right to our Disney resort room. Beats the on site beer prices and it's not even close.
Jan B. Sat Jan 14, 2017
It was excellent. Everything was delivered on time. Great notifications!!!!
Matt M. Sat Jan 14, 2017
We received everything we ordered and got a text to let us know it had arrived. Perfect!
Maribel Z. Sat Jan 14, 2017
Excellent service! It was so easy ordering our snacks and having them in our room when we arrived made our vacation even more enjoyable. Thanks Garden Grocer!
Sarah S. Sat Jan 14, 2017
Garden Grocer provides a great service. Like many people traveling to Disney, I have young kids. Having breakfast food in the room (cereal/milk/juice/granola bars) in the morning, made getting out of the hotel and getting to the park much easier than having to wrangle kids to eat a restaurant, not to mention the money we didn't have to spend on breakfast. The other thing that was great for us was having snack bags of pretzels, popcorn, bottles of water, and fruit for the kids to snack on throughout the day. This saved us waiting in line for food, water, snacks (and those lines were often very, very long). The kids grazed all day and often ate pretzels, ice cream, and one "real" meal. Not having to have chicken fingers and french fries every time they were hungry was a great option. Disney doesn't object to you bringing your own food into the park. But, they do have to examine each bag that goes through the gates. If you're bringing a backpack anyway, adding food to it doesn't slow down your entry. If you have a stroller, it's even better to be able to throw all your goods in the bottom and not have to carry them! Sarah, Boston
Mary A. Fri Jan 13, 2017
We first used Garden Grocer in November of 2015 just for cases of water & beer. I had my second order of water, sodas, cookies,bread,bananas, bagel & cream cheese delivered on January 10th and it arrived before my estimated delivery time. We are highly satisfied with Garden Grocer from the app,emails to verify order,text and call to let us know our groceries were delivered. We will definitely use GG again in November. Great customer service and very friendly employees.
Colleen V. Fri Jan 13, 2017
Your service was so convenient! Everything was exactly as ordered and arrived at the time we requested. I highly recommend GardenGrocer.com for anyone staying at a Disney resort.
Steven C. Fri Jan 13, 2017
Thank you.. A great , easy to use service
Michael R. Fri Jan 13, 2017
Would recommend to anyone needing this type of service and will use again.
Emily P. Thu Jan 12, 2017
Can't say how great Garden Grocer made our Disney vacation! They were reliable, prompt, and organized. I feel that for the service it is worth spending a bit extra. Usually, I would leave my family behind and have to trek to some grocery store by cab. With Garden Grocer, I was able to relax right into my vacation.
Tiffany S. Thu Jan 12, 2017
VERY pleased with the whole experience. From the ordering to the picking up at my resort. I would definitely recommend this service to everyone.
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