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Thomas E. Tue Apr 12, 2016
My family vacationed at Disney World Resort and stayed on property. We wanted some food and drink for the hotel room and heard about Garden Grocer from a friend. What a great and convenient service. Placed an order on-line about 90 days in advance. Website was easy to navigate and I also received a call to confirm my order. Fast forward 3 months and our order was waiting for us when we arrived at our resort. Couldn't be happier with the entire experience. I will definitely recommend Garden grocer to family and friends.
Michael P. Tue Apr 12, 2016
I received everything I ordered. I ordered early and got the discount. Arrived on time and no problems at all. Worth the cost, good value, if you are not driving your own vehicle to go shop.
Jill D. Tue Apr 12, 2016
We used Garden Grocer to have groceries delivered to our Disney Resort. The website was easy to use and we found all the products we were looking for. Our order was delivered right on time and everything was correct. It was great arriving to our resort and having groceries there for us. We will definitely use Garden Grocer again and tell all our friends and family about it!
Kerri B. Tue Apr 12, 2016
Delivery time was spot on. Just missing he half-n-half I ordered. Other than that, very convenient and reasonably priced service.
Jennifer W. Tue Apr 12, 2016
The easiest way to have groceries for your trip! I will tell everyone I know about this service! As a Mom traveling with 3 teens, having food available all the time (especially upon arrival) was crucial! Thanks
Christine K. Tue Apr 12, 2016
Had a great experience! I will definitely use this service again!
Courtney W. Tue Apr 12, 2016
This was a great solution for us in Disney world. We could eat breakfast in the room before heading out to parks. It saved us time and money. It was easy to order on their site and it was delivered on time and just as we expected. I will definitely use Garden Grocer again!!!
JoAnn D. Tue Apr 12, 2016
GG made life easy. It was great to have our groceries delivered right to our hotel- one less thing to worry about.
Carly L. Tue Apr 12, 2016
Super easy to use and navigate. Made our first family trip to Disney a breeze with the comforts of home at our fingertips. Service is amazing...Great communication from Garden Grocer, letting us know the order was placed and when it was delivered, no worries about not getting our groceries.
Ashley M. Mon Apr 11, 2016
Absolutely nothing! It was PERFECT!!! I received updates, receipts, and delivery on time and everything was amazing! I also received a list/copy of my order (so I didn't even need to go into my account and double check), it was right there! I can NOT thank you enough! You made my trip to Disney World worry free, as a single mom-there is NOTHING more important! Thank you!
Michelle B. Mon Apr 11, 2016
The best time/money saving decision that I made this trip to Disney! They called and texted me information concerning my order, before and after delivery...yes delivery couldn't have been simpler! Above average-excellent company!!! Would use again for sure!!!
Jana B. Mon Apr 11, 2016
Deborah H. Mon Apr 11, 2016
We have used Garden Grocer twice while staying at Disney World. Our experience was excellent. Both times everything was delievered exactly as requested and cold/frozen items were put in a frig/freezer until pick up at the hotel. We were texted once the groceries were delivered. Great experience.
Birgitta P. Mon Apr 11, 2016
Garden Grocer delivered all the items I ordered, I received a text message when they were received at the hotel and were there at the time I requested. I will use them again in the future -- guaranteed!!
mary f. Mon Apr 11, 2016
everything was there when they said and the order was perfect definitely would recommend this to anyone and use it myself again.
Amy W. Mon Apr 11, 2016
Ordering was simple. I even made a special request and they were able to accommodate me. When I arrived at villa, groceries were delivered by bell services right to our room! Went perfectly!
Terri B. Mon Apr 11, 2016
I honestly thought that everything worked perfectly. I am very impressed that this service is an option, and very impressed that it works so smoothly.
John H. Sun Apr 10, 2016
This is a great service while at Disney, no hassle, groceries wine beer arrive "magically" in your room!
amybeth l. Sun Apr 10, 2016
reliable accurate and easy highly recommend!
Nancy S. Sun Apr 10, 2016
The quality is excellent. Everything was delivered well before my check in time. I will highly recommend this service to everyone. Thank you
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