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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

jeremy g. Fri Sep 2, 2016
Great service, everything delivered as promised.
Steph K. Fri Sep 2, 2016
Garden Grocer was excellent to deal with. Our groceries were waiting for us when we arrived at the resort. Food was fresh and delicious. Thank you!
Maxine W. Fri Sep 2, 2016
Great customer service, everything delivered on time! Would recommend!
Kim M. Fri Sep 2, 2016
Excellent service and our food was waiting for us at our hotel when we arrived. Everything in the order was correct and exactly as described on the website. Would definitely recommend Garden Grocer and will be using them again next time we are at Disney.
Michael C. Thu Sep 1, 2016
Prompt customer service and wonderful selection! Love it!
Gwen B. Thu Sep 1, 2016
Our order was accurate and delivered to our hotel at the given time, I received both an email and complimentary phone call to let me know that our groceries had been delivered. It was a great service to have available for our stay at Disney!
jennifer m. Thu Sep 1, 2016
GC was great! Easy to work with, flawless delivery...would highly recommend to Disney go-ers!!!
sharon h. Thu Sep 1, 2016
I could not believe that as soon as I placed my order, I received a confirmation phone call from someone at Garden Grocer. Great customer service!! I will highly recommend to others!!
Angela B. Thu Sep 1, 2016
Garden Grocer was the perfect addition to our trip to Disney...we didn't have to think about bringing any extras in our luggage...cases of water, diapers, snacks, etc. Great have yogurt & granola bars for early morning wake ups...Simple and easy to order and delivery was perfect!!
tom k. Thu Sep 1, 2016
I was very impressed with garden grocer.my order was there before i got to the hotel.
Janie d. Thu Sep 1, 2016
The items that I ordered were delivered the time I was promised. The only item that I had an issue with was the 2 dozen eggs were broken but I called right away and the items were replaced by the evening. A friend of mine is going to Disney in December and I recommended that she use Garden Grocer. Overall using Garden Grocer for our grocery needs was an excellent choice and I would use them again.
Jan K. Thu Sep 1, 2016
GG was a wonderful, simple to use service. I made changes ahead of time to my order and was worried it would get messed up, but they were absolutely perfect. Delivered fresh and on time, and they texted to let me know it had arrived! Everything was exactly as ordered and we were very pleased! I would definitely order from GG again and I have already recommended them to a friend traveling to WDW in December! Thanks!
Michelle B. Thu Sep 1, 2016
Excellent service, goods arrived as ordered prior to our arrival in Florida
Michael R. Thu Sep 1, 2016
A great convenience. Delivered on time and complete! It was a real time and money saver to have our villa well stocked by GG.
Barry R. Thu Sep 1, 2016
just plain great service, super. Will use every time we have a fridge at disney
ellen w. Thu Sep 1, 2016
This is the second time we have used Garden Grocer delivery service to our WDW resort. The website was simple to use and had a great selection. Our order was received complete and on time. They even arrange to have the refrigerated items stored apropriately at our resort. We will definitely continue to use this service on every visit and recommend it highly to our clients, family members and friends!
Monica M. Thu Sep 1, 2016
Great produce! Fresh and delicious. Convenient service.
steve s. Thu Sep 1, 2016
Great service. Food order was correct and food was in our hotel room when we arrived at our Disneyworld resort. The perishables were in the refrigerator and the rest was on the table. Garden Grocer works great with the Disney staff.

GG called the day before our departure to insure our trip was still on and to let us know our order was on their agenda as ordered weeks before.
Mark D. Wed Aug 31, 2016
Products arrived as scheduled. Seamless ordering process. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Tina R. Wed Aug 31, 2016
Their service was great! An item that I ordered was no longer available and they tried several times to contact me to make other arrangements. If you are traveling to Disney and don't have a Dining Plan and/or want healthier meal options, this is a great option.

This is our third time using the service. This time for snacks, breakfast and drinks, but last time we purchased food for full meals for six people.

The orders have always been on time and complete. The fruit is delivered as specified in the description.
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