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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

cathy F. Fri May 6, 2016
very convenient, very helpful and friendly employees.
Stephen M. Fri May 6, 2016
This company is great! Website is easy to navigate, variety of selections is huge, and if anything is not perfect they will come out with a replacement product. My plans changed one year and I had to make multiple changes to my order and they were so easy to deal with and accommodating. Highly recommend using them.
KATHLEEN E. Fri May 6, 2016
Order process was easy. Goods were delivered on time.
TOBI S. Fri May 6, 2016
Garden Grocer is amazing! I recommend them to anyone going to Disney! It's great that they even call when the groceries are delivered to the the resort to make sure you received everything!
Brian S. Fri May 6, 2016
We have used Garden Grocer many times for our trips to WDW. Every order has been delivered without a single problem. We recommend GG to all of our friends and family.
Nicole J. Fri May 6, 2016
This was my first time using Garden Grocer and I will use them again next year when we are back at Disney. It was a life saver!
Lori H. Fri May 6, 2016
Fantastic service! Professional, timely and so easy to order online. I liked that you could see the pictures for what you were ordering and select a time for it to be delivered. I would definitely use this service again when we visit Disney.
Courtney O. Fri May 6, 2016
Super easy to use! Groceries were delivered as ordered in a timely manner! We were able to go about our vacation without worry! Thank you!
Dori E. Fri May 6, 2016
Awesome!!!!! Used it for our trip to Disney World and they delivered groc to the hotel! Hotel kept our cold items cold till we made it back and then they were carted up to the room by wilderness lodge!!! Totally worth it!!!!
Anthony S. Fri May 6, 2016
Ordering from garden grocers was so simple and easy and delivery Wendy so smoothly we received a text when we arrived that our groceries were there waiting for us and bell check loading them up with our bags and brought us right to our room. Couldn't work out better!
bonnie v. Fri May 6, 2016
I love garden grocer! This service company is reliable, easily accessible, courteous, and responsible!
cynthia z. Thu May 5, 2016
Garden grocer was easy to use, very reasonably priced, and very efficient. Would definitely use this service again.
Anna F. Thu May 5, 2016
I never go on a trip without garden grocer! You guys keep me in Dr Pepper and snacks!!!
Sorabh M. Thu May 5, 2016
Thanks to your service, we were able to get so e essentials on our first day here. It made a bogf difference in our comfort on this trip!
Susan K. Thu May 5, 2016
This was my first family vacation with 3 small children ages 5, 4, and 2. This was also their first trip to Disney. We already had to pack so much for the 3 of them during our 8 day, 7 night stay, so it was a huge relief to be able to have groceries delivered right to our hotel such as snacks, diapers, etc. so much less that I had to worry about bringing myself. It was so easy to navigate on Garden Grocers website and pick what I wanted and even save it in my shopping cart to continue adding or modifying. Everything was delivered as promised on our arrival. I would definitely use Garden Grocer again and recommend it everyone else needing to preorder groceries.
Kim O. Thu May 5, 2016
Excellent service! Received a phone call just a few minutes after placing my order to confirm everything and it arrived shortly after we did at the resort. Would definitely use the service again!
Brooke R. Thu May 5, 2016
Thank you for making our first trip to Disney much easier with young kids. Ordering the food we needed to keep us going was amazingly easy. You arrived in your delivery window. Actually it was delivered as we were walking to our room
Amazing service. Would use again for sure !
Kathryn S. Thu May 5, 2016
First time we used service. Have already recommended to others that are heading to Disney. Excellent customer service - great follow up. Thank you!!!
tina b. Thu May 5, 2016
We are so happy we used the Garden Grocer on our recent holiday! The whole process from ordering, right through delivery was so easy and seamless! We stayed at a Disney resort and we are very thankful Disney/Garden Grocer work so well together. We can't thank you enough for this amazing service!!!
Maryellen M. Thu May 5, 2016
Great device, very happy with everything! Highly recommend it!
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