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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Dennis P. Wed Jun 8, 2016
I liked Garden Grocer because the website was easy to use, the selection of products was great, the updating of information and notifications were more than expected, and things happened as advertised. Couldn't have been more pleased.
Missy R. Wed Jun 8, 2016
Service was excellent! Food was delivered to our cabin and all put away prior to our arrival!
Penny B. Wed Jun 8, 2016
Garden Grocers makes it easy to shop, their service was impeccable. Easy to add to your order. Even received calls after my order was placed to make sure I knew that it was received and had a second phone call telling me my groceries were deliver go the resort! Highly recommend this service
Dina M. Wed Jun 8, 2016
Fantastic service & we would absolutely use again
Craig B. Wed Jun 8, 2016
Great service!! Highly recommend, saved us money and everything was as ordered. Can't say enough good things! Thank you Garden Grocer.
Dean B. Wed Jun 8, 2016
Food was carefully packed and delivered on time . Notification was given as to food delivery to resort . A+ grocer ! Would highly recommend.
Kate C. Wed Jun 8, 2016
We were happy and relieved to find our grocery order waiting for us in our cabin at Fort Wilderness. We did not have offsite transportation and the store on site had limited supplies. It was a lifesaver!
Charlotte S. Wed Jun 8, 2016
This place is wonderful! The people were kind and the service is fantastic! I highly recommend using this place to order items for your vacation. Made the vacation that much easier!
Bridget C. Wed Jun 8, 2016
Fabulous experience! The website was so easy to use and the ordering process was a piece of cake. We were staying at the Disney Beach Club Villas and it was delivered right on time. I received an email, text, and a phone call confirming the delivery. Everything was there and safely packed. The fruit was perfect and all the soft items were in good condition. I would recommend this service to anyone and we will definitely be using it again whenever we can.
Anne H. Wed Jun 8, 2016
The service was amazing! Right on time and great quality. So easy.
Don B. Wed Jun 8, 2016
I read about Garden Grocer prior to my first visit to Disney World, and was not sure if I really needed it. I am glad I did. Even with limited amenities in our room, it was great to have some snacks available when we needed them, and not having to pay the huge mark-up's on site.
Delivery is great, we did not rent a car so this was extremely helpful.
I wouldn't hesitate to use Garden Grocer again, but I would try to order earlier to get the bigger discount.

Karen S. Wed Jun 8, 2016
Our order was delivered early. I received an email and a text confirming delivery. Could not have been easier. Highly recommend this service and we will use it again.
Lauren W. Wed Jun 8, 2016
This service was great! First time using it and will definitely be using on my next visit to Disney.
Kathy B. Wed Jun 8, 2016
I definitely recommend using garden grocer . They had all I needed online and was easy to order . I liked that I did not have to get back in car and hunt down a grocery store .
Todd J. Wed Jun 8, 2016
The service was incredible. The products were all in excellent condition all name brand products and all very fresh. I will definitely use this service for every trip I make to Disney Vacation Club resorts.
Toni M. Wed Jun 8, 2016
Loved the convenience of garden grocer delivery during our vacation. Our order arrived before I expected it and the quality of the items were great. Produce was fresh.. Thank you!
Ethel T. Wed Jun 8, 2016
Garden Grocer provides an excellent service. We stayed at a Disney Resort for a week and pre-ordered our groceries and they were waiting for us at our resort when we arrived. We stocked our room and fridge and had a full week of fruit, veggies, milk, juice, cereal and snacks which came in handy and saved us a lot of money! Delivery was very inexpensive so this service is well worth looking into. I highly recommend Garden Grocer !!
Richard S. Wed Jun 8, 2016
Traveling with grandaughters at Disney and they can be picky eaters. You folks delivered exactly what was ordered when you said you would. Great buissines, would definetly use again.
Keri H. Wed Jun 8, 2016
So easy to order, great customer service. No issues with delivery or product quality. WI will definitely order again.
Shirley S. Tue Jun 7, 2016
How nice to have this service available! Being able to select what you want and having it delivered directly to our resort and to have it waiting/ready upon our arrival, AWESOME!!!! Thank you!!!!! :) :)
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