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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Peggy A. Wed Jun 10, 2015
We were so pleased with our selections. Everything was waiting for us when we arrived at our Disney Hotel. Thank you!!!
Angela M. Wed Jun 10, 2015
Easy and cost efficient way to stock up on water, juice and snacks as our Disney Resort!
Jeffrey M. Wed Jun 10, 2015
We stayed in a Villa at Animal Kingdom and the ability to have goroceries delivered right to out hotel allowed us to get the most out of our Villa. With kids of different ages we could each eat breakfast as we awoke rather than waiting for everyone to get ready and then head out to a sit down breakfast. Saved a lot of time and a load of money. I would definitely recommend using Garden Grocer for anyone who stays in villa type room at Disney with a kitchen/kitchenette.
Heather Wed Jun 10, 2015
We have used Garden Grocer several times and have always had great service. This is an easy way to reduce what you need to pack and save money on snacks.
mary f. Wed Jun 10, 2015
A little more variety and maybe some travel size options. All else was terrific!
Christine M. Wed Jun 10, 2015
You did an amazing job ! Our order was perfect and you delivered everything to our hotel prior to our arrival.
Sylvie C. Wed Jun 10, 2015
Great service! On time and accurate!
Chad K. Tue Jun 9, 2015
Exceeded my expectations and fulfilled our grocery needs. Excellent!!
Sherry B. Tue Jun 9, 2015
I love your service and will use you always. This was our second time using your service.
David R. Tue Jun 9, 2015
Fantastic experience
Traci C. Tue Jun 9, 2015
Garden Grocer is amazing! Super friendly, great service and reasonable prices. Delivered right to Bell Services at our hotel with no problems. Don't go to Disney without placing your order with them first!
sherry s. Tue Jun 9, 2015
Great Experience. I will be using them.
Samantha C. Tue Jun 9, 2015
Thank you Garden Grocer. An easy website to use together with great service. Really impressed from start to finish.....would definitely use again and recommend to friends and family.
Lori S. Tue Jun 9, 2015
Service was excellent
Recommended to friends who all agree we will definitely use again
Meredith A. Tue Jun 9, 2015
I found Garden Grocer when I was looking for options for baby supplies while vacationing at Disney. It was easy including simple selection of our Disney resort. We ordered items for our baby plus extras like bottled water and snacks for the kids. Everything was at the hotel ( at the bell service) when we arrived. It was great!!
Kitty C. Tue Jun 9, 2015
Garden Grocer was on time and is very reliable! We received our order on the correct time and date. All items were as expected. We had a little mishap, and I couldn't find the yogurt we ordered. I emailed Garden Grocer around 11PM at night, and I instantly got a call from them telling me the yogurt was delivered to our Disney hotel, but it was the hotel staff that left it in the fridge. They had already arranged for the Disney hotel staff to bring it up to our room. I was amazed at how fast the issue was handled. I'm very impressed by them, and would definitely use them again in the future.
mike c. Tue Jun 9, 2015
Items delivered to our resort as promised. I'll be sure to use them again on our next trip
Chantelle B. Tue Jun 9, 2015
Perfect for our nearly 2 week vacation!
Catherine k. Tue Jun 9, 2015
It was wonderful having snacks and water to bring into the parks and having breakfast in our room. With two teenagers on the trip, having breakfast in the room saved us time and money. Our food was delivered to our room by bell services, as soon as we arrived to our resort. Will definitely use Garden Grocer again!
Julie l. Tue Jun 9, 2015
Our first time using Garden Grocer and it won't be the last!!! It was great not having to run out to the grocery store for the essentials!!! Thanks for such a great service!
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