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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Janice M. Sat Sep 12, 2015
Nice to have all your grocery needs waiting for you at your hotel! Saves precious holiday time and everything has always been great and there before we even arrived!
Alexandre G. Sat Sep 12, 2015
Lovely service. Had a call 5 min after the order was place. Everything was there. Thanks
kim c. Sat Sep 12, 2015
Everything was as ordered, on time and in great shape, thank you
Allison D. Sat Sep 12, 2015
Staff was terrific, prices were appropriately marked up, selection was good, delivery was exactly as requested. Thank you, for helping us not only stay in budget but eat healthier food as well!
Darenne M. Sat Sep 12, 2015
It was great after a long flight to come to our room and find it fully stocked. There was even cold beer in the fridge! Thanks Garden Grocer, superb job!
Mary H. Sat Sep 12, 2015
Amazing service, Made our trip much easier. Will definitely use again. Thanks!
Emma F. Sat Sep 12, 2015
Great service. Groceries were waiting for us on arrival so we could start enjoying the vacation as soon as we got there.
Christine B. Sat Sep 12, 2015
Garden Grocer was awesome. My order was accurate, delivered and waiting for me when I checked in to my resort. The employees were great to work with. I will definitely use Garden Grocer for my next visit and have recommended Garden Grocer to many people.
Gail P. Fri Sep 11, 2015
Excellent option for visitors
Stella W. Fri Sep 11, 2015
I cannot fault the service provided. Our order saved from having to waste vacation time shopping and all the items were good value. The order was well packed and ready for collection on our arrival at our hotel. Wish I had discovered this service sooner.
Jamee M. Fri Sep 11, 2015
Loved the service provided by Garden Grocer. Everything we ordered arrived as promised and was notified when it arrived to our resort.
Tori D. Fri Sep 11, 2015
Excellent!! We loved this service. Order was perfect and we will use again for sure!! Thank you!
Thaice s. Fri Sep 11, 2015
Great service!!!!! Everything was delivered on time! I will use it again and will definitely recommend it to my friends!!!
Greg G. Fri Sep 11, 2015
I feel that you have a Goldmine here. This is a Great Service and I find it Very Very Very useful for travelers headed to the Florida (Disney) area. I have been visiting Disney World for 12 years and this is the first time I used it - but not the last. I plan on using Garden Grocer for all future trips to Disney Resorts. Very Easy to use, Very Convenient, Prices are fair, and when I needed questions, your Customer Service Team was friendly and helpful... FIVE STARS in My Book....... Keep up the Great Work.
Beth W. Fri Sep 11, 2015
Site was very user friendly and had a huge selection of groceries. It was worth the money to have breakfast in our room each morning.
Shirly B. Fri Sep 11, 2015
Great service have pretty much everything you need. Deliver was waiting for us at bell services when we arrived at our hotel. Def will use them again on our trip to Orlando
Paul G. Fri Sep 11, 2015
Service was excellent and communication with Garden Grocer was outstanding. Highly recommended.
Angela H. Fri Sep 11, 2015
Garden grocer was an excellent means of providing options to my family while we were on vacation. Not having to rush out to grab breakfast in the mornings was great! It gave us more time to enjoy the resort.
Timothy R. Thu Sep 10, 2015
If you are going to a Disney resort, you should definitely use Garden Grocer
Elliott C. Thu Sep 10, 2015
This was awesome. We didn't have a car for our disney trip and your service allowed us to stock the condo with the same items we have in our pantry at home, and we didn't have to pay resort prices! I would recommend this service to anyone... So easy!
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