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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Norma G. Mon Oct 31, 2016
This was so easy and worked well especially for delivery to Wilderness Campground. Have already thought about planning for our Christmas visit.
Stephanie J. Mon Oct 31, 2016
Website was easy to use and delivery was seamless to my Disney world resort. Will use garden grocer every time I'm in Disney!
Mary H. Mon Oct 31, 2016
The best thing we have done on all our Disney vacations ever- grocery delivery! Not only did we save money by not having to go to the food court in the resort, it was so much more relaxing and convenient! Our groceries were waiting for us upon arrival, and I promptly received an email asking us to confirm everything had been delivered to our satisfaction. I would recommend this to anyone going to Disneyworld resort! It makes the trip so much better! Thank you! :)
Cynthia G. Mon Oct 31, 2016
Delivery was there at time requested, received all items ordered. Would definitely use again when flying into town as we saved big on having water, other beverages and snack foods in our room.
jeffrey n. Sun Oct 30, 2016
We used them for a very large order at the beginning of our trip to the Animal Kingdom and a smaller order later in the week. Everything was wonderful!! On Time!! and Great Quality!!
Katelyn H. Sun Oct 30, 2016
Between garden Grocer and our fabulous hotel we got spoiled on our vacation! Garden grocer has everything we needed and our food was delivered right on time! We got notified on our delivery day and the day before! Can't wait until next time!
kristina k. Sun Oct 30, 2016
Great communication with contacting me regarding food and delivery. The website was easy to navigate. Stress free delivery which made more time for quality family vacation!
Valjean S. Sun Oct 30, 2016
Excellent customer service....how nice to have food delivered and not worry about shopping after we arrived in Disney. I would definitely recommend to anyone traveling to the resort!!
Five stars!!
Cassandra B. Sun Oct 30, 2016
This was so easy to use! Very convienient and the follow up and customer service was the best I've experienced in a very long time. Thank YOU for making our vacation to Disney that much better!
Katie F. Sun Oct 30, 2016
It was easy to order, and they called or texted when they received my order and when they delivered it.
David B. Sun Oct 30, 2016
Great service. Even if you just buy bottled water you'll save a fortune. But get wine too!
Jason J. Sun Oct 30, 2016
1st time using Garden Grocer - 101% would use again on the next Disney visit. Was absolutely seemless and had zero isues - relieved a lot of stress/worry! Seriously, thank you :)
Gina D. Sun Oct 30, 2016
Customer service was fantastic! One item missing from order was delivered next day. Follow up to make sure we were satisfied. Fruit was very fresh. Will be using your service again in January when we return. Was so much easier than renting a car to grocery shop! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Joyce M. Sun Oct 30, 2016
This service is fantastic! By the time we checked in groceries had been delivered and refrigerated items were put away!! Would definitely use again!! Joyce from Boston
Barbara D. Sun Oct 30, 2016
Garden Grocer made having extra groceries in our hotel room convenient and affordable. Their fantastic selection provided us with everything we needed!
Laci W. Sat Oct 29, 2016
It was so nice having our groceries delivered to our resort! I didn't want to have I go shopping after we drove 12 hours to disney world and just wanted to jump in to our vacation (after a good night's rest)! We will definitely use next time we visit WDW!
Janet D. Sat Oct 29, 2016
Such a helpful service! Will use it again next time we come!
Virginia M. Sat Oct 29, 2016
I phoned in an add on order. The woman was very helpful in getting the add-on delivered on time. Thank you.
Brian J. Sat Oct 29, 2016
Garden Grocer was amazing. A friend of ours used them when they went to Disney and we're extremely satisfied. After using Garden Grocer ourselves, we know why. Excellent customer service as well as delivery. We will continue to use them whenever we visit Disney.
anita w. Sat Oct 29, 2016
It was very handy to have a grocers deliver to the hotel.
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