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Susan A. Mon Jul 10, 2017
This was my first time using Garden Grocer. In years past, I'd spend a large part of my first day in the area traveling to a store to get groceries. This was convenient and there was a great variety of items to choose from. I will definitely use your service again!
Becky G. Mon Jul 10, 2017
This was so easy to order and they had great customer service. I appreciated being able to add to my order the night before it was scheduled for delivery. Thank you!
Heather G. Mon Jul 10, 2017
I loved that my groceries were waiting for me when I checked in. I ordered some things to have a light before bedtime snack since we had been traveling all day. It was nice to go to the room and have a snack while waiting for our luggage to be delivered.
Rick K. Mon Jul 10, 2017
Made our trip so much easier to know our groceries were waiting for us at Disney's Coronado Springs. Thank you GG
Rick- Ontario, Canada
Kylie H. Sun Jul 9, 2017
After placing my order, I received a phone call immediately verifying my information, and allowing me to ask any questions about my service. I loved that I didn't need to be present for my delivery. Garden Grocer notified me that my delivery had been made to the hotel both via email and a phone call. Because I was at the theme park at the time of delivery, my hotel stored my items and the bell hop brought them to my room when we returned (at 10:00 PM). Top notch service by Garden Grocer and great customer service.
Debra M. Sun Jul 9, 2017
This was the first time that I had the pleasure of using Garden Grocer. I placed the order no more 5 minutes after I placed the order a Representative called me to confirm the order, I was so impressed. My order arrived at Bay Lake Towers and was held by Bell Services. I would absolutely use them again. It was so convenient not to mention the amount of money we saved. They even sent me a text when our order was delivered. We had a great experience using them. Thank you
Jenna S. Sun Jul 9, 2017
Had everything I needed, including things for people with food allergies! Will definitely ordering through garden grocer again!
Sharon S. Sun Jul 9, 2017
Our family was staying at Disneyworld for one week. We order snacks, fruit etc. order one day, came next day.
Stefanie G. Sun Jul 9, 2017
The service was convenient, did not have to wait for delivery, was able to go straight to parks. Was notified immediately upon delivery.
Lori G. Sat Jul 8, 2017
Your service is fantastic! I got notified as soon as our order was checked into our hotel bell services. Everything arrived and we are pleased.
Debra W. Sat Jul 8, 2017
Garden grocers delivery to our Disney hotel was so helpful. Upon landing in Orlando we received a text message saying the food was delivered. We recieved a couple of messages wanting to make sure we recieved our order and if it was correct. Great customer service! We wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
Amanda S. Sat Jul 8, 2017
Great experience! No problems! Garden grocer made our stay at Disney much easier! Will DEFINITELY use next Disney trip!!!
Pauline S. Sat Jul 8, 2017
The process to place an order was easy and convenient. The food arrived on time and as promised. The quality was terrific. And they went above and beyond with the follow up to be sure the order met my expectations. I will definitely use them again when I'm at Disney World.
Brandie B. Sat Jul 8, 2017
Thank you for being so thorough! Thanks, also for having gluten free options!
Jacqueline Q. Sat Jul 8, 2017
I was really happy that this service was available. It saved time and money and our resort was able to hold and refrigerate our groceries until we checked in. Thank you.
May J. Fri Jul 7, 2017
I was unable to find some products but this may be due to lack of availability.
Mark F. Fri Jul 7, 2017
I highly recommend this service, especially if you plan on staying in Disney. It's great to have the groceries already for you when you arrive.
Dana B. Fri Jul 7, 2017
Grocerys were dropped off the day before a holiday at Disney and everything was still fresh and cold
Sandra E. Fri Jul 7, 2017
The process was great. I shopped at my leisure, saved my changes, and submitted when I was ready. I received a large discount for ordering so far in advance. My groceries were waiting for me in my room and I was informed of everything throughout the entire process. It was incredible to order my toiletries in advance to cut down on things I needed to pack, and I knowing we had water and snacks and breakfast items in the room made the vacation a little less stressful. I have already recommended this service to others visiting Disney in the future.
Reginald D. Thu Jul 6, 2017
Our order was accurately filled and delivered within the time frame as promised. We were also notified by phone, text and email that it had been delivered. Now that is customer service.
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