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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Audrey O. Tue May 12, 2015
Garden Grocer saved us time and money on our vacation. Ordering was simple and delivery was a breeze. We even received a follow up phone call to make sure everything was okay! Would definitely recommend it!
Monique L. Tue May 12, 2015
Website was easy to navigate, prices were reasonable and service was excellent. Groceries were waiting in our hotel room upon arrival.
Jessica D. Tue May 12, 2015
Garden Grocer made this Disney trip easier than it's ever been! I had all our toiletries delivered right to our resort, along with breakfast items, drinks and snacks. Thanks Garden Grocer!
Ann E. Tue May 12, 2015
Our groceries were delivered on time and everything we ordered was there. It was the first time I have ordered groceries online and I would do it again. I loved that you offered sunblock as a choice song didn't have to pack it since we only did carry on luggage. Great service!
Robert L. Mon May 11, 2015
Excellent service. Everything we ordered was to our hotel on time. Would definitely recommend the service to others.
karin r. Mon May 11, 2015
My order was waiting for me when I checked into my hotel. I was missing an item and called customer serivce. The agent was friendly and helpful. I had my item delivered the next day. I will definitely use this service again!
KELLIE H. Mon May 11, 2015
Our order was ready, in our room, waiting for us when we arrived to our hotel! How nice was that! A+++++ Will def use again if the opportunity arises! Highly recommended!!!
Melissa R. Mon May 11, 2015
Garden Grocer was so easy to use and so convenient that I would recommend it to anyone! I ordered the items online and the food was delivered to my hotel and put into my room before I even arrived from the airport. The prices were reasonable and a text/email was sent when my food was delivered to our hotel. Will definitely use Garden Grocer again!
Krystin A. Mon May 11, 2015
Groceries were delivered to the hotel before we arrived and had no issues! Great service!
Lara D. Mon May 11, 2015
Everything was great and was delivered as expected. Fruit was fresh, strawberries were delicious!
Nichole M. Mon May 11, 2015
This was my first time using Garden Grocer and I will again. Our food was delivered right to our resort on time and everything was wonderful. It was nice to have the food we needed right in our room. I will definitely recommend Garden Grocer to others.
Kirstin B. Mon May 11, 2015
Outstanding service! Great customer care! I received a confirmation of my order via email and a phone call. I received a text and email when my order was delivered. Everything was just as I ordered it. We love Garden Grocer. Thank you!!!
Nancy R. Mon May 11, 2015
Everything was great!! First time user. Will definitely use in the future!!
Brian J. Mon May 11, 2015
Couldn't have been easier to use and even add-on to our existing order - we will absolutely use GG again and would highly recommend using Garden Grocer!
linda c. Sun May 10, 2015
I would recommend Garden Grocer to all my friends! I loved the convenience and the great selections. The fruits were so fresh and ripe. Everything was nice and cold when we received our order.
Steve C. Sun May 10, 2015
The service was excellent and the response immediate! Delivery was made on time.
Colin C. Sun May 10, 2015
The groceries were ready and waiting for us upon arrival!
Judy R. Sun May 10, 2015
Wonderful service!!!
Corry H. Sun May 10, 2015
Excellent service! Produce was fresh and all items were delivered to our hotel! Will be using this service on our next trip!
Kristin K. Sun May 10, 2015
Our experience with Garden Grocers was great! Everything was already waiting for us when we arrived at our resort - it was wonderful to not have to worry about going to the store. We were pleased to see that all of our things were packed very well. We will not hesitate to use again when visiting Orlando.
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