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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

paula r. Tue May 10, 2016
Very pleased. Fresh and good quality produce.
Megan A. Tue May 10, 2016
What I appreciated most about the service was the follow-up; they emailed me confirmation of my order and also called to confirm verbally. The groceries were delivered immediately, and the service provided me with an email, voicemail, and text to alert me of the order's arrival.
The food was fresh and actually larger in quantity than I had presumed.
I will absolutely use the service again and recommend it to anyone.
Kimberly G. Tue May 10, 2016
It was so easy to order online and have bell service bring the groceries to our room. I recommend everyone to pre-order their groceries at Disney!!!
orlanda h. Tue May 10, 2016
it's a great service that is offered. it's convenient and helpful. Will definately use it again.
Patricia D. Tue May 10, 2016
This was the BEST service that I ever used. My items were delivered exactly on time and all items were included. I even got a follow up call to make sure that I was happy and to ensure that all of my ordered groceries were included. Awesome customer service!!
kathleen t. Tue May 10, 2016
Thank you Garden Grocer for your help with our recent order! Our groceries were delivered promptly to the Grand Floridian Villas and ready for us when we checked in! Every single item was included and I will definitely be sure to order from you again on our next Disney trip! Thanks again for helping to make our vacation even more amazing!
Nicole W. Tue May 10, 2016
We had a great experience with Garden Grocer. Was able to find everything we needed for a week at Disney. Food was delivered on time and bags were numbered 1 of 10, ect. So we were able to easily assure we received everything. They called to confirm our order and called again to verify we received everything apon arrival. Great service! One less thing to worry about when traveling!!
Patti-Rae A. Tue May 10, 2016
I greatly appreciated the ease of ordering and having our groceries ready for us upon arrival.
Dawn C. Tue May 10, 2016
Excellent experience! We highly recommend using this delivery service.
Rebecca E. Tue May 10, 2016
I loved the text and email notifications. It was great, especially since the items arrived before our flight landed and I was able to coordinate with the other people in our group to pick it up. The ease of the website was also a big plus. I will definitely recommend your service (and already have!!)
Gary K. Mon May 9, 2016
Easy to use. Very convenient. The food was there before my room was ready. Bell stand held it and I was able to pick it up with my luggage.
Tammi D. Mon May 9, 2016
Garden Grocer was very easy to use and delivered our items right on time! It was great to have drinks and snacks waiting on us when we returned to our room after a long day at the Disney parks.
Kathy V. Mon May 9, 2016
Great service!!! Would definitely use again!!!
mari m. Mon May 9, 2016
I would highly recommend Garden Grocer ! The website is easy to navigate and they were very professional. The delivery person was friendly and reviewed my order with me to make sure everything was there. We also received a phone call to make sure we were satisfied with the service we received. We will be using Garden Grocer on our next Disney World visit !
Kathy S. Mon May 9, 2016
Our first time using Garden Grocer helped us have a full day at the parks knowing that we would have what we needed for dinner and breakfast. I cannot say enough how thorough and efficient their service is. Thanks for making our trip a success!
Amber B. Mon May 9, 2016
Food was fresh, great quality. Recieved calls multiple times to ensure satisfaction. Saved us alot of money while in disney.
frank s. Mon May 9, 2016
Outstanding experience! Easy to use. Reliable!
Matt M. Mon May 9, 2016
Ordering was easy. The order arrived promptly after our arrival at Disney. Everything was handled between the resort and Garden Grocer and the groceries were waiting in our room when we returned! It was a great experience overall and we will use Graden Grocer when we return.
Sally D. Mon May 9, 2016
The Garden Grocer is a must to all guests, if you plan on staying at Disney for a few days to a few weeks. I could not do without it. I highly recommend The Garden Grocer.
Hillary H. Mon May 9, 2016
LOVED Garden Grocer. first time using this service and highly pleased with the overall experience. I will tell all my friends how great it is and will use it agian.
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