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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Francine S. Mon Sep 5, 2016
Garden Grocer is my "go to" for cold and dairy items when the family visits a Disney resort. Site is easy to use, great selection of items and delivery has always been on time and correct with ordered items. Would highly recommend to anyone with no transportation to a store, but wants some of the comforts of home.
Alexis L. Mon Sep 5, 2016
Would order again for future Disneyworld vacations.
Erin M. Mon Sep 5, 2016
Garden Grocer was great! Our items were there when we arrived at our resort and we received everything we ordered. I would definitely use them again!
Toni W. Mon Sep 5, 2016
I would recommend this company. Food was fresh and delivered on time.
amber d. Mon Sep 5, 2016
This is our 3rd time using your service and once again it was outstanding! All of our items were waiting for us when we checked into our resort! Cold items are always kept in the fridge until delivered to you! I wouldn't hesitate to use Garden Grocer again on future trips!
Elizabeth W. Mon Sep 5, 2016
Excellent and worry-free service! Will use on my return visit to Disney!
Heather Z. Mon Sep 5, 2016
Excellent! Would definitely use again!
Emily G. Mon Sep 5, 2016
Would absolutely use the service again. Everything was delivered exactly on time and in great condition. The delivery charge is well worth it when considering the time and effort we saved by not having to build a grocery shopping trip into our vacation.
Kirsten S. Sun Sep 4, 2016
Everything was fresh and excellent quality - thank you!
Karen A. Sun Sep 4, 2016
I'm very happy, and grateful customer. I will definitely recommend your service.
Sandra T. Sun Sep 4, 2016
First time I have used Garden Grocer but would not hesitate to use again or recommend. I ordered online from UK so easy
patty b. Sun Sep 4, 2016
We recieved everything we requested on time.
Haley W. Sun Sep 4, 2016
Fantastic timely service!
nikki r. Sun Sep 4, 2016
Garden Grocer makes our trips to Disney so much easier. We have a family with many food allergies and having our own food make our trip less stressful.
Janine B. Sun Sep 4, 2016
We just returned from an awesome trip to Disney World. We placed a large order with Garden Grocer and it was delivered exactly within our selected window! The only mishap was that we had ordered tostitos and salsa. The salsa was missing and the tostitos bag had popped open during transit! Within one hour of my call, Garden Grocer had a replacement of each in my room at no extra charge! I was very pleased and would definitely use this service again!
Amy K. Sun Sep 4, 2016
Very convenient way to have groceries delivered to resort. Website very easy to use and good variety of items available. Highly recommend!!
Julia S. Sun Sep 4, 2016
See above. 😀
Kristen M. Sun Sep 4, 2016
This definitely beats renting a car and then having to drag the kids to Walmart just to get a few days' worth of groceries. Our groceries even arrived before we got to the resort. It was nice to just call bell services and have them brought to our room.
Stephanie N. Sun Sep 4, 2016
Seamless process and I'd highly recommend ordering through Garden Grocer. Was very happy with the confirmation process as well.
Susan S. Sun Sep 4, 2016
I would definitely order again from garden grocer during my next visit to Disney.
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