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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Kathryn P. Fri Feb 3, 2017
We were very satisfied and have no complaints. We will recommend and use them again!
Monica H. Fri Feb 3, 2017
I loved getting to our Disney resort and having all our food ready for us at Bell Services! It was awesome that they refreidgerated our perishables too! Would highly recommend to any Disney visitors!
Alexa F. Fri Feb 3, 2017
This service was phenomenal! We ordered groceries for our Disney trip so that we could have a decent breakfast every morning and have some snacks to go. The customer service was amazing, with calls to make sure I didn't have any questions or if I needed anything and to make sure I received the groceries. Everything was at our hotel before we even arrived and it was all in as I would have expected. Nothing was squished or rotten. I will most definitely be using garden grocer again on our next visit.
Sarah L. Fri Feb 3, 2017
This was excellent! Very easy to use and everything was delivered when it said it would. Highly recommended!
Penny M. Fri Feb 3, 2017
Excellent service! We were staying at A resort at Disney World and when we arrived, our food was there waiting for us. I highly recommend taking advantage of this wonderful service!
Candice B. Fri Feb 3, 2017
Great service!!! Made is easy to have healthy snacks at the resort for my family!!! Will definitely use them again!
Helen P. Fri Feb 3, 2017
Would do it again. Helped a lot😃
sondra g. Fri Feb 3, 2017
I would definitely use Garden Grocer again. The site was easy to maneuver and understand. The food was delivered on time and I received a text telling me the food was at the hotel. Thanks for not having to worry about going out and wasting time shopping.
Michele P. Fri Feb 3, 2017
Fantastic service! Highly recommended for a Disney or Orlando vacation!
Bridget P. Thu Feb 2, 2017
This was a very easy way to get some snacks for our room at Disney world!
Jayme D. Thu Feb 2, 2017
Garden Grocer was a great service to use for our trip to FL. The website was very user friendly, the delivery fee was reasonable, and the service was efficient. It was so wonderful to have our groceries at our resort when we arrived. Definitely the easiest plan to use in getting food tomour Resort, and worth the fee!! Thank you for your great service!!!
Sarah L. Thu Feb 2, 2017
It was unbelievably easy. I've already recommended the service and we just got back.
Emily L. Thu Feb 2, 2017
I placed my order online and within an hour, someone contacted to confirm my order, order delivery, and time! It was wonderful. I selected delivery time to be between 8am-12pm. They called me at 8:06 am to tell me that my delivery was at check in at my Walt Disney World resort. WONDERFUL!!
Sarah W. Thu Feb 2, 2017
If we ever return to Disney I won't hesitate to use this service again. It saved me so much money on food and drinks. I had to change my drop off time and there was no issue at all. Very nice people and service. Thank you!!
Staci L. Thu Feb 2, 2017
Everything I ordered was delivered as promised. Order was confirmed within minutes of ordering which was great. The person on the phone was very pleasant and easy to talk with. My parents and in-laws also ordered without any issues.
jennifer p. Thu Feb 2, 2017
Garden grocer service was top notch. Perfect to order groceries to help offset high meal / drink prices at Disney, I can't wait to tell all my friends and family who will be making Disney travelling plans to order and take advantage of this great service!
Annie S. Thu Feb 2, 2017
Everything I ordered was neatly packed and delivered to our resort and waiting for us upon check in. It was so easy and took some of the stress out of preparing for our trip.
Margaret M. Thu Feb 2, 2017
Garden Grocer was great. I called with questions before my trip, the customer rep was excellent on the phone and answered all my questions. Products were high quality and were delivered in a timely fashion. Very satisfied customer. Will definitely recommend to anyone going to Disney World.
Sarah D. Wed Feb 1, 2017
This was a great way to ensure my family and I had what we needed for long days in the Disney parks. I would absolutely use this service again and recommend it to any of my friends and family.
Kirsten Z. Wed Feb 1, 2017
Awesome service, awesome selection of food, including health food, and good prices. Will use again.
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