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Jill W. Mon Aug 15, 2016
Using Garden Grocer saves me so much money on our vacation! Having snacks in the hotel room is so convenient. The online ordering process is simple, the order was delivered on time and the products were great!
Heather C. Mon Aug 15, 2016
We booked a last minute trip and I didn't want to be bothered with having to worry about drinks, milk, cereal etc so we placed out first order and it was great. We got off the plane and went right into the parks not worrying about that stuff. Got an email and text when it was delivered... Great service!
Chigusa M. Sun Aug 14, 2016
When I arrive at hotel and enter the room, everything was there! Great!! I will use Garden Grocer next time again!
steven h. Sun Aug 14, 2016
Easy enough to use. Nice to have items waiting for you when you check in.
danyrae s. Sun Aug 14, 2016
I can't believe I ever went to Disney without Garden Grocer! It was so nice arriving at our hotel to groceries for my family of four for the week. I was able to get snacks, drinks and breakfast foods. Everything was kept separated and was delivered in the timeslot I requested. I highly recommend Garden Grocer!
Vicki C. Sun Aug 14, 2016
This is a great service! The prices are reasonable and they have a good selection of items. The delivery was right on time. Their communications were perfect - we received an email, text, and a phone call to let us know the delivery was complete. I would absolutely use them again and would recommend to all my friends!
Janet N. Sun Aug 14, 2016
What a great service!!!! This is the way to go if you need anything when you get to Disney!!!
Diana L. Sun Aug 14, 2016
It is really convenient to have the food delivered right to our WDW resort- We were using all Disney transportation so we didn't have a car - I have young children and it was nice to be able to have breakfast items and fruit in the room as well as cases of bottled water to take to the parks - The items are more expensive than the regular supermarket, but nothing crazy and it still saved a lot of money and time - I would definitely recommend this service!
Keyshna K. Sun Aug 14, 2016
Customer service was beyond excellent. When I placed my order I received a confirmation call within 15 minutes as well as an email. Very friendly and professional. Delivery was as scheduled and they emailed me when it was delivered.
Carolyn C. Sun Aug 14, 2016
Excellent service. Super easy to use and great that they work so seamlessly with Disney resorts. We merely clicked the items we wanted two months out and the night we arrived our food was delivered to our room. :)
Joanne R. Sun Aug 14, 2016
Not only did I receive an email and a text telling me my order had arrived to my hotel, I also got a personal phone call. Thank you so much Garden Grocer for the amazing service!l
Michelle H. Sun Aug 14, 2016
Garden Grocer was terrific and so convenient! The app made it easy to order groceries. The delivery was made the day we arrived at the resort and was exactly what I ordered. Garden Grocer communicated each step of the way. If you're vacationing in Orlando, Garden Grocer is a must! I wish I could use them for my shopping at home! Thanks, Garden Grocer!
catherine m. Sun Aug 14, 2016
I was really impressed with the the service we got .we were staying at a Disney hotel and had never been before so really didn't know how it worked. It was great, we checked in and were told our order had arrived and the driver brought the shopping along with our suitcases.
Hugo V. Sun Aug 14, 2016
Exactly what I ordered delivered straight to my room (to Disney Resort, then by Disney staff to my room). Received text notification, everything was smooth and perfect.
Jessica K. Sat Aug 13, 2016
Perfect service for our first Disney visit with kids. Bought snacks & plenty of water bottles to bring to the parks. So much value in not paying park prices for a bottle of water! Groceries arrived exactly at time expected. Nice call after our order to confirm and after delivery to confirm. Would highly recommend this service!
Laura B. Sat Aug 13, 2016
What a fabulous experience all around ... EASY! Nothing could have been easier then ordering from GardenGrocer.com Food was fresh and delivered on time. It was a wonderful experience using them! Will be back again and again!
Michelle B. Sat Aug 13, 2016
Great service , groceries were nicely packaged and delivered to bell service at our disney resort . It was delivered on time and the order was correct . The website was easy to use and I was even able to add on to my order .
Mark M. Sat Aug 13, 2016
This was my first time using your service. I was very pleased with the timely delivery and quality of food ordered.
Michael S. Sat Aug 13, 2016
I got exactly what i ordered and it was waiting for me in my hotel room. I've already recommended your service to my friends
Steven S. Sat Aug 13, 2016
Our first time using Garden Grocer; an excellent experience and would recommend to anyone
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