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Julie S. Sat Jun 17, 2017
Easy to use website, you have everything I needed! I received a courtesy call immediately after placing my order and an email, text AND phone call confirming receipt. I ordered perishable items which were fresh and stored properly until I could get to them. I'm in Disney and have already recommended you to three families!
Connie M. Sat Jun 17, 2017
I can only say wonderful things about the service here. I would highly recommend and am completely satisfied!!!! Such a smooth process.
yves d. Sat Jun 17, 2017
We were fully satisfied. We got exactly what we ordered, everything was fresh and good and it was delivered righf on time! Thank you.
Jessica T. Sat Jun 17, 2017
Great service! Orders always correct. Will use every time I come to Disney!
Suzanne G. Sat Jun 17, 2017
We ordered groceries from this company for our trip to disney world because we stayed in a cabin. It was the best decision ever. They were already at the cabin when we got there and cold things were put in the refrigerator. The order was correct and I had to do absolutely no shopping thd whole trip. It is the only way to go when you are flying in and don't want to rent a car.
Erin S. Sat Jun 17, 2017
Amazing service! I recommend Garden Grocer to anyone visiting Disney! Thanks!
Patricia T. Sat Jun 17, 2017
Garden grocer was excellent for grocery delivery at Disney. They went above and beyond to communicate with us and make sure we understood the process since it was our first time using them. They patiently answered our questions. We will definitely be using them on all our future trips to Disney! Thank you Garden Grocer!!!
Peggy M. Fri Jun 16, 2017
I received a text that our order had been delivered to bell services at the hotel before we even left the airport with our bags. Then I received a phone call saying that if anything was not right to let them know and they would take care of it. Our order was complete and correct and all of the items that needed to be refrigerated were kept cold at the hotel. I would definitely recommend using Garden Grocers when staying at Disney world. It was so nice to eat breakfast in the room each morning and to have plenty of snacks for the day. A definite thumbs up. Great customer service!!
Diane C. Fri Jun 16, 2017
This is the best service for Walt Disney World visitors! Our groceries arrived before we arrived and were delivered to our room. I will always use Garden Grocer!
Pablo Z. Fri Jun 16, 2017
Greath service And Good price, I strongly recomend!!!
Joanne R. Fri Jun 16, 2017
The Best! We had 7 family members with us at Disney World. I had found their website on the internet. It is so easy you order what you want and it is delivered to the hotel. The bell service brings it to your room and puts cold items in fridge for you. It could not have been easier. I would recommend to anyone.
Scott K. Fri Jun 16, 2017
If you hate wasting time at the Disney parks looking for a place to eat and then spending times baking in lines waiting to order, then you will absolutely love GardenGrocer.com. They make packing your own lunches and snacks for the parks super easy. Just order your groceries ahead of time and have them delivered right to the resort. They will hold them at the front desk until you call to have them delivered to your room. No need to stop yourself and fill up a cooler. The online ordering process is only about 1 zillion times better than the other grocery option for the park ( I won't name names). In fact, after 10 frustrating minutes on that other site, I gave up as the user experience was simply horrible. Thank goodness my wife found these guys on a Disneyworld message board. Why anyone who is looking for groceries to be delivered to on of the Disney Resorts or other hotels would not use GardenGrocers is simply beyond me. Great online experience. Tons of follow-up - to make sure everything was good. Can't say enough. Keep up the good work.
Kathleen S. Fri Jun 16, 2017
Order placement was easy and delivery was prompt and accurate. I received a notification text while in Magic Kingdom and the order was waiting at Bell Service station when I returned. Excellent service...will definitely use again!!
Michael I. Fri Jun 16, 2017
Was referred by a friend to the site. We traveled from Cleveland to Orlando on Disney vacation. Was great to the have the grocery BEFORE we even had a room lol. We brought cold water to the Disney parks, and had cold beer waiting in hotel when we arrived back. Nice to not pay the elevated resort prices for these items.
Judy M. Fri Jun 16, 2017
It was nice to have snacks to take to the parks each day. We didn't have to pack any to bring from home but we ordered them & they were delivered to our room. We even ordered breakfast items to have when we didn't want to go to the restaurant. Will use Garden Grocer again and would recommend it to others who are planning a visit to Disney World.
Michele W. Fri Jun 16, 2017
First time user.. reliabity excellent. Absolutely no problem. Will use again on future visits
Deborah S. Thu Jun 15, 2017
Excellent service. Will use whenever I travel to Florida. Made planning the trip so much easier.
Marty M. Thu Jun 15, 2017
Fabulous service! I can not thank you enough for helping make our trip to Disney World magical. Having the food already at our resort before we arrived was perfect. We didn't need to worry about or do anything. Thank you!!
Susan W. Thu Jun 15, 2017
I sent my order to the wrong hotel. I didn't realize the mistake until it was already there. When I called garden grocer the representative called the hotel herself and had it switched over through their bell service. I had everything in 20 minutes. For something that was my mistake I appreciate how she helped me out anyway.
Linda B. Thu Jun 15, 2017
We stayed at the cabins in Disney. Had breakfast in the morning before our adventures. Also helped with snacks and midnight cravings. Was especially good for the little ones. Produce was fresh. Thank you for this service.
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