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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Debbie H. Wed Jun 15, 2016
Service was excellent and follow up was superb!!
Matthew T. Wed Jun 15, 2016
Ordering was easy, delivery was on-time and accurate, items were packed well (no heavy apples smashing my bread!), cold things were kept cold, and the communication was great. Prices were reasonable, and there were many items to choose from, too! Thank you for your great service!
Cindy S. Wed Jun 15, 2016
excellent service, quality of food and delivery all as promised! Thank you
Allison O. Wed Jun 15, 2016
Great service and super easy to use!
Michael H. Wed Jun 15, 2016
I was at a loss on how to obtain items to have in our room at Disney, not having a car at our access. I was totally satisfied and would highly recommend the Garden Grocer to anyone ---the service was excellent!
Catherine B. Wed Jun 15, 2016
So convenient for our Disney resort stay!
Debbie S. Wed Jun 15, 2016
AWESOME!! Made our trip to Disney even better! Will use every time we come!!
Amy B. Wed Jun 15, 2016
Garden Grocer was easy to use and efficient. I got a phone call confirming the order, then another when it was delivered to my resort at Disney. The message was waiting for me when we got off the plane. Everything we ordered was delivered and in perfect condition, including the items that needed to be chilled. I would definitely order from them again!
Sharon H. Wed Jun 15, 2016
We ordered before we left. When our plane landed I already had a text that our order had been delivered to our hotel. When we got to our hotel I checked with bell service and they had someone bring them to our room within a half hour. They told us if we wanted, we could go head and go to the park and bell service would put the cold things away for us. Saved us a lot of money on water, juice, fruit, and yogurt. Way to go when you are flying.
Diane F. Wed Jun 15, 2016
We had a very big order that needed to be delivered to Disney World. Every item was delivered in excellent condition including the fresh fruits and vegetables. Plus we received a very thoughtful call to check on our initial order and another when our order was delivered. Everything was perfect. Thank you so much.
Mark A. Wed Jun 15, 2016
Love you guys! Fast, Efficient and excellent communication always make for a great experience. You are on vacation. Let Garden Grocer take care of your food needs!
Katherine K. Wed Jun 15, 2016
Everything came as requested and was fresh and packed well. It arrived at our hotel before we checked in and they held everything for us. Once we were in our room, we called down and it was at our door in minutes - even though it was midnight! We saved a lot of money by eating breakfast in our room every day before heading to the parks!
Randy B. Wed Jun 15, 2016
Great service! Delivered as promised! Would highly recommend Garden Grocer!
NICOLLE M. Wed Jun 15, 2016
Very pleased with how efficient Garden Grocer was. I received a call, text and email letting me know my order was delivered to our resort. When placing the order, we even received a call afterwards to confirm our order.
Jennifer D. Wed Jun 15, 2016
Great service. Items were fresh and delivered on time.
Kelly T. Wed Jun 15, 2016
I really appreciated that they had put our groceries in our refrigerator and organized the rest on our cabin table. This was a welcome surprise when we got back from a long day at Epcot! I would use them again with no hesitation!
Diane S. Tue Jun 14, 2016
Prompt personal phone call after order was placed to be sure I was satisfied. Order delivered as promised.
Christy B. Tue Jun 14, 2016
It was amazing!! Variety of products available was perfect and even though the prices were a little high, it saved us a lot of money overall on our visit to Orlando. The service and ease of ordering was perfect.
Marilyn R. Tue Jun 14, 2016
I absolutely love your service! Great communication, everything was fresh and delivered as promised. Thank you so much and we plan to call on you again and again!
Mark T. Tue Jun 14, 2016
We decided to have groceries delivered to offset the cost of Disney dining. After finding a number of positive reviews online for Garden Grocer, we made an account and shopped. It was easy to put my list together, then come back a week later to fine tune my order and finalize. Costs were laid out clearly. The groceries were delivered to the Bell Hop at my hotel during the time I chose. Non-fridge items were packed in paper grocery bags and the fridge items packed together to retain cold. Food was fresh and well chosen (as we had selected fruit). Only issue was the loaf of bread began to spoil on the exact date listed on the wrapper, which was about 5 days after delivered. I threw out the bad spot, and the bread lasted through the remainder of my trip (10 days). Perhaps with the Florida humidity that things don't last as long as at home. Overall, we were thoroughly impressed with the service and would definitely use this service again if an opportunity arose.
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