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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Andrea M. Wed Oct 12, 2016
Excellent food choices. On time delivery.
Carly B. Wed Oct 12, 2016
Awesome service, thank you!
Joanne B. Tue Oct 11, 2016
Brilliant service, even with a Hurricane delaying deliveries slightly - Service second to none. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone!!
Kay M. Tue Oct 11, 2016
Everything we ordered was there and it was right on time. Great service!
Melissa R. Tue Oct 11, 2016
Love the convenience of being able to order and have fresh groceries delivered to our hotel on the day of our arrival.
Anne G. Tue Oct 11, 2016
I have used Garden Grocer twice for trips to Disney World. The customer service is amazing. I cannot imagine a trip without you!
Breanne B. Tue Oct 11, 2016
Awesome service! Will definitely use again for my next Disney trip!
Cheri C. Tue Oct 11, 2016
Very first experience with GG and would highly recommend!! Friendly staff, very accommodating. Items were at resort waiting for us just as promised. We were missing a couple items, and these wonderful people even re-delivered right before the hurricane that was heading our way. Thank you Garden Grocer
Debbie E. Mon Oct 10, 2016
Wonderful service! Always gets the order right and delivery is perfect! Have used a few times and will definitely use you again!
Rose L. Mon Oct 10, 2016
Excellent service. Easy to use website.
ELIZABETH E. Mon Oct 10, 2016
Website very easy to use with great variety, everything came as ordered, cannot believe how seamless the relationship is with the Disney Resorts.
Lauren C. Sun Oct 9, 2016
Great customer service! Everything we order was delivered on time and intact!
Joanne M. Sun Oct 9, 2016
Our family decided to try and save a bit of money on our Disney trip by purchasing breakfast items through Garden Grocer. These guys deliver exactly what they promise. Our order was delivered on time and the items were as shown on their site. Prices are very reasonable when compared to purchasing food in the park. We will definitely be using their services again.
Abby Z. Sun Oct 9, 2016
Such an awesome service, was great to have breakfast & other snack items my kids enjoyed in our room.
Linda G. Sun Oct 9, 2016
Your service was great, order was delivered on time. Thank you!
Debra G. Sun Oct 9, 2016
The food was in our room, with cold items already placed in the fridge when we arrived at our resort. The order was correct, and having groceries delivered was SO seamless and easy. We used the groceries for breakfast and a packed lunch in the parks every day, which was quick and convenient. We'll definitely use Garden Grocer again for our trip next year. Thanks!!
Holly S. Sat Oct 8, 2016
Garden grocer made our Disney trip so much better and easy. We had free-flowing snacks and easy meals for the kids. On a visit during a hurricane, we were one family that didn't have to worry about food or fighting crowds. Thanks for the great experience!
Susan O. Sat Oct 8, 2016
This was a terrific service to our Disney resort. We had enough supplies to last us through the day long hurricane curfew. I would recommend this to others.
Jennifer W. Sat Oct 8, 2016
Awesome experience! Vacation in Disney World and count on Garden Grocer to provide our necessities! Service is fantastic!
susan k. Sat Oct 8, 2016
Our order was delivered on time and with everything we asked for. Would definitely use again. Excellent communication about special requests and texts when order was delivered to bell services.
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