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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Lynn A. Sun Nov 8, 2015
Reliable and dependable with fantastic customer service..
Carolyn H. Sun Nov 8, 2015
Great products! Excellent service. Everything was waiting for me when I got back from the park! Will use them anytime I am at Disney and recommend them to family and friends!
William B. Sun Nov 8, 2015
Have used twice. Orders have been exactly what I requested. No problems.
Michael C. Sun Nov 8, 2015
We had a little snafu the night we arrived with our order, but it was fixed by the following morning without missing a beat!
Bob K. Sun Nov 8, 2015
This worked perfectly for our trip. Allowed us to eat breakfast in the room, saving time and money. Delivered to desk and brought up to our room. Strongly recommend
Tom N. Sat Nov 7, 2015
On our recent trip to Disney World, we had hear about Garden Grocer delivery service to our onsite Disney property and decided to try it. Food was delivered promptly to our room, even put in the refrigerator. We ordered a couple more times that week. Service was always great and great customer service. We even received a text when groceries were delivered. Rather than wait in line for food while at the parks, we packed lunches, which were fresh and healthier options for us - and we could eat whenever we wanted no matter where in the parks we were. Highly recommend.
jamie g. Sat Nov 7, 2015
Garden grocer rocks!!!!!
Andrew P. Sat Nov 7, 2015
This was, by far, the best "insider tip" we received from a friend who had previously visited Disney World. We ordered a variety of things, including fresh produce and everything was perfect. Our order was waiting at the bell station on our arrival - perfect!
Harry C. Sat Nov 7, 2015
Awesome service. Our order was delivered on time and follow up when we placed the order as well as when it was delivered was excellent. Highly recommend.
Donna S. Sat Nov 7, 2015
Half way through our vacation we realized we needed charcoal. We called and ordered a bag but we were too late. 10 minutes later the driver called us and said be would bring it. He had a delivery very close by and it wouldn't be a problem. We met him out in front of the hotel. You all are the best!
Brittani K. Sat Nov 7, 2015
This service saved us time and money as opposed to taking a taxi from our hotel to the nearest Walmart. We were able to spend our first night at Disney instead of shopping. It definitely made our vacation more enjoyable!
Michele T. Sat Nov 7, 2015
Great service! Our groceries arrived timely and were of great quality.
sarah k. Sat Nov 7, 2015
Garden grocer was a WONDERFUL option for us while vacationing in Disney World. We will absolutely use them again. I only have the most positive things to say about this company. The website is easy to navigate. I actually placed my grocery order months in advance and they were delivered at the exact time/day I had them scheduled at my resort. The company called and texted me to make sure I knew they had arrived. They made the process incredibly easy. It was a great option to save money and eat healthy while on vacation.
Helen T. Sat Nov 7, 2015
Excellent service. So nice to have our food waiting in our Fort Wilderness cabin after a long travel day from England. Thank you
Jodi M. Fri Nov 6, 2015
I would recommend Garden Grocer to anyone visiting Disney. The resorts are so huge that it is a significant trek just to walk to the restaurant each morning for juice, fruit and yogurt etc. It was a huge time and money savings just to be able to have a bite of breakfast in our room and then head out the the parks. In terms of value add, the best item we ordered was a case of water, it cost less than $10 for a case of 32 and I estimate that it saved us over $100 if we had purchased the water in the parks. The savings more than paid for our grocery order!
Susan G. Fri Nov 6, 2015
Absolutely loved the Garden Grocer service! Ordered ahead of time, delivered on time and the quality was exceptional! Will definitely recommend to family and friends and will be using the service whenever I can.
Dawn S. Fri Nov 6, 2015
Great way to get snacks etc to your room in DisneyWorld! Great service, would definitely use Garden Grocer again on my next Disney vacation!
kristin s. Fri Nov 6, 2015
So simple and convenient! Nice to know we won't have to waste time at the grocery store during our vacation!
Gary B. Fri Nov 6, 2015
Extensive selection of food items to chose from. Very large order for our group of 15 was delivered to our hotel at scheduled time, properly packaged & refrigerated. There were no errors in our order. We placed our order 1 month ahead of our arrival for a price discount. Very happy with the ease of ordering/delivery scheduling, & overall convenience of this service.
Patricia J. Fri Nov 6, 2015
Excellent service and reliability! Everything fresh and delivered as promised!
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