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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

John J. Thu Nov 3, 2016
First time we used them and were very happy. We'll be back.
Susan N. Thu Nov 3, 2016
Garden Grocer was easy to use, the food was promptly delivered and the order with additions was accurate.
John R. Thu Nov 3, 2016
First time user of your company,
Spoke with FRIENDLY and PROFESSIONAL customer service. I then went onto Website and created my profile, selected my groceries, checked out and everything appeared at my Disney Resort seamlessly and stree free!
The Customer Service tracked and communicated the pre- delivery, delivery, and post delivery of my order.
Order was complete, perishables fresh
And not a single problem with anything.
I have already recommended them to 3 friends that frequent Disney annually.
This service has a great hand off to the
Disney Resort people and all was at my villa awaiting my arrival to the room.
Absolutely will use them again!
Thank you for the fantastic service !
John & Dawn
Colts Neck NJ
Terri A. Thu Nov 3, 2016
Loved this service! Will use again.
Lauren H. Thu Nov 3, 2016
I love using the app! If you forget an item, it is super easy to add on! I love being able to have other options at our Disney resort to eat and drink. Everything is ready to be picked up when you get there which makes it a wonderful service.
Thomas S. Wed Nov 2, 2016
Awesome service! So easy to order, flawless delivery, good prices, and friendly customer service!! We will use again, for sure! Thanks!!
Teresa W. Wed Nov 2, 2016
I would highly recommend the garden grocer! Prices are comparable if not lower than your home market. The product variety is terrific. The individual service I received from the representatives was superb. A live person answered my phone calls EVERY time, no automation cue at the gg.
Lynette L. Wed Nov 2, 2016
Products were true to description, easy to order, arrived on time!!
Natalie K. Wed Nov 2, 2016
Excellent service. Will definitely use again!
Kim S. Wed Nov 2, 2016
I highly recommend using this service. In the past we had done our grocery shopping after we landed. This was so much easier and convenient. We will definitely utilize the service on our next trip!
Jennifer M. Wed Nov 2, 2016
We used Garden Grocers twice during our stays at Disney. It is a great service!! The orders are accurate, the produce is super fresh, delivery is on time. They follow up with you after the order is placed, they notify you when the order has been delivered, they call to make sure you received your order & all of the items. Excellent customer service! Very convenient! We will definitely use them again! Jenn M
Brian H. Wed Nov 2, 2016
We used Garden Grocer for some toiletries that we didn't feel like packing and we ordered some groceries which was very convenient for our Disney trip. Cereal boxes and milk saved us time and food from our meal plan. A case of water came in real handy as well. Snacks to bring to the park and have back st the resort were perfect too. The App and delivery made it so easy. I'd recommend Garden Grocer to anyone going to Disney.
suzanne d. Wed Nov 2, 2016
This service was so professional and polite. It is refreshing to have such a high level of service! Within minutes of my ordering I received a confirmation phone call and email. Within a few more minutes they called me back because I had accidentally placed my order twice due to a computer issue and validated it was a duplicate and instantly put in a reversal of the charges.

Once we made it to our destination I received confirmation the order had been delivered and information to call if I needed anything.

It was so nice to have such a service available!! Inwuuld love to see your company go global!!
Rebecca G. Wed Nov 2, 2016
Website was easy to use, prices are reasonable and service was excellent - was very impressed with the quality of fresh fruit and vegetables (ordering boxes of cereal is one thing, broccoli quite another!). This option made a stay at a Disney Resort with young children that much more enjoyable (too much to ask a 4 year old to manage restaurants for 3 meals a day).
April M. Tue Nov 1, 2016
A+ service beginning to end. Would recommend highly.
Laura L. Tue Nov 1, 2016
loved coming to the hotel with groceries already there to make planning our Disney trip less stressful
Jessica T. Tue Nov 1, 2016
I could not have asked for a better experience! This was exactly what we needed for our 10 day stay at Disney.
Rick T. Tue Nov 1, 2016
Great service. Will definitely use again the next time we come to Disney.
Thomas D. Tue Nov 1, 2016
Since we did not have a car while staying at a Disney Resort and we were arriving in the evening, it was so convenient to have groceries delivered to our room after checkin, since we were all tired and starving! We had the breakfast, the kids/ dinners, park snacks, and plenty of drinks for the whole week
Michelle B. Tue Nov 1, 2016
Great service! Had a question which was answered promptly and would absolutely recommend.
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