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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

David C. Sat Jul 2, 2016
Excellent experience! Great system and convenient to boot! The groceries arrived just as ordered! Received a call and text when the groceries arrived at the bell desk, and a they follow-up phone call after the groceries were delivered. I am very very happy and will use them on my next trip to Disney!!
Kim R. Sat Jul 2, 2016
This service was great. Wondering why I waited so long to try it! I will defiantly use it for my next trip to Orlando!! I liked this service so much I recommended it to my neighbor who is going to Disney next week.
Julianne F. Sat Jul 2, 2016
Garden Grocer was fantastic for our Disney vacation. The website was quick and easy to navigate. The food was delivered to our resort before we were able check in and the resort kept everything cold and delivered everything to our room. Would highly recommend to everyone!!
Barbara K. Sat Jul 2, 2016
I wouldn't use this service anytime....it was a pleasure!!
Rebecca H. Sat Jul 2, 2016
This is the second time I've used your service at Disney World. I have received excellent service! Food arrived shortly after we checked in. Quality was excellent and I even ordered additional items that were delivered promptly. Very, very pleased with type of items, quality, and service! Great service for vacationers at DisneyWorld! Will definitely use you again!
Amanda B. Fri Jul 1, 2016
Quality produce and dairy, excellent communication and follow through, easy hotel room delivery... Thank you, Garden Grocer!
Janice F. Fri Jul 1, 2016
Very convenient.
Bill K. Fri Jul 1, 2016
User friendly website, order delivered on time.
Arlene H. Fri Jul 1, 2016
This is the 2nd time we used this service and both times, items were delivered promptly and the order was correct. The money we saved by ordering through Garden Grocer was so worth the delivery charge. We have told many of our Disney traveling friends to order prior to traveling and they won't be disappointed. Thank you again for helping to make this a memorable trip.
Chris N. Fri Jul 1, 2016
Garden grocer was quick, helpful,
Debra B. Fri Jul 1, 2016
Couldn't have made the service more convenient. Groceries were delivered while we were out enjoying Disney, came back to a stocked refrigerator.
Mike M. Fri Jul 1, 2016
Easy ordering and great communication. We were at the parks, but I was notified when our order was delivered. Everything was waiting at Bell Services when we got back, and all cold food was refrigerated. Great experience. Will definitely use them again.
Nancy S. Fri Jul 1, 2016
This was the best service. We loved arriving at check-in and our groceries were waiting at Bell service at Saratoga Springs. The water bottles savings alone was worth it. The kids loved having snacks and breakfast available in the room. I cannot imagine not using this service when we return to Orlando.
Nicholas G. Fri Jul 1, 2016
Simple and easy to use! This is the one company you want to use!
Jose M. Fri Jul 1, 2016
The personal phone call is just that extra touch.
Becky E. Fri Jul 1, 2016
This is a very convieniant and very punctual service. You can't beat having your snacks at your room when it's convenient for you.
Nick R. Fri Jul 1, 2016
A great and helpful service; one that helped make our Disney experience so enjoyable.
Ramona O. Thu Jun 30, 2016
Awesome service!! Very happy I found this site years ago!!
Lori H. Thu Jun 30, 2016
Garden Grocer was awesome, would use it again!
john m. Thu Jun 30, 2016
Order was complete as ordered even put the chocolate covered donuts in the fridge so they wouldn't melt.
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