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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Barb H. Fri Oct 9, 2015
First time using GG...got to our room, groceries were put away for us! Fresh and yummy...highly recommend! 😃
pierre g. Fri Oct 9, 2015
Hussle free service delivered thru your own hotel room. I am from Canada and stayed in a Disney Resort in Florida. I will recommend this to everyone who wants convenience in terms of grocery item needs during your vacation. Did i mention that i saved lots of money during our stay. Thank you Garden Grocer.
Steven R. Thu Oct 8, 2015
It was so nice having food, and water delivered to our resort. This a great service, that we will use again, when we go back to Disney World.
Gail G. Thu Oct 8, 2015
At our recent trip to Disney world, we rented a villa and ordered groceries from Garden Grocers. The order was delivered on time. One item was incorrect and when I notified them, they immediately brought over the correct item. We were very pleased with their service.
Nanette Thu Oct 8, 2015
This was the second time we have used your services. Perfect both times...Thank You!!!
Carol R. Thu Oct 8, 2015
It was very convenient having water, milk, and groceries delivered right to your room. The parking lots were some distance away and it would have been difficult carrying 2-32 bottle cases of water. You can enjoy your vacation instead of fighting the traffic. It was worth every penny!
Jimmy T. Thu Oct 8, 2015
Great experience with Garden Grocer. Easy to use, friendly staff and very convenient. Follow up by company is superb
Cindy B. Thu Oct 8, 2015
The staff at the Garden Grocer were very helpful and easy to work with. We had an item missing from our order when we received it - called the garden grocer and there was no hassle they immediately sent out a replacement item. It was refreshing to have someone say "we're very sorry and we will have that out to you as soon as possible". Thank you all for making our vacation a little easier!!!
Mohamed A. Thu Oct 8, 2015
Very good and fast service it was delivered on time 👍
Leslie M. Thu Oct 8, 2015
What a great way to take the stress out of your vacation by having your grocery delivered right to your door. Next time we are in Orlando we will be using Garden Grocery again!
Julie M. Thu Oct 8, 2015
This was a great way to receive some needed groceries while on vacation. The items I ordered were delivered quickly and without a lot of stress. I will definitely being using Garden Grocer on my next visit to Orlando.
Lora G. Thu Oct 8, 2015
This was our first trip to Disney I am so glad we used your services! When we checked in our groceries were waiting for us! Everything we ordered was perfect
Highly recommend.
michael c. Thu Oct 8, 2015
Service was great. Right after we checked into our room at Disney Art of Animation groceries were delivered. Definitely saved us money being able to not rely on the resort for all of our meals.
Carrie M. Thu Oct 8, 2015
Easy-to-use service, had everything we were looking for (wider variety than I was expecting!) and making a request for an item that they didn't have was SUPER easy. Thanks for helping make our vacation more convenient!
Tamara S. Thu Oct 8, 2015
Easy site to navigate. On time service. I would use them again.
jessica t. Thu Oct 8, 2015
On a recent trip, there was something missing in my order for my child. When I called up to tell them about it, they went above and beyond to get it for me. From my understanding the driver actually went to a few stores to find my item. It was one less thing for me to have to worry about while I was away. I will always use them for every trip that I take to WDW. Thank you to Garden Grocer for having such a wonderful service.
Laura V. Wed Oct 7, 2015
Awesome!! Made our trip that much better! On time and exactly as ordered!
Katie R. Wed Oct 7, 2015
Great process and communication, from order to delivery! So easy, and much less expensive than buying everything at the hotel. We will definitely order again!
Lisa M. Wed Oct 7, 2015
Great service and easy to use!
Nicole C. Wed Oct 7, 2015
I was very impressed!! As soon as we checked in, our order was ready!!! It was so convenient to have some food readily available in our room instead of taking a boat to get to our hotel's restaurant!!
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