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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Stacy W. Sat Jul 22, 2017
Amazing service from start to finish. Super friendly staff and perfect for vacation.
Lindsay B. Sat Jul 22, 2017
Great Service! Made our vacation easier and more fun!
Vickie R. Sat Jul 22, 2017
Garden Grocer was very professional and provided exceptional service always confirming and keeping me updated on my order. They delivered to my resort and my groceries were waiting on me when I returned to my room. Garden grocer made this process so easy. I will definitely use them again.
Mary G. Sat Jul 22, 2017
The service was exceptional. I would recommend Garden Grocer to everyone.
Julie H. Sat Jul 22, 2017
This was so easy and convenient to not have to bring groceries with us in the 10 hour car trip to Disney! My groceries were delivered before I even arrived at my hotel, and the hotel held them in a refrigerated area until I arrived. We checked in, got our groceries, had a quick snack, and hit the parks!! I told quite a few other families about this service while at Disney! Thank you so much. We well definitely use Garden Grocer on our next trip back to the most magical place on earth!
Marion K. Fri Jul 21, 2017
We had an excellent experience with Garden Grocer and will use them in the future for our travels to Orlando. The delivery was made on time and was accurate. The cold items were kept separate and refrigerated at hotel.
Melissa R. Fri Jul 21, 2017
Our first trip to Disney with two little picky eaters, garden grocer was a great solution! We were able to keep our regular menu schedule and save A LOT OF MONEY!! Service was great and groceries were delivered as expected. In fact, groceries came before check-in, but resort keeps them cold for you. Great first experience. Will definitely utilize GG next Disney trip and recommend to everyone!
cynthia d. Fri Jul 21, 2017
Great service! My groceries were in my room waiting for me! Will use again!! Excellent 👍🏼
Carol S. Fri Jul 21, 2017
Everything was as promised. There were no surprises. Groceries were delivered in a timely manner. Frozen and refrigerated items were kept frozen and refrigerated. Would definitely use again.
Halley P. Fri Jul 21, 2017
Easy way to get groceries for vacation! I loved not needing to waste time and go to the store myself. Very good communication from the company and I appreciated the discount for ordering more than 30 days before the trip.
Linda K. Fri Jul 21, 2017
Great Service!! Would definitely recommend Garden Grocer!
Michael G. Fri Jul 21, 2017
Very convenient when staying at Disney. Much more cost effective than eating all meals and snacks at parks!
Marisa V. Thu Jul 20, 2017
Insanely convenient when you don't have a vehicle at Disney.
Chris F. Thu Jul 20, 2017
Was a great place to buy all the water and snacks for this trip. We ordered 7 cases of water and a lot of bananas, apples, kid snacks ect. And it was all in the room when I got there. It saved the trip to go to a store to buy it all. Everyone in my family will definitely be ordering from here for all future trips. Thanks for the great service.
Theresa C. Thu Jul 20, 2017
A great service! So much easier than packing food for a trip. Also much cheaper than buying groceries from the resort. I was very happy with my purchases. Thank you again!
Jessica A. Thu Jul 20, 2017
Excellent service
Karen F. Wed Jul 19, 2017
Great service for people staying at a Disney resort for an extended time and are without car access to go shopping.
Michael W. Wed Jul 19, 2017
This was our first time using Garden Grocer and we we extremely happy with all of our items chosen & delivered. Delivery was on time. Website is very easy to use with a variety of brands & items to choose from. Will definitely use again on the future.
Christine S. Wed Jul 19, 2017
Made our trip much easier. Food was delivered and stocked as necessary. Enjoyable experience.
Katie C. Tue Jul 18, 2017
Our order was on time and perfect! Having bottled water delivered to our Disney Resort saved us a ton of money in the parks too.
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