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Julie T. Tue Dec 1, 2015
I used Garden Grocer because I have two toddler and would not have been able to get to a grocery store during our short stay in Orlando/Walt Disney. Having the groceries pre-ordered (2-3months ahead) saved me some money and the delivery to the resort and our room was seamless. I am looking forward to using Garden Grocer again.
Kathrin S. Tue Dec 1, 2015
Hands down the best grocery delivery service! Highly recommended. Great customer service.
Lyn D. Tue Dec 1, 2015
It was such an easy process to order our groceries and delivery was right on time! I would highly recommend this service to others! Thanks Garden Grocer for making our trip less stressful!!
Stuart K. Tue Dec 1, 2015
Garden Grocer is the perfect alternative to ordering small breakfast items so our family could get to the parks to ride our favs!
Ronald P. Tue Dec 1, 2015
I've used Garden Grocer for several years now to supplement my meal plan while staying in Disney. I have never had a problem, as my order arrived on time with all items accounted for. I have been VERY PLEASED with the service and ease. Surprisingly, prices are not too too far off my regular grocery store prices (and a lot cheaper than food in the parks). I recommend your services to all friends and family staying in Disney!
Patricia C. Mon Nov 30, 2015
I found Garden Grocer while searching ways to have grocery items delivered to our hotel room at a Disney Resort. I was able to order a number of items, including P B & J and snacks, even cut up fresh fruit. Everything was delivered on time, and I received a text message once it was delivered to my hotel bell services. Everything was fresh and great. It was really nice to get some affordable grocery items to my room and not have to pack them in our suitcases - oh, this included wine also. Great service and I would definitely recommend this.
Robert D. Mon Nov 30, 2015
This is the first time we used the service provided by Garden Grocer. What I liked most about It was the variety of groceries to choose from. It provided everything I needed for my vacation. I didn't have to take a taxi to a grocery store and waste time and money. Also was able to order beer and wine. Great feature! I will be using the Garden Grocer again.
Lisa T. Mon Nov 30, 2015
This service was great. When we got to our room all the groceries was there. My order was filled to protection! Thanks again for a job well done!
Stacy C. Mon Nov 30, 2015
Fast efficient and great groceries
Brian H. Mon Nov 30, 2015
Made it easy to have breakfast, snacks, and beverages available in room. Ideal for delivery where hotel can hold cold/frozen food prior to your receiving it. Easy to make modifications to order just days before delivery. Customer services was very friendly and helpful during the one time I needed questions answered.
Susan D. Mon Nov 30, 2015
Made life in the hotel so much easier. Everything was there when we checked in and we were ready for vacation!
Sara C. Mon Nov 30, 2015
Garden Grocer was an excellent solution to our vacation needs! I was so happy to have our groceries delivered right to our hotel and they have an excellent selection.
Brian M. Mon Nov 30, 2015
Garden grocer delivered the food that I expected, on time and in great condition.
Eileen K. Mon Nov 30, 2015
It was our first time using Garden Grocer, and we are very happy with our experience! Everything we ordered arrived, and without any problems. We were informed by test when it arrived at our hotel, and it made our vacation so much better!
Samantha S. Mon Nov 30, 2015
Easy and would do again.
Jane S. Sun Nov 29, 2015
Our Garden Grocer delivered our order on time and complete. You are paying convenience store prices, but it was great being able to eat healthy food we liked in the convenience of our hotel room. I will certainly recommend Garden Grocer to others.
Ed H. Sun Nov 29, 2015
Each time we visit WDW we use the Garden Grocer service and will continue to do so in the future. There are plenty of choices and it's so nice to know you don't have to take the time to shop for food during your vacation time!
Ginny M. Sun Nov 29, 2015
Everything was perfect: from the ease of the mobile app to the variety of grocery selections to the on time delivery to the superb packaging of my groceries. Loved it! Will definitely use again!
Gelineau V. Sun Nov 29, 2015
We had an excellent service. Everything was there at the right time. I would recommend Garden Grocer to anyone. I made a change for the time of delivery and there was no problem at all.
Sarah H. Sun Nov 29, 2015
So easy to use!! They had great communication with me throughout the whole process. Thank you!
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