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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Jennifer P. Sat May 23, 2015
Wonderful service. Made our vacation at Disney even that much better.
Leslie W. Sat May 23, 2015
Simple to use and accurate with order and delivery. Made it easier for us traveling with a toddler.
Sandy K. Fri May 22, 2015
Our order was accurate and delivered on time!
William B. Fri May 22, 2015
Worked like a charm.
Maranda S. Fri May 22, 2015
Fantastic!!! We will be doing this again for sure on our next Orlando trip!
Tracy Fri May 22, 2015
Excellent, stress free service. Everything was on time and in order! thank you!!
Sarah H. Fri May 22, 2015
Love the service. Food was in my room when I arrived. Like that there is a discount if you order ahead of time.
Sara C. Fri May 22, 2015
Garden Grocer made preparing for our first Disney trip seamless and stress free. We stayed at Disney's Wilderness Lodge so all our perishable items were refrigerated and kept at the bell stand, just as the GG website described. Thank you for your service!
Marcie W. Fri May 22, 2015
We used Garden Grocer for the first time during our recent trip to Disney. Everything was perfect. I will definitely be using again.
Simon J. Fri May 22, 2015
from UK ordered my groceries by garden grocer to arrive by time we landed.superb service they were in resort ready,well packed,good expiry dates,fresh produce in mint condition,delivery charg $2 on orders over$200 - only prob is that I have never drank or eaten this much on holiday before.superb facility
Sherri E. Fri May 22, 2015
Loved the text message when or order arrived. Great service. Thank you for being there for us!
James H. Fri May 22, 2015
Great service and great team! Was not able to find an item within our order while we were unpacking the delivery, and reached out to customer service. They investigated the issue and offered to resend the item. I actually found the item in question underneath some of the other items, but knowing that the team investigated the issue and was willing to provide me with the product within 24 hrs is exceptional customer service! Keep up the great work, you made my vacation enjoyable and relaxing without having to worry about grocery shopping to stock the refrigerator!
Jill M. Fri May 22, 2015
This service was the best service that I could of asked for. I have two young children who needed milk, water and other items. Garden Grocer dropped off the items before we even arrived in Florida. Best service ever. Just make sure you order the correct amount. We still had left-over items when we left. Due to not using everything.
Jeff S. Fri May 22, 2015
Great service. Easy to use and the communication was outstanding as well. Using Garden Grocer made one less thing to worry about on our vacation.
Alicia C. Fri May 22, 2015
Fantastic service, lots of available options, would definitely recommend to other families that are visiting Disney and would like to save some money on water, juices, snacks and adult beverages during their visit.
Anne H. Fri May 22, 2015
From the very first time I placed an order online to when we received the groceries in our room, everything was easy and exactly as stated. The process was easy, efficient and the notification system flawless! Our groceries got there before we did! I cannot say enough good things. Definitely know where our groceries will be coming from the next time we are at WDW! Thank you!
Jenny A. Thu May 21, 2015
Great customer service. Delivery was on time and correct. Follow up call after order was placed was appreciated. I also loved getting a text when my order was delivered. Everything was waiting for me when I got to the hotel. What a wonderful service!
Lisa I. Thu May 21, 2015
Very simple process! Placed order online, easy to add to order and very prompt delivery. It was at the hotel waiting for us when we arrived! Will definitely use for our next trip!
michelle m. Thu May 21, 2015
I was very impressed with the Garden Grocer ordering process and customer service. When our hotel bell desk "lost" our refrigerated order, Garden Grocer stepped up and straightened it out and redelivered the missing order the next day!
Tamara C. Thu May 21, 2015
When someone told me about this site I was skeptical. I was pleasantly surprised when the site was so easy to navigate. I placed my order easily and the order was delivered right at the beginning of the delivery window. It was packaged perfectly including a separate bag for items that needed refrigeration at the resort until our room was ready. Thank you, Garden Grocer! I will recommend your service in the future.
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