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Hannah D. Thu Oct 20, 2016
We are extremely happy with the service we received from Garden Grocer. Our delivery was scheduled for the day of Hurricane Matthew and we were really worried that we wouldn't receive our groceries which included speciality milk for our 1 year old (impossible to buy on site). Our flights were cancelled so we drove down and arrived the following day. We were amazed that our groceries were waiting for us when we arrived. Garden Grocer went above and beyond to make sure that their customers received their orders despite the terrible weather. Thank you so much, we will be using your service again next year and will recommend you to all our friends visiting Disney.
Stephanie F. Wed Oct 19, 2016
Great service! This was our first time using it and we were very happy. We will definitely be using it again.
PATTI G. Wed Oct 19, 2016
Awesome idea. Everything arrived on time, fresh....and cold.
Eloise L. Wed Oct 19, 2016
Goods were at hotel when we arrived and exactly what we had asked for. Thank you.
chris s. Wed Oct 19, 2016
Brill service everything we ordered was there for us on time.
Pascal S. Wed Oct 19, 2016
Ordering was easy, quality of goods was great, and the customer service to fix an error was excellent.
Bonnie N. Wed Oct 19, 2016
GardenGrocer.com was a great way to get groceries on our Disney trip. The order process was simple and all of the items were delivered on time. The selection of products was good, so we were able to get all that we needed. I would use their service again if traveling to Disney World.
Noel T. Wed Oct 19, 2016
Cheap fast friendly service! So worth it just for bottled water alone!
Marilyn N. Wed Oct 19, 2016
Our Garden Grocer deliver was a blessing since it arrived the same day that Disney resorts locked down for Hurricane Matthew. We used our snack provisions instead of waiting in huge lines to get food.
theresa k. Wed Oct 19, 2016
Excellent service even with the hurricane matthew our order was still delivered to our hotel after it had passed and everything in date and fresh i would use this company again for our next holiday out
Tara M. Wed Oct 19, 2016
It was so easy to order diapers, food and wine for our vacation. All items were waiting for me at my resort when we arrived! Same day as Hurricane Matthew was approaching the Orlando area at that! Thanks Garden Grocer!!
Allan K. Wed Oct 19, 2016
We have been using Garden Grocer for our Disney World vacations for years now. The website has greatly improved making it so easy and logical to order our supplies for kids and adults. We still laugh when we recall the story about thinking we ordered 12 bananas and ending up ordering 12 bunches of bananas, several years ago. Fortunately, we love bananas and so did our neighbors. It was totally our mistake, upon review, and a mistake that would be hard to duplicate now. Delivery and follow up by Garden Grocer is very reliable and the resort bell staff very familiar with them that tells me that many families have discovered their service.
Jessica P. Wed Oct 19, 2016
Perfect, easy service that really made our first family vacation feel like home. We had breakfast in the hotel, packed lunch, and were able to afford nicer sit-down dinners.
Robin B. Wed Oct 19, 2016
Very happy with this service
Rae B. Tue Oct 18, 2016
Awesome service, the best. I highly recommend! This is the first time I've ever had groceries delivered to our hotel room. We stayed on property at WDW and read about the convenience and cost-saving. We ordered breakfast items, case of water, evening snacks. We will definitely use Garden Grocer again! Ordering was easy, I immediately received a confirmation phone call and groceries were waiting for us when we arrived. Super service and quality!
Chris B. Tue Oct 18, 2016
You guys offer an amazing service. It was so nice to have stuff delivered right to our room, and having it on arrival! We especially enjoyed having two cases of water delivered! Thank you!
Josh G. Tue Oct 18, 2016
Great service. Takes the stress out of finding a way to shop for snacks and drinks and avoided the astronomical prices of on-site food at resorts and parks.
William C. Tue Oct 18, 2016
Arrived during the beginning of a hurricane, you still delivered on time.
john h. Tue Oct 18, 2016
we were in Disney during Hurricane Matthew and having groceries in Disney was a lifesaver! Two hour lines for bad pizza is a terrible way to have a down day in Disney. Saved us a lot of money against the meal plan and everyone got what they wanted without the hassle of going to the main hotel. If you want to save money, be prepared and get what you want at Disney then gardengrocer is the only way to go!
Deb H. Tue Oct 18, 2016
Food was delivered when promised, as ordered, and exactly as requested. Excellent service.
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