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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

john m. Thu Jun 30, 2016
Order was complete as ordered even put the chocolate covered donuts in the fridge so they wouldn't melt.
Rick W. Thu Jun 30, 2016
All items were delivered in a timely fashion and order was perfect!!!!
Jacky B. Thu Jun 30, 2016
Love using this company! Especially when we are staying at Disney! We just arrive to our room and our food is there. It's just one less thing to worry about!
Drenda T. Thu Jun 30, 2016
Excellent service! We stayed at Saratoga Springs in Disneyworld and the groceries were waiting for us upon arrival! Garden Grocer even called me that morning before my departing flight and let me know that the groceries were delivered early and would be at guest services. Would definitely use them again!!
Gail V. Thu Jun 30, 2016
Everything is fantastic. Excellent quality. Great service. We received our groceries ontime.
KIMBERLY M. Thu Jun 30, 2016
This a great service. My family used it when we went to Disney. It was delivered on time and we got everything we ordered. The prices are reasonable. I would use them again.
Jonathan A. Thu Jun 30, 2016
It was my understanding that my drinks would be put in the refigerator if i wasnt there at the time of delivery...i wasnt able to get back to my room till 1:00 in the morning n i came back to some warm ass drinks
Kristin I. Thu Jun 30, 2016
Grocery delivery is a must have for a Disney trip! Stock up on bottled water, snacks etc.
Julia G. Thu Jun 30, 2016
We usually drive to Disney World and bring our drinks, etc. this year we flew so I was glad to learn we could order what we needed and it be delivered to our room .. Prompt , great service, and responsible prices. We will recommend and use again 😄
Yevone D. Thu Jun 30, 2016
This was super easy to use. Customer service was excellent. Delivery was on time, and groceries were fresh and well packaged. I highly recommend Garden Grocer.
Lisa P. Thu Jun 30, 2016
No problem use this place they are great I tell everyone I know about you guys! :)
Kim D. Thu Jun 30, 2016
It was amazing to arrive at my hotel and have real good waiting!
Sheryl H. Wed Jun 29, 2016
Great service! Definitely recommended for any Orlando visits. Everything was reasonably priced, plus delivered to the hotel. Enjoyed having healthy food options for lite meals and snacks instead of eating out 3 meals a day for 5 days.
Judy F. Wed Jun 29, 2016
Convenient and just generally a great service and a great first experience.
Andrew P. Wed Jun 29, 2016
Even though there was a minor problem with my order, Garden Grocer immediately responded to my phone call. When I needed further clarification about this order, I received a phone call, email, and text to make sure I had received the remainder of my order. Garden Grocer went out of their way to ensure I was completely satisfied. I would highly recommend using Garden Grocer.
Laura D. Wed Jun 29, 2016
so pleased with prompt, efficient service--produce was fresh, groceries were exactly as ordered!
Thank you for helping make our vacation in Disney amazing!
Maureen R. Wed Jun 29, 2016
Good arrived on time. Was here when we arrived to hotel. Order was accurate. Items were kept cold. Great service. Would definitely use again.
Robert W. Wed Jun 29, 2016
Our family was so pleased with Garden Grocer from start to finish. We used this service to get our breakfast and snack foods and we were so happy to get all of our favorites delivered right to our hotel. We got a call after placing the order online to confirm our order. We also got a call when the food arrived at the hotel (it arrived before we did and was kept by Bell Services until we arrived). We will definitely use this service again!
Kimberly K. Wed Jun 29, 2016
Having the groceries delivered to the Disney Resort was great! I did not need a car to stock up the fridge. It was cheaper to use the Garden Grocer than to rent a car for a day.
Jenny I. Wed Jun 29, 2016
Your service was a bonus to our Disney trip. We will definitely use you again when we fly. Thank you!
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