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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Barbara E. Tue Aug 23, 2016
Easy to use and delivered on time. Great customer service. Delivery was confirmed by text and phone call!!
Tracy H. Tue Aug 23, 2016
Garden grocer was easy to use. Everything was waiting for us in our cabin when we arrived. I wish I could use it at home.
Amy B. Tue Aug 23, 2016
Using Garden Grocer made our Disney trip so much easier to begin! We were able to start our vacation with all of our necessities ready for us upon our arrival. There was no need to find a store or buy essentials in the resort or even pack anyof it. I was especially happy to be able to get all of my diapers and food for my baby! I am so happy I found out about Garden Grocer and I would recommend this service to anyone!!
Kathleen Tue Aug 23, 2016
This was our eighth trip to Walt Disney World. We as well as our extended family have used Garden Grocer for most of the trips. The service is fabulous, and the staff is wonderful! The food is always fresh and we've never once had an issue with our order, And if there's any question one of the Garden grocer staff members has always called to doublecheck. We will continue to use Garden Grocer for all of our trips and will recommend Garden grocer to any friends or family that are heading to Disney.
Margaret M. Tue Aug 23, 2016
We only ordered breakfast and snack foods for our Disney visit. It was perfect. We had good healthy choices and a few sweet treats too. Small water bottles which were just what we needed. It was easy to order, prices were reasonable. I would definitely use this site again.
Linda T. Tue Aug 23, 2016
Excellent fruit.
Greg C. Tue Aug 23, 2016
Very easy to use and the products ordered were outstanding! I would highly recommend.
dorothy o. Tue Aug 23, 2016
My groceries were delivered to my resort before I arrived. Produce was perfect! Will definitely use his service again!!
Doris C. Tue Aug 23, 2016
Have used other shopping services in the Orlando area and this company worked perfectly. I will definitely be using them again!
Tracey F. Tue Aug 23, 2016
Garden Grocer is a great way to get healthy, organic food delivered to your hotel room when you are on vacation. I often stay at Disney resorts and do not rent a car -- I just use Garden Grocer! Their service is excellent, their delivery is on time and I would highly recommend them to anyone!
jean a. Tue Aug 23, 2016
Excellent, easy to use service. After an incredibly long day travelling it was great to have our groceries waiting for us when we checked in to our hotel.
Gavin S. Tue Aug 23, 2016
Very easy to order and delivered when stated. Order complete and text messages and emails sent to update.
Ken'ichi K. Tue Aug 23, 2016
Very good. Reliable and convenience.
Julie M. Mon Aug 22, 2016
This was a fantastic service. I would use them anytime I go to Disney, and I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you. Job well done!
Elise R. Mon Aug 22, 2016
Garden Grocer was a wonderful addition to our Disney trip. Right before we left, I received a phonr call saying they were out of a product I ordered and gave me substitution options. I was impressed with the personable customer service from beginning to end! Thank you!
Heather C. Mon Aug 22, 2016
First time user and LOVED Garden Grocer! Website is easy to navigate. Instructions on ordering was easy. And then the follow up call and texts were great! We would definitely use them again and refer anyone visiting the area (we were at Disney World for 9 days) to use them.
Our food and drinks were delivered on time and in perfect condition. Thank you Garden Grocer staff! We appreciate your service.
Tara G. Mon Aug 22, 2016
This is a great option while staying at Disney World. My kids have allergies which limits where we can eat at the parks. This gave us some options and allowed us to save some money on food. The fact that the order is delivered right to your room is fantastic!
Alexis C. Mon Aug 22, 2016
Convenient to use, fast delivery! The items ordered where at our hotel waiting when we arrived. Order was perfect.
Harry S. Mon Aug 22, 2016
Garden grocers was the perfect supplier for our food needs on our Orlando vacation. Their selection met everyone's desires and even allowed us to meet the needs of our gluten free family member. The order was easy to make and delivery was on time and and perfect. Would recommend Garden Grocers to anyone visiting the Orlando area.
David P. Mon Aug 22, 2016
Excellent service from start to finish.
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