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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Julie M. Sun May 29, 2016
This service was easy to use and not overpriced . Who wants to spend time at the grocery store when you could be in a park!
Tammie G. Sun May 29, 2016
We had a party of 13 that were staying for a week in two RV's and a tent at Disneys Fort Wilderness resort. We ordered our food a few weeks prior so that we would have fresh fruits, milk, eggs, veggies, wine, beer and cases of water available right away when we got there without having to add the extra weight in our smal RV fridges as we drove from Colorado. It was perfect! The stuff arrived at our campsite the first day fresh and wonderful! Very polite delivery man. The food was fresh and, 15 pounds of bananas and 3 cases of water later, we ate well and didn't have to pay Disney prices!!! Thank you!!!
Crystal C. Sun May 29, 2016
I appreciate the great customer service! The website is easy to navigate and our order is always delivered promptly.
Christopher Y. Sun May 29, 2016
Perfect way to save money on a vacation to Disney where simple drinks and snacks run you 3x the price you can get from Garden Grocer!
Samantha F. Sun May 29, 2016
Great customer service! Quick response to questions.
Elizabeth B. Sun May 29, 2016
The customer service is amazing! When I realized 36 hours before our vacation departure that I had forgotten to include one item in our order, a representative went down to the warehouse to ensure that the item was available and then helped me to another order representative who was able to add it to our order. In addition, that extra item arrived on time with the rest of our order. Thank you.
marcelo r. Sun May 29, 2016
Garden grocer is simple to use, great selection. It really helped us to save time and money! Thanks Gardengrocer!!
Toshihiro K. Sun May 29, 2016
I recommend it as a starting point to anyone interested in reducing vacation expenses.
Melinda M. Sun May 29, 2016
Perfect for people flying in from out of state and staying at a Disney Resort hotel!
Brittany A. Sat May 28, 2016
Everything was correct on my order and delivered promptly. It was wonderful!
Sharon E. Sat May 28, 2016
Food was delivered on time. Fresh fruit and everything perfect.
Janet B. Sat May 28, 2016
I was very pleased with the service given by Garden Grocer. There was a mix up in the order when we received it. I believe that the Saratoga Springs bell service delivered my refrigerated items to the wrong person. Even though it wasn't their fault, Kevin from Garden Grocer, sent the items out again. It was evening by that time and we needed the milk for a toddler and Kevin got the items right out to us. I was very happy with their customer service and quality of the food items. We were able to have breakfast each morning in our villa before we hit the park. Made our stay at Disney easy and convenient.
Kelly M. Sat May 28, 2016
Convenient, quick service, responsive! Plus you save $, what's not to love?! Will use again and refer friends!
Suzanne P. Sat May 28, 2016
Garden Grocer is perfect! It's incredibly convenient and their communication is very impressive. I will continue to recommend to friends and family traveling to Disney World or the Orlando area.
Christine B. Fri May 27, 2016
I loved using this service. My family and I were able to save a lot of money on food by using this at our hotel rather than go out to eat for all our meals and snacks. I will definitely recommend this to anyone staying at a resort that does not have a car rental!
Rick B. Fri May 27, 2016
Your service saved us precious vacation time and improved our vacation experience. I would highly recommend and will definitely use it again!
Karin P. Fri May 27, 2016
This is the first time we've ordered groceries for a trip. Garden Grocer was very easy to work with throughout the entire process. We received confirmations via email as well as phone. Our order included a special request and it was easily added to our order. I was also impressed each time I contacted GG via phone someone answered. I called at some odd times and on the weekends so I wasn't always expecting an answer but took a a chance. I would definitely use them again.
Angeline B. Fri May 27, 2016
This is by far the best way to go if you are going to Disney and you want to stay healthy and hydrated under budget! They deliver straight to your hotel and text you when it has been delivered. All you need to do is pick it up from bell services (if you can ) or have bell services delivery it to your room. Easy as pie. Whatever you can't pack, order from Garden Grocer. Fantastic!
Rebecca J. Fri May 27, 2016
I live in Alaska and just took my first trip to Walt Disney World. I knew it would be expensive but I was not worried since I knew about garden grocer. Ordering from their website and setting a delivery time and date was a breeze. The groceries were delivered on time, in great condition, and the order was 100% accurate! Love this service and will definitely use it again next time I go to Florida. :)
Kelly B. Fri May 27, 2016
Service was on time and completely accurate. Very impressed with delivery and follow up. Highly recommended!!
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