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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Lisa B. Fri Jul 3, 2015
We come to Disney 2-3 times a year and will be using Garden Grocer every time!!
Eric I. Fri Jul 3, 2015
I would highly recommend garden grocer! We will definitely use them again.
Marta C. Fri Jul 3, 2015
Had everything I wanted, ordering was easy, prices were comparable to any supermarket and delivery on time. I will use them again.
Christine R. Fri Jul 3, 2015
Excellent from start to finish
Karen D. Fri Jul 3, 2015
A wonderful service! We spent a week at Disney World without a car, so having plenty of bottled water and our favorite breakfast foods and snacks delivered to our hotel room was the ultimate convenience!
Thomas R. Thu Jul 2, 2015
great selection, on time delivery and easy to order. Ordered from California for our daughter's family without any problems. Will continue to order from them in future.
Marie Z. Thu Jul 2, 2015
Everything was just as advertised on the website. This is definitely a wonderful service.
Benita C. Thu Jul 2, 2015
Aledia M. Thu Jul 2, 2015
Gardengrocer is a great alternative to buying junk food every day at Disney locations. At first glance it appears expensive but it's half, or less than the cost of food at any Disney venue or resort. Thanks for making an affordable option available!
Cristina K. Thu Jul 2, 2015
Loved this service. Top notch. Wish you had this in Pa.
Phong T. Thu Jul 2, 2015
Easy to use website and app. Arrived on time. Timely notifications. Reasonable prices.
Julie H. Thu Jul 2, 2015
A godsend!! Our groceries arrived to the resort before we did!! It was awesome to be able to bring Gatorade & water to the parks instead of paying the parks prices for them. Thank you!
Rozlynn G. Wed Jul 1, 2015
My order was delivered exactly when promised and when one item was not exactly like I ordered, they replaced it without question the next morning. Love your service
Sharon A. Wed Jul 1, 2015
The process was extremely easy and the service was excellent. I loved the notification that the food was delivered. I have already recommended the service to friends.
Jaime M. Wed Jul 1, 2015
Great service. Very convenient. Our hotel said they would hold/refrigerate groceries until we arrived for our late check-in. We would definitely use Garden Grocer again!
Britt C. Wed Jul 1, 2015
We have used this service when staying in villas on Disney property. Groceries have always been delivered during the set times and couldn't be easier. Fruit is fantastic.
Jennifer E. Wed Jul 1, 2015
We found Garden Grocer by chance when looking at a Disney Vacation Club rental website. The layout of the website made it super easy to find the products we wanted to order for our trip to Disneyworld in June. We ordered both perishable and non-perishable items and were very impressed with the quality of the product. Although you will pay a bit more for the product through Garden Grocer than you would at a store, it is well worth the price as you are supposed to be on vacation and who want to go to the store. We would highly recommend Garden Grocer to anyone traveling to Orlando for vacation.
sherry m. Wed Jul 1, 2015
This was my first time using this service and I loved it. Having supplies I needed delivered to me on time and in great condition made my vacation off to the right start. I would use this service again.
Erin A. Wed Jul 1, 2015
Great service, so easy to use! Everything was waiting for us at our Disney Resort. Definitely made life at the parks much easier!
Aileen R. Wed Jul 1, 2015
Quick and easy. Everything was delivered to our resort in the timeframe I asked for. All food was fresh and cold items were kept cold.
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