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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Achim H. Mon Mar 27, 2017
It was my first order and I was a bit skeptical. But everything went very well. Big compliment!
Linda R. Mon Mar 27, 2017
Small glitch with order. Garden Grocer quickly corrected it, beyond my expectations.
Shayla S. Mon Mar 27, 2017
This was probably the best decision we made other than booking the trip. The products arrived before we got on the plane. Everything was exactly as expected.I would definitely use this service again.
Melissa D. Mon Mar 27, 2017
Ordering process was easy. All of our items were delivered exactly as promised. A very valueable service for our Disney vacation. Highly recommend.
Billie-Jo M. Mon Mar 27, 2017
Exceeded my expectations! On time, complete order, and bagged thoughtfully (i.e. no fruit with purfumes). Excellent communication (call immediately after to confirm, emails to confirm). (Will definitely use in the future!
Donna C. Mon Mar 27, 2017
Excellent Service!
Sharon M. Mon Mar 27, 2017
Garden Grocer was a great option for us to have food/snacks readily available. It was absolutely effortless and I love it!
Karin D. Sun Mar 26, 2017
Great service, easy ordering & delivery made right to my son's room - what more could you ask for? I would definitely use Garden Grocer again!
Andrea K. Sun Mar 26, 2017
I love the time-saving service and easy-to use grocery service of Garden Grocer!
Bob H. Sun Mar 26, 2017
I was so impressed with the follow up after every transaction. You guys completely took the stress out of something I had never done before! I've been recommending you all week!
Carrie R. Sun Mar 26, 2017
What an amazing service you guys provide! It was so easy to order and when I arrived to my hotel my order was waiting. Thank you!!!
Trisha L. Sun Mar 26, 2017
We used Garden Grocer for our trip to Disney. When we got to our room the food was waiting for us. It made breakfast so much easier and cheaper.
Kristin J. Sat Mar 25, 2017
This service was so convenient! I plan on using Garden Grocer to every Disney trip in the future and would highly recommend their services to anyone who is traveling to Disney!
Jamie E. Sat Mar 25, 2017
My items were delivered on time and were as expected. I appreciated all of the communication with the company. From my initial order, to delivery, to a "how did we do" survey, the company made sure things went smoothly for me. I called for customer service once, and that was handled perfectly as well. I would definitely use this company again.
Heidi D. Fri Mar 24, 2017
I was looking for a way to get a case of purified water to family members staying at a Disney World resort. The delivery fee was fair, but I did have to add a few extra items to the order to meet the minimum delivery, which was no big deal. I added a few snacks and fresh fruit. It's great that visitors to DW have Garden Grocer as an option instead of overpaying for a bottle of water (or other) in the parks.
Anastasios N. Fri Mar 24, 2017
So convenient. We used to stop at Walmart on our way in and. Ow we don't have to. Thank you
Portia G. Fri Mar 24, 2017
So glad I found out about this online grocery store! Good selections, very easy to add to my order as well as making a change to my order. It was delivered to my Disney resort on time. I will for sure use this service on our next Disney trip!
PATRICIA F. Fri Mar 24, 2017
Great service. Was on time and everything was there. Our first time using this and we will again.
Andrew G. Fri Mar 24, 2017
Overall good experience. I ordered groceries from Garden Grocer once while staying at Disney World Fort Widerness Resort. Groceries were delivered on time and all produce items were fresh and in good shape. Also it was very convenient as the Resort will hold your groceries for pick up and keep cold items refrigerated. Prices were much better than the Disney grocery delivery service. Also they follow up with an email and phone call to confirm everything is OK with the order. I was more than happy with the customer service provided.
Jim K. Fri Mar 24, 2017
We had a wonderful experience when staying on Disney Property with Garden Grocer. We ordered online. Our order was delivered to bell service at our resort. Bell service delivered to our room. I received an email and phone call stating it was delivered! Great service!
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