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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

lorraine t. Mon Aug 29, 2016
Order was easy to place and someone called to confirm order
They were super nice and helpful😀
Will use you guys again for my next trip!
Dani B. Mon Aug 29, 2016
Good wed site, easy order and pay, delivered right on time, would recommend this to anyone going to Disney World and wanting things delivered.
Kelly L. Mon Aug 29, 2016
We were very very happy with this service! Our order was on time and correct, even our last minute changes. Thank you!
ryan G. Mon Aug 29, 2016
Used before for Disney, Easy to use, our last order had to be canceled last minute due to illness and vacation being canceled. The process was very easy and employees were very helpful with the process.
Bridge H. Mon Aug 29, 2016
Awesome idea! Awesome service! Made a huge difference in our Disney Stay! Having breakfast and snacks in our room saved us money and time! Highly recommend this!
Stephanie P. Mon Aug 29, 2016
I arrived to my cabin on Disney property and all my groceries were in the fridge and freezer everything went very well. I will be using the service in the future next time I visit Disney
Eric K. Sun Aug 28, 2016
Ordering from Garden Grocer was one of the best things I did from our last trip. Saved a lot of time and money and the service was excellent. I will use them every trip from now on.
Patricia R. Sun Aug 28, 2016
Love this service! Garden Grocer makes flying to Disney easy.
Gregory R. Sun Aug 28, 2016
Used them at Disney World and it was a great service. Food was delivered on tiime and Garden Griocer was helpful in calling and e-mailing re: the delivery information. Very satisfied!
Michelle D. Sun Aug 28, 2016
Prompt and easy delivery. All items delivered with care! I would definitely use this service again.
Janelle G. Sun Aug 28, 2016
I am so happy with the communication, products, and selection. We will definitely use Garden Grocer in the future.
Cindy H. Sun Aug 28, 2016
First time user. Everything arrived on time and bell services delivered it to our room. Definitely will use again and recommend to anyone staying at Disney.
Tiffiny A. Sun Aug 28, 2016
Everything was great. Got email and phone text that my order was in the fridge at Cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort! This was my first time using them and would do it again. Thanks so much :)
Karen L. Sun Aug 28, 2016
All items ordered were delivered before we reached the hotel and were waiting for us when we arrived. Items requiring refrigeration were refrigerated. I had requested green bananas and the bananas we received were so overripe they could not be eaten. I called that afternoon and they were immediately replaced with green ones that same day. All other grocery items were exactly as ordered. Thank you for the efficient and prompt service and for rectifying the only problem so quickly.
Lisa M. Sun Aug 28, 2016
Great service, so convenient. We used to land in Orlando and spent our first hours of vacation time at the grocery store. Now that we know about Garden Grocer, that will no longer happen! We will highly recommend to anyone that we know will be travelling to Orlando.
Jennifer P. Sun Aug 28, 2016
It was easy to use! They have a large selection of items that you can use while your visiting the Disney area. You just don't know until you try! They are a great way to get items when your away from home that maybe forgot or didn't want to travel with. Great Service!!!!
Ellen L. Sun Aug 28, 2016
The service was wonderful. I got email and phone confirmation when I ordered and text and phone confirmation when the order was delivered (I was at the airport which means that the delivery was very timely). The order was in our room when we arrived. I have already recommended Garden Grocer to several people and will definely order from you the next time I visit Disney World
michelle g. Sun Aug 28, 2016
great service at a reasonable price.
Thaddeus N. Sun Aug 28, 2016
Excellent service
Renee E. Sun Aug 28, 2016
Great savings to use in Disney especially for a family gathering of 9! Delivery to the resort was smooth and efficient! I will be using Garden Grocer again!
Thank you
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