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Cathleen E. Fri Jun 23, 2017
I am so thankful for Garden Grocer. I was able to have all the special foods I eat while at WDW. It was fresh and easily delivered once we arrived at our location. Thanks again for a wonderful service. Cafe
Alexis f. Fri Jun 23, 2017
Loved that they checked to make sure my delivery was on time and to my satisfaction. I would recommend this site to anyone who is going to disney.
Yuki W. Fri Jun 23, 2017
Keep in mind the hotels do not provideal any aluminum foil if you want to bake bacon or anything. They also do not offer any real cooking knives, you have to cut everything with a steak knife. The garden grocer service itself is awesome, 10/10.
Kathleen H. Fri Jun 23, 2017
Heard about this service from a friend and couldn't have been happier with this service! I will be telling everyone I know about it!
Debbie S. Fri Jun 23, 2017
Garden Grocer made it very easy for me to order from for our trip to Disney! We ordered and when we arrived at hotel it was already placed with bell services and all I had to do was pick up the phone and my groceries was right there! Easy to order and confirmation that it was there! Great I will use again the next visit to Disney!
Jenni C. Fri Jun 23, 2017
We used this amazing service on our visit to Disney World and we were extremely pleased with it!
Lisa H. Thu Jun 22, 2017
Fantastic service from time of arrival to products themselves - I will absolutely use Garden Grocer every time!!
Susan S. Thu Jun 22, 2017
Our service was excellent! Customer service when ordering polite and helpful. Our order arrived in strong double bags in the time promised, and was followed up so we knew it was there. The bananas (which I was a little nervous about- prefer greenish) were perfect- the last one was still edible six days later!
Andrew C. Thu Jun 22, 2017
Will definelty being using Garden Grocer again. Everything came as expected. Saved us big time as we were flying here and needed some items. Items were delivered to the resort between the time frame I requested. I passed Garden Grocer on to my travel agent to recommend them to other clients. Thanks so much Garden Grocer!
Andrea B. Thu Jun 22, 2017
I would use Garden Grocer again and again! They were the only thing on our trip that went as planned! Excellent service and communication! The best!!!
Rebecca E. Thu Jun 22, 2017
So convenient! Will definitely use again!
Anna C. Thu Jun 22, 2017
Everything I ordered was waiting for us at our hotel just as expected. So easy and convenient! I will definitely use their service again!
Samantha R. Thu Jun 22, 2017
It was our first trip to Walt Disney World from the UK and we had no idea what facility's would be available to us for snacks and breakfast outside of the food courts. We were also traveling without a car so travelling to a supermarket/grocery store was not going to be an easy option for us. After reading reviews we looked at the Garden Grocer website. It was so easy to navigate and super easy to order from, being from outside the USA was no problem. The link with Disney hotels is amazing, we ordered what we wanted a week or so before our departure and upon arrival to our Disney hotel room (tierd from our long trip) a porter greeted us with our order! We got some essential groceries for our two week stay and felt like we didn't have to lift a finger! Plus we saved so much money as Disney can get a little expensive! Thank you Garden Grocer!!
Kerri W. Wed Jun 21, 2017
Super easy, arrived on time, produce was fresh. Great customer service, recieved a phone call to confirm our order and another to confirm delivery. Gave us the ability to save money on breakfast and snacks instead of paying more in the theme parks.
Christina M. Wed Jun 21, 2017
I have a special needs child and traveled from the west coast. I was concerned about being able to have all the items I needed for her and having to go to a store in an unfamiliar area to find them. Garden Grocer made it easy and stress free to get the items I needed. Thank you!
Gayle R. Wed Jun 21, 2017
We went to Disney with to 14 year olds who liked sleeping in. We let them sleep in a bit and eat a quick breakfast on the fly as they got ready in morning. Also had bedtime snacks for growing teens. The water and juice where great in the heat too. Thanks again for all your help in making our vacation a success!!!!
jessica y. Wed Jun 21, 2017
The delivery was on time. We also appreciated the phone calls at time of order and delivery to ask if we had any questions. The fruit was amazing! Some of the best we've ever had! Really impressed with everything.
cath r. Wed Jun 21, 2017
Liked getting texts
Updates when my order arrived!
Danyelle C. Wed Jun 21, 2017
It was wonderful to be able to order groceries so easily from the website. When arriving at our resort, our order was on the room ready for us. It made our vacation easy to enjoy thanks to the easy order and delivery service.
Melanie H. Wed Jun 21, 2017
Fast delivery, great products, and so convenient when traveling!
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