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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Mary S. Fri Dec 9, 2016
My first time using Garden Grocer - site was easy to navigate and I was pleased to have cold milk and fresh fruit available for my family in our room. Would definitely recommend GG and will use again .
Todd C. Fri Dec 9, 2016
I can't begin to explain how wonderful this company is. I placed my order and within 10 minutes I had a text, email, and phone call confirming my order. Order was delivered on time. There was constant contact through emails and text messages throughout the whole process. Would you this service again and again and would highly recommend it to everyone.
Sonja B. Fri Dec 9, 2016
I've used Garden Grocer the past few times that I've traveled to Disney during POP Warner Cheer Competitions and have found the service to be fabulous! Groceries are delivered prior to me even arriving at the resort (I get a text upon delivery, so I am assured it is taken care of) and when I check in, all cold items are still cold (having been appropriately stored by my resort) and delivered to my room. For a mom traveling "solo" with a high-maintenance cheerleader in tow - this service is a LIFE SAVER!! Thanks Garden Grover - see ya next year!
David J. Fri Dec 9, 2016
My order even with delivery fee saved me over two hundred dollars on basics like bottled water during our 10 day trip compared to buying on site.. Process worked as advertised, very happy with delivery and will certainly use again on next trip to Disney World.
Juliet J. Fri Dec 9, 2016
Recommend this service to anyone visiting Disney Parks.
Jackie G. Fri Dec 9, 2016
Excellent service and very easy to order online. I had to add a few items to my initial order and it was very simple. I would definitely use Garden Grocer again!
Natalie C. Thu Dec 8, 2016
Excellent service, extremely easy to use. Would highly recommend to anyone traveling to areas they service.
Emily E. Thu Dec 8, 2016
Outstanding customer service!! I loved the personal (and fast) communication; the personal touch was with personal emails was wonderful! Very easy and convenient...thank you for offering this excellent service!
Willian K. Wed Dec 7, 2016
I used the app. It was quick, simple, and very easy to navigate. I would recommend this to anyone and I plan on using it whenever we go to Disney.
William V. Wed Dec 7, 2016
Delivered as promised.
DAVID N. Wed Dec 7, 2016
A great service,will use again and again!
Austin H. Wed Dec 7, 2016
Garden Grocer is a great service! Everything is reasonably priced, and they keep you updated on delivery information with texts/emails. I had a question about one of the items on my order, and they emailed me back within minutes! Will highly recommend this site...and use on future Walt Disney World visits!
Heather B. Wed Dec 7, 2016
I wasn't sure if I would need a grocery delivery for our time at Disney with the dining plan, but I was very glad someone in a planning group recommended Garden Grocer! Website was easy to navigate, fruit was fresh and delivery was easy!
Tricia S. Wed Dec 7, 2016
Great service !! Order was there when we checked in!!
Deborah G. Tue Dec 6, 2016
I would highly recommend Garden Grocer to anyone traveling to Walt Disney World. Since we had a full kitchen in our one-bedroom villa, we had beverages, snacks and fruit delivered to our Disney resort. Everything arrived as expected and the fruit was wonderful! Thank you Garden Grocer!
Marsha J. Tue Dec 6, 2016
This is an amazing service. Contacts were prompt, courteous, and professional. I received texts and calls that kept us posted and up to date on the order and delivery. Our order was at the resort at Disney World where we stayed before we even got there. The bell service brought it to the room promptly upon our arrival. It was great to have snacks and necessities in our room during our stay, especially with a toddler and infant.The food was fresh and tasty, including the produce. I would highly recommend this company and will definitely be using it again on our next trip to Disney World.
Colleen Tue Dec 6, 2016
Website was easy to use, prices are higher than I'd pay in my local store BUT nowhere near what you'd pay on property. Having my delivery there and waiting (and the cold stuff in cold storage) was a great way to start my vacation. Highly recommend this service (and have to many friends and family)
Richard Z. Mon Dec 5, 2016
Easy to deal with. Great follow up both when first ordered and when delivered to resort. Food was at the resort waiting for us as promised.
Jennifer O. Mon Dec 5, 2016
An absolute Disney lifesaver. Thanks Garden Grocer.
Gloria F. Mon Dec 5, 2016
GardenGrocer was very thorough in customer service. They made personal calls to be certain everything was delivered and accurate on top of ordinary confirmation emails. Everything met our expectations and was delivered within our requested time frame. I will definitely use them again!
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