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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Kristol O. Sat Feb 13, 2016
Great Service and informative with texts about when our groceries were delivered. Wish there was a cheaper option- twice what I normally pay for groceries.
Jennifer C. Sat Feb 13, 2016
So easy to use. I ordered our food and it appeared in our room and refrigerator. I highly recommend!!!
Denise T. Sat Feb 13, 2016
What a difference this service made to our Disney Club Membership!! We have been to Disney many times in the past, with the full kitchen available - but no way of getting to a full service grocery store unless we wanted to take a half day to, grab a cab, shop, and then bring it all back. With this service we shop online prior to our arrival and everything is just delivered up to our room - what could be easier?? We were able to have plenty of breakfast fixings, snacks, and dinner items on those nights we came 'home' early enough to eat dinner at our resort. I have already recommended this service to my other family members and will most defiantly be using Garden Grocers on our next trip(s)!
Ariella S. Fri Feb 12, 2016
We have used Garden Grocer 3 times now. Our groceries have always been delivered on time and always in full. The fresh fruit is always great quality. We will use them on our next visit to Disney for sure.
David V. Fri Feb 12, 2016
The service we received from Garden Grocer was the best of our Disney World trip. They out performed Disney themselves!
Gwendolyn L. Fri Feb 12, 2016
This was so helpful. After a day of travel with a toddler, I was so happy to have groceries waiting for us. It eliminated the trip to the store. I will be using this service again. Thank you !!
Joey A. Fri Feb 12, 2016
I'm so glad we used this service!! Our groceries were safely stored for us just before our arrival. Our picky eater had no worries thanks to you!!!
Edwin Fri Feb 12, 2016
Reliable service always on time never missed a product ....will always use when travelling to Orlando
kathy m. Fri Feb 12, 2016
We were very happy with the quality of service and products. Have already recommended your company to friends.
Denise C. Thu Feb 11, 2016
Great way to start vacation!
Elizabeth W. Thu Feb 11, 2016
I loved how easy it was to use and the food was delivered to the hotel. Then we just asked to have it delivered to our room.
Sharon S. Thu Feb 11, 2016
Tami W. Thu Feb 11, 2016
Website was very easy to use. Customer service got back to me quickly and answered all questions. Delivered on time and verified via email. Easiest groceries I ever bought!
Jenny S. Thu Feb 11, 2016
Groceries were deliver as soon as we got to our room while staying at Bay Lake Tower.
Timothy G. Thu Feb 11, 2016
Efficient, no-fusss, delivered as promised! Highly recommended!
tess h. Thu Feb 11, 2016
Using Garden Grocer was so easy and incredibly convenient! The groceries were waiting for us when we arrived, cold was kept cold, etc. We had a small problem which the company went out of their way to solve. Very happy with the service and would definitely use again and recommend!
Brian G. Thu Feb 11, 2016
The service was great! This is the easiest way to get snacks, drinks, beer, wine, or meals in your room while you are visiting Disney World. Garden Grocer brought it to the resort, and the bellman delivered it to our room. It saved time, money, and was healthy due to the fact we did not have to search for expensive, straight sugar snacks at Disney! I will absolutely use Garden Grocer the next time we visit Disney World!
Christina S. Thu Feb 11, 2016
Ridiculously simple and saved me a ton of money just in bottled water alone!!
Shirley K. Wed Feb 10, 2016
This service is an excellent way to save money!! Since it was my first time using the Garden Grocer, I only ordered cases of water. After realizing how much money we saved just in water, I wished we ordered other items such as snacks, fruit, yogurt, etc. I have already started spreading the word to my in-laws, who coming to Disney in March. Also, I spoke with our cheer coach about ordering items for each room during our next competition in Disney. Thank you Garden Grocer!!
Katie Wed Feb 10, 2016
As always, GG delivers! Easy to order, friendly follow-up calls and our order was on-time and accurate.
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