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Ben & Jerry's Non Dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 16 Oz product image

Ben & Jerry's Non Dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 16 Oz

  • ($9.99 / oz)

We know how much you love Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. We love it too Honestly, we didnt think we could love it any more than we already did. But we were wrong! The legendary Dough has gone Non-Dairy, and we couldnt be more excited. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough has been making people happy ever since 1984, when fans came from all over to our Burlington, VT, Scoop Shop for a taste. Then, when we started selling it in pints, the happiness grew and grew, and it became one of the most popular flavors in Ben & Jerrys history. Well, were dough-lighted to announce that our Non-Dairy Cookie Dough is ready to bring a bunch of new smiles to a bunch of new faces. Our Flavor Gurus are always thinking of ways to make life more fun and delicious, and theyve outdone themselves this time. They reimagined a treasured fan favorite, ensuring that this classic dough-loaded concoction will make even more people happy. All those gobs of cookie dough, all those giant chunks of chocolateyes, all the euphoric goodness is there, but now its 100% vegan. As if that werent enough, we also use only Fairtrade Certified cocoa, sugar, and vanilla in every pint. Were proud to use Fairtrade Certified ingredients. After one bite, we bet youll understand why!

Item #: 2137
Brand: Ben & Jerry's


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