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Seagrams Twisted Lime Flavored Gin 750ml

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Made from infusing lime liqueur into quality gin, Seagram's Twisted Gin Lime has a delightfully tangy and mellow taste with a dry gin finish on the palate that is worth savoring. The Lime Twisted Gin was the first flavor-infused Extra Dry Gin formula by Seagram's, and it has helped the line of flavored twisted gins win top awards. Seagram's Twisted Gin Lime offers hints of lime and juniper berry that helped it take silver at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, setting it apart from the competition. Use Seagram's Twisted Gin Lime for a dry, lime-flavored martini, a Tom Collins, a gin and tonic, a gimlet, or any popular gin cocktail. With an ABV of 35%, Seagram's Twisted Lime Gin is a classy, sophisticated option for mixing simple and refreshing cocktails. Try it in your favorite recipe along with other fruit flavors to create a customized cocktail.

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Brand: Seagram's


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