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Malibu Caribbean Rum Coconut Liqueur 375mL product image

Malibu Caribbean Rum Coconut Liqueur 375mL

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Malibu Original is the best-selling coconut-flavored rum in the world, delivering a smooth and sweet flavor that complements all your favorite tropical cocktails. This rich Caribbean rum is aged in oak barrels for two years to develop its complex, sweet flavor. The recipe has basically remained unchanged for more than 100 years and is crafted with Caribbean sugarcane and pure water. As the first sip touches your taste buds, you will feel as though you're transported to a tropical beach on the islands where you're watching the palm trees sway in the breeze. Try Malibu Original in a number of cocktails. Blend it with fresh strawberries for a flavorful daiquiri or shake with orange juice and grenadine to enjoy a fruity Caribbean Sunrise. Malibu Original is also delicious on its own or mixed with cranberry juice or cola. Don't forget to sample the spirit in a pia colada, a drink Malibu had in mind when its Caribbean rum was originally crafted.

Item #: 206
Brand: Malibu
UPC #: 089540449036


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