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Seagram's Vodka 750ml

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Its typical for a spirit company to describe its product as smooth, a meaningless term that is typically used to describe spirits that dont burn the throat. Actually putting the term on the label is something else entirely. What makes Seagrams bottom-shelf Vodka extra smooth? Its hard to say without tasting, because Seagrams notes only that it is distilled five times from the finest American grain. Exactly how smooth is it? Lets give this budget vodka a try and find out. If Seagrams is smooth, its because it is extremely sweet. A healthy dose of sugar masks whatever imperfections might be under the surface, at least at first. More industrial elements emerge in short order, showing notes of charcoal, mushroom, and raw grain elements. The finish is pungent and somewhat vegetal, though the lingering sugary character tempers all of that to some degree. Ultimately, its nothing special, and while itd be OK as a mixer, you can do better without spending much more. That said, perhaps the smoothest thing about this vodka is the price. 80 proof.

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Brand: Seagram's


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