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Chobani Coffee Creamer, Chocolate Coconut & Almond Flavored

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Flip Edition Made from only farm-fresh cream, with natural chocolate, coconut and almond flavors. Chocolate, coconut & almond flavored coffee creamer. No GMO ingredients. Real dairy. Authentically Crafted: No artificial flavors. No artificial sweeteners. No preservatives. No added oils. No emulsifiers. No carrageenan. No rBST (Milk from rBST treated cows is not significantly different). We keep our creamer simple and delicious with only natural ingredients and no added oils. Starting from fresh cream from our yogurt-making process, we add only milk, cane sugar, and a touch of natural flavoring. Stirred into your coffee, our creamer makes every sip sweeter than the last.

Item #: 2425
Brand: Chobani
UPC #: 818290017444

Made with non-GMO ingredientsNo artificial flavors or sweetenersNo preservativesNo added oilsNo emulsifiersNo carrageenanMade with milk from cows not treated with rBST*


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