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Zatarain's Yellow Rice Dinner Mix 6.9oz Box product image

Zatarain's Yellow Rice Dinner Mix 6.9oz Box

$2.69 $2.99
  • ($0.43 / oz)

Yellow rice, or arroz amarillo in Spanish, is a culinary staple in nearly every Latin American culture. It is commonly served as a simple side dish or, more famously, simmered with chicken and other ingredients to create arroz con pollo. This savory side dish boasts an exciting blend of flavors that includes turmeric, onion and red pepper. Zatarain’s Yellow Rice is simple to prepare, cooks to fluffy perfection every time, and presents a beautiful complement to a range of meats and vegetables. Try it with chicken and asparagus, or pork chops and green beans. Yellow Rice will be your new favorite trick for quick weeknight meals.

Item #: 5364
Brand: Zatarain's


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