Lunchables Uploaded Nachos Grande Cheese Dip & Salsa Lunch Combinations.Absopure spring water.Tortilla chips.Kraft nacho cheese.Salsa.Fruit By The Foot - berry tie-dye.Kool-aid tropical punch singles.Excellent source of calcium.See nutrition information for fat and sodium content.Per package:380 calories.3.5g sat fat, 18% DV.710mg sodium, 30% DV.20g sugars.10 fl oz (296 ml).Spring water, tortilla chips, nacho cheese dip, salsa, fruit by the foot - berry tie-dye - fruit flavored snack, kool-aid singles tropical punch artificial flavored soft drink mix.


Water - Spring Water.Tortilla Chips - Ground White Corn, Vegetable Oil (contains one or more of the following: Corn, Sunflower, or Canola Oil), Salt. Nacho Cheese - Whey, Milk, Canola Oil, Dried Corn Syrup, Water, Sodium Phosphate, contains less than 2% of Jalapeno Peppers, Salt, Whey Protein Concentrate, Lactic Acid, Milkfat, Sodium Alginate, Vinegar, Calcium Phosphate, Potassium Chloride, Sorbic Acid as a Preservative, Cheese Culture, Enzymes, Natural Flavor, Apocarotenal (Color). Salsa - Water, Tomato Paste, Green Chili Peppers, Vinegar, Dehydrated Onions, contains less than 2% of High Fructose Corn Syrup, Food Starch-Modified, Jalapeno Peppers, Salt, Green Bell Peppers, Garlic Powder, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate as Preservatives, Citric Acid, Spice. Fruit Flavored Snack - Sugar, Maltodextrin, Corn Syrup, Pear Puree Concentrate, Palm Oil, contains less than 2% of Carrageenan, Citric Acid, Monoglycerides, Sodium Citrate, Acetylated Monoglycerides, Malic Acid, Xanthan Gum, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Locust Bean Gum, Potassium Citrates, Natural Flavor, Color (Red 40, Blue 1). Tropical Punch Artificial Flavored Soft Drink Mix - Sugar, Fructose, Citric Acid, contains less than 2% of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Natural and Artificial Flavor, Acesulfame Potassium and Sucralose (Sweeteners), Calcium Phosphate, Artificial Color, Red 40, Blue 1, BHA (Preserves Freshness).

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Kraft Heinz.Please recycle this carton.Fruit By The Foot is a registered trademark of General Mills Inc. Used with permission.Absopure is a registered trademark of Absopure, Inc. and is used with permission.1-800-222-2323 please have package available.Visit us at: lunchables.com.Kraft Foods.