Horizon Sandwich Organic Crackers Cheddar.New.With real organic cheese!USDA organic.

Product Features

Meet happy!When Horizon began over 20 years ago, we chose happy the smiling cow as our logo. We know cows don't eat crackers, but if they did, we'd like to think ours would make happy's smile even bigger. We hope you love them.For kids in motion.Take the nutrition of milk on the go! Horizon milk boxes are perfect for the lunchbox and beyond.Get happy at snack time!Crisp, buttery-tasting crackers team up with real cheese for a kid-pleasing snack. Just the right size for little hands, these organic sandwich crackers are also a good source of calcium. And did we say they're delicious?Snack facts: Certified organic ingredients.Good source of calcium.Made with real organic cheese.No high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. More at horizonfamilyfavorites.com.At plant number stamped.International quality assurance.Certified organic.Recyclable facilities may not exist in your area.Quality assurance international.1-888-494-3020 or visit horizonfamilyfavorites.com.2013 Horizon.