White meat chicken, cheddar topped mashed potatoes & white & yellow corn. Since 1948. Food from the heart - prepared with love and care. - Love, Marie. 15% of daily grains. 60% of daily vegetables. 35% of daily meat. USDA Daily Recommended Amounts: 6 oz equivalent grains: One serving contains 1 oz, 15% daily amount. 2-1/2 cups vegetables: One serving contains 1-1/2 cup, 60% daily amount. 5-1/2 oz equivalent meat + beans: One serving contains 2 oz, 35% daily value. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture.


Mashed Potatoes (Rehydrated Potato Flakes and Granules [Water, Potatoes, Mono- and Diglycerides, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, Disodium Dihydrogen Pyrophosphate, Citric Acid, Sodium Bisulfite and BHT], Butter, Soybean Oil, Salt, Sugar, Black Pepper), Country Fried Chicken Breast Patty (Chicken Breast with Rib Meat, Breader [Bleached Wheat Flour, Yellow Corn Flour, Salt, Spices, Leavening {Sodium Aluminum Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate}, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Spice Extractive], Batter Mix [Water, Yellow Corn Flour, Cornstarch, Salt, Spices, Guar Gum, Leavening {Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Monocalcium Phosphate}, Garlic Powder], Water, Contains 2% or Less of: Potassium Chloride, Salt, Sodium Phosphate, Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Flavoring, Fried in Vegetable Oil with BHT), Corn, Water, Half and Half (Cream, Milk), Contains 2% or Less of: Modified Cornstarch, Cheddar Cheese (Cheddar Cheese [Milk, Cheese Culture, Salt, Enzymes, Annatto]), Butter, Sugar, Flavoring (Partially Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil, Wheat Flour), Vegetable Stock Flavor (Maltodextrin, Flavorings, Yeast Extract, Salt, Tapioca Maltodextrin, Spices), Chicken Base (Chicken Flavor [Contains Maltodextrin, Chicken Broth, Turkey Broth, Natural Flavor, Yeast Extract, Dehydrated Chicken Meat, Turkey Fat, Turkey Meat], Salt, Chicken Fat, Sugar, Modified Cornstarch, Turmeric), Salt, Shallot Juice Concentrate (Contains Vegetable Oil), Flavoring.

Product Features

Keep frozen; must be cooked thoroughly. For food safety and quality: Keep frozen; do not thaw. Ovens and wattages vary. Adjust cooking times as needed. Product must be cooked thoroughly. Read and follow these cooking directions. Microwave Oven: Cook only one product at a time. 1. Cut a slit in film cover over vegetables and in center of gravy pouch. Place pouch on meal over chicken. Microwave meal on High 4-1/2 minutes. 2. Stir potatoes and rotate chicken one half turn; replace film cover and gravy pouch over chicken. Microwave an additional 2 to 3-1/2 minutes. Microwave ovens below 1100 watt may require additional cook time to reach proper temperature. 3. Let stand 2 minutes. Carefully remove as product will be hot; stir potatoes. 4. Check that product is cooked thoroughly. Internal temperature needs to reach 165 degrees F as measured by a food thermometer in several spots. Conventional Oven: Do not prepare in toaster oven. 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Cut a slit in film cover over chicken and vegetables. 2. Bake on cookie sheet in center of oven 40 to 43 minutes. 3. Place pouch into pan of boiling water; do not cover. Cook 9 minutes. 4. Carefully remove as product will be hot. Let stand 2 minutes; stir potatoes. 5. Check that product is cooked thoroughly. Internal temperature needs to reach 165 degrees F as measured by a food thermometer in several spots. Temperatures above 350 degrees F and/or failure to use a cookie sheet may cause damage to the tray, food and/or oven.