Jif Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter.7g protein per serving.Non GMO*.Gluten free.Per 2 Tbsp.190 Calories.2.5g sat fat, 13% DV.105mg sodium, 4% DV.3g sugars.


Made from Roasted Peanuts and Sugar, contains 2% or less of: Molasses, Fully Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (Rapeseed and Soybean), Mono and Diglycerides, Salt.

Product Features

Choice of #1 Choosy moms.Proud sponsor. Boys & girls clubs of America.Look for the flavor seal contains no preservatives.No refrigeration required.Visit us at jif.com.Questions? Comments? 1-800-283-8915.This package is recyclable.However, recycling programs for this package may not exist in your area.*Not made with genetically modified ingredients.Trace amounts of genetically modified material may be present.See nutrition information for fat and saturated fat content. The J.M. Smucker Company.