Capri Sun Flavored 100% Juice Berry.1 1/2 Servings of fruit, see side panel.No high fructose corn syrup.No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.Flavored 100% Juice blend from concentrate with added ingredient & other natural flavor juice.90 Calories per pouch.


Apple, Grape, and Strawberry Juices from Concentrate (Water; Apple, Grape, and Strawberry Juice Concentrates); Citric Acid (for Tartness); Natural Flavor.

Product Features

New look great taste.Also try:Capri Sun, SuperV, fruit & vegetable juice drink.Capri Sun, roarin' waters.Fun way for kids to hydrate.caprisun.com.Capri Sun, 35% Less sugar, than leading regular juice drinks.This product 13g sugars; leading regular juice drinks 22g sugars per 6 fl oz serving.Capri Sun, big pouch juice drink.Please recycle this carton.Capri Sun.These pouches are made with 100% juice!Each pouch provides 1 1/2 = servings of fruit.But your kids won't care about that they'll just think it's awesome.TerraCycle.www.terracycle.com.TerraCycle provides free collection programs for empty Capri Sun pouches, turning the potential waste into affordable green products. Visit www.terracycle.com for details.1 1/2 servings of fruit.Each pouch provides 3/4 cup fruit juice, which is 1 1/2 servings of fruit according to the U.S. Dietary guidelines.As part of a well-balanced diet, eat a variety of fruit every day and be sure to make most of your fruits whole fruits.See choosemyplate.gov for information on healthy eating.Dairy, fruits, grains, vegetarian, protein.choosemyplate.gov.100% Fruit juice.Capri Sun and the Capri-Sun pouch are registered trademarks of the Deutsche SiSi-Werke Betriebs GmbH.Contact us at: 1-800-227-7478.Capri Sun is an all natural beverage containing no preservatives.Best when used by date printed on side of carton.Please refer to code numbers on side panel or on pouch when contacting us.Kraft Foods.