2 AAA Energizer inside. Proven to help remove stains for whiter teeth (when used with toothpaste). Unique design has two round heads that move in opposite directions to give your mouth a superior clean! (versus and ordinary manual toothbrush) 1. Dual action head: smaller head acts as a microtip to clean deep between teeth and around the gums while the larger head sweeps away plaque and polishes tooth surfaces. 2. Soft polishers: Help remove stains for whiter teeth. 3. Curved neck: Comfortably reaches back to clean away plaque from those hard to reach places. 4. Replaceable brush head: Dentists recommend replacing your brush head every 3 months or when worn out. 5. On/off buttons. 6. 2 Replaceable AAA alkaline batteries. After use, rinse brush head thoroughly, shake off water, store upright. Adult supervision is recommended for children under 3. Made in China.

Product Features

After use, rinse toothbrush head thoroughly, shake off excess water and store upright.