Pedialyte Oral Electrolyte Maintenance Solution helps to prevent dehydration.Pedialyte is designed to promote fluid absorption more effectively than common household beverages.It's quickly replenishes fluid and electrolytes lost during diarrhea.It is help prevent dehydration in infants and children.


Water , Dextrose , Less Than 2% of: Citric Acid , Natural and Artificial Flavors , Potassium Citrate , Sodium Chloride , Sodium Citrate , Sucralose , Acesulfame Potassium , Zinc Gluconate , Yellow 6

Product Features

To help your child rehydrate and feel better quickly, choose Pedialyte at the first sign of diarrhea and vomiting. Pedialyte is an oral rehydration solution specially formulated to quickly replace lost fluids and electrolytes due to diarrhea and vomiting. No wonder it's the number 1 pediatrician recommended brand.