All Stainlifter with Stainlifters Detergent.Now!In-wash pre-treaters for better stain removal.HE safe for all washers.33 loads*.


Contains Biodegradable Cleaning Agents (includes Anionic and/or Nonionic Surfactants).

Product Features

*Specially formulated with added enzymes for a great clean.Active Stainlifters.Give Us Your Worst, We'll Give It Our All.Medium load.Fill slightly below halfway for medium loads (line 2-1.5oz).Large load. Large, heavily soiled loads: fill to top of cap.For full list of ingredients visit www.sunproductscorp.com or call 1-800-298-2408. Safe for septic systems. Works effectively, even in cold water. All includes biodegradable surfactants and the bottle contains 25% or more post-consumer recycled plastic.Sun.Questions? Call 1-800-298-2408.2012 The Sun Products Corporation.