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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Joan M. Wed Jun 3, 2015
Don't hesitate to use this service. The order was accurately filled and delivered on time.
Joey M. Wed Jun 3, 2015
Love this service. Wish they were in my home state.
Diana Wed Jun 3, 2015
Our groceries were waiting when we checked into Disney. Everything was fresh, cold and as ordered.
Tabitha B. Wed Jun 3, 2015
Online shopping was easy, delivery was right on time, delivery guy was helpful and friendly, food was fresh and cold. Couldn't have asked for a better experience!
Brian H. Wed Jun 3, 2015
Great Service!! Everything was as expected.
Clarese P. Wed Jun 3, 2015
Great! I will definitely use again. I have recommended it to a number of people.
Jennifer R. Wed Jun 3, 2015
Garden grocier was amazing. Everything was delivered just as promised. I will never stress about food ever again at disney. We will be ordering again next time. Thanks so much
Edward Wed Jun 3, 2015
I've been using your great service for years and never had a problem. It's an important part of any WDW vacation and helps it get off to a good start and makes it so much easier. Thank you again.
Angela M. Wed Jun 3, 2015
Garden Grocer made planning for our vacation so much easier! Thank you for the great service!
Pierre-Paul P. Tue Jun 2, 2015
Amazing service! Delivery was right on time and it allowed us to have a wonderful stay and not have to worry as to how, where and when we would do the grocery! Thank you!
Lauren H. Tue Jun 2, 2015
We ordered 2 cases of water and only one was delivered. As soon as the mistake was realized we received the other case in less than an hour.
Annette S. Tue Jun 2, 2015
Great service, good choices, and very convenient! It was so nice to have eggs, milk, juice, water bottles, bread, yogurt, and another items already delivered to our Disney resort when we arrived from the airport. We would definitely use Garden Grocer again!
Damaris R. Tue Jun 2, 2015
I was traveling with my baby from Puerto Rico and I was worried of carrying so many stuff... You were recommended by a friend and it save me. We travel lighter and happier because of you!!! When we arrive to the hotel room we just ask the bell services to delivery to our room and thats it!!! Simple and conveniently. Thank you very much Garden Grocer. You are gonna know about me on the next trip. Oh yeah!
Denise E. Tue Jun 2, 2015
An absolute great service. I ordered everything I wanted on their website and it was delivered to my hotel room before I even arrived. It was wonderful!!!! Would definitely recommend this service.
karen p. Tue Jun 2, 2015
Garden Grocers is the next best thing to having your mom stock your fridge. From a wide variety of brands and products(organic), to double bagging the heavy stuff, they have it nailed. Placing the order and adding to it is a simple process. Notifications are prompt and customer service is professional. Food arrives on time. The partnership between Garden Grocers and their participating hotels is brilliant. Thank you Garden Grocers!
Amy M. Tue Jun 2, 2015
I was thoroughly impressed with your service. All items were packaged well and were delivered when requested. It was great to have fresh fruit, snacks and drinks in our room during our Disney World vacation! Amy from Texas
Amber S. Tue Jun 2, 2015
Love this service! It made our trip to Disney with a baby less stressful. We ordered a box of diapers, wipes, and snacks a few days before our flight, and it was delivered before we even got there. Wonderful!
Judith M. Tue Jun 2, 2015
Garden Grocer is a phenomenal service. Ordering is simple and when I had a question I got immediate feedback. It was so nice to be able to order wine and beer this time. Last time I had to use a different service. Everything was delivered and available when we arrived--well packed and complete.
Carol S. Mon Jun 1, 2015
Awesome service! Got everything I ordered delivered directly to my Disney resort. Would definitely use again!! Highly recommended.
Erica C. Mon Jun 1, 2015
Wonderful service every single time! The text updates were very helpful!
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