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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Michael D. Tue Feb 14, 2017
Very impressed!! Order included a large amount of items for a dance team, that was in town for nationals. Items were delivered on time. Order included fruit that was perfect. Would highly recommend and will be using this service again the next time we are in town!
Debi H. Tue Feb 14, 2017
So easy and nice to have our food delivered right to our room!! Would recommend this service to anyone!
Amber S. Tue Feb 14, 2017
Thank you so much! The process of ordering healthy snacks and meals for my family while vacationing at Disney was awesome!
Jennifer Y. Mon Feb 13, 2017
Will always use when staying at Disney. Cost less to have groceries delivered to your room than it does to take a taxi to the grocery store from any Disney Resort.
Pauline K. Mon Feb 13, 2017
From initial order to delivery, everything was easy! I ordered my groceries to be sent to the Disney resort, and when I arrived, the groceries we already either in the fridge or on the counter! Great experience! We will be using this service again!
Debbie W. Mon Feb 13, 2017
My girls go to nationals every year at Disney garden grocer is easy and affordable to stock their room with essentials water snacks breakfast and lunch items so they dot have to spend a fortune in the park. The y are always prompt and order is alway correct. Would definately recommend
Melanie C. Mon Feb 13, 2017
GREAT!!! Everything in my order was there at the time promised. I would recommend this service to all.
Gary R. Mon Feb 13, 2017
After a long day of travel, it was wonderful to be greeted at our resort with our Garden Grocer order. Everything was there, perfectly packed. Our evening was made extra special by being able to relax and enjoy good food and drink without having to leave our suite. Thank you.
Christina K. Mon Feb 13, 2017
It was all correct, on time, and easy to use website.
Darla P. Mon Feb 13, 2017
Great Service! Great customer service as well.
Christine S. Sun Feb 12, 2017
What an awesome service. Easy to use, lots of variety, great communication and delivery and product was perfect!
Kathleen E. Sun Feb 12, 2017
First time to use and was happy to have All of my groceries delivered to the Resort at WDW on the Saturday, I arrived. Saved me car or taxi expense to go out to find somewhere to shop. Ordered online for first time, and had phone help from service person at the store. Well appreciated. I am not experienced at using a computer. Seemed simple. Thanks and will most likely do again when I return.
Sheetal P. Sun Feb 12, 2017
I have used Garden Grocer once for a trip to Disney World, and it was a fantastic experience. We were at Disney for a week, and I wanted to make sure we had plenty of food in our room. Eating at the Disney parks can become costly quick. Also, I have two young kids (under age of 5) and wanted to make sure we had food in our room for the inevitable night time snacks, and early morning breakfasts.
The website was easy to navigate and search through. The variety of food items available was surprisingly large with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and healthy items. Making modifications and additions to my order after it was submitted was easy and done in a timely manner. My order was large and contained many perishable items (milk, cheese, yogurt, frozen foods) all of which arrived in perfect condition.
Having this service made my life much easier during our trip and certainly saved us a lot of money on food. I have passed on this website information to my friends and will definitely use it in the future.
Dawn F. Sat Feb 11, 2017
WE LOVED THIS COMPANY apsolutely will use them when we come back.
Jane S. Sat Feb 11, 2017
All fruit and dairy products very fresh
Samantha B. Sat Feb 11, 2017
Great way to get fresh healthy food dilvered to your resort!! It's a must as finding neatly food is quite hard at any of the parks. Also a must in my opinion is the alcohol 😜
Colleen F. Sat Feb 11, 2017
They did an awesome job, I would definitely use them again.
Elizabeth W. Fri Feb 10, 2017
Thus was my first time using your service. As soon as I submitted the order I was called to confirm. I had a delivery to my Disney hotel and it was there before we were office the plane. I will be a repeat customer!
Elizabeth J. Fri Feb 10, 2017
This is a great service. When we arrived at our resort, our order had already been delivered and everything was exactly as I ordered. Saved us a lot of money on drinks and snacks that we took to the parks each day. This was our first time using Garden Grocer and it won't be the last. Will use it again next year.
Kendra J. Fri Feb 10, 2017
This service was amazing!! Groceries were delivered and waiting in our room, much easier than trying to pack them.
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