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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Kerri S. Wed Apr 6, 2016
Garden Grocer is a great option for families that are staying at Disney and using the magical express for transportation. So convenient having the groceries delivered, the fruit was fresh and delicious. Everything was packed well, too. Thank you!!
Christine P. Wed Apr 6, 2016
Great service, fresh tasty food and easy to order.
Scott M. Wed Apr 6, 2016
What a great service! Very easy to use and select items off their website and they delivered right to our hotel at Disney world! Dependable, fast and convenient!
Thank you!
Deborah B. Wed Apr 6, 2016
This was the best decision of our whole trip. Feeding two teenagers is always a challenge. It was great to have meals and late night snacks in our room.
Carol S. Wed Apr 6, 2016
I was extremely pleased with the quality of service I received the customer service people would return my calls within 5 minutes amazing. I would recommend Garden grocer when coming to the Disney area it was a wonderful feeling to walk into our cabin at Fort Wilderness and see all the food we had ordered already put away in the refrigerator
EMILY K. Wed Apr 6, 2016
Amazing experience! So FAST and so FRIENDLY! Love this service and will use it again and recommend it to anyone I know travelling to Disney!
Joanne B. Wed Apr 6, 2016
I would definitely recommend Garden Grocer. They called to confirm, I received everything I ordered, and it was in my room when I got to hotel.
Catherine E. Tue Apr 5, 2016
Excellent experience with garden grocer. I received a text saying groceries were delivered and called the bellhop and they delivered it immediately. All items were delivered as ordered. Produce was good too! All in all a wonderful experience. Would definitely recommend it to my friends who are coming to Disneyworld especially those staying at a Disney vacation club.
Carrie B. Tue Apr 5, 2016
Was delivered before we got to hotel and everything was just as ordered.
Renee B. Tue Apr 5, 2016
Garden Grocer had a wonderful selection to choose from. Our groceries were delivered right to our hotel and were waiting for us to pick them up when we arrived. Everything we ordered was accurate! Great customer service. The website was also very easy to navigate, very impressed. I would recommend this service to anyone and will definitely use it again in the future.
alan b. Tue Apr 5, 2016
Excellent customer service, I ordered from UK for a holiday in Florida, Garden grocer rang me to confirm order and to check a replacement item could be substituted, cannot fault service. Shopping was at hotel when we arrived in Florida. Will definitely use again. Thank you for making that part of our holiday. Thank you, Thank you!!!
Ellen S. Tue Apr 5, 2016
This service is awesome ! Saved us so much money at Disney,being able to cook in the cabin,the meat was fresh,the produce was perfect.
Penny C. Tue Apr 5, 2016
Flawless and easy to use.
Megan S. Tue Apr 5, 2016
Service was impeccable. I will definitely use Garden Grocer on my next trip to Disney!
Julie S. Tue Apr 5, 2016
Perfect. Bell service delivered after we arrived. Food was fresh. Order completed 100%. Made it easy to arrive at the park and just go play all night without having to buy food and "get settled." Will definitely use again.
Chelsea H. Tue Apr 5, 2016
Garden Grocer was great! When we arrived to our hotel, our groceries had already been delivered! The customer service was wonderful! We will definitely use them again.
Doreen P. Tue Apr 5, 2016
First time customer and would definitely recommend!
Cindy G. Tue Apr 5, 2016
A wonderful service to use.
Katherine M. Tue Apr 5, 2016
A friend recommended I use Garden Grocer on our recent trip to Orlando. It was great! I received a discount for ordering early, received a text when my items we're delivered to our hotel, and follow up to make sure we received everything. It was a very smooth process and saved us $$ getting us our essentials and not having to go shopping while on vacation.
Christine S. Tue Apr 5, 2016
Everything for this service was easy - from the ordering, to the order confirmation via phone, delivery and check that we received everything we ordered. I did not have to worry about anything! And, the product selection was very diverse. I would definitely use this service again on our next trip to Disney!
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