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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Matthew B. Fri Mar 10, 2017
Excellent service and incredibly convenient. Had our delivery come the day we arrived, went right to parks. When we came back, we called Bell Services and had it delivered. Had fresh food all week. Saved us about $220 for the week (That's just for breakfast and water)!
Ashley H. Fri Mar 10, 2017
This is an excellent service and made the ease of stocking up on groceries for our trip beautifully seamless and stress free! We will always use this service for future trips and leave the search for grocery stores and the loss of time shopping while on vacation to be a thing of the past.
Gwen G. Fri Mar 10, 2017
The orders are easy to place, the service is quick and exceptional. I appreciate the organic and all natural choices.
Kevin O. Thu Mar 9, 2017
This is a great service for Disney visitors living on Disney resorts. Everything from berries to beer.
Jenna N. Thu Mar 9, 2017
Since we were traveling to Orlando via plane and did not rent a car, I felt as though there had to be a way to get groceries deliver to us. I searched a few places and stumbled upon Garden grocer. What an efficient, reliable company. I tell everyone I know about this company- can't wait to use it again when we go back to Disney!
Tammy S. Thu Mar 9, 2017
Love the price, quality and service of Garden Grocer....won't consider anyone else. I have it delivered to Disney....blows any other prices away...just shop here!
James G. Thu Mar 9, 2017
How awesome is it to have your groceries there when you arrive on your vacation. We have always had to go shopping after we check in. Who wants to do that? Groceries where delivered when promised. Nothing missing and the vegetables were nice and fresh. Which to be honest I did not expect. If you want to go on vacation and be pampered, having your groceries delivered makes the whole thing better. We highly recommend shopping with Garden Grocer.
Kenneth B. Thu Mar 9, 2017
Great service. we will using Garden grocer on our next trip
kari m. Thu Mar 9, 2017
We used Garden Grocer to buy some groceries prior to arriving to Walt Disney world and it was so convenient, easy to do and highly recommended. We ordered several snacks, breakfast items and things like milk, water, etc and it was delivered at our hotel waiting for us when we arrived. Although prices were a little higher than our typical grocery store, it was MUCH cheaper than Disney prices and helped save money by eating breakfast in our room before we went to the parks and taking juices and waters inside the park instead of paying $3-4 a bottle at the park! Highly recommend this service, especially if you have children or several people on your vacation, helps to save money!
Kimberly S. Thu Mar 9, 2017
Loved it!!!!
Jeffrey B. Thu Mar 9, 2017
Great service and products were delivered on-time, accurately and fresh. Great company and we will use again when we vacation in Orlando. Loved the convenience! Thank you!
Jo-Lene C. Thu Mar 9, 2017
Service was great! No issues and was at our (room) resort when said it would be!! A lot easier then packing snacks and was able to healthy snacks! Grapes were the best ever!!!!
Sara M. Wed Mar 8, 2017
I traveled to Walt Disney World with my two young children, and Garden Grocer made it so much easier! I was able to get packs of diapers, baby essentials, milk and snacks delivered to our hotel. No need to pack all that, or figure out how to get to the grocery store! I will definitely be using this service again. Thank you for helping make my trip less stressful!
Faye F. Wed Mar 8, 2017
First time visiting Disney and first time using Garden Grocer. All items delivered within the specified time frame and quality of food was great as promised. Excellent customer service and very reasonable deliver fees and re-delivery was easy as pie. Would definitely recommend Garden Grocer to friends and would definitely use them on our next visit! Overall very smooth experience!
Lesa C. Wed Mar 8, 2017
Wonderful service.
Leslie H. Wed Mar 8, 2017
I've used Garden Grocer multiple times over the years and recommend them to friends, family and clients. Great service!
Leslie J. Wed Mar 8, 2017
Our order was correct, received a phone call after I placed the order asking if I had any questions. The order was delivered on time and everything was correct. Great easy to use service.
Alyssa R. Wed Mar 8, 2017
Would recommend using them all day long!
Rebecca F. Wed Mar 8, 2017
It was wonderful not having to worry about finding a store that was opened when we arrived that would have our son's specific baby formula. Everything was ready in our hotel room when we arrived. We will definitely be using Garden Grocer again.
Tricia S. Tue Mar 7, 2017
Could not have flowed any easier. I placed my order and didn't have to think about again. I got a text that my groceries were delivered to my resort and when I reached my resort everything was in my room with the cold stuff in the fridge. So nice!
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