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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Kelly L. Tue Apr 18, 2017
I highly recommend this website! I learned about the website from a friend and signed up. I check the prices to make sure they were in line and they were. I ordered our groceries for my husband, myself and 3 teenage sons to save money on food in Disney a week prior to our trip. We got an email and a text message letting us know they had arrived. The groceries were delivered on time right to our room. Fresh on time and VERY easy and the communication was excellent!
Heather D. Tue Apr 18, 2017
Such a helpful service! The food was a great selection (fresh fruits, good expiration dates). Everything was delivered right on time! Thanks Garden Grocer! We will be using you again!
Bernadette N. Mon Apr 17, 2017
Our friends use this and recommended it to us. It was fantastic. I placed my order and it was delivered to our resort on schedule with everything I ordered. I really liked that I could order items that needed to be refrigerated and the hotel kept them in their refrigerators until we had them deliver to our room when we got back late from the Disney park. I had worried about that part but all was taken care of so nothing would spoil. I definately recommend.
Laurie B. Mon Apr 17, 2017
Our items were already in our guest room when we arrived! Pleasantly surprised. Super easy and well worth it.
Leah C. Mon Apr 17, 2017
Garden Grocer was amazing! Easy to use, excellent customer service and our food magically appeared in our hotel room (even before we got there!). All of the fruits and vegetables were very fresh and all other items were exactly what I ordered. We will DEFINITELY use it again!!
Theresia T. Mon Apr 17, 2017
Awesome experience. Thank you!
Kadee W. Sun Apr 16, 2017
We used Garden Grocer for our family trip to Disney World. It was easy to order online and delivery was extremely convenient as we didn't need to be at the resort. It saved us time and money. I would highly recommend it!!
Robin K. Sun Apr 16, 2017
Garden Grocer was great! Our groceries were delivered within the designated timeframe and everything arrived as ordered. I was kept informed via email and text message to confirm my order and that my order was delivered. I was very pleased with the service and would definitely order again.
Krista G. Sun Apr 16, 2017
It was nice not to have to worry about packing items that would automatically appear when we needed them.
Ben P. Sun Apr 16, 2017
Heard about Garden Grocer from a friend 2 days before our Disney trip started. We quickly picked out our groceries and had everything setup with no problems. This was great for water bottles, beer, and breakfast foods for our girls. Everything delivered to the resort with no problem. Prices were very reasonable considering the service. Would highly recommend. We will be using this service every Disney trip from now on. Thanks!
Jeff W. Sun Apr 16, 2017
Garden grocers made our Disney experience so simple! We especially appreciated nutritional information on each item during the ordering process!
Brad J. Sun Apr 16, 2017
Easy and simple way to have groceries delivered to your Disney resort. Updates and confirmation of deliveries. Great service, will use again.
Amanda R. Sat Apr 15, 2017
This worked great for our week at Disney World! :D
Miriam T. Fri Apr 14, 2017
Excellent Service !
Michael E. Fri Apr 14, 2017
Very simple to order........everything they promised. We will use Garden Grocer again next time we stay on property at the WDW resort...........(next time we don't have a car).
Warren v. Fri Apr 14, 2017
What a great service, staying on property at Disney is great, but being dependent on their high prices for daily grocery needs is not, and that is why Garden Grocer is now a staple on my trip planning list.
Dawn K. Fri Apr 14, 2017
Cannot recommend enough! Stellar customer service and very responsive!
Marnee J. Fri Apr 14, 2017
Order was delivered to our room before us, everything was correct. I love that I was able to add items onto my existing order , to add an additional couple snacks prior to arrival. Great Service!
Maria B. Fri Apr 14, 2017
This was great!! Loved having food in the room. Saved us money and time. I would definitely recommend this service to families visiting the Orlando area.
Jeff W. Fri Apr 14, 2017
Garden Grocer helped us greatly during our recent stay at WDW.
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