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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

April M. Fri Jan 1, 2016
Our order arrived in perfect condition and everything was exactly what we ordered. We received an email on the bus over to our resort that the food had been delivered and it was fresh and delicious. I highly recommend service! Great job, thank you!
Elena U. Fri Jan 1, 2016
Would definitely use Garden Grocer again. Great variety of products to choose from, easy to order and they delivered when scheduled. Especially useful because we did not have a car and instead of food shopping we went to Disney and enjoyed our first day in Orlando.
Kameron C. Fri Jan 1, 2016
Garden Grocer is a fantastic service. We received what we ordered at the Bell Service Desk of our hotel. Such a great convenience. Will recommend to all my friends.
Heidi T. Fri Jan 1, 2016
It was so nice to arrive at our hotel and already have a groceries at the bell service desk. I appreciated the discount on my purchase since I ordered in advance of my trip.
Henrietta C. Fri Jan 1, 2016
Love the service and the early booking discounts. So nice to have groceries delivered for our vacation.
Tracy P. Thu Dec 31, 2015
The beer tasted fantastic after a long day of traveling and everyday when we got back from the parks.!
Geraldine R. Thu Dec 31, 2015
Excellent customer service! We received the wrong cereal and they delivered the correct one right away!
Bridget H. Thu Dec 31, 2015
It was nice to go on vacation and not have to worry about going out and taking time to shop for necessities. Garden Grocer took care of that for us. We were able to start our vacation right away and enjoy the parks and our groceries were delivered and we had nothing to worry about. thank you for the first class service!
jacqueline b. Wed Dec 30, 2015
We were VERY satisfied with the overall service, to include the ordering process, ease of the website, available delivery times, reasonable price and the high quality of the products. Also, the product variety was plentiful.
Melissa D. Wed Dec 30, 2015
Great service! We will definitely use them on our next trip to Disney.
Ron T. Wed Dec 30, 2015
Ordering and altering orders was easy enough and the groceries were delivered on schedule and held by bell services at our resort as represented. It was a easy way to shop and receive groceries while on vacation. Saved us some time and effort. Will probably utilize your service again. Thanks!
kassie s. Wed Dec 30, 2015
We ordered drinks/food for our Disney trip and it was perfect! The food was there when we got there and everything was fresh!
Josh H. Wed Dec 30, 2015
We ordered our groceries a few weeks before our trip and they were there waiting for us when we arrived to our resort. The process was vey easy and it was much cheaper than eating snacks/meals at the resort every day.
JUSTIN G. Tue Dec 29, 2015
My groceries were waiting at my resort before I arrived!! Everything was perfect as expected. We flew to Disney so it saved tons of money over having to buy drinks and snacks through the resort. I'll be using Garden Grocer every return trip to Disney, thanks!
Jennifer R. Tue Dec 29, 2015
Great service! Had a good variety to choose from when ordering & delivered on time. Thank you!
Linda J. Tue Dec 29, 2015
Made the order for delivery to our villa, located at Jambo House at Walt World. Order was delivered promptly and was waiting for us on our arrival. All of the items were exactly what I had ordered. I would definitely use this service again and would reccoment Garden Grocer to friends.
Jodi B. Tue Dec 29, 2015
Garden grocer makes our vacation at WDW vacation club easier every trip.
Margaret T. Tue Dec 29, 2015
Garden Grocer provides impeccable service - delivery to our hotel front desk before we even arrive, with follow-up before and after delivery to make sure everything is perfect. I highly recommend them!
Nancy R. Tue Dec 29, 2015
Using this service to stock our suite at Disney World saved us a small fortune and made breakfast and late night snacks so much more pleasant and convenient. Would use this service on every visit!
Tara B. Tue Dec 29, 2015
Received excellent service from GardenGrocer.com will definitely use them again!
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