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Renee N. Wed Apr 27, 2016
What a relief it was to order groceries ahead of time. Since we ordered 60 days ahead, we received a discount. The order was delivered on time and exactly what we asked for. We found it easy to order and appreciated the confirmation of order received and order delivered. Excellent service - Thank You!
Sarah W. Wed Apr 27, 2016
Thanks to Garden Grocer, we were able to easily bring a packed lunch to Disney to ensure our family had quick, healthy and familiar lunch and snack options. My husband and I also enjoyed having snacks and beverages to enjoy at our hotel after the kids went to bed.
Sarah P. Wed Apr 27, 2016
Some of our groceries got lost at the beach club and your customer service called them and sorted it out for me. The service was great, the groceries arrived on time and it was a lovely vacation. Thanks for the great service!
Ana L. Wed Apr 27, 2016
Great option for in room breakfast & snacks at Disney. Will definitely use them again!
wendy a. Wed Apr 27, 2016
Great service! Everything fresh!
Peter M. Wed Apr 27, 2016
Excellent! Just returned from our magical trip to WDW. Garden Grocer surpassed our expectations. Our groceries arrived minutes after we arrived and were delivered by bell services to our room. Our items were fresh. Fridge items were kept cold. Excellent service!!
Thank you Garden Grocer.
Dusty S. Tue Apr 26, 2016
Very prompt & efficient! Great customer service...provided alerts on my delivery & later called to ensure I received my order & that all was well!
Tess G. Tue Apr 26, 2016
Excellent service. Garden Grocer sent me a text when my groceries arrived at the resort. Then they followed it up w/ a phone call at my resort room. They were professional and it was a pleasure doing business with them.
Henry r. Tue Apr 26, 2016
We pre ordered for our trip to disney world. when we arrived at are resort are groceries where there and we reciced a email wheb they arive. This was a great service and definitely will use again
Alicia N. Tue Apr 26, 2016
This is a great service, prices are comparable to everyone else. Love the availability of products and the delivery right to the resort.
Paula D. Tue Apr 26, 2016
The produce delivered by Garden Grocer was top notch!
Liza G. Tue Apr 26, 2016
Great service.
William T. Tue Apr 26, 2016
Everything on time and as ordered. Thank you
Michelle W. Tue Apr 26, 2016
I would highly recommend The Garden Grocer the produce was perfect everything was delivered to our resort before we arrived! They are fantastic and the prices are good too!
rebecca c. Tue Apr 26, 2016
Exceeded expectations. Something was missing from original order and they delivered it next morning. Had a wonderful experience and will definitely use them in the future.
Amy A. Tue Apr 26, 2016
Having groceries delivered to the resort was the best piece of advice that I was given prior to vacation! From snacks for the kids to a couple bottles of wine for some evening down-time... you can't beat it!
Reva L. Tue Apr 26, 2016
Absolutely so convenient and easy to use. Snacks for the kids and beverages for the adults. Could not have been happier!
Krista K. Tue Apr 26, 2016
Groceries were delivered to my hotel on time and waiting for me. Everything was there; received a phone call to ensure everything was delivered. Highly recommend.
Rick M. Tue Apr 26, 2016
what a great service - food and beverages were at the hotel before my family even arrived at the resort stored in a fridge for pickup - will use your service when we return t Disney in 2017
Jennifer D. Tue Apr 26, 2016
Garden Grocer is my go to when traveling to Orlando! It makes acquiring groceries easy and affordable so I can enjoy my trip and not have to worry about going shopping! We have used them multiple times and found everything to be fantastic! Thank you for making my vacation a real vacation!
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