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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

julie o. Mon Jun 6, 2016
Garden Grocers saved tons of money and my vacation! We were able to order breakfast and lunch goods, that were delivered fresh and tasty.
Mindy W. Mon Jun 6, 2016
Great customer service!!!!!
Dianne R. Mon Jun 6, 2016
We are so glad we ordered from garden grocer it was easy, reasonably priced, delivered to our hotel and it was great!
Lori D. Mon Jun 6, 2016
The ordering was simple and painless, delivery was awesome, the selection was superb, and food items were fresh!
Elizabeth P. Mon Jun 6, 2016
This was our first time trying Garden Grocer and we loved it. We found it to be cost effective compared to shopping locally. The prices do not vary much. There is a comparison chart right on the website for easy reference.

There are many bulk, or family, sized items. We wish that more fruits and vegetables were available in bulk, but we worked with what they offered.

Garden Grocer also saved us time on our holiday. They prepared our order and it was waiting for us when we arrived at our hotel. Who wants to grocery shop when they are at Walt Disney World? We stocked up on water to take to the parks, other beverages, breakfast foods, and snacks. We had dinners at the park or Disney Springs.

Keeping track of all costs, we were delighted to learn that we SAVED MONEY by using Garden Grocer. There was some leftover food as we over-stocked, so next time we will save even more.

Compared to the Disney Meal Plan (snack, quick-service, full-service), we saved $200 per person per day! As a party of eight, this was a very significant $1600 for us.

Thank you, Garden Grocer!
The families Prishkulnik and Bilotta
Emily H. Mon Jun 6, 2016
I really enjoyed using Garden Grocer for the first time. Our food was already there when we landed and made our trip so much easier. We got to enjoy the foods we normally would at home. I can't wait to go back to Disney and use them again.
Elizabeth S. Mon Jun 6, 2016
I was very impressed with Garden Grocer. This was my first time using them and everything was exactly as I ordered and things were there when I checked into my hotel. I have been recommending Garden Grocer to all of my friends who visit Disney on a regular basis. It was nice to know that when I got back to my room after a 14 hour day at the parks that I had snacks and water and did not have to think about these ahead of time. I will continue to use Garden Grocer every time I visit Disney which is twice a year. Thank you so much for a wonderful service!!!!
Nicole K. Mon Jun 6, 2016
Your customer service is exceptional!!
Nancy C. Mon Jun 6, 2016
Great service. Our bread wasn't even smashed.
Peter S. Mon Jun 6, 2016
Garden Grocer saved us $100's during our 7 day stay at Disney World and we enjoyed the convenience of having groceries in our room especially on early morning park days and late nights! Everything was delivered fresh - on time - and the selection was plentiful. Will always order from Garden Grocer every time we come to Disney!!!!
Christopher R. Mon Jun 6, 2016
Would use again. A 1 sevice
Nadia G. Mon Jun 6, 2016
Very convenient! Food was good quality and fresh. Will tell everyone I know.
Martha S. Mon Jun 6, 2016
This is the best service ever! I will use this again at every opportunity. Thanks for your efficiency and pleasant personnel
Steve M. Sun Jun 5, 2016
Garden Grocer called to confirm my order, delivered to my resort on time as promised, texted me that it had arrived, and the food was fresh. Very efficient!
Elaine S. Sun Jun 5, 2016
Was the easiest part of our Dusney vacation!!!! I highly recommend!!!!! Thanjs again!
Simran G. Sun Jun 5, 2016
It was great to get fresh produce delivered in the room. milk,bananas,curd,smoothies,bread,butter, helped us a lot with 2 kids. Thanks! Will recommend it to everybody visiting Disney.
Julie J. Sun Jun 5, 2016
Everything was perfection! Easy to order, easy to pay, great prices, excellent selection of items, specific descriptions and varying amounts, great customer service for confirming the order and for delivery. It was so helpful to have snacks, breakfast items and various kinds of drinks available for the whole family!
Kelly S. Sun Jun 5, 2016
What a great experience! First of all , so simple to do: The website was very easy to navigate and once your order is completed a representative calls you to confirm that your order is correct . Secondly, everything was delivered directly to our hotel- no muss, no fuss! The cold stuff was kept cold & not a thing was missing . Great experience! So easy
Karen K. Sun Jun 5, 2016
Perfect for our trip to Disney!! Great selection, prompt service and quality items. We will definitely use again.
Molly M. Sun Jun 5, 2016
My fiancé and I went to Disney World for a nice vacation to start our summer and Garden Grocer helped make our trip extremely hassle free! They delivered our order inside of the arranged time window and kept the refrigerated items cold, as promised! It is great to know that they will be there to use for our future family vacations. Knowing you can have the essentials (case of water, bananas, granola bars, etc.) as well as alcohol (if needed), delivered right to your room upon your arrival is so convenient. Not only saving on money but time, especially in the morning when you are rushing to get to the parks early. When you are vacationing in Disney, time and convenience is of the essence. Thanks again Garden Grocer! Until Next time...
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