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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Jennifer E. Wed Jul 1, 2015
We found Garden Grocer by chance when looking at a Disney Vacation Club rental website. The layout of the website made it super easy to find the products we wanted to order for our trip to Disneyworld in June. We ordered both perishable and non-perishable items and were very impressed with the quality of the product. Although you will pay a bit more for the product through Garden Grocer than you would at a store, it is well worth the price as you are supposed to be on vacation and who want to go to the store. We would highly recommend Garden Grocer to anyone traveling to Orlando for vacation.
sherry m. Wed Jul 1, 2015
This was my first time using this service and I loved it. Having supplies I needed delivered to me on time and in great condition made my vacation off to the right start. I would use this service again.
Erin A. Wed Jul 1, 2015
Great service, so easy to use! Everything was waiting for us at our Disney Resort. Definitely made life at the parks much easier!
Aileen R. Wed Jul 1, 2015
Quick and easy. Everything was delivered to our resort in the timeframe I asked for. All food was fresh and cold items were kept cold.
James L. Wed Jul 1, 2015
The order was perfect and the text telling me when the packages were delivered was helpful. We will continue to use Garden Grocer for all our trips. Thank you.
Debbie G. Wed Jul 1, 2015
Best thing to do everything thing was here waiting for us.
Robin L. Wed Jul 1, 2015
Garden Grocer was fantastic for us. It was a welcome treat for our family to arrive at Disney with groceries waiting for us at check in. We had a well stocked mini-fridge plus lots of food and drinks that did not require refrigeration. This made us feel more at home while on vacation, so we did not have to eat out for every meal. Highly recommend.
Teresa B. Tue Jun 30, 2015
Our order was delivered on-time and complete. It was a great value and extremely convenient for our Disney vacation.
Cathy D. Tue Jun 30, 2015
Buying from Garden Grocer was a great experience. Their website was easy to navigate and within an hour of my order, I received a call confirming my order. The day we arrived at Disney, I had received a text informing me that my order had been already been delivered. All items were fresh and I'm sure we saved quite a bit of money by being able to have access to water and food in our room. The next time I return to Disney World, I will use Garden Grocer again.
LindaI K. Tue Jun 30, 2015
Timely delivery!
Carrie J. Tue Jun 30, 2015
This service worked out great for our trip to Disney World!
Victoria K. Tue Jun 30, 2015
The service is awesome! I love that you don't have to spend a lot to get things delivered. They texted to let me know my order was delivered. They also called. I highly recommend this store.
James M. Tue Jun 30, 2015
Life simplified while on vacation
lidia M. Tue Jun 30, 2015
I ordered 2weeks before arriving and everything got to hotel on time. Great service, prices are goodand I would definitely use it again.
Mindy T. Tue Jun 30, 2015
It was extremely convenient to use the services of GardenGrocer.com during our visit to Disney World. The ability to order water, snacks and other incidentals that we would need during our trip and not have to find a grocery store or use the hotel's overpriced convenience shop was extremely helpful. Would definitely recommend the service and use it again!
Barb K. Tue Jun 30, 2015
This is my 3rd time using Garden Grocer. As always, the groceries were delivered on time and exactly as ordered. I love the opportunity to purchase snacks and a case of water instead of paying those high prices in the parks! I will use Garden Grocer every time I visit the Orlando area. Thank you!
Stacey O. Mon Jun 29, 2015
Very convenient. Would use this company again.
Janet P. Mon Jun 29, 2015
I would highly recommend Garden Grocer if you are going to Disney World. It was so convenient to have milk, snacks and water delivered to our room. It was a tremendous savings too instead of buying these in the parks
Kim E. Mon Jun 29, 2015
It was wonderful to get both a text and a phone call to let me know our order of groceries arrived to our resort! We were missing one item and the Garden Grocer staff got it to us early the next day... in plenty of time for our meal. The quality of the food was great! I would definitely use the Garden Grocer for our next Disney vacation!
Melissa S. Mon Jun 29, 2015
Order delivered just as ordered.
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