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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Denise H. Tue Nov 3, 2015
Great service, very convenient!
Bob N. Tue Nov 3, 2015
Great selection of organic foods. So convenient to have our groceries delivered right to our room when we arrived!!
Erin N. Tue Nov 3, 2015
Garden Grocer was great! Definitely the way to go while staying at Disney. We had a meal plan, but I didn't want to waste it on breakfast, so I ordered milk and cereal for our room. I also ordered water and sodas, since those things are expensive at the parks. The order arrived on time at our hotel. There was a little mix up with one of the items that was quickly and efficiently fixed. I am recommending Garden Gricer to all my friends who are visiting Disney in the future!
Jody G. Tue Nov 3, 2015
This was my first time using Garden Grocer. We had one incorrect item delivered. The customer service representative was very helpful, kind and courteous. He scheduled another delivery to pick up the item and drop off the correct item. Thank you! I will recommending Garden Grocer to my friends.
Doug G. Tue Nov 3, 2015
Would definitely use the service again.
Carrie H. Tue Nov 3, 2015
As a family we have use this service every time we visit WDW, and they are fantastic! I've never been disappointed and I highly recommend them!
Tiffany W. Tue Nov 3, 2015
So easy and helpful
Debora D. Tue Nov 3, 2015
Everyone knows that eating three meals a day (plus snacks) at a theme park can be costly -- and very unhealthy. We were glad for the GardenGrocer option. This enabled us to have healthy breakfasts and dinners in our room. It was so convenient to have our order delivered to our hotel for a very small fee. I also appreciated that i could take care of the ordering/selection long before my vacation and save a few dollars (plus save myself the stress of last minute planning and purchase. ) I will definitely use this company again.
Krista L. Tue Nov 3, 2015
What a time saver! Worth every penny! Great experience.
Jennifer K. Tue Nov 3, 2015
This is a great service when visiting Disney. It provided my family with a few staples they enjoy while on vacation. It was perfect to order individual packages of items so we wouldn't have more than we could use on vacation. It was helpful have items like horizon milk boxes, small boxes of goldfish, and small packs of pirate booty in a backpack while on the go. We ordered some fresh strawberries and watermelon which made for a great snack in the hotel. Will definitely recommend to anyone headed to Disney.
Tal H. Tue Nov 3, 2015
A great way to have your own food at Disney especially if you have severe allergies.
Gina B. Tue Nov 3, 2015
Fantastic service from Garden Grocer, loved the fact our delivery was waiting for us when we arrived at our hotel, made everything so easy. Would definitely recommend them!
Jenn M. Mon Nov 2, 2015
I heard from others what a great service Garden Grocer is, so just tried it for ourselves. It was very easy to use and worked flawlessly! I highly recommend!
Renee B. Mon Nov 2, 2015
Garden Grocer exceeded expectations! Perfect service for families eating PALEO!!! Produce was hearty and fresh. So delighted you offered grass-fed beef. Thank you for accommodating special dietary needs for kids so that they could enjoy delicious food amidst the not-so-healthy in-park options. Will recommend and use again.
yolanda v. Mon Nov 2, 2015
As a first time customer I was totally impressed. I ordered 3 weeks in advance and was allowed to add more items until my actual hotel check-in day. My order was well over $250 and all but 1 item was not received, however it was delivered to our hotel the very next day. My family and I will be planning next years Disney vacation and will definitely reorder from Garden Grocer again.
Patti D. Mon Nov 2, 2015
Convenient and easy to order. Our order was at the resort when we arrived. Excellent service!!! Would highly recommend to everyone!
Terry J. Mon Nov 2, 2015
Ordering was fast and easy, and first time set up of my grocery list and favorites was one of the easier web designs I've seen. Quick and logical. Delivery was perfect and had 100% of the items I wanted and all were undamaged. Complete success!
Kathleen S. Mon Nov 2, 2015
Our order came right on time, and was exactly as ordered! Very nice selection of fresh fruit too. We will definitely use your service again when we come to Orlando!
terri A. Mon Nov 2, 2015
It was an awesome service and gave us more time for vacation.
Joe M. Mon Nov 2, 2015
EXCELLENT JOB!! We placed our order online well before our planned trip to WDW (6+ months before). Due to an foreseen event we not only had to change our date of our trip and therefore our order date, but also had to change our resort. The transition was handled beautifully with very limited interaction on our part. In fact, we were waiting at WDW Express when we received the email that our groceries had been delivered to our resort. FANTASTIC!
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