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Patricia L. Tue May 3, 2016
Once again another great grocery delivery to Disney, this time for my daughter & her friends on a school trip. I had no worries, they loved everything & will continue to use you for future needs in Orlando for myself, friends & clients traveling there.
Jay W. Tue May 3, 2016
This was the first time that I used your service. I was impressed and delighted on the ease of ordering from you. I was also thankful for the ease to give you information about my age. I can guarantee that when we return I/we will be ordering from you.
Thanks Jay
Jennifer S. Tue May 3, 2016
Great experience and service! Will definitely use again and again.
Claire M. Tue May 3, 2016
So easy to order. Good selections. Ontime delivery and great quality!
Lisa A. Tue May 3, 2016
Excellent easy service that allows you to have your favorite food items in your room! Would use this service again and again!!
Denice M. Tue May 3, 2016
Great Service! Items we ordered were fresh. Definately would recommend and will use again.
Terri M. Mon May 2, 2016
Everything we received was fresh with acceptable use by dates. Very convenient!
Gerty S. Mon May 2, 2016
Ordered from Belgium for our first trip to WDW and it was perfect! Got a text when we landed that our groceries were delivered and everything was perfectly delivered to our room at Caribbean Beach Resort when we checked in! Thank You GardenGrocer!
Jennifer C. Mon May 2, 2016
Everything was delivered right on time. It was so nice to be able to get a few grocery items to have in our room. We saved a ton of money on waters, cereal, juice, snacks etc. I highly recommend this service!!!!
Heather C. Mon May 2, 2016
Convenience and customer service are two of this company's greatest strengths. Received confirmations in a timely manner and by the promised time. Quality of the food was superb. Food was packaged well. All cold food and any fragile items were meticulously packaged. Soaps and detergents were double wrapped. I would highly recommend them, and have already. Plan to use them for any future trips.
stephen a. Mon May 2, 2016
It was so nice to arrive at Disney with a kitchen full of groceries. We saved so much money. Thank you.
Rhonda B. Mon May 2, 2016
Love the service offered will definitely use again
Rebecca C. Mon May 2, 2016
I have used Garden Grocer for my past three Disney trips and I absolutely LOVE you guys! All the follow ups and confirmations are just great and the delivery is always there when promised and is exactly as ordered. I will NEVER visit Disney again without placing a Garden Grocer order. Thank you guys so much, you rock!
Beth D. Mon May 2, 2016
I was thrilled to have groceries the first night at our hotel. I will never come without ordering them again! It was all so easy! Thank you!
Jennifer B. Mon May 2, 2016
I can't say enough about the awesome customer service. We had a very large order (over $1200). They delivered on time and sent a text letting me know it was there. By the time we got to the hotel and bell service delivered our groceries, it was well past their closing time. Our order was missing almost 1/2 of our items. I emailed right away. When I called at 7:15 the next morning, they were already on the phone with the hotel to find out what happened. I do believe all our items were delivered and the hotel made the mistake of giving them to the wrong people. Even so, Gardengrocer assured me they would make it right, and the did!!! Within hours, they had re-shopped and brought the missing items to me directly. Even delivered them to my room. They were fantastic, nice, and very professional. I highly recommend them and will use them if I ever come back.
Suzanne P. Mon May 2, 2016
Delivery right on time. Fantastic customer service. Will use again for sure!
Kirsten R. Mon May 2, 2016
Garden Grocer was fabulous! I ordered ahead and the day of our arrival our food was already there. It was so easy, we got into our room and called Bell Services and everything was delivered. It was an added bonus after a long day of traveling to open up my wine and just enjoy.
Regina H. Mon May 2, 2016
Everything arrived right on time! I received a text and a phone call with a list of what I ordered included with groceries. It's a wonderful service! I was thinking that since I was a single, it wouldn't make economic sense, Wrong! At $3.00 a bottle for water, snacks etc. I feel like I saved a bundle of money.
Carol E. Mon May 2, 2016
Was definitely a great convenience.
Florence J. Sun May 1, 2016
It was great to have our groceries at our hotel upon arrival!!! I highly recommend Garden Grocer!
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