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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Emily W. Thu Jun 29, 2017
Garden Grocer is a wonderful service! All my groceries arrived on time. I would recommend this service to anyone that's visiting Disney.
Rob K. Thu Jun 29, 2017
My order was easy to place and the offered selections we're great. My family easily found everything we needed for our trip to Disney World. Couldn't be happier with the service!
Tammy L. Wed Jun 28, 2017
we were very pleased with Garden Grocer! Ordering was easy and everything was waiting for us when we arrived at our hotel! Prices were pretty reasonable as well! Thank you, Garden Grocer Team!
Thomas C. Wed Jun 28, 2017
This was the first time we used Garden Grocer. It was so easy and helpful. We will definitely use this again.
Jennifer R. Wed Jun 28, 2017
This ia a great service...put my mind at ease
Stacy Wed Jun 28, 2017
Garden Grocer helped so much with providing us beverages for our Disney trip. Our groceries arrived at the resort before we did.
Warren W. Wed Jun 28, 2017
Ordering and payment process was easy. Food was delivered on time and order was complete. Saved us time once we arrived at our resort so we could spend more time in the parks Thank You Garden Grocer.
Brenda F. Wed Jun 28, 2017
Very happy with my experience! Would definitely recommend and use again! So nice not to have to waste an hour or two going to the store on vacation.
Debbie F. Wed Jun 28, 2017
I used on short notice and the delivery time was right on. Options to shop were great too. Thank you!
Cynthia G. Tue Jun 27, 2017
Everything was sent just as we requested. Since Dr. Pepper is nowhere to be found in Disneyworld, we had out own secret stash. Also loved having cold water bottles to carry in our softsided icechest.I would definitely recommend this service to any family.
Sally S. Tue Jun 27, 2017
Everything was delivered to our room and it was all there. Very good service and appreciate it getting there asap!
Antoinette K. Tue Jun 27, 2017
Very happy with the accuracy of order and seamless delivery!
Maureen P. Tue Jun 27, 2017
Great grocery delivery serving the Walt Disney World resorts. Food was fresh and arrived promptly. Follow up calls and service was very helpful.
Karen B. Tue Jun 27, 2017
We loved everything from the customer service to the delivery to the products delivered. Perfect! We will definitely use this company again and recommend it to anyone visiting the Orlando area. Our order was waiting for us at Animal Kingdom's Kidani village when we arrived.
Christine K. Tue Jun 27, 2017
Wish I would have known about this 8 visits ago! Tremendous!
Susan L. Mon Jun 26, 2017
Garden Grocer made it so easy to order. It was great having the food there during our stay. The called to confirm the order after it was placed and delivered everything on time. It was Great. I would definitely use them again on our next stay there.
Laura S. Mon Jun 26, 2017
Thank you - the process was so easy.
Dawn M. Mon Jun 26, 2017
Worth every penny! Who wants to waste precious park time at the grocery store? This service was so easy. I strongly recommend this company. Everything was packaged perfectly! Thank you!
Kim g. Mon Jun 26, 2017
Great service! Amazing communication! Worked perfectly for us.
Ashley H. Mon Jun 26, 2017
I was incredibly impressed with my entire experience!! The piece of mind I had knowing our groceries were waiting for us at our resort made all the difference! Thank you for adding to the magic of our Disney experience!!
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