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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Angela D. Fri Apr 8, 2016
Excellent service! I was impressed!
Stephanie S. Fri Apr 8, 2016
First time user ---quite impressed and very easy
Cynthia F. Fri Apr 8, 2016
Great service. Everything was waiting for me. Nice to be able to have breakfast in the room.
Melissa G. Fri Apr 8, 2016
Excellent service, delivered right to my resort!
Pat C. Fri Apr 8, 2016
Great service.
Mimi R. Fri Apr 8, 2016
Very easy to navigate through grocery options.Large selection.When my food was delivered I received a text as well as a phone call.
Jennifer B. Thu Apr 7, 2016
It was such a time and money saver to have our groceries delivered to our resort the day we arrived. We received a text letting us know they had been delivered and had bell services bring them to our room once we arrived. Thanks Garden Grocer!
Stephanie T. Thu Apr 7, 2016
Garden Grocer did everything they said they would do. The order and everything about it was perfect. It was so nice to get to our resort and groceries waiting for us.Everything we would have at home made our trip with a 4 and 9 year old the best ever!
Amy L. Thu Apr 7, 2016
Awesome service! Everything just as we ordered! Saved us a ton of money. Thank you so much!
Anabella A. Thu Apr 7, 2016
The service was great! Easy to navigate the website and place an order. Our order arrived on time and all items were delivered. We will definitely use your service again the next time we travel to Animal Kingdom Resort. Thank you so much!
Dale A. Thu Apr 7, 2016
One item that we ordered was not delivered with original order, but after a quick phone call that item was brought to our hotel the next morning. Fixed the issue promptly. Thank You.
Michelle H. Thu Apr 7, 2016
Even after being sent confirmation email to check my order I still managed to make a mistake with the delivery date. Wendy at customer service did a brilliant job of organising an earlier delivery and ensuring this part of our trip went smoothly. Thanks Garden Grocer.
CLARENCE W. Thu Apr 7, 2016
Good Job. The groceries were there when we arrived at the lodge. No waiting.
Meghan H. Thu Apr 7, 2016
We ordered groceries for our stay at one of the Disney resorts for our week long Disney vacation. Garden Grocer was great; everything was already at the hotel by the time we arrived from the airport. The order was complete and everything was fresh and delicious. Made it much easier to travel with two small children.
tina n. Thu Apr 7, 2016
The order was perfectly complete and on time. I would use them again! I only wish their prices were overall more competitive.
Stephanie A. Thu Apr 7, 2016
Garden Grocer is extremely simple to use. They deliver when they are scheduled to. There are absolutely no issues with getting the packages delivered to your Disney resort. I will definitely be using Garden Grocer again, however, next time I will plan ahead and take advantage of their discount for ordering 30 days in advance.
Elizabeth B. Thu Apr 7, 2016
Garden Grocer was super easy to use and convenient to have our groceries delivered right to our Disney resort. They were very good at communicating, too, informing us of the status each step of the way. It was even there before our room was ready, which was fine because the resort kept the cold things refrigerated for us. I would definitely use Garden Grocer for our Disney stays again!
Erica D. Thu Apr 7, 2016
We ordered from the Garden Grocer 60 days before our trip and were very pleased with the outcome. The site was easy to navigate and edit and we received a 15% discount for ordering so far in advance. We received a phone call confirming that our order was received and confirming the location the groceries would be delivered to. Upon our arrival we received a text when our groceries were delivered to our destination and we also received another phone call making sure we were pleased with our order. It was so worth it to have fresh groceries ready for us. I highly recommend using this service. We were very pleased.
Jennifer N. Thu Apr 7, 2016
This was the first time we used a grocery service while at Disney. It was so easy to shop and order from. Our groceries were delivered on time and we had zero problems.
Roland W. Thu Apr 7, 2016
Easy interface and great communication throughout order. I was informed at all stages and had no worries about when my order would arrive.
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