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Sun Jun 17, 2018

I am a Disney Travel Agent and I will recommend your services to ALL my clients!


Sun Jun 17, 2018

Garden Grocer made it easy and convenient to get food for our hotel room while staying at a Walt Disney World resort.


Sun Jun 17, 2018

I was skeptical about using a good delivery service. Garden Grocer was recommended by our Disney agent. I researched a few and was considering going to s store on my own to save some $$. A friend told me she used Garden Grocer and how great everything turned out. I ordered enough door for breakfast, some snacks, yogurt, milk, fruit and beer/wine. The fruit was amazingly fresh and in amazing crispness and taste. Everything else was cold and frozen sufficiently. I received a text and email when it got to my hotel. My bellhop brought it right to my room. It is a little more expensive than going to the store on your own. However, once you factor in time, transportation and the process of getting it to your room, it would be crazy to go elsewhere!!! Thank you a million times over!!!


Sat Jun 16, 2018

Loved using Garden Grocer. My food was there when I checked into my hotel. I will definitely use them again!


Sat Jun 16, 2018

Such a great service!! You don’t have to spend your precious vacation time going to the store. Your items are delivered to your hotel...Loved this!!!


Sat Jun 16, 2018

Appreciate it. Water in the park is $3 so definitely will do this every year.


Sat Jun 16, 2018

This is one of the best ways to get food and necessities delivered to your room. We ordered 2 32pk cases of water which was perfect to avoid to park prices.


Sat Jun 16, 2018

Excellent service and polite and helpful customer service reps.


Fri Jun 15, 2018

What a great experience to be able to order our food and have it delivered right to our hotel and waiting for us. Produce was fresh and everything ordered was delivered. A terrific service! Will use again!


Fri Jun 15, 2018

Wonderful service, very convenient. Cheaper than having to use Uber or call a taxi, and certainly cheaper than having to rent a car to get to the grocery store!


Fri Jun 15, 2018

When we arrived to our resort our groceries were waiting for us. The prices may seem high but are a great value compared to the cost of the items at your resort or inthe park. I like the option to add to your order and not be assessed an additional delivery fee. We have used this service in the past and will do so in the future. Very convenient, especially when flying.


Fri Jun 15, 2018

Simple, easy process and everything was exactly like it was promised. Everything was labeled with my name and delivered on time as promised. I was kind of skeptical at first Using a new service but I was not disappointed. Everything was great. Will definitely use again. By brother in law ordered stuff through amazon and had to pay for storage when the boxes arrived. That was not the case for me.


Fri Jun 15, 2018

Very pleased. Received everything ordered. Was delivered on time. Made my vacation easy. Thanks for a great experience.


Thu Jun 14, 2018

Great idea! Perfect for a few extra groceries while staying on a Disney World property!


Thu Jun 14, 2018

We stayed @ WDW All-Star Movies for family vacation. All of our order was delivered before we even arrived.
Our order was complete. The food was fresh and tasty. We will definitely use this service and recommend it to others.


Thu Jun 14, 2018

We stayed at Disney and wanted to make sure we had the items we'd need on our vacation. Garden Grocer had them delivered to the front desk at the Animal Kingdom and the bellhop brought them directly to the room. Our breakfasts were taken care of for the 2 weeks we were there upon arrival and ended up saving us a ton. Thanks! We'll use you again next visit.


Thu Jun 14, 2018

Our groceries arrived right after we checked into our hotel. Great service and easy process.


Wed Jun 13, 2018

Was happy with my order/delivery... will use again on our next trip.


Tue Jun 12, 2018

Very dependable and delved as promised


Tue Jun 12, 2018

Great service - would definitely recommend and use again!