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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Eileen D. Mon May 9, 2016
So easy! Shopped seamlessly and items were waiting at my hotel- everything was still cold. Definitely will use again!
Lydia B. Mon May 9, 2016
I had groceries delivered to my Walt Disney Hotel room. When I arrived my groceries were already in my room. Disney packed them in the refrigerator for me. When I had questions about my order I could always reach someone with Garden Grocer and when I needed a change it was done immediately. Awesome!!!! The food was fresh also.
Kelly D. Mon May 9, 2016
Garden Grocer was extremely easy to use and I found very reasonably priced. We ordered everything from snacks to milk to diapers to beer.....all so we didn't have to use our luggage space for these items. And everything was delivered right to our room by the time we checked in. I wI'll definitely be using it again
Danette A. Mon May 9, 2016
Great service ... Was delivered right after we got in our room. If needed breakfast cereal and milk and a few snacks... Order from here
Denise V. Sun May 8, 2016
Great service!! Everything I ordered was packaged perfectly and awaiting my arrival at Bell Services at my resort.
Marissa m. Sun May 8, 2016
Incredible service! We used it for our Disney vacation. Having food readily available in our room and on the go prevented many meltdowns with our son. Thank you for making the service so simple to use. The delivery to the hotel made our vacation that much easier, and the text to let us know it arrived showed your continued excellence in customer service. Two thumbs up!
Rebecca J. Sun May 8, 2016
First time using Garden Grocer and Loved it! Easy, convenient and great customer service. My whole order arrived at my Disney World hotel before I did! Fantastic and highly recommended.
Diana L. Sun May 8, 2016
We were thrilled that our groceries were delivered to our room and perishables in the fridge before we arrived
Thank you Garden Grocer
Diana Lange
Kathleen K. Sun May 8, 2016
Experience was wonderful. Groceries were at our hotel when we arrived. Perishables were refrigerated. All was as advertised!
Holly C. Sun May 8, 2016
Used for the first time last week and will use again next year and the next ..... Great service and entire order correct.. Even with my add on!!!
Linda R. Sun May 8, 2016
Very convenient to have groceries delivered to our hotel room. Excellent service. Thank you!
Bianca A. Sun May 8, 2016
Quick and easy!!! This is the way to
Go if your trying to save money at the parks!
Delilah C. Sat May 7, 2016
everything was delivered and maintained as described. One happy customer!
Albani T. Sat May 7, 2016
Very happy with the service! The fruits and fruit salad selected were very fresh. Everything was well packaged. Good selection of products. Also loved the convenience of the service and the email contact the company maintains with the customer. Would recommend and use the service again.
Renee S. Sat May 7, 2016
Great service, superb in customer care. From 1st call after order to my inquiry upon arrival, very easy to talk to.
ann l. Sat May 7, 2016
Garden Grocer delivery was great! We changed our order once without any problems by using the live chat customer service. Delivery was on time and the order was correct. The cold items were placed in the refrigerator for us until we could get the items from bell services. The entire process was so easy and went smoothly. I will use Garden Grocer every time I visit Disney!
Angela D. Sat May 7, 2016
Love Garden Grocer!! Wi
Dan M. Sat May 7, 2016
GG is the most convenient way to get the meals you want and saving money at Disney World.
Deborah B. Fri May 6, 2016
We have purchased groceries from the Garden Grocer for several years when we visit Disney World and choose not to rent a car. It is an incredible savings for my family as we do not to HAVE to purchase snacks, water etc. at Park prices!!!
cathy F. Fri May 6, 2016
very convenient, very helpful and friendly employees.
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