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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Karen M. Mon Jun 13, 2016
EXCEPTIONAL .... very easy and efficient service .... the CUSTOMER SERVICE is outstanding!!! I would definitely recommend using Garden Grocer!
judith f. Mon Jun 13, 2016
I used Garden Grocer for the first time upon the recommendation of a friend. There is a family member who has food allergies which made eating out difficult for her on lour long visit to Disney. Garden Grocer was wonderful. Very easy and nice to deal with. They were responsive and had everything at the hotel when we arrived. They even called to check and make sure we were pleased with the order. I highly recommend them and will use them on our next trip.
Laurie C. Mon Jun 13, 2016
We were traveling with another family to Walt Disney World and since we were flying, did not have a vehicle while there. We heard of your service and thought we would give it a try. Everything was as advertised and the food arrived on time and the order was complete. I received a call a few days before we left confirming the order (in addition to the email I received when I placed the order). I then got a phone call, an email and a text letting me know that my items were delivered. I will definitely use this service again if traveling to the Orlando area.
Jean H. Mon Jun 13, 2016
Dayna P. Mon Jun 13, 2016
Loved using the Garden Grocer! Super easy and really kind service! They saw that I ordered six of the same item and they called to confirm that it wasn't a mistake, thank you for caring about your customers!
Krista C. Mon Jun 13, 2016
Garden Grocer delivered the entire order on time, and gave adequate notification of delivery. We would feel very comfortable to rely on their service during a future stay.
Tina G. Mon Jun 13, 2016
No problems at all even when we changed our time! They were amazing!
Terri H. Mon Jun 13, 2016
This was a great service, very prompt. Our order was complete and very we'll packed. We will use again and recommend to others.
Sherry A. Mon Jun 13, 2016
It couldn't be any easier. I ordered bottled water, snacks, fruit, to have in our room at Disney. The food was delivered to our hotel, was exactly what I ordered. Thank you!
Angela M. Sun Jun 12, 2016
A friend recommended this service to me and I am so happy I listened! We had fresh groceries waiting for us upon arrival. The process was easy and made my vacation planning less stressful. Thank you Garden Grocer!
Nicole M. Sun Jun 12, 2016
This makes my disney vacation planning a little easier knowing my grocery needs are met and delivered! I pack less snacks knowing my groceries will be at my resort when I arrive.
Jennifer p. Sun Jun 12, 2016
Our groceries were delivered on time as promised. I was worried that maybe the fruit would be sub par or the bread nearly outdated...totally unfounded worries. Everything was fresh and put away in our cabin as promised. They even called to let us know! My only regret was not ordering more and not tipping more. :). Will definitely use again!
Jennifer N. Sun Jun 12, 2016
I thought everything was exceptional. The email/text communications were great, especially when ordering so far in advance of our arrival date at Disney. It was reassuring to know that my order wasn't forgotten.
Tricia A. Sun Jun 12, 2016
Excellent service and appreciated the follow up call to ensure we had received our order
Victoria C. Sun Jun 12, 2016
I used this service for the 1st time after a friend recommended it. I was over the moon with everything. Great service. The delivery was waiting at our hotel when we arrived. It was all packaged well and the products were all as described. I even got a call after placing the order to confirm it was being processed (you dont get that in the uk!) so it was a lovely touch. Overal I would recommend garden grocer and I will be using them again on my next holiday to Florida
LISA V. Sun Jun 12, 2016
I received excellent customer service when I called because I had forgotten an item.
Jolene M. Sun Jun 12, 2016
I was doubtful about ordering groceries online, but it was very easy, and they had every item I wanted. Prices were slightly increased, but they weren't unreasonable. The communication about my order was excellent and everything was there at my hotel and in perfect condition including fresh fruit that I ordered. I would definitely use them again.
mercedes t. Sun Jun 12, 2016
Excellent service :)
Donald M. Sun Jun 12, 2016
Placing the order was easy.
Items delivered on time.
A follow up call was placed to me in addition to a text to advise me of the delivery.
Overall excellent service.
Ed T. Sun Jun 12, 2016
Had a great first time experience with Garden Grocer!! Everything was as ordered and delivered to our front desk on time. Would definitely recommend them!!
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