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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Brenda G. Thu Aug 11, 2016
Very prompt and accurate service! Will definitely be using and recommending the company.
John C. Thu Aug 11, 2016
Items were delivered on time! Will definitely use Garden grocer again!
Victoria P. Thu Aug 11, 2016
This service was a huge help with our vacation. Everyone was pleasant and helpful. Having everything I needed delivered saved me from spending hours shopping and allowed be to sit by the pool instead.
Theresa K. Thu Aug 11, 2016
Very easy to order, and it was delivered to our door, with no errors in items, within minutes of calling bell services. The price was very reasonable! All of the products that we ordered are tasty (the ones which we were not familiar with) and it was nice to be able to get bran which we were familiar. We will definitely use this service again - maybe on his same trip!
Carrie T. Wed Aug 10, 2016
Great service!
Katherine K. Wed Aug 10, 2016
Garden Grocer was easy to use - easy to order online, and they call you right back (a real, live person!) to confirm your order. We were promptly notified via text when our order arrived at the Polynesian. Everything was great. We highly recommend it!
Donna R. Wed Aug 10, 2016
It was so nice to place an order and not worry if I would recieve it on time, or even be there when I arrived at my resort..garden grocer kept in full contact with me, on phone and through text. I would DEFINITELY recommend them..if they don't have anything in store that you need, you can request it on their website, they have a separate box provided..it is so convenient....
Josie S. Wed Aug 10, 2016
We were visiting Disney on a budget and had multiple food allergies/intolerances we needed to accommodate-neither are easy feats and the combination could have been complicated. I used Garden Grocer and was able to find healthy, fresh, and safe food choices for my family with ease. Our groceries were delivered as promised-on time and stored correctly. After long days at the park coming back to a hotel room stocked with groceries and options was a stress free way to end our days.
dave c. Wed Aug 10, 2016
You resolved a matter Disney employees created. I appreciate the extra effort your company made to resolve the problem.😀
Martha T. Wed Aug 10, 2016
Everyone was really friendly and ensured that my order was placed, they even called to let me know it had been delivered. Couldn't have asked for a smoother and more pleasant experience. Thank you!
Cathy A. Wed Aug 10, 2016
It was great to have essentials in our villa service was prompt and when we had our groceries placed in fridge instead of freezer they replaced items same day
Tracy B. Wed Aug 10, 2016
Fresh, accurate and on time!
Amanda F. Wed Aug 10, 2016
Very convenient way to get groceries when you don't have transportation. Website very easy to use and excellent selection of items to order.
Catharine O. Tue Aug 9, 2016
Garden Grocer is highly dependable. They made that part of our trip a cinch!
Thomas D. Tue Aug 9, 2016
Ordered my food a week ahead of time, was delivered to my room in disney when our room was ready!
John W. Tue Aug 9, 2016
It was great to get to Disney and have everything we could use at the hotel for my family.
Sara W. Mon Aug 8, 2016
Easy to use, great customer service and wonderfully convenient!
Mark D. Mon Aug 8, 2016
Great service, delivered on time and waiting for me on check in
Jennifer Mon Aug 8, 2016
We always use Garden Grocer when we go to Disney. Delivery is prompt, our orders are always correct and it saves us money by being able to eat breakfast in our room. We also use the order early option to save 10% off our order. I would definitely recommend Garden Grocer to anyone travelling to Disney!

Jen H.
Hampstead, NH
Raeann J. Mon Aug 8, 2016
We would highly recommend Garden Grocer. We have ordered from them for numerous trips to Disney and our order has always been filled accurately and on time.
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