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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

David M. Thu Jun 11, 2015
Nothing works 100% of the time, even when that is the goal. What's important to me is how a company handles a mistake. I have high praise for Garden Grocer in that regard. They accidently left off our refrigerated bagels. I got right through to a real person when I called. She suggested how I could check in case it was a mistake by the Disney resort bell services and then to call her back. Again, I got right through to a real person, and since it was in the evening, said they could run it over to me the next morning. But I said just to send it with a normal delivery to our resort since we had plenty of other breakfast choices. Throughout this process the Garden Grocer staff were pleasant, helpful, and professional. Garden Grocer gets high praise from me. And P.S. the fresh fruit we'd ordered was of excellent quality.
Linda T. Thu Jun 11, 2015
Our food was waiting for us when we arrived at the hotel (Art of Animation) and our order was complete and packaged well. Website made selecting our groceries easy and it was nice to have a good selection in the room.
Melissa C. Thu Jun 11, 2015
Absolutely perfect! On time delivery, waiting for us at resort before we even arrived. Everything arrived as ordered. Simple and easy process for 1st time user.
Richard M. Thu Jun 11, 2015
Garden Grocer worked exactly as advertised and was truly an effortless experience. My family used Garden Grocer for grocery delivery during our recent trip to Disneyworld. I got a text message from Garden Grocer when the groceries had been delivered to our resort. And, the Disney Bellhop service brought them to our room when we were ready for them. What could be easier. I've already recommended Garden Grocer to several of my friends planning trips to Disney this summer. We will definitely use this service again.
Carole W. Thu Jun 11, 2015
I am very pleased with garden grocer again this year. Their selection is good and the service is excellent. My food is always waiting on me when I arrive
lynn p. Thu Jun 11, 2015
A seamless process that was super easy and convenient! Will definitely recommend to our friends! Thank you!
Star S. Thu Jun 11, 2015
Garden Grocer was very easy to use for our vacation. The groceries were at our resort before we arrived! We will definitely use Garden Grocer again!
Andrea M. Thu Jun 11, 2015
Most amazing service ever!! Made getting groceries for our trip to Disney so easy!!!
Donna S. Thu Jun 11, 2015
Excellent!! Well done great service! Disney can learn a few things from you!
Angela V. Thu Jun 11, 2015
Great service we use every year! Saves the time and fun of grocery shopping when you are on vacation!
Joey A. Thu Jun 11, 2015
We really like using garden grocer. Their service is very helpful especially when staying at Disney World without a car. The employees are very attentive and go the extra mile to assist you. They have always been reliable and deliver items during the scheduled times.
Sunny W. Thu Jun 11, 2015
Thank you so much for making our stay enjoyable! It was wonderful to have ammenities delivered to our resort!
Jennifer F. Thu Jun 11, 2015
Easy to use, convenient, excellent customer service!
Amy L. Thu Jun 11, 2015
This was so easy and convenient. I will never drive around Orlando looking for a Publix to buy our breakfast, snack, & beverages for a WDW vacation and wasting our precious vacation time again!!
Angela J. Wed Jun 10, 2015
Couldn't be happier with the experience, start to finish. We will be using this service often! Thank you GG.
Peggy A. Wed Jun 10, 2015
We were so pleased with our selections. Everything was waiting for us when we arrived at our Disney Hotel. Thank you!!!
Angela M. Wed Jun 10, 2015
Easy and cost efficient way to stock up on water, juice and snacks as our Disney Resort!
Jeffrey M. Wed Jun 10, 2015
We stayed in a Villa at Animal Kingdom and the ability to have goroceries delivered right to out hotel allowed us to get the most out of our Villa. With kids of different ages we could each eat breakfast as we awoke rather than waiting for everyone to get ready and then head out to a sit down breakfast. Saved a lot of time and a load of money. I would definitely recommend using Garden Grocer for anyone who stays in villa type room at Disney with a kitchen/kitchenette.
Heather Wed Jun 10, 2015
We have used Garden Grocer several times and have always had great service. This is an easy way to reduce what you need to pack and save money on snacks.
mary f. Wed Jun 10, 2015
A little more variety and maybe some travel size options. All else was terrific!
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