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Lisa S. Thu Sep 29, 2016
I ordered a cases of water, bottled drinks, fruit, and snacks to be delivered to Wilderness Lodge at the start of our Disney World vacation. I was notified via text that our items had been delivered before we even reached our hotel. The entire ordering process was easy and oh so convenient!
Deborah R. Thu Sep 29, 2016
I cannot recomend Garden Grocery high enough. The web site was easy to navigate and moments after submitting my order I received a telephone call confirming its receipt, (which was deeply appreciated by this less-technically confident grandmother). Everything I was looking for was available and everything I ordered was in our room at Disney World when we arrived late on Saturday night. The cold ingrediants were in the refrigerator and everything else was nicely packed in paper bags. I wouldn't hesitate to utilize Garden Grocer again in the future. Wonderful service.
Teresa b. Thu Sep 29, 2016
this was the first time to use this service. we are a family from england and were nervous. but this service has exceeded my expectations. will definitely use again.
Emily G. Thu Sep 29, 2016
Wonderful service! Groceries arrived at our resort while we were at the parks and was held at bell service for us (keeping our cold items refrigerated). Bell service delivered to our room that evening when we returned and everything was exactly as we had ordered! So easy and convenient!
Rebecca G. Thu Sep 29, 2016
I love your service! We stayed at the Contemporary and had several cases of water, soda etc. delivered and it arrived promptly and it was so convenient. Thank you so much !
Amanda S. Thu Sep 29, 2016
I have used Garden Grocer multiple times on my travels to WDW. The prices are comparable to what you would pay for at Publix, the service fee small, and the delivery and follow up very professional. If you have saved up to have a great vacation, then I highly suggest using this service so that you don't have to waste a minute of vacation in the grocery store. I do enough grocery shopping at home, I don't enjoy doing it on my brief vacation.
julie o. Thu Sep 29, 2016
Delivered on time, all present and correct. Will use again :)
Sheri S. Thu Sep 29, 2016
Coming back to our room to find our order waiting for us was the perfect end to a wonderful day!
Bryan H. Thu Sep 29, 2016
The person I talked to could not have been nicer! Very helpful and personableb. GG also checking in to confirm and follow up to make sure everything went well is that extra little thing they do that makes GG awesome! Great service!
Scott C. Wed Sep 28, 2016
Brilliant service! On time,packaged well. So handy having a delivery waiting there for when you arrive. Will be using again next visit....Thanks!!
Robin B. Wed Sep 28, 2016
Above and beyond! We placed an order from Garden Grocer while we were at Disney World. Among other items, the order included bananas, which when we received had three that seemed as though they had been bruised and punctured in transit. When I received the email the next day asking how satisfied we were with our delivery, I simply mentioned the bananas with no expectation of anything being done about it. I merely wanted them to know for future reference that maybe special handling needs to be done with produce. Within an hour, I received an email back stating that they were sending three new bananas to replace the three that were damaged. Within a few hours I received a text message that the new bananas had been delivered to bell services. This level of service impressed me so much, especially in an age where excellent customer service sometimes seems to be very rare. I HIGHLY recommend Garden Grocer 100%!
Stephanie H. Wed Sep 28, 2016
Great service! Will definitely use again!
Lauren W. Wed Sep 28, 2016
This was easier then going to the market. Great first time experience!! Would recommend to everyone.
Diane V. Wed Sep 28, 2016
This was the most convenient way to have snacks and drinks on hand for kids. Shopped on line, sent directly to my room at Disney and then brought to our room. I will definitely use this service again!!!
Arlene S. Wed Sep 28, 2016
From start to finish, the process was simple and flawless
Marty B. Wed Sep 28, 2016
Having fresh fruit, bottled water and snacks available in our room made our entire Disney World vacation experience dramatically easier. Each day we packed a survival kit of snacks for the parks. Ordering and receiving our groceries could not have been easier. Fantastic Business concept and execution!
Kelly H. Wed Sep 28, 2016
I would highly recommend this service. It was delivered on time and everything was correct.
Katie M. Wed Sep 28, 2016
Fast and easy to use. Worth every penny of the delivery charge!
Connie W. Wed Sep 28, 2016
So glad I used Garden Grocer during our Disney vacation! We were able to eat breakfast in our room everyday. With a 3 year old who is cranky before she eats in the morning, it was a life saver.
Jamie S. Wed Sep 28, 2016
Easy and convenient! Would definitely do it again!
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