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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Gaenor O. Sat Aug 6, 2016
Easy to order and everything waiting for us upon our arrival from the UK. Would definitely recommend and use again.
Zoe C. Sat Aug 6, 2016
Seamless service and so easy!
Kent B. Sat Aug 6, 2016
Everything we ordered arrived in an convenient, timely manner and the constant communication let us know that our order had been received and had arrived at our hotel. We look forward to ordering with Garden Grocer again on an extended stay.
Maria P. Sat Aug 6, 2016
Well worth it. Food was delivered on time and well packed. Fruit was fresh and stayed fresh all week. Great communications and would definitely use again!!
Bea M. Sat Aug 6, 2016
I was so impressed with this whole process!! From placing the order ( and then receiving an e-mail confirming the order) onto the delivery right to our hotel. Another e-mail when the order was delivered so I never had to even worry about it. Got everything I ordered,and cold items were kept nice and cold. I will definitely use Garden Grocer again!!!!
Erika P. Sat Aug 6, 2016
The Garden Grocer is an excellent store because the groceries were delivered on time and the fruits were fresh.
Karen S. Sat Aug 6, 2016
I was so happy to learn about Garden Grocer before my travels to a Disney World Resort. Not only was the site easy to navigate, I was so impressed with the phone call I received after placing my order. I had a few questions about the logistics of delivery and I didn't need to search for the answer as a call came in to confirm my order and answer all my questions. The entire interaction from start to finish was exceptional. My food arrived right before I checked in and was brought to my room immediately. I give GG my highest recommendation. Your costumer service was on point! Thank you.
Lori R. Sat Aug 6, 2016
Easy and affordable. Order and delivery time were spot on. Customer service was friendly. This saved us a lot of money and calories on food and drink at Disney!!
Marco F. Sat Aug 6, 2016
Tried this out and glad I did. It was awesome. Eliminates a lot of hassle, especially with kids...!
Jane J. Sat Aug 6, 2016
I will always order my groceries from Garden Grocer when we vacation in Disney. We appreciated having everything delivered before we arrived. We didn't have to waste anytime getting started enjoying our trip!
John D. Sat Aug 6, 2016
Excellent! We heard about GG through a friend and could not be happier with the service. I would recommend them 100%!
Patricia H. Fri Aug 5, 2016
Service was great. Easy to work with and on top of everything. Our order was delivered timely and accurately.
Sure was helpful and I would recommend to anyone!!
Ian G. Fri Aug 5, 2016
Prompt delivery with high quality items readily available,,, highly recommended
Jennifer S. Fri Aug 5, 2016
Very easy to use to order and our groceries were delivered right to our resort room.
kim m. Fri Aug 5, 2016
We were called on our home telephone less than 5 minutes after we had confirmed our order by a pleasant woman asking if there was anything else she could do to help and explain how our purchase would arrive at our resort. I will be using this service again and have recommended it to friends.
Heidi R. Fri Aug 5, 2016
Great value, AMAZING customer service. Would recommend to anyone !
Winnie W. Fri Aug 5, 2016
Excellent service. Appreciated the follow up phone call after our groceries arrived! We didnt need anything as our order was perfect but the follow up was a nice service! Thanks
Susan K. Fri Aug 5, 2016
Everything was perfect. Groceries arrived on time and fresh.
rebecca f. Fri Aug 5, 2016
Terrific! Delivered on time, convenient, easy to use!
Kathleen C. Fri Aug 5, 2016
I was so happy to find this service to help cut down on expensive meals at Walt Disney World. Everything was delivered as ordered and on schedule; the WDW resort took good care of it until our arrival; and it was all of excellent quality. So pleased to have used Garden Grover and definitely recommend it.
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