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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Amanda M. Wed Dec 14, 2016
This was my first time using Garden Grocer. Everything about it was amazing, I regret not using it sooner! I will be recommending this to all of clients and will definitely be using them again.
Chris H. Wed Dec 14, 2016
Way better than trying to stop at a store on the way from the airport. It's sent the hotel ahead of you, refrigerated if needed, and where applicable, delivered directly to your room!
Tequila D. Tue Dec 13, 2016
Very convenient, received a text and email when our order was delivered to the hotel, ahead of schedule. I would absolutely use this service again.
Melissa B. Tue Dec 13, 2016
First time using this service and had an excellent experience. Groceries were easy to order, reasonably price and delivery/communication went smoothly!
Allison G. Tue Dec 13, 2016
Awesome service, saved tons of money! Would use again!
Janice L. Tue Dec 13, 2016
Great service. Texted me when order was delivered no problems. Would recommend to everyone
shelby l. Mon Dec 12, 2016
They did a great job! Groceries were delivered before our flight got in. And all I had to do was call front desk and have them brought up!
Benny L. Mon Dec 12, 2016
Wonderful and stress free experience with excellent communication.
Brian T. Mon Dec 12, 2016
Excellent customer service! Order arrived as promised! Everything was there!
jennifer p. Mon Dec 12, 2016
Garden Grocer was easy to work with and delivered everything on time and as expected. The fruit was delicious and the entire process made our stay that much more enjoyable. I highly recommend them!
Ana V. Mon Dec 12, 2016
So easy! So reliable! Love that my order is always waiting in my room when I arrive at WDW. They always have everything I need.
Daniel S. Mon Dec 12, 2016
It was great to come to our room and have the perishables in the refrigerator and the rest of the groceries on the table. Great time saver!
Jennifer D. Sun Dec 11, 2016
Amazing service! Appreciated the follow up with our delivery and the opportunity to add on when we checked in (and could see the size of our fridge!). Will recommend to everyone traveling to Disney!
Pamela C. Sun Dec 11, 2016
What an incredible convenience when staying at a Disney resort without a rental car. Our order was delivered on time and everything was perfect!
S L. Sun Dec 11, 2016
Used them to purchase snacks to have in the hotel room while at Disney World. Service was wonderful! Someone answered the phone each time I called and there were multiple follow-up emails and phone calls letting me know the status of my order. If you don't want to go shopping, this is the way to do it. Wish I they delivered to my house too!
Carinne K. Sun Dec 11, 2016
Garden grocer was great. They double checked our order and it was waiting for is when we arrived. When we had to do a last minute order during the middle of our vacation it was delivered quickly and with everything we ordered!
Amy B. Sat Dec 10, 2016
Ready ordering, prompt delivery, quality foodles. Thank you! We'll be a repeat customer
Leanor P. Sat Dec 10, 2016
The process was easy, the customer service was awesome and my order was waiting for me when I arrived to my hotel!
Lisa N. Sat Dec 10, 2016
I will and would recommend Garden Grocer to my friends and family heading to Disney! Easy to navigate website. Good arrived in the window of time that was promised. They are a little more expensive than your average grocery store, depending on where you live, but you are paying for the convienence. Great experience will order from them time and time again
Mary S. Fri Dec 9, 2016
My first time using Garden Grocer - site was easy to navigate and I was pleased to have cold milk and fresh fruit available for my family in our room. Would definitely recommend GG and will use again .
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