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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Linda Fri Sep 9, 2016
We used Garden Grocer for the 9th year this summer for delivery to our Disney hotel. It worked flawlessly, as always, & each item was carefully handled & maintained at the proper temperature.
Emma G. Fri Sep 9, 2016
Garden Grocers really made our trip to Disney World so much better! Our groceries were already there when got to our hotel and everything was just right. :)
Sara M. Thu Sep 8, 2016
Garden Grocer made it so easy to have the few specific groceries we wanted without a hassle, the communication and follow up were top notch.
Kristen C. Thu Sep 8, 2016
Incredible service & so convenient to have groceries at Resort when we arrived !
Lilly G. Thu Sep 8, 2016
This service was very easy to use, The person that delivered our items to our room was very professional and friendly
HUA M. Thu Sep 8, 2016
Awesome, everything arrived as schedule.
Phil D. Thu Sep 8, 2016
Total awesomeness. Got a phone call and text even before we arrived

I would recommend this service to anyone coming to Disney
Susan D. Thu Sep 8, 2016
Garden Grocer was the easiest part of our Disney vacation. We ordered the groceries before we left and when we arrived we received a text that the groceries had already been delivered to our resort. The resort kept the cold items refrigerated until after we checked in. Our order was fulfilled perfectly!
Darryl c. Wed Sep 7, 2016
Excellent from start to finish will definitely use again
Caroline L. Wed Sep 7, 2016
By far the best grocer to deal with if you are going on vacation in Walt Disney World. I have ordered from them the past few years and I am never disappointed.
Natalia A. Wed Sep 7, 2016
Great service, received what I needed and cold things were put away in the refrigerator for me thank you!
Joanne H. Wed Sep 7, 2016
The food came on time , everything we ordered was correct! Will use you most certainly again.
Aaron S. Wed Sep 7, 2016
Garden Grocer worked out great. We stayed at The Campgrounds at Fort Wilderness and the food was waiting (and refrigerated) on us when we got there. The site had everything we wanted and needed.
marie r. Wed Sep 7, 2016
This service is excellent! When we arrived at our Disney villa, we just arranged for bell services to deliver our groceries and were all set for our week's stay. We have used them in the past and were just a pleased this time. Highly recommend!!
Suzanne Wed Sep 7, 2016
Your telephone confirmations were incredibly quick, great follow up after deliver as well! Delivered right on time again!
Kelly B. Wed Sep 7, 2016
Thank you for our grocery delivery this August (2016). Order arrived at hotel before us. Everything we ordered was there and labelled with our name. Text to say that our order was at the hotel. Great service x
Kathy B. Wed Sep 7, 2016
Excellent service!!! Will use again on our next trip.
Eugene H. Wed Sep 7, 2016
I ordered from garden grocer 3 days before my trip to Disney World for the second time and I have to say both times I had no problem at all receiving my groceries. They came up with my luggage from bell service and the frozen stuff was froze and everything that I ordered was there. A real nice service to have and we will oder from them everytime.
Brian M. Wed Sep 7, 2016
A little expensive but well worth it. Now that I know the minimum order amount, and the available items, I will be budgeting in groceries for our next trip. A must have!!!
Amy H. Wed Sep 7, 2016
I had an excellent experience using Garden Grocer. It was great to have some of our favorite foods available in our hotel room while on vacation. The fact that the we didn't have to be at the resort for the delivery was awesome--no need to interrupt our time at the parks! I appreciate that on the few occasions I needed to call there was a friendly person on the line to help. I will certainly use Garden Grocer, again, on return trips to Disney! Thank you for providing this service.
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