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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Paige M. Mon Jun 15, 2015
Wonderful company to work with! No hassle! Will definitely use the service again!
dana w. Mon Jun 15, 2015
Garden Grocer made out trip to Disney easier and more affordable. I won't go back without using them again. A+ customer service.
Rochelle G. Mon Jun 15, 2015
Sent our daughter and her best friend to Disneyworld as a suprise HS graduation present. It was great to have their groceries waiting for them at the resort upon arrival! Such peace of mind, thank you!
Heather C. Mon Jun 15, 2015
Very easy to use and were pleasantly surprised. We will definitely use this service again.
Melissa H. Mon Jun 15, 2015
Fantastic service! Easy to order and so convenient. Everything was waiting for us at the hotel when we arrived after a long day of traveling. All we had to focus on was having fun!
Monique K. Mon Jun 15, 2015
Saved alot of money by purchasing a case of water instead of having to buy one bottle at a time in the parks at $2.50ea. I also bought apples, oranges and cut up fresh fresh that was refreshing and nice to snack on while in the parks.
Jessica L. Mon Jun 15, 2015
We used Garder Grocer for our trip to Walt Disney World. Everything was there upon our arrival. I will definitely use this service again!
Lori H. Sun Jun 14, 2015
I love to get food here for our Disney World trip. We are able to eat our breakfast in the room instead of hiking to the food court. We pack our backpack with snacks and drinks purchased by G.G.for inside the park. Our food is always delivered to our room on time. I know we have saved a lot of money using Garden Grocer!
Jazilyn F. Sun Jun 14, 2015
Great service! They emailed me to confirm that my order was received, also notified me when it was delivered to the hotel, and followed up with a check up call to make sure everything was received correctly & to my satisfaction (which it was, everything came exactly as I expected & just as advertised). The only advice Id give is to make sure you place your order several days in advance as it takes 2-3 days before you'll receive it. I will use Garden Grocer again the next time im in Florida and recommend that you do too!
Joshua B. Sun Jun 14, 2015
Excellent service!! Everything was delivered as ordered! Reasonable prices and reasonable shipping charge! Thank you!!
Tim E. Sun Jun 14, 2015
Garden Grocer was an amazing service to use for our Disney vacation. We placed our order with them a couple months in advance and just a matter of hours after we arrived they were there delivering our order. I would highly recommend Garden Grocer to anyone.
Colleen J. Sun Jun 14, 2015
We traveled to disney and had some groceries delivered. We did have a Disney meal plan, but it was nice to have milk, cereal, snacks, beer/wine ready when we arrived. Well worth the delivery fee!
Christine M. Sun Jun 14, 2015
Using Garden Grocer was so easy. The service was prompt and accurate and finding answers to any questions couldn't have been simpler. It made our week at Disney World feel more like home.
Jenna B. Sun Jun 14, 2015
You always make our Disney vacation hassle free. Even doing the Disney dining plan, it is so nice to have breakfast foods, snacks and water on hand. Thank you!!
Michael T. Sun Jun 14, 2015
In June of 2015 we stayed a week at the Sarotaga Springs Resort at Disney World. Our travel agent recommended Garden Grocer from personal experience. The order process was smooth and simple. The selection was more than adequate. My only concern was the request for gratuity prior to delivery. I never like tipping before a service is rendered as that obviously negates the point of tipping. With that said, the groceries were delivered on time and the delivery person called to let me know the groceries had arrived at bell services. All in all, we had no complaints and would definitely use their services again if we are in the Orlando area.
Armen F. Sun Jun 14, 2015
This was the second time we used garden grocer. They provided prompt service to our hotel. We had a problem with one produce product having mold at the bottom and they resolved the problem immediately. Thank you for making our trip to disney a delicious success.
Mark G. Sun Jun 14, 2015
Service and quality were top notch. Process was seamless and professional. Highly recommended.
Dina P. Sun Jun 14, 2015
First time to use the service- was awesome and have told all our friends about you that are DVC owners!
Jennifer M. Sun Jun 14, 2015
Ordering was easy. We changed delivery times which was also easy. Groceries were delivered on time. Great service.
Sari E. Sat Jun 13, 2015
Delivered in a timely manner EXACTLY as I ordered. Everything in good condition and super happy with the service!!
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