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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Tim S. Tue Aug 11, 2015
We received exactly what we ordered and it was delivered during the time window we requested, plus we received notification when the delivery had been made. Couldn't have been easier.
John M. Tue Aug 11, 2015
I found this whole experience easy to use and made sure I didn't have to wate any vacation time shopping.
evelin o. Tue Aug 11, 2015
Great service! Everything we needed for our vacation instead of spending a lot on food eating there.
Carrie P. Tue Aug 11, 2015
Excellent service and convenience. Great way to obtain food items for your stay in Orlando without having to pack it.
Beth M. Mon Aug 10, 2015
Wonderful way to save time and money at Disney. We got breakfast, snacks, and water. Would definitely use Garden Grocer again!
STUART B. Mon Aug 10, 2015
I highly recommend this service. This was the first time we used Garden Grocer and will be using them again. We previously had a car service stop at the grocery store or had a car and went to the store, but that took away from our vacation time. The $14 shopping/delivery fee was less than both of our previous options. Everything we ordered was received and was packed perfectly, delivered before we arrived and all was the same quality that I would pick myself. The fruit was fresh, the dated items (milk, bread, etc...) all had dates that were past our checkout date (we stayed 8 days), so nothing went to waste. I am a customer that will use this service again next vacation and all future vacations. Thank you for taking a part of our vacation that helps save money and making it simple and wirry free!!!
Bret W. Mon Aug 10, 2015
The customer service was excellent. Before I left the airport for my destination, I received a personal phone call letting me know that my groceries had been delivered to my Disney hotel. In addition, I received an email and a text message. When I checked in with Bell Services at my hotel, they were quick to deliver all of my groceries to the room. Everything was accounted for in the order, including my milk and orange juice ( both still cold).

I would definitely use this service again!
Patty M. Mon Aug 10, 2015
Service and electronic communication was wonderful. Between Txt messages emails and phone calls, we know status of our order at any point in time. The friendly follow up was great! And no Problems with frozen or perishables!
Frank S. Mon Aug 10, 2015
Great experience all around. I emailed questions and they were answered promptly and completely. From order to the text communication about delivery everything was flawless.
barbara r. Mon Aug 10, 2015
Second time we've used them for our Disney trip. Such a great service, I would recommend to anyone going on vacation, Vacation isn't for grocery shopping, it's for fun!
Lee S. Mon Aug 10, 2015
Easy to use. Communication was excellent. Will use again.
Deborah S. Mon Aug 10, 2015
I am not one for placing orders on-line; however, Garden Grocer was very easy to navigate. It was recommended to me by a friend who previously used their services on a trip to Florida. I was impresses with the immediate email and phone call to confirm our order ( nice to be able to speak to an actual human being). Garden Grocer delivered to our resort, as stated, with no problems benounced to me; and we had no issues or discrepancies with the order at all! I was very pleased with their quality and would definitely use their services again. Thank-you for taking the stress out of that portion of our vacation!
Maria G. Mon Aug 10, 2015
I highly recommend Garden Grocer. The products were delivered on time, and were fresh and of excellent quality. I received updates confirming my order and delivery which was reassuring. I will definitely use Garden Grocer again in the future.
Shelley P. Mon Aug 10, 2015
This service is GENIUS!! Arrived exactly when it was suppose to and made our vacation so much easier and more enjoyable! Thank you for all you do!! Will definitely use you again and recommend you to everyone I know! :)
Janis P. Mon Aug 10, 2015
Our order was at the hotel waiting for us well within the time frame indicated. Fantastic service!
Eileen C. Mon Aug 10, 2015
Everything was as advertised. Our delivery was within the two hour window promised; the dairy products were fresh, and the fruit was just ripening.
John Sun Aug 9, 2015
Don't get frustrated with any other way of getting quality, fresh, competitively priced groceries delivered to your hotel. Just order with the " GG"
Linda C. Sun Aug 9, 2015
Great service! Got a text one min after the delivery window opened saying my items were at the bell captain's desk. Wonderful!
Kristen G. Sun Aug 9, 2015
Garden Grocer is a must if you're looking to save time and $ when staying at a Disney resort. We always order breakfast foods we can eat in the room as well as snacks and drinks, peanut butter and a loaf of bread. Garden Grocer makes ordering, delivering and coordinating with the resort hassle free! I had no worries about my order.
Lori S. Sun Aug 9, 2015
Fantastic service. When we checked in to our hotel our items were already in our room and cold things were in the fridge. Thank you for a hassle free experience. Excellent!
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