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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Hilarion W. Sat Mar 4, 2017
Super easy and definitely saved us money!
Kriston B. Sat Mar 4, 2017
Food delivered on time and produce was fresh! Thanks for making our vacation more easy and a bit more home feeling for our kids!
Robin L. Fri Mar 3, 2017
I was very happy with the service I received from Garden Grocer. My order was waiting for me at my hotel when I arrived just as promised. The prices were reasonable for the convenience they offered. During the process they even contacted me when the exact item I ordered was not available and then offered a reasonable substitute. I would gladly recommend them to anyone staying in the Orlando Disney resort area.
Kim L. Fri Mar 3, 2017
Awesome service !
Jodi S. Fri Mar 3, 2017
All of our food arrived as scheduled and was waiting for us at the resort when we arrived. The quality was incredible! The produce was perfectly ripe (I especially loved how the bananas were just as I had ordered), and the cold items were cold. It was so nice to have bottled water without having to lug it in our bags ourselves. I wouldn't hesitate to use this again in the future!
Amy E. Fri Mar 3, 2017
I suggest using this company. We had our groceries at the promised time. They were double bagged and not missing a thing!
I received my email as soon as they arrived at our hotel. Worth the money when you don't have a vehicle and using the Disney bus system only.
Andrea B. Fri Mar 3, 2017
Garden Grocer was fantastic! We traveled to Disney World with our one year old and a six year old, knowing we'd have snacks, diapers, everything we needed waiting for us at the resort helped get rid of so much concern and stress!
Lori M. Fri Mar 3, 2017
We had a good experience with Garden Grocer. Our groceries were delivered on time and waiting for us when we arrived at our Disney resort. The order was correct, and the food was fresh.
Justina P. Fri Mar 3, 2017
The service made our vacation so much easier. Groceries arrived on-time, ordering was simple, and delivery was too!
Krista C. Thu Mar 2, 2017
Ordering groceries and having them waiting for us helped to start our vacation as soon as we arrived. The quality of the fruit was as if I had picked it myself and it was kept cold until we arrived. Highly recommend and will definitely use again!
Elizabeth P. Thu Mar 2, 2017
Groceries were delivered as expected! Very pleased with their services
Allison P. Thu Mar 2, 2017
The service was excellent and items were delivered to our hotel before we landed in Orlando. All items were fresh!
Debbie F. Thu Mar 2, 2017
We loved this service! Our family was able to eat breakfast in the room, pack sandwiches for lunch in the parks, and have snacks in the evening. We would definitely use this service again --and will recommend to friends!
Haley B. Thu Mar 2, 2017
Great and easy experience! I order regularly at home from more well known sites like Amazon and fresh direct so was hesitant to order on vacation from a site I wasn't familiar with. But garden grocer exceeded my expectations- they delivered on time, had a great selection of organic foods, great customer service l, food deliverers was exactly what I ordered and was able to be flexible to meet our needs. I highly recommend!
Rochelle O. Thu Mar 2, 2017
The site was easy to use. The grocery selection was good and the prices reasonable. Everything was delivered on time and in good condition. Garden Grocer is a wonderful convieience.
jane o. Thu Mar 2, 2017
Garden Grocer was very easy to use,had excellent delivery time with no issues,we will use again in up coming visit.
Ann C. Tue Feb 28, 2017
The food was delivered fresh and it was nice to have it so readily available. The prices were reasonable.
Chris O. Tue Feb 28, 2017
We ordered from GardenGrocer.com for the first time for our recent trip to Florida's Walt Dinsey World. It saved us quite a bit of money and time. I highly recommend this service! The website has a huge variety of items to purchase and the staff provided excellent regarding when our order would be received (and it was on time!). Thanks GardenGrocer.com!
Kristi L. Tue Feb 28, 2017
Everything arrived as promised ... Awesome Service
joanne c. Tue Feb 28, 2017
Enjoyed using you for the 1st time ,will definitly use again!!!
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