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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Elizabeth M. Wed Jun 17, 2015
Your service is the best! I can't think of anyway to improve it. I have already recommended this place to 2 people. Thank you!
Penny H. Wed Jun 17, 2015
Delivery was right on time!
Lynne T. Wed Jun 17, 2015
I loved this service, especially as our flight got in late at night. We had all breakfast items, water, juices, snacks, etc. and we were ready for a day at Disney! They even put many water bottles from the case I bought in the fridge and Texted me when the groceries were delivered. Excellent for our needs this trip! Thank you Garden Grocer!
Brenda Wed Jun 17, 2015
Just as advertised. The delivery was made on time, everything was fresh and exactly as ordered.
Sarah S. Wed Jun 17, 2015
Everything about ordering through Garden Grocer was fantastic! By placing my order early, I was given an automatic discount. The order was delivered on time, just waiting my arrival. It made for a beautiful start for our vacation!!
Kathy M. Wed Jun 17, 2015
Everything was great , a very good way to have snacks in your hotel room at a good price.
Megan B. Wed Jun 17, 2015
I highly recommend using Garden Grocer for all your grocery needs for your Disney stay! It was so helpful having snacks and bottled water on hand as well as dairy products that we couldn't have traveled with.
Sandra G. Wed Jun 17, 2015
Great service, easy to order, food delivered as scheduled. All food was fresh and in good shape..no cracked eggs, bruised fruit. Would highly recommend and will be using Garden Grocers again.
Carey J. Wed Jun 17, 2015
So convenient. I loved coming back from a long day at a Disney park and having groceries waiting for me. We saved tons of space in our car by not having to pre-pack food and avoided the stress of having to stop off at a store before we arrived. I'm would highly recommend this service!!
Brian S. Wed Jun 17, 2015
Garden Grocer was easy to order online. Groceries were delivered to my Disney hotel without any issues. Great communication from the company right after I ordered and when they were delivered. Great company to use for grocery delivery!
Jeffrey A. Tue Jun 16, 2015
Garden Grocer was excellent, I had it delivered to Pop Century Resort and it was there waiting when we checked in. Great Service.
Sarah B. Tue Jun 16, 2015
Excellent service! Best service ever!
roseann o. Tue Jun 16, 2015
Excellent service and quality ...makes vacation planning much less stressful ....highly recommend
Karl R. Tue Jun 16, 2015
Great experience. Shopping was easy and everything was delivered exactly as ordered. No hassles at all.
Tina H. Tue Jun 16, 2015
I have a child with special needs. Traveling with rice milk, extra paper towels, making sure I have water for his g-tube etc. takes up a lot of space, and adds weight, to the suitcase. It is so nice to arrive at your destination and have your basic supplies waiting for you. (I used to mail items beforehand, but this was cheaper.)
Kelly K. Tue Jun 16, 2015
Made our disney trip more affordable and gave us more nutritious options. Came on time and exactly as ordered, would definitely do it again!
Amy W. Tue Jun 16, 2015
Works like a charm--2nd time around!
Kerol H. Tue Jun 16, 2015
I can't believe how easy it was, and the food was delivered exactly when they said it would be. Thanks!
Tisha R. Tue Jun 16, 2015
My overall experience with Garden Grocers from the beginning to end was so smooth. I appreciate them having this opportunity available for travelers like myself.

Happy customer from Bentonville, AR
Michael S. Tue Jun 16, 2015
Brilliant thing to have done. We pre ordered in the UK and it was delivered the day we arrived all ready to go! First class service and brilliant. Cost very reasonable.
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