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Vicki S. Mon Jul 20, 2015
This grocery service is a great idea for a stay at a Walt Disney resort. We usually try to eat breakfast in our room along with some lunches or dinners when we visit the Disney parks. Since we use Disney transportation to get to/from the airport and the parks, we don't have a car. In years past, that made it difficult to pick up enough groceries at the little grocery store at the resort. We heard about Garden Grocers from the Disney resort. We ordered our groceries in advance (which allowed us to take advantage of a discount), and scheduled a delivery time. We arrived at our resort and bell services already had the groceries (which they stored in refrigerators/freezers until we got there). We were able to take the groceries back to our room along with our luggage right when we got to the resort. Everything was exactly as we ordered it. What a painless way to start a vacation!
Kam P. Mon Jul 20, 2015
Great service. When we arrive at our Disney resort our food is waiting for us. Makes life much easier after a long flight.
Nando D. Mon Jul 20, 2015
Great easy service and comes in handy with feeding 3 kids.
Lori D. Mon Jul 20, 2015
Service was wonderful. It was great to arrive at our Disney Resort to find our groceries waiting for us. It was so easy to shop online, definitely ordering our next visit.
anne l. Mon Jul 20, 2015
We were at All Star Sports and the groceries were delivered as expected. It was wonderful and delivered in a timely fashion. If you like snacks, wine and or beer this is the way to go. You can buy bagels and cream cheese and toast it here at the hotel. Worked out great. Definitely would use them again!!!! A++=
Bruce E. Sun Jul 19, 2015
Great service, easy to order and delivery was waiting for me at my hotel. Everything was as promised!
Long Island
Lisa M. Sun Jul 19, 2015
Great service especially staying at resort! Groceries were there when we returned from park. Highly recommend!
Holly C. Sun Jul 19, 2015
So easy and convenient... Perfect for a vacation!
Jill C. Sun Jul 19, 2015
The Garden Grocer app is easy to use, the ordering was a breeze, and the delivery notifications and service were both prompt and efficient. Traveling with a baby is never easy, but Garden Grocer definitely helped ease some of my worries about having to pack enough supplies for my son. This was my first order, but it definitely will not be my last.
Heather M. Sun Jul 19, 2015
We placed out order about a week before our trip and everything was perfect! While we were still on vacation we referred many of the Disney guests to your site. We will use Garden Grocer again on our next visit to Florida!
Traci G. Sun Jul 19, 2015
This was our first time using Garden Grocer. We always stay on Disney property and didn't realise you could have groceries delivered - it saved us a small fortune! The whole process was very simple with our order being delivered within the time frame specified. All items were delivered as per our order with no substitutions. I would highly recommend Garden Grocer.
Catherine L. Sun Jul 19, 2015
We would not hesitate to recommend Garden Grocer to anyone. The entire experience, from ordering to delivery, was seamless and we appreciated all the communication we had from the company, making sure our order was correct. We will make Garden Grocer a part of every Disney holiday from now on!
Doug S. Sun Jul 19, 2015
The site was a breeze to use. The groceries beat us to the hotel and were held in a fridge. Fruit was fresh. Absolutely no complaints.
Mike C. Sun Jul 19, 2015
Ordering was easy, items were there before we were and brought to our room upon checking in! It's a great service, we would definitely use again!!
Michelle P. Sun Jul 19, 2015
Excellent service! Items were waiting for us when we arrived at hotel for check in
Melissa S. Sat Jul 18, 2015
Amazing! Fruit was so fresh everything was delivered right to my room. Good quality was excellent service was great definitely worth it!
Emily C. Sat Jul 18, 2015
Great service and wonderful products! Will definitely use again on our next Disney vacation!
joanna g. Sat Jul 18, 2015
Timely, great quality, and convenient.
Wayne Q. Sat Jul 18, 2015
Great service and suitable cost for the convenience.
Kimberly M. Sat Jul 18, 2015
Wonderful service! I appreciate the discount for earlier orders as well as the ability to add on items last minute. All perishable items had expiration dates well after our check out date. Will definitely use again.
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