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David S. Mon Nov 7, 2016
We jjust experienced our first shopping experience with Garden Grocer. What a nice change from having to make a physical Supermarket run during our annual trip to Disney. We got everything we wanted and needed. Add ons are seamless and communications between Garden Grocer and me were perfect. Our groceries arrived to our resort while we where still in the air and we're stored, refrigerated and waiting for us upon our arrival. No more driving to stores for us! Thank you Garden Grocer!
Amanda S. Mon Nov 7, 2016
We are frequent Disney visitors and enjoy not having to rent a car just for a grocery trip. Garden Grocer has always delivered promptly and our order has been accurate each time. We highly recommend Garden Grocer.
Melissa A. Mon Nov 7, 2016
Super easy service, great communication and everything we ordered was delivered promptly.
Deidra C. Mon Nov 7, 2016
Great experience! We will definitely use Garden Grocer on our next Disney trip!
Christy H. Mon Nov 7, 2016
Super easy process. Exactly what we ordered and were delivered the day we arrived. We could not have been more pleased. They made our Disney vacation easier.
Sally B. Mon Nov 7, 2016
Great service! Everything came perfect and on time! Would use every trip.
JoAnne O. Mon Nov 7, 2016
After spending 3 hours grocery shopping on our last trip, I saw a Pin about the Garden Grocer. With only a $2 delivery fee for orders over $300 and a discount if we order ahead of time, we thought it was worth the try.

I placed the order and received a phone call shortly after confirming everything. The lady who called indicated that we could have our order delivered even before our room was ready and bell services would store it for us (keeping the cold stuff cold). So I changed the delivery time to first thing in the morning.

We landed in Orlando and I had a text on my phone saying our food was delivered. Once we were able to get into our room, we had bell service bring our groceries. Our order was 100% accurate!!!

I thought some of the prices were a little high, but for the convenience it was worth it! It gave me an extra 3 hours on my vacation where I could spend time at the pool with my family and friends!
Rose B. Sun Nov 6, 2016
Loved having food waiting for us when we reached the resort and customer service was outstanding.
Mark C. Sun Nov 6, 2016
I would definitely use garden grocer again!
Julie N. Sun Nov 6, 2016
I'm a first time user. I placed a very large order and was pleasantly surprised with a phone call 10 minutes after to verify my order. I even added one item once it was closer to the date. Once we arrived, all my items were at my hotel as planned. No item was missed! This made my vacation all the more sweeter! Thank you Garden Grocer!
ARLINE O. Sun Nov 6, 2016
Was my first time doing this. It was great. I was at Disney Spring when I got the text that said my stuff was delivered. Everything was as I ordered. Will do again!!

Thanks Garden Grocer for having this service
Thomas S. Sun Nov 6, 2016
First time user, but this will not be my last time. What a treat to have reasonably priced groceries delivered to our room.
Renee S. Sun Nov 6, 2016
I love using the Garden Grocer services when we travel to the Orlando area for our Disney vacations. It's one thing I don't have to worry about packing and carrying to the room. They are prompt and courteous. They call to confirm my order after I place it online and they call again after it is delivered to the resort to assure that we received it. What's not to love??? Makes our trips that much more stress free! Thanks guys! You Rock!!!!!!!!!!
Kelly A. Sun Nov 6, 2016
This service was fantastic and a huge help to a family traveling with a baby. We were able to have diapers, formula and baby food all waiting for us at the hotel, rather than traveling with it. We will definitely use them again!
Michelle W. Sun Nov 6, 2016
Service was excellent and groceries were delivered on time!
Patrick S. Sun Nov 6, 2016
Great way to buy food and drinks while on vacation at Disney World.
Tanya M. Sun Nov 6, 2016
I heard about this service from a friend. The groceries showed up early, and was perfect for our trip!
Tricia O. Sun Nov 6, 2016
Garden Grocer is the best! I had to change one item in my order after I placed it and they responded back to me very quickly to let me know the change had been made. I received a text when the order had been delivered and then a follow up text to make sure I received everything and it was in good condition. I'm a fan!
Diane P. Sun Nov 6, 2016
Overall, I was extremely pleased with Garden Grocer's service. I will definitely use it again.
Carice J. Sun Nov 6, 2016
Garden Grocer worked great. Apples, bananas and oranges were delicious. Prices reasonable. Glad I got the gallons of drinking water to fill our water bottles because the water out of the fountains at Disney was sulfery and terrible. Will use any time I'm in Orlando. Highly recommended. Easy peezie.
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