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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Alison Fri Jun 9, 2017
Ordered from the UK, delivery was waiting at Bell Services at our hotel on our arrival. Order was perfect. Brilliant service, especially if (like us) you do not rent a car. Very highly recommend.
Stacy M. Fri Jun 9, 2017
This is a wonderful service! Order arrived within minutes of delivery window.
Paul M. Thu Jun 8, 2017
Great service!! It definitely is a plus to have this service available. Helped on cost most definitely, delivery was seamless. Thank you GG.
Hannah F. Thu Jun 8, 2017
Very prompt. Our groceries arrived before we did!
Cindy L. Thu Jun 8, 2017
This service was phenomenal. The ease of it just added to the perfectly magical trip!
What could be better ~awesome selections ~great prices~one less trip worry ~ delivered to our suite & unpacked/refrigerated?!!!
Have already recommended to friends traveling to Disney and will most definitely use this service in the future!
Thank-you for your part in having a super trip!
Leimomi M. Thu Jun 8, 2017
If you are traveling with a large party like ours and need to have food and snacks, I highly recommend this service. No thinking, just do it. Saves time and money!
Laura B. Thu Jun 8, 2017
It was so nice to arrive to our resort and know that we didn't have to do anything else but relax! We went swimming and when we got back to our room, our groceries were there! Wonderful service!
Melody G. Wed Jun 7, 2017
Excellent service and the fresh produce was amazing- we ordered apples, grapes, & strawberries and it was all delicious!
Jessica S. Wed Jun 7, 2017
Food was fresh and exactly as ordered. Arrived on time and bell services at Disney kept everything refrigerated that needed to be. I would definitely order again!
Joelle F. Wed Jun 7, 2017
The customer service was excellent! The personal phone call after placing my order was unexpected and appreciated. Confirmation emails and txt msg were great. Our order arrived on time and was complete.
Marilyn C. Wed Jun 7, 2017
Everything was perfect as ordered and Disney even had the food in our room and fridge when we arrived!
Melissa E. Wed Jun 7, 2017
Loved this option for our Disney vacation! Ordering and receiving our groceries was super easy and saved us money on snacks for our kids and quick breakfast options before heading out to the parks. We will definitely use Garden Grocer on future trips!
Teresa Wed Jun 7, 2017
Thanks to Garden Grocer we were able to come back to the hotel and our groceries were already in our room waiting for us no fuss or spending time shopping. I recommend Garden Grocer and will use them again!
Amy O. Wed Jun 7, 2017
Great service & timely!
Shakti D. Wed Jun 7, 2017
Customer service was top notch!!!
Therese H. Tue Jun 6, 2017
Everything was perfect. All our groceries were delivered on time and exactly
what we ordered. Will use this service every time we go to Disney World.
Angela R. Tue Jun 6, 2017
I ordered my groceries with ease and when we arrived at the resort to check in the groceries were there waiting for us. I think this is a great benefit to a vacation in the Disney World area
Christina P. Tue Jun 6, 2017
This was my first time to use Garden Grocer for our first family vacation, and it helped us out so much, it sure will not be our last. The food was delivered on time. I had received an email confirmation once the food was delivered to our hotel and bell services was able to bring it straight to our room. Thank you Garden Grocer.
Patricia M. Tue Jun 6, 2017
Ordering was fast and easy. We even added products to our original order. We received an email and text when our order arrived at the hotel. Everything was great. Fruit was fresh and ripe. Bakery goods were delicious. I would highly recommend Garden Grocer to anyone. Well worth it!!!!!!!!
Barbara S. Tue Jun 6, 2017
Excellent fruit - fresh, perfectly ripe. No hiccups. Would order again.
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