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Jerry W. Thu Jul 7, 2016
A Tuesday night of online grocery shopping saved my family hundreds of dollars in food and beverage costs. The Garden Grocer web sight listed commonly used items and was very simple to navigate. Delivery was prompt and as scheduled. Refrigerated/frozen items were protected and kept cool. Using this service provided my family with a "home like" experience and allowed us to enjoy snacks, lunches and beverages at our leisure in our villa. Thank you for providing such a valuable service. We will be in touch with you the next time we are in Disney World.
Amy T. Thu Jul 7, 2016
This was so easy! Our groceries arrived on schedule. They were packaged neatly and the cold things were cold. I would recommend this to anyone in need of groceries!
Kristen P. Thu Jul 7, 2016
I thought it would be complicated to order groceries for our resort stay. It was so easy and the communication was great. Thank you!
Gerald F. Thu Jul 7, 2016
Fantastic service! The service allowed our family to immediately enjoy our vacation without having to worry about stopping for groceries. The bell captain at the Disney resort in which we staying delivered our order directly to our room. I will most definitely use Garden Grocer for future stays!
Lisa C. Thu Jul 7, 2016
I really wanted to have some groceries delivered to my hotel in Disney. I wasn't sure how that was going to happen, but I found Garden Grocer online. Ordering was easy, and delivery was on time and perfect. I was very pleased.
Angelique p. Thu Jul 7, 2016
Everything was fresh and delivered on time.
Beth S. Thu Jul 7, 2016
Customer Service Reps are so helpful and acommodating!
Richard M. Wed Jul 6, 2016
I appreciated the courtesy phone that came minutes after my order. It made me feel confident that my order was in good hands. And the order came early with a text letting me know. I was very pleased with everything.
Maria B. Wed Jul 6, 2016
Fresh produce was superior. We ordered strawberries, blueberries and melons. Even the quarter watermelon was sweet. Prompt delivery. Easy access to web site or friendly, helpful staff on the phone. A definite help when staying at a Disney resort with kitchen. We were able to eat a delicious breakfast and use our dining plan for lunch and dinner. A great resource.
Rebecca W. Wed Jul 6, 2016
On prior trips, we drove to the grocery store and shopped on our own. Our positive experience with Garden Grocer has changed that - it worked wonderfully and I could shop from home instead of during my vacation.
Carrie S. Wed Jul 6, 2016
Are order was correct and on time they delivered the food right to our room at the Disney resort hotel I would give it 5 stars!
Dawn M. Wed Jul 6, 2016
Garden grocer really saved me a lot of stress at Disney. I was taking 4 teenagers on a trip and teens can seriously eat! I didn't want to pay a fortune for them to snack constantly. This was the perfect solution. Was also able to purchase the wine I needed to spend a week with 4 teenagers 😉 Win- win
Catherine N. Wed Jul 6, 2016
You and your team always do an amazing job! I am always impressed by the service of your staff.
Thanks for the years of great customer service!

All the best!
Beatrice A. Wed Jul 6, 2016
It is a great feeling to know I don't have to go grocery shopping when I arrive on vacation.
kim C. Wed Jul 6, 2016
Was the best & easiest service. Would use every time.
Henry S. Wed Jul 6, 2016
Everything was exactly as it is explained. Delivered promptly, accurately and efficiently. I recommend this service to anyone and I will be using it again in the future.
Amy S. Wed Jul 6, 2016
Fabulous service, great selection and quick delivery
Simon A. Wed Jul 6, 2016
Very good selection of goods. Everything was waiting at the hotel when we arrived. Makes holidaying easier.
Diana S. Wed Jul 6, 2016
Garden Grocer was very easy to use. My order was accurate and waiting in our room when got there.
Cari S. Tue Jul 5, 2016
This service was a huge help for us financially when we spent 7 days visiting Disney. Rather than going out to breakfast every day, we were able to order breakfast items at a reasonable price. Delivery was on time. If we ever get down there again, I will definitely use the service again!
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