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Virginia D. Thu Oct 13, 2016
Hurricane Matthew threatened our trip. We were busy altering flights and reservations. Moving our groceries was simple AND WE HAD TO CHANGE IT TWICE! Our order was just as it was ordered. And the ordering . . . EASY on an app on my phone.

We will be back to WDW and we will use them again. Great, fresh food made easy. Thanks, Garden Grocer! Great business model and excellent execution!!
Angelique K. Thu Oct 13, 2016
Loved having our groceries at the resort waiting for us!
Grace C. Thu Oct 13, 2016
This is our second trip to Disney and both times we have used Garden Groceries. It is so convent. Your groceries are at the resort when you arrive. We order breakfast foods so the grandchildren can eat before all the excitement begins. We also have water ,soft drinks and snacks for before and after the park.
We will use them again our next trip
Elin K. Thu Oct 13, 2016
Everything was great! The service, the quality, everything. Thank you!
Lynne M. Wed Oct 12, 2016
Excellent service smooth and easy, outstanding communication. First time user, definitely will use again and recommend highly.
John P. Wed Oct 12, 2016
Loved using this service and we will be using it in the future.
We will also let many people know about this option when visiting Disney World!
Jennie A. Wed Oct 12, 2016
We had our order delivered to the Coronado Springs Resort on the day we arrived from the airport. It was such a time saver to have the groceries delivered! No need to go searching for the nearest store nor was there any vacation time wasted, thanks Garden Grocer!
Heather H. Wed Oct 12, 2016
Great service! I would definitely use them again.
Amy M. Wed Oct 12, 2016
I placed my order several weeks before our Disney vacation. We arrived on a Thursday - the day before Hurricane Matthew hit. I was pleasantly surprised and relieved that my order was there already when we checked in! Garden Grocer is reliable and I'd use them again!
Dawn K. Wed Oct 12, 2016
I would highly recommend this service to anyone. It was very convenient to have groceries delivered to my hotel. I appreciate that they contacted me to make sure I placed my order before charging me and they also contacted me after delivery to make sure the items I received were correct. They were great to work with.
Kristina O. Wed Oct 12, 2016
This worked out perfect for our trip to Disney! We got notification via text message that our order arrived at our hotel, exactly when I requested. Our order was accurate too, even with a hurricane scheduled to arrive. Thank you so much! Will use again!
cheryl g. Wed Oct 12, 2016
Loved how easy it was to order & have the groceries delivered to our room. No hassles. Recommend this to anybody traveling to Disney
Elizabeth C. Wed Oct 12, 2016
I cannot tell you how pleased we are with your service! We were arriving the day after hurricane Matthew was leaving Florida and I didn't expect our order to be filled (due to the normal storm prep that people do with groceries). Not only was it filled it was only an hour late and I thought that was amazing for the disruption that Matthew caused. Then I received a text and phone call to make sure our order made it was correct and items were acceptable! Awesome job and customer service! Thank you for making our vacation so much easier!!!
Julie L. Wed Oct 12, 2016
It was extremely easy to place the order: the site is user friendly and easy to navigate. Then receiving the order was easy as well. I received a text and called down to Bell Services to confirm the order arrived. Then they brought it to my room for me. It was a fantastic way to start vacation.
Craig E. Wed Oct 12, 2016
We appreciated the phone call after the order was placed. We did not receive one item and after calling the item was delivered. This is the best way to stock up with snacks and perishables at Disney. Will use GardenGrocer every time!
joseph t. Wed Oct 12, 2016
Fantastic service,convienance, and value compared to using a cab and going to the store in person
Sandra T. Wed Oct 12, 2016
So great to have everything waiting for us when we arrived!
Diane D. Wed Oct 12, 2016
Especially great when you have small children and it does not pay to take the meal plan at Disney. Water cost at Disney is high. Ordered here and was great.
Andrea M. Wed Oct 12, 2016
Excellent food choices. On time delivery.
Carly B. Wed Oct 12, 2016
Awesome service, thank you!
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