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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Brian P. Wed Nov 9, 2016
I used Garden Grocer for the first time on my recent trip to Walt Disney World. It was super easy to use and there were many more products offered than I expected. The service was awesome, confirming things along the way and everything was there waiting for me as expected. I will definitely be using the service again on my next trip there.
Kris M. Wed Nov 9, 2016
Awesome service. Will recommend and use again!
Darlene C. Wed Nov 9, 2016
Garden Grocer makes packing for Disney easy!
Darlene C. from Rhode Island
David B. Wed Nov 9, 2016
Your service was easy to use and the produce was quite fresh. The ability to order what we wanted, have it delivered to our resort and receive both a text and phone call when it arrived, and the be able to have it delivered to our room while still in the park was fantastic. Thank you so much.
Jillian S. Wed Nov 9, 2016
Delivery was right on the money!!! We saved so much by using Garden Grocer and will definitely do it again on our next visit!
Tina V. Wed Nov 9, 2016
Easiest, friendliest, greatest communication service I'be ever used!!!
Darla I. Wed Nov 9, 2016
My order was delivered on time. Confirmation was sent to my cell phone. Resort had it in my fridge when we arrived. Great experience.
anthony f. Wed Nov 9, 2016
Excellent service easy to use would use again
LINDA B. Tue Nov 8, 2016
This was the best! We had to reschedule our trip due to a hurricane and they were excellent about it. They were kind, very curious and understanding I asked if we could cancel and rebook or I would just pay they said no don't leave your order as is and we will simply reschedule for your new arrival. Well we no sooner got on the plane and by the time I arrived I had gotten a text that our order would be at the resort well I forgot and we no sooner got to our room heard a knock at the door and all our groceries were there! Everything was packaged perfectly and the fruit was delicious and the bananas were exactly the ripeness we requested! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM! As I did recommend them to my best friend who is going to Disney in December , also they give you a discount if you order early great bonus! I was so happy I found them! And will use them again when and if I come back in the future so, don't hesitate they're great even checked in with me to make sure we were happy and received everything we ordered. Great experience thank you garden grocer.com made our trip enjoyable having some drinks and food in our bellies!
Michelle S. Tue Nov 8, 2016
It was our first time using your service. We loved it, and will definitely use it again!
Melanie P. Tue Nov 8, 2016
Very useful service. We ordered a rather large number of water bottles and received an e-mail just to confirm that was really how many we wanted. It was so nice having our groceries waiting at bell services upon our arrival to the resort. After flying cross country the last thing we wanted to do was going grocery shopping! Thank you GardenGrocer.come, you ROCK!
Matthew M. Tue Nov 8, 2016
Everything was perfect! Thank you
Zuly M. Tue Nov 8, 2016
Excellent service
Patricia T. Tue Nov 8, 2016
Received exactly what was ordered, on time and ready to go the first day of our vacation, nice easy touch to make things just a little bit easier
christine b. Tue Nov 8, 2016
it was perfect, arrived fresh and on time with great communication from delivery service. Will recommend to friends and family
Jennifer D. Tue Nov 8, 2016
This was so convenient and easy to use. They kept in touch with me all along the process. So Wonderful! This food delivery service added to the magical happiness of our Disney Vacation:)
evelyn n. Tue Nov 8, 2016
Superior service. I received a text as soon as our food was delivered. When we arrived to our disney resort everything was there for us. I would definitely recommend their service!
Martha H. Tue Nov 8, 2016
Communication about the progress and delivery of our order was great!
Christine C. Tue Nov 8, 2016
Had another great day experience with Garden Grocer! They are always professional, punctual, and the orders are precise! It makes my packing so much easier knowing my items will be delivered and I don't have to worry about packing them!
Angela H. Mon Nov 7, 2016
I just stayed at a WDW resort this past week and used this service. My items were delivered on time and were perfect.
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