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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Jennifer R. Mon Jun 20, 2016
I was 100% impressed with Garden Grocer. Customer service was friendly and I appreciated their phone calls to follow up and thank me for my order. I couldn't believe how easy it was to order the items we needed for our Disney room fridge. It was so nice to have those items available when we arrived for breakfast in the morning and snacks in the evening. We will definitely use them again and tell all our friends traveling to Disney how convenient and great this service was.
Randy V. Mon Jun 20, 2016
Large selection of food options and easy to order on website. It was nice to have groceries when we arrived at our hotel, including refrigerated items. We would use again and highly recommend!
Marisol A. Mon Jun 20, 2016
Perfect for Disney World trip! Not having to pay $3 for a water bottle at the park and not having to pack a box full of diapers was totally worth it! I just had a case of water and a box of diapers (along with some other snacks) delivered to my room and used as needed. I also liked how it was delivered to the resort and arrived before I did (when I checked in, it was brought to my room within minutes).
Meghan H. Mon Jun 20, 2016
You guys were fabulous and professional. Everything was delivered exactly as specified and we appreciate it. Thanks so much!
Heather T. Mon Jun 20, 2016
Great service. We were able to get fresh fruits and perishable items for our week long stay. All items were as ordered and arrived as promised. Will use next time we visit WDW!
Susan N. Mon Jun 20, 2016
This is a great idea! We had a case of bottled water (among other things) delivered straight to our room then were able to take them with us in a cooler when we went to the parks. We got gallons of milk and water also to drink in the room with the breakfast items we also ordered. It was very convenient and easy to use! Highly recommend!
Melissa E. Mon Jun 20, 2016
Was great to have our food delivered to our room, exactly as ordered.
Natalie G. Mon Jun 20, 2016
Super easy, reasonably priced, and amazing customer service!!
Jennifer P. Sun Jun 19, 2016
I did feel the service was excellent! As soon as our order arrived at the resort I received a message to let me know it was there. Later in the day I received a call just to make sure we got everything. I have told friends that will be visiting Disney about this wonderful service and will definitely use it again when we return!
Laura O. Sun Jun 19, 2016
Loved having snacks, water and baby supplies waiting for us when we arrived at our resort. We were able to pack lighter by not having to pack diapers, wipes, shampoo, etc. We were able to save money by bringing our own water and snacks into Disney. We have already recommended Garden Grocer to friends and family.
Debbie M. Sun Jun 19, 2016
Great experience
Maranda P. Sun Jun 19, 2016
Garden Grocer makes everything so easy. We love having everything delivered directly to our resort and it saves us money by being able to take some water and snacks into the parks with us.We will definitely use Garden Grocer again.
Ashley B. Sun Jun 19, 2016
We used Garden Grocer for our most recent Walt Disney World vacation. Prices are a little higher than a normal grocery store. However, the convenience of not having to find transportation to and from a grocery store, the saved time by not going outside of the resort or parks, the ease of having it delivered, and the confirmation of delivery was beyond what I expected!
Janet L. Sun Jun 19, 2016
We have used your service twice and both times the experience has been superb! The ease of ordering prior to leaving home and having it at the resort upon arrival takes the stress out of grocery shopping for vacation. Of course there is a slight premium but it is negligible in comparison to food costs in Disney World as well as time savings. I reccomend your service to all of my DVC friends and will certainly use the service again on our next visit!
Joy H. Sun Jun 19, 2016
It was great to have our groceries waiting on us! Takes the bother out of either shopping or having to bring them with us.
Martin F. Sun Jun 19, 2016
I highly recommend Garden Grocer to any family visiting Disney World. It was so nice to have groceries waiting for us when we checked into our room.
Liz S. Sun Jun 19, 2016
It was so convenient! Excellent customer service!
Jennifer B. Sun Jun 19, 2016
This made our stay at Disney so much easier! All I had to do was click what I wanted to order and it was delivered to my resort on check-in day! So easy and convenient! We bought a case of 40 water bottles and it sure saved us money in the hot June weather! I will definitely use Garden Grocier again!
Katie P. Sun Jun 19, 2016
A wonderful service! Very easy to use and took a lot of stress off of me during planning.
Ashley G. Sat Jun 18, 2016
Thank you!! Helped my vegan step-daughter handle meals better at WDW locations.
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