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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Sandra Y. Fri Jan 29, 2016
I would absolutely recommend Garden Grocer! Service was excellent. Our grocery order was ready when we checked into our resort. What a bonus!! Saved a ton of money by not shopping at the on-site hotel shops. Website easy to navigate and an overall joy of a service. We are DEFINITELY using them when we return in December!
Michele S. Fri Jan 29, 2016
My family and I used the Garden Grocer service for our first time at Fort Wilderness cabins. I was able to select all my groceries (including many Organic options) using the APP and make the final payment and delivery options. I was even able to buy some beer for us to enjoy. Everything was delivered the morning after we arrived! The groceries were so fresh and we are extremely pleased with all our selections and this excellent service. I will definitely recommend this service to all my friends.
terri B. Fri Jan 29, 2016
It was so wonderful to have this service!
Karine B. Thu Jan 28, 2016
Thank you so much for the great sevice! I will definitely recommend your services.
Katie G. Thu Jan 28, 2016
Service was easy and reliable. What more could you want?!
Christopher L. Thu Jan 28, 2016
Great service - I would use garden grocer again!
Mellissa B. Thu Jan 28, 2016
Garden Grocer worked very well with Disney's bell hop service to ensure our freshly delivered order was kept cool and safe while we enjoyed the parks. I was also very impressed with the follow up from Garden Grocer to ensure the ordering and delivery process was clear when we placed the order and after delivery to ensure our delivery was complete.
Juan M. Thu Jan 28, 2016
everything was excellent , easy to place my order , pay and get my products before I arrived, very recommended
Lana M. Thu Jan 28, 2016
Ordered my vacation groceries ahead of time from Ontario, Canada. They arrived at my resort in excellent condition, fresh and everything was exactly as ordered and fairly priced!
donna p. Thu Jan 28, 2016
Service was great! I would definitely recommend using. We will be sure to utilize this service on all future trips to disneyworld
Rachel C. Thu Jan 28, 2016
1st time user; very satisfied. I will use again on future vacations. Lots of products to choose from and easy to order.
Leigh B. Thu Jan 28, 2016
The customer service individuals were the BEST! They communicate well, listen and went beyond our expectations . Thank you !
Linette T. Wed Jan 27, 2016
Great service and thrilled our groceries were at our hotel before we arrived.
Jonna T. Wed Jan 27, 2016
I've used Garden Grocer several times and they truly are great. Customer service is amazing and each time I use them, there are more and more options. I've recommended them to several people. In fact, I told our friends about it the day before they left for Disney and they had food delivered two days later!
Vanessa M. Wed Jan 27, 2016
Could not be any easier to have the comfort of your food you eat at home on your vacation in Disney World. It is a must for every vacation. Thank goodness for Garden Grocer!!!
Teresa M. Wed Jan 27, 2016
Spending our week at DisneyWorld. The food stuffs we ordered from GG has made our trip soooo much easier and they were so helpful and through. My family and I (all 9 of us including 2 toddlers that needed LARGE amounts of milk and 6 adults that needed their own adult beverages without spending an arm and leg, not to mention all the cereal we consumed) would diffently use them again and I would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone who ask.
Megan Z. Wed Jan 27, 2016
I absolutely loved utilizing Garden Grocer, and would recommend it to anyone. Yes, prices are slightly elevated, but not enough to shop any other way. We ordered groceries for our first trip to Disney World; not only did we receive up-to-date text alerts, but the groceries were unloaded and in the refrigerator in our room when we arrived. I will definitely utilize this service again!
Sandra B. Wed Jan 27, 2016
I needed to do a substitution to my order the day before we arrived, and they did it and it was correct when we got to the hotel
Tony C. Wed Jan 27, 2016
So easy to use. Everything arrived on time and was exactly what we needed. We will definitely use Garden Grocer again!
Brenda H. Wed Jan 27, 2016
Service was great. Super easy and everything was delivered on time just as stated. Thank you so much.
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