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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Marcel S. Thu Dec 29, 2016
Thanks, Garden Grocer! Our trip to Disney started on the right foot!
Kristen D. Thu Dec 29, 2016
I used GardenGrocer for the first time on my latest Disney trip and I will use them over and over again in the future! I got everything I need and it was so convenient and very inexpensive.
Linda J. Thu Dec 29, 2016
Would recommend this service to anyone going to Disney World who has a kitchen in their accommodations. A specially for breakfast. We get up early to hit the parks before it gets busy and don't want to take time to eat breakfast. So if you have fixings for breakfast it works great. We also have at least one dinner at our campsite as we stay at the Cabin's in the campgrounds and have access to a grill. The kids love to be with their cousins and feel like they are at a picnic.
Dennis J. Thu Dec 29, 2016
Silky smooth transaction! Easy to use website + very communicative updates + food magically appearing at my Disney Resort. Seriously, this is the service you're looking for to get snacks (healthy or otherwise) for your Disney trip. Saves a ton of money in the long run!
erinn b. Thu Dec 29, 2016
Always on time/ exceptional communication- order always accurate. Highly recommended
THERESA H. Wed Dec 28, 2016
Smartest decision we made was to use GardenGrocer.com for our Disney World trip. All of our groceries, including diapers & wipes, were delivered and cold items were put into the refrigerator at our resort room as soon as we arrived. No need to shop, pack & bring the items we would need for the week. Would definitely recommend & use again.
Stephanie R. Wed Dec 28, 2016
Ordering was very simple. Found all the items I needed. Order was promptly delivered on time. Produce was fresh. Highly recommend!
breanna m. Wed Dec 28, 2016
I've used this for two trips to Disney. Makes a great option for breakfast instead of paying high prices in the parks. Great fruit options too.
Patricia W. Wed Dec 28, 2016
Garden Grocer is so convenient! No time wasted trying to find the store and the products I need, and I save money by getting only what I need. Garden Grocer delivers it right to my resort, and bell services brings it to my door. Great way to start a vacation!!
Jennifer K. Wed Dec 28, 2016
Thank you! I received everything I ordered, exactly when I was told it would arrive!
Amanda S. Wed Dec 28, 2016
Garden Grocer was excellent! This was my first order and everything was delivered on time and all items were included. I highly recommend this service and I'm looking forward to using them on our next vacation!
Jennifer P. Wed Dec 28, 2016
The service was great. We were spending a few days at Disney and only needed snack foods and breakfast stuff because we had a dining plan. Ordering online was easy, delivery was great! We got a text as soon as it was delivered to the hotel. I would definitely use the website again next time.
Jennifer V. Wed Dec 28, 2016
We used this service on our trip to Disneyworld. Our order was at the hotel when we arrived, super easy and convenient!!
Kerensa S. Tue Dec 27, 2016
Very handy and quick service. Veggies and fruit were fresh. I recommend checking to make sure your in room fridge has a freezer part before ordering.
Jason K. Tue Dec 27, 2016
Great service when visiting Disney World. I'm going to use it every trip to Florida.
Jenny S. Tue Dec 27, 2016
loved it! fast easy and accurate.delivered right to my resort! would definately use again!!
Melissa H. Tue Dec 27, 2016
I'm so happy I found Garden Grocer. The website was incredibly easy to use and navigate. Our order was delivered perfectly. One thing you don't want to worry about on your vacation is food. The bellman at our resort complimented us on being so prepared for our first Disney trip! I didn't really do anything but click!
David M. Tue Dec 27, 2016
Saved us time on our trip to Disney World. It was so nice to arrive and have our groceries waiting for us. We will definitely use the service again, thanks!
Sarah A. Mon Dec 26, 2016
We used Garden Grocer for the first time for our recent trip to Walt Disney World. The ordering process was easy, our order was delivered in the window we chose, the food was kept cold, and our order was exactly as we'd requested. We will definitely use Garden Grocer on our next trip!
Ronald H. Mon Dec 26, 2016
All of the Items showed up on time and I was also notified by text that my products showed up at the Hotel, before I was even in town. I would use you again when we come to Disney.
Thanks Ron
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