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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Amanda W. Mon May 18, 2015
I cannot recommend Garden Grocer enough! The service was so easy to use and our groceries were ready and waiting for us upon our arrival. Not only did we save money by using this service, but it also made our vacation much easier and more carefree! Highly, highly recommended!
Gregory M. Mon May 18, 2015
Garden Grocer's service was excellent and was a huge money saver. I even selected the wrong resort when I originally ordered but customer service easily fixed the problem and my groceries were in my fridge in my room when I arrived.

Tracey t. Mon May 18, 2015
This is the 2nd time we used Garden Grocer, when we came to Disney. They sent us a text before we even got to the hotel, and our food was waiting for us when we arrived. I highly recommend. Excellent service.
Janine F. Mon May 18, 2015
This was truly an amazing experience !!! I am so glad I used Garden Grocer! Having water, snacks, and beer ready after a long trip was phenomenal !!!!
Tim D. Mon May 18, 2015
Accurate, prompt and excellent customer service! I highly recommend using Garden Grocer.
Jody A. Sun May 17, 2015
Organized, timely, and curtious service.
Sarah H. Sun May 17, 2015
I was very pleased to have my groceries already in my hotel room at check in. Everything we wanted was there. I will definately use Garden Grocer for my next Disney trip as well!
Andrea D. Sun May 17, 2015
Easiest way ever to get all you need delivered right to your resort! Will be using this service again!
Aimee P. Sun May 17, 2015
Garden grocer was the best! I was so pleased with how easy it was for us during our recent trip to Disney! I will definitely use them again!
Tracy W. Sun May 17, 2015
The website is user friendly and easy to navigate. The incentive to gain a percentage off for early submission is great. I have used the service both times I have vacationed in Disney and every item was present, in tact and on time. I will always use this service for my family Disney vacations and I tell all my friends about how great it is! Keep up the good work.
Amy C. Sun May 17, 2015
I couldn't ask for better service. From ordering to confirming to delivering, Garden Grocer was a perfect experience!
jean s. Sun May 17, 2015
This service was awesome! We missed our plane and arrived later than anticipated. When we got to our cabin our groceries were already there...all the refrigerated items were put away. The website was easy to navigate and the items were reasonably priced. We would definitely use this service again!
Deborah D. Sun May 17, 2015
Pleased with the timely arrival of our order .
Kevin H. Sun May 17, 2015
Easy way to have real groceries delivered to your Disney resort location.
Bethany B. Sun May 17, 2015
Everything arrived on time & was available as soon as I checked in to our Disney hotel. Everything was fresh & delicious. This service made it all possible to stick to my son's special diet while we were on vacation.
Teri W. Sun May 17, 2015
We used Garden Grocer for our recent trip to Disney World. We used them in the past and once again our experience was fabulous! Everything was fresh for our recent trip to Disney World. We used them in the past and once again and high quality. They exceeded our expectations!! I highly recommend them!!!
RICHARD C. Sun May 17, 2015
First use of Garden Grocer. Even as visitors to Disney from the UK, all went perfectly.
Items all fresh and well packaged.
Will definitely be using on our next trip.
JOANNE H. Sun May 17, 2015
super efficient. communication throughout was excellent and driver arrived 5 minutes after we got to the property. would definitely use again. quality of food delivered was excellent
lisa r. Sun May 17, 2015
Loved using the garden grocer. Very easy to add to the list later and I like how they followed up on everything. Very happy!
thais s. Sun May 17, 2015
Very efficient, quick and organised. If we ever come back to Orlando, we will use the service again, definitely.
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