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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Amanda L. Mon Apr 25, 2016
Excellent customer service. First time used Garden Grocers when we stayed at Disney Caribbean Beach Resort for 7 days. Groceries were delivered on time with phone calls followed up. When we got back to the resort just called bell service and they delivered our groceries in 10 minutes. No problem at all and very happy to know this website before we went to Disney to saved some money. Disney Parks foods are super expensive and not tasted good.
Jennifer C. Mon Apr 25, 2016
I would definitely recommend Garden Grocer to anyone staying in a Disney resort.
Kathi F. Mon Apr 25, 2016
Order came on time and in good condition. Very pleased with this service.
Fred D. Sun Apr 24, 2016
Amazingly easy to use. Fantastic communication after ordering and on delivery day. Will certainly use again!
Teresa W. Sun Apr 24, 2016
Excellent service, it was in our room fridge when we arrived at Walt Disney World. I would highly recommend for anyone wanting to save money on food in the parks. This service is a "must have"!
janet n. Sun Apr 24, 2016
Everything was as I ordered it. The fruit was extremely fresh. All refrigerator items were nice and cold. I will absolutely use this service again. I have a few friends who just ordered because of my recommendation.
Allison F. Sun Apr 24, 2016
Your service was excellent and super convenient! Thank you!
Amy B. Sun Apr 24, 2016
My experience in using your site, to getting confirmation of my order, to delivery as well as confirmation, was excellent. I will definitely use you in the future.
Laura S. Sun Apr 24, 2016
I was very pleased with Garden Grocer's ability to find special order items for our family. My daughter had severe food allergies and I needed them to follow very specific details to make sure the meat cut in the deli was safe for her. They were very accommodating to our special situation and needs.
Donna D. Sun Apr 24, 2016
I highly recommend Garden Grocer if you're staying at a Disney World resort. We saved money by having breakfast in our room every morning. The fruits were fresh.
I will be using this service with every stay at Disney!
Darla C. Sun Apr 24, 2016
What a great service.
Andrew R. Sun Apr 24, 2016
Stayed on site at Disney for two weeks with no car
Garden grocer gave us the option to buy thinks for the hotel with out paying top prices at Disney for them
The service is cheap and affordable and you get constant updates al the way
We even had a nice curtesy call to check we was happy with our order
The service even worked with the hotel to store our order with bell services who then delivered it to our room
Thus making sure the Disney hotel site security was respected
10/10 will use this again
Joan C. Sun Apr 24, 2016
Thank you so much for offering this type of service. This is my 1st ever to use your service. The minute I placed my order, someone called my mobile to confirm and then the communications keep flowing in to reassure everything is on track! Many thanks to you save some money on my vacation. Keep up the good work and reasonable price!
Alan W. Sat Apr 23, 2016
This was a fantastic service and help! Made our time at Disneyworld easier, as we ate breakfast in our rooms each day before leaving for the parks. The selection of foods was amazing, and everything arrived just as we ordered--down to the green bananas!
James C. Sat Apr 23, 2016
Service was great and easy to order.
Kathy D. Sat Apr 23, 2016
The selection of products was very good. The service was great. Everything arrived on time and just as I had ordered. I would definetly use them again and I have already recommended them to several friends.
D K. Sat Apr 23, 2016
I can not believe how fast and easy this experience was! I highly recommend this service.
Mari W. Sat Apr 23, 2016
Had a great experience using your website and getting your service towards our Disney vacation in April 2016. We will be using your services again.
Jenilee V. Sat Apr 23, 2016
Garden Grocer had an easy to use site and was a helpful service for our trip to Disney. I was able to order my kids' favorite snacks and have them delivered to my resort the day we arrived. I didn't even have to be there to accept them. Definitely helped to make long days at the park with picky eaters easier.
Dawn M. Sat Apr 23, 2016
Such an awesome service! Our food was delivered on time and was everything we ordered. Total money saver!!
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