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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Theresa C. Sun Jul 17, 2016
Our first experience with GardenGrocer was fantastic! Easy to order, everything came to us on time and even received a few extras (THANK YOU!). We would definitely do it again and will recommend it to our friends!
Manuel S. Sun Jul 17, 2016
Great service!!!! My order was delivered before I arrived to my resort. Will use this service next time and will recommend this service to everyone.
Amanda C. Sat Jul 16, 2016
Our order and special request were delivered on time. The produce was of very good quality. Thank you garden grocer.
Donna K. Sat Jul 16, 2016
Great service. Delivered as promised. Highly recommend!
Randi F. Sat Jul 16, 2016
Garden Grocer was an excellent service for our stay at Disney. It was wonderful not having to waste time at a grocery store during my vacation. We were able to stock up on snacks, breakfast items, fresh fruit and bottled water. Will definitely bye using Garden Grocer again in the future!
Janell M. Sat Jul 16, 2016
I loved that the food was delivered to our room and I didn't have to worry about going to the grocery store.....we will use y'all again next time.
tracey b. Sat Jul 16, 2016
Service was great, everything was in the room when we arrived!!!
Annette U. Sat Jul 16, 2016
Great products, service and delivery! One less thing to worry about in traveling!
Nancy W. Sat Jul 16, 2016
What a wonderful service this provides for families visiting Disney World. We were able to relax in our room in the evenings with snacks and drinks and the TV remote!
Alison S. Sat Jul 16, 2016
Wonderful service, great quality. Delivered on time with no fuss.
Michelle C. Fri Jul 15, 2016
Makes being away from home like being at home. With young kids who like to get up early, having breakfast items they love from home and favorite snacks to pack for the day lends to some consistency in routine and nutritious options.
Erika W. Fri Jul 15, 2016
Our Oder was accurate and on time. I will get garden grocer very Disney trip!
Vida B. Fri Jul 15, 2016
Ordered food to the hotel due to being vegan and a greedy eater-- ordered before I landed in Orlando-- flying from the UK---got everything delivered promptly to bell services at my resort and quickly brought to my room. Email sent, call and text received.
Everything was organized, nothing missing, bananas fresh and in good condition... only complain is that the spinach went off very fast (one day) BUT this could have been due to the hotel fridge.
Tad expensive-- but worth the order with my special dietary needs !!
Angelia C. Fri Jul 15, 2016
Wonderful service!! Will definitely use on our future Disney trips!!
Jennifer M. Fri Jul 15, 2016
Outstanding service. I will definitely use Garden Grocer again and highly recommend them.
Stacey S. Fri Jul 15, 2016
A great resource for food and other sundries, especially if traveling to WDW with kids.
Terri G. Fri Jul 15, 2016
Very easy to use! Great to not have to take time from vacation to get these items ourselves.
Molly V. Fri Jul 15, 2016
Garden Grocer absolutely made our vacation...plus saved us a ton of money. Their website and delivery service was excellent and all interfacing w customer service was superior. We will never travel without them again!
Norman J. Thu Jul 14, 2016
I highly recommend Garden Grocer to do your vacation meal shopping for you. It was amazingly easy to select and order grocery items. All the groceries ordered were delivered as expected and the fruit and vegetables requested looked very fresh. So happy with this service and will definitely order again from Garden Grocer for our next vacation!
Diane S. Thu Jul 14, 2016
The order was there shortly after we arrived at art of animation. Done very well very happy with the service
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