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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Laura G. Wed Jul 15, 2015
Very convenient and affordable
Christine B. Wed Jul 15, 2015
Super customer service, easy to use and would absolutely recommend!!!
Wendy F. Wed Jul 15, 2015
Great customer service! I calles and spoke with representative and was expecting them to be short as they mist have so many calls from new vacationers. Not only were they incredibly kind and heloful but really took rheir time to ensure i felt comfortable wiith the process! Great text upon arrival as well!! šŸ˜ƒ
Norma P. Wed Jul 15, 2015
Is a must to use garden grocer if you will be staying in disnye resorts! They are fast and everything you order will be ready for you. I will continue to use them as many time I visits Disney. Everything was in bell service before I arrived to the resort, and everything I order was correct. Make sure you guys check what resort they deliver to. I recommend them!!
Cynthia C. Wed Jul 15, 2015
Garden Grocer was a perfect way to add enjoyment to our Disney Vacation. We did not rent a car so having the groceries delivered to our Disney Villa was wonderful. The food was there before we were. We had breakfast every morning before starting our busy day and came home to snacks and drinks to relax in the evenings. Couldn't have asked for better service. Thank you Garden Grocer. We will definitely use your service on our next trip to Disney World.
Diane O. Wed Jul 15, 2015
Awesome service. I would definitely recommend and use again in the future. Thanks you!
Deb H. Wed Jul 15, 2015
First time we used a service like this. Excellent, selection, service and prices. So convenient to have your groceries delivered to your door. However They even delivered the groceries straight to the kitchen. Just start right into your vacation. No need to get unpacked and search for a restaurant to have dinner after a long flight. I hope to see more of this type of service in vacation areas. You folks have a Wonderful service, Thank you for offering your services. Deb H. Pa
Laura A. Wed Jul 15, 2015
This saved us a lot of time on our vacation that would have been wasted going to the store. The food was delivered to the hotel and when we arrived bell services delivered it to our room. Everything was as ordered. Will definitely use this service again.
Tina B. Tue Jul 14, 2015
My husband and I travelled to Disney World with our 8 month old baby girl last week and your service made our trip so much easier to take! I did not have to worry about packing all of our baby's food, diapers, bath products, wipes, etc. not to mention a number of our needs as well! As soon as we checked in, everything was there waiting for us! We will certainly be using Garden Grocer again during our next visit!
Susan W. Tue Jul 14, 2015
Thanks very much for such a convenient service. Our groceries were waiting for us at bell services at our hotel after we arrived from our long airplane ride. Everything we ordered was there and the cold items were kept refrigerated until delivery to our room.
Ann K. Tue Jul 14, 2015
You do a fabulous job. Your prices are reasonable and you have a great selection. Staff is very helpful. I recommend you to everyone that goes to Orlando.
Abbie T. Tue Jul 14, 2015
Love this service. Have used them twice. Groceries were waiting for me when I arrived at contemporary bay lake tower. Wonderful to have simple breakfast and lunch in the room and snacks to take into the park. Will definitely use this service again.
Jacqueline B. Tue Jul 14, 2015
Wonderful expƩrience !
Amy S. Tue Jul 14, 2015
What a savings!! My family decided against the Disney Meal Plan and opted for ordering quick and easy food and snacks. The produce we ordered was perfect! All the other items were as well. I made an error when completing the online order( I thought I was ordering individual apples when in fact they were 3lb bags). They made a courtesy call to verify the order and let me know I was ordering 40 plus apples. I was very appreciative of them catching the error. I will use this service again when we return. Thanks
Bernadette L. Tue Jul 14, 2015
I used this site during a vacation to Disney world,Site is easy to navigate, more choices compared to other site with similar service and prices were reasonable. Delivery was on time and I got everything that I ordered. Garden Grocer saved me lots of money instead of buying from Disney resort. Thanks a lot, I'll surely recommend you to friends.
Cathy G. Mon Jul 13, 2015
Great service! Even recommended to my sister in law to use as she visits Orlando in a couple of weeks!
Heather B. Mon Jul 13, 2015
I would recommend to anyone traveling to Disney - this helps save money on the water and snacks!
Andrina G. Mon Jul 13, 2015
It was terrific to arrive at our hotel after a long international flight and know that our Garden Grocer order was waiting there for us.
Matt G. Mon Jul 13, 2015
Our order was waiting for us in our room upon our arrival which was several hours earlier than the quoted delivery time. Couldn't have been more pleased with the service. Will definitely order from Garden Grocer again the next time we come to Disney!
Dennis Mon Jul 13, 2015
The food was fresh and just as expected from the images on the web site. With a last minute resort change, they were very accommodating withe change. Thank you!
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