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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Amber S. Thu Jun 25, 2015
The Garden Grocer app is very user friendly. The selection is wonderful!! The staff communicates with you in a wonderful way. They are very accommodating!! Excellent communication regarding our timely deliveries. Thank you!!
Odette H. Thu Jun 25, 2015
Michelle M. Wed Jun 24, 2015
Love the ease & convenience of Garden Grocer! Not having to make a trip to the market was so nice. My husband even commented that it was great having everything delivered to the room to start our vacation. Will be using them again in November!
Catherine G. Wed Jun 24, 2015
Easy to order. Great service. Food was at hotel upon arrival. Will use again.
Christine E. Wed Jun 24, 2015
Great service! Groceries delivered as ordered and as promised. Staff extremely nice and accommodating.
Dana F. Wed Jun 24, 2015
We used the service for the first time June 21, 2015 and had a great experience with Garden Grocer. The process was quick and simple. The follow up contacts the day of our arrival to Disney Resort was very much appreciated and delivery was on time. Thanks so much and will be using the service again next year's vacation. Dana F.
Jennifer R. Wed Jun 24, 2015
Garden Grocer made our vacation so much more convenient and carefree. We didn't have to worry about when and how we could get to the grocery store, it came to us! Thank you so much for being so helpful and for making our vacation even more relaxing!
Steve A. Wed Jun 24, 2015
We definitely recommend using this service. It's very quick and easy to use, helped us especially as we could not drive out here; we were able to order items that we couldn't carry from a supermarket. The variety was decent and the wholesale goods were great!! Will use again in the future I am sure!
alan p. Wed Jun 24, 2015
GREAT~~~ It was nice to find our groceries all ready sitting at our Hotel. Your web site was easy to follow. Your selection was great and gave everyone something that they wanted. I would use your store again when I am there. Thanks for a hassle free visit..

Palencar Family
Lisa P. Wed Jun 24, 2015
Service was great. I will definitely use again the next time we go to Disney World.
JEFFREY K. Wed Jun 24, 2015
totally satisfied, will definitely use them again.
Kathleen R. Wed Jun 24, 2015
Great service. On time delivery.
Brook N. Wed Jun 24, 2015
Garden Grocer is the way to go! Groceries were delivered and waiting at our resort when we arrived. The produce was fresh and exactly how we would have chosen it if we had shopped it ourselves. A wonderful assortment of products to choose from. I can't say enough about how pleased we were with Garden Grocer!
Jennifer O. Wed Jun 24, 2015
Fabulous service. We will definitely use it again.
Karen C. Wed Jun 24, 2015
Great service! Our order arrived exactly as ordered and right on time. Enjoyed saving a couple hours in that we didn't have to leave the resort to stock our villa. We will be placing another order for our September trip. Thank you Garden Grocer.
Ryan M. Wed Jun 24, 2015
thank you for always finding what we need for our vacations
Jill F. Wed Jun 24, 2015
Garden Grocer was a life saver for our Disney trip! We have a very picky 4 year old eater and I knew he would not eat anything at the parks, so the trip made me nervous as to how I was going to feed my son. But Garden Grocer had all of his favorites including Lactaid milk, Healthy Kids orange juice, turkey, hotdogs and cheese. The delivery and delivery confirmation were amazingly smooth! I just went to the bellhop service at Animal Kingdom Lodge when we arrived and had them deliver the groceries to my room. We checked in and the groceries were in our room in 5 minutes! The price and convenience were excellent!!!! So, so grateful for Garden Grocer!!!! I would use this service again in a heartbeat!!!!
June W. Tue Jun 23, 2015
We were thrilled with how easy this was. We received lots of updates. We did have an item missing from the original shipment but it was taken care of quickly and efficiently. When we are staying at Disney, we will definitely use Garden Grocer again.
Jo S. Tue Jun 23, 2015
They called within 15 sec of the order!
Norma G. Tue Jun 23, 2015
So easy. Absolutely no problems with products or delivery. Would recommend your service and will definitely use it again.
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