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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Martin F. Sun Jun 19, 2016
I highly recommend Garden Grocer to any family visiting Disney World. It was so nice to have groceries waiting for us when we checked into our room.
Liz S. Sun Jun 19, 2016
It was so convenient! Excellent customer service!
Jennifer B. Sun Jun 19, 2016
This made our stay at Disney so much easier! All I had to do was click what I wanted to order and it was delivered to my resort on check-in day! So easy and convenient! We bought a case of 40 water bottles and it sure saved us money in the hot June weather! I will definitely use Garden Grocier again!
Katie P. Sun Jun 19, 2016
A wonderful service! Very easy to use and took a lot of stress off of me during planning.
Ashley G. Sat Jun 18, 2016
Thank you!! Helped my vegan step-daughter handle meals better at WDW locations.
Angela C. Sat Jun 18, 2016
Garden Grocer is the best thing ever. It is so convenient to have your groceries waiting for you after a long day at the airport. After the cost of a cab or uber, the cost of garden grocer is comparable and saves you the time of going to the store in traffic. I will definitely use garden grocer again. Best service ever.
Mary R. Sat Jun 18, 2016
Great high quality produce, arrived on time. We will use this service again.
Stacey T. Sat Jun 18, 2016
Read about Garden Grocer on many Disney fan sites online. We decided to use them for delivery this trip to the Cabins at Fort Wilderness at WDW. It was such a great experience. Prices were the same as back home and everything was already put away in the refrigerator when we arrived. We wish we would have done it every vacation before but we will definitely use GG every vacation from now on. They are the best!
Eileen O. Sat Jun 18, 2016
Ease of ordering, timeliness of delivery and quality of items ranks this as Five Star. Highly recommend. Eileen O'Donnell
Rochelle T. Sat Jun 18, 2016
We travelled from Ca to WDW and it was so nice to have milk, cereal, fruit, snacks, water, etc delivered to our hotel. It was kept cold by bellhop while we were out, and delivered to our room. Such an awesome and convenient service!!
Katie N. Sat Jun 18, 2016
I would recommend it to anyone! It was so nice to have groceries in our room and saved us a lot of money too!
Karen S. Sat Jun 18, 2016
All my food was fresh and delicious. I'm glad I put in the order.
Elizabeth G. Sat Jun 18, 2016
Great quality, fresh, delivered straight to your door! Yes, you could jump in your hire car after a long flight, find a discount store and trek around trying to find exactly what you're looking for OR check in to your room, call the front desk and have your pre-ordered produce delivered to you. I'd trust the guys at Garden Grocer to deliver and have a stress-free vacation!
Lydia M. Sat Jun 18, 2016
I was a little worried about the freshness of the fruit and dairy products I ordered but everything was perfect! The bananas were firm and sweet and the sell by date marked on the milk was 14 days forward from the date delivered. I will definitely order from Green Grocer again.
Carolina N. Sat Jun 18, 2016
They are perfect! Everithing I've order was there in my room, carefully packed. Woudl recomend to everyone!
Elizabeth B. Sat Jun 18, 2016
The website was easy to navigate, there are many food choices, and the customer service reps were fantastic. I will recommend Garden Grocer to anyone traveling to WDW!
Ray W. Fri Jun 17, 2016
1st time user will not be the last this was easy and will save anyone that stays at the resorts some money
Daunne P. Fri Jun 17, 2016
This service was so awesome and made our disney vacation superb. Would recommend to everyone! A must do especially with kids.
karen s. Fri Jun 17, 2016
I thought the Garden Grocer was excellent. I loved the fact that I could order the food ahead of time and have it delivered on the first day we arrived at WDW. The food was fresh and the order was exactly correct. Thank you for such great service.
Michelle V. Fri Jun 17, 2016
Awesome customer service. So convenient to have groceries delivered directly to your hotel!
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