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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Ginger W. Mon May 23, 2016
I was very impressed with the service. Not only did I receive an email confirmation, but a phone call as well. I received a text when my order was delivered. It was so nice having bottles of water, sports drinks, and soda in our room. I will definitely use this service again
Sarah D. Sun May 22, 2016
Garden grocer did a great job with ease of ordering and delivery of everything from fruit to my sons special dietary foods. Thanks and we will use your service next time we we in Disney.
Rina B. Sun May 22, 2016
Easy to use website, great communication, I recommend them and will use them again on my next trip
Angela C. Sun May 22, 2016
Reasonably priced! Very convenient!! Will use again!!!
Lorie W. Sun May 22, 2016
Highly recommended! Easy and no worries. Got everything I asked for including cold items (kept cold) and everything was in great condition. Much easier than stopping at a store on the way to our Disney resort.
Mary K. Sun May 22, 2016
This was a great service. We were able to feed a big family their breakfast favorites, and head out to Disney! All was kept cold at the hotel until our arrival on Day 1. Thanks for this valuable and time saving service. 👍🏼
Meaghan H. Sun May 22, 2016
Great customer service. I will definitely use Garden Grocer for all of my Walt Disney World trips!
Jonathan T. Sun May 22, 2016
We were very satisfied with Garden Grocer. The prices werent bad, the shipping charge was cheaper than every other company we looked at. Our groceries were delivered to our room before our check-in time and none of our groceries were damaged, opened, etc. We will definitely be using Garden Grocer the next time we go to Disney World!
Jessica G. Sun May 22, 2016
We knew we wanted to take food to the park but didn't think about how to go about getting food to us without going to a grocery store. I came across garden grocer on a Disney website. I am very pleased with the service and will be using them in the future. My only wish is we could've had items delivered daily. Thank you for the great customer service
Christine L. Sun May 22, 2016
My family and I went to Disney World this May and Googled places to buy groceries online. This vendor had excellent reviews so I decided to try Garden Grocer for myself and was not disappointed. Not only did they live up to my expectations, they exceeded them. The prices were reasonable and the service was above and beyond and included a follow up call to make sure that we got everything okay and were satisfied with the products. I would definitely recommend using Garden Grocer for your Disney World grocery needs.
meghan g. Sun May 22, 2016
This was my first time using garden grocer. It was very easy and groceries were delivered right on time. Everything was great! Thank you.
Amy N. Sun May 22, 2016
This was so easy, convenient and not expensive! Thank you for helping us relax and enjoy our vacation even more!
Lynne J. Sun May 22, 2016
Easy process. Delivery was exactly as promised- refrigerated items kept cold.
Great service- highly recommend!
Stephen W. Sun May 22, 2016
Order arrived right on time and was delivered promptly to our hotel room. Everything was correct. Fruits were in good condition. The hotel told the delivery person we were staying at a different hotel so Garden Grocer call us to verify. Thank you for offering this service to the Disney hotels. It made our vacation so easy not to have to worry about finding a way to get to a grocery store.
Scott D. Sat May 21, 2016
Garden Grocer is fantastic!
Lucia D. Sat May 21, 2016
It is a great service and the customer service is excellent.
Lori R. Sat May 21, 2016
The experience was great. We received personal phone calls to make sure everything was delivered, which it was within 15 minutes of our arrival. It was great not having to go to the food court or out to the grocery store for anything. I would recommend this service to everyone!!!!
Theresa B. Sat May 21, 2016
I have had nothing but excellent service from this company. The food always arrives fresh and on time. Great quality and service!!!
Claire S. Sat May 21, 2016
I used garden grocer on our trip to Disney. Easy, delivered to our hotel and the food was waiting for us when we arrived. Awesomely easy!
Mary D. Sat May 21, 2016
Great service! Prices may be a little higher than other stores but it is worth it. Placed my order and didn't have to worry about it after that. We checked into our hotel and went exploring, when we came back our groceries had been delivered and bell services brought them to our room. I didn't have to worry about leaving the property and wasting time or energy getting groceries for our stay. I will use this service again.
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