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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Sheryle K. Thu Feb 9, 2017
I was very happy that I did not have to bring extra items on the plane ....or that I had to spend time shopping on my vacation....our stuff was here when we arrived, we just let Bell services know we were here and they brought it to our room. SUPER EASY. I also felt the prices were reasonable .
Jessica F. Thu Feb 9, 2017
Excellent service. I will recommend to all my friends traveling to the area.
Andrew C. Thu Feb 9, 2017
Great service. Got all of my requested items upon arrival of Disney resort. If staying in a room with kitchen would use again.
larissa b. Wed Feb 8, 2017
Excellent Service!!! Everything perfect!!! Thanks a lot
Linda S. Wed Feb 8, 2017
Easy, convenient, and reliable. We use Garden Grocer with every visit to WDW. We especially enjoy a light breakfast in our room each morning before leaving for the parks . . . cereal, fresh fruit, and milk. And lots of bottled water to bring along to the parks.
Shirley F. Wed Feb 8, 2017
Was so easy to order on webpage.
Had lots too choose from.
Ordered all the food. We arrived later in evening to resort Disney Bell Service said our food was delivered...some needed refrigerations/freezer. Bell service took us to our room in Disney resort and delivered groceries to our room. Everything I ordered was delivered. No issues.
Garden grocer will send you emails to let you know about the status of your order.
Will use their service again!!! Loved that it was only $14 to have it delivered....what a deal!!!
Sherri B. Wed Feb 8, 2017
GREAT service to have on hand food and supplies!!! Wonderful from website navigation to delivery!!! Thanks for offering this convenience!!
Marla J. Wed Feb 8, 2017
Excellent service and food was fresh! Our order was in our room when we arrived! Directly after placing our order online, I received a phone call confirming our order. Staff was courteous and helpful. Will definitely use this service again on my next visit to Disney World. Thank you!
Charles W. Wed Feb 8, 2017
Garden Grocer was so easy to use. Really liked knowing by text that the food had been delivered so I could just have bell services bring it up.

Was fun to make a meal in the vacation villa in the morning rather than spending a ton of money for food at a restaurant. Will definitely use again and pass along.
Hope B. Wed Feb 8, 2017
It was so simple and easy to place. Helpful customer service. Over all an amazing experience!
Rebecca L. Tue Feb 7, 2017
This is a wonderful service that I was happy to learn about! So convenient!!
Amanda P. Tue Feb 7, 2017
Wonderful experience! Website was really easy to use to place order and any questions we had were easily answered by a friendly and helpful staff. All groceries showed up at our resort on time and we're promptly delivered to our room upon request. We loved not having to spend our precious vacation time shopping in a grocery store. We will use Garden Grocer for every future Disney trip!
Melissa F. Tue Feb 7, 2017
We ordered groceries to have breakfast in our room every morning and save our Disney dining plan credits for lunch/dinner every day. Everything was delivered on time, we got the email while we were in the park, and when we got back to our room- bell services had already delivered them to us and put our cold items in the fridge. Grocery delivery was 100% stress free and saved us more time for enjoying our trip. We will definitely be using this service again!
Diane F. Tue Feb 7, 2017
We recently used Garden Grocer while staying in Orlando at the Port Orleans Riverside Hotel and we recommend it highly! It was so nice to order our snacks and alcohol before we left home and they were delivered to the hotel before we arrived!
Elizabeth C. Tue Feb 7, 2017
Great company!! Order was at hotel when I arrived. I received call and email to make sure order was ok. Excellent customer service! Will definitely use again.
amy b. Tue Feb 7, 2017
I wish I would have used this service before. So nice to have dairy, fruit, and water delivered to our room.
Stewart D. Mon Feb 6, 2017
Great service! Delivered timely, team excellent in responding to questions, issues resolved quickly.
Janine R. Mon Feb 6, 2017
What a great service! It was wonderful and so convenient to have food available for our hotel room upon a late arrival!
Mary C. Mon Feb 6, 2017
Great service. Friendly staff. Definitely will use again.
Dane S. Mon Feb 6, 2017
Service was great. When I got to my Disney Hotel, all my stuff was in the room waiting for me. Can't beat it! I'll use this every time.
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