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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Matilda M. Thu Aug 27, 2015
Great service , great prices, and fresh fruit ! Would use this again & again!!!!
Elizabeth B. Thu Aug 27, 2015
We were traveling to Disney with a one year old and didn't want to pack a week's worth of diapers. A Gallon of milk was also impossible to travel with! Garden Grocer just made it so easy to travel and still have everything we needed for a toddler and a preschooler. We got some snacks for the morning before breakfast and saved a few melt downs! This is a really great option for travelling families.
Leslie O. Thu Aug 27, 2015
The service was great--I would use them again
Dori S. Thu Aug 27, 2015
Easiest on line transaction ever. Food was brought to our hotel and was waiting for us when we arrived. I got a text that said it was delivered. Everything was perfect
Jennifer S. Thu Aug 27, 2015
Awesome service!
Alex S. Thu Aug 27, 2015
A first class service delivered on time. All produce of the highest quality with long use by dates
Tracy J. Thu Aug 27, 2015
I was so impressed over the communication, friendly customer service and process. A friend recommended as I was booking my Disney vacation and I was so relieved to be able to receive fresh produce and food for our arrival. When an item became unavailable, I was immediately contacted at home with options. Thank you so much!!!
Melanie I. Thu Aug 27, 2015
We felt this service saved us a TON of money. We bought water, snacks and breakfast foods instead of being at the mercy of Disney prices! Thank you for your service! I ordered a month ahead of our trip and even scheduled delivery! It was at our resort before we were!
Todd M. Thu Aug 27, 2015
Excellent service and products
Molly M. Thu Aug 27, 2015
Groceries were delivered on time and nicely packed - with refrigerated/frozen things kept cold to our hotel. Small delivery fee and everything we ordered was correct.
Nick S. Thu Aug 27, 2015
Great service. Delivered right to bellhop and then right to our room. You won't find a better grocery delivery service than Garden Grocer!
rich l. Thu Aug 27, 2015
Was even better then expected. Didn't need to bring any baby supplies with us to Disney. Garden grocer delivered it all right to our room... And the prices were very reasonable
Bill W. Wed Aug 26, 2015
Great service for groceries when staying at WDW resorts. Our resort held the order in storage then put it straight into our refrigerator so we didn't even need to be there for delivery.
Suraya V. Wed Aug 26, 2015
We ordered a full week worth of breakfast, lunch and snack goodies from Garden Grocer for our stay at Disney, including a lot of fresh fruits, veggies, bread, milk, cold cuts, and other items. The service was great and the food was very fresh. Highly recommend going this route if you are either looking to save money, or keep eating some fresh and healthy food while on vacation in Disney.
Melissa L. Wed Aug 26, 2015
Using Garden Grocer's delivery service saved us from carrying an extra bag or paying a hefty premium to buy items on Disney property. The nice selection of local beer was also a huge plus. We will definitely look to use Garden Grocer should we return to Disney World in the future.
Mary R. Wed Aug 26, 2015
First time to Disney first time I used garden grocer. Great experience groceries delivered to hotel were sent to our room it made our vacation so much easier so convenient will absolutely use them again and again. Thank you garden grocer!!
Eleanor W. Wed Aug 26, 2015
Fantastic Service! Very helpful and patient - we made quite a few changes - additions and deletions after the initial order and they were incredibly accomodating.
katherine w. Wed Aug 26, 2015
Garden Grocer.com was awesome. It was so simple to use. I especially loved that they already knew the address for the specific Disney Resort Hotel we were staying in. the cold things were packed separately from the shelf items.
I would definitely use them again.
Roxana S. Wed Aug 26, 2015
Garden Grocery is a must when coming to Disney even if you are on the meal plans. From ordering bottled waters to keep you hydrated throughout the day. To snacks that hold the family over until the next meal or when you are on a long ride line. They are incredibly quick and provide regular updates so you know where your items are going to arrive. Truly the best!!!
James S. Tue Aug 25, 2015
Wow, what a great service. Requested special items, received a phone call within 12 hours. Delivery received on time as promised. Will use again!!! Don't be afraid to use GardenGrocer.com
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