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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Cindy B. Thu Nov 19, 2015
So easy to order groceries from home ( Australia) and have them waiting for our arrival ,at our WDW resort, after traveling for 28 hours! Will definitely use again:)
Lisa Thu Nov 19, 2015
Easy to use; order delivered timely and correct; great communication upon delivery and follow up call to ensure order was received.
sarah s. Wed Nov 18, 2015
Very convenient everything was there when we got to the resort and all we had to do was call bell services!!!
James M. Wed Nov 18, 2015
This was the first time we used this service and it was great. We had to add a few special request items and that process was fairly simple. The items are delivered on time and the text and follow up phone call was a nice touch.
Patricia A. Wed Nov 18, 2015
We used Garden Grocer for our Nov 2015 trip to Disney and were very happy with the service. I liked that they called to confirm your order when placed and also to confirm that you received the order and everything was delivered as expected. We were missing juice boxes and when I let them know they delivered it the next morning. I was also able to add on one more item to my order when we arrived and it too was delivered to the bell service the following day. I would highly recommend using Garden Grocer and would the next time we go to Disney.
Joshua H. Wed Nov 18, 2015
Stayed at disney world with a family of 7. I ordered snacks and drinks to keep everyone happy. They delivered it. Everything was perfect. I would highly recommended this is you are traveling to the orlando amusement area and staying at a hotel
megan c. Wed Nov 18, 2015
Great job.
Zenecia A. Wed Nov 18, 2015
Garden Grocer is an excellent service! Made my families Disney experience even more enjoyable. I enjoyed having the option and being able to prepare balance meals and having access to snacks. The website was user friendly and I appreciated the confirmation call I received upon the completion of my order. I would recommend Garden Grocer services to anyone taking a trip with family!
Gaynor S. Wed Nov 18, 2015
Order given, groceries waiting in room, perishables stored at bell services. All the staff i dealt with from garden grocer were fabulous. I would def recomend using gardengrocer.
Donna G. Wed Nov 18, 2015
We will continue to use Garden Grocer.com when visiting Orlando. Service was exceptional before and after delivery. Thank you.
Denise M. Wed Nov 18, 2015
Very happy with Garden Grocer. On this trip, the groceries were at my hotel before my plane even took off from Philadelphia!! Have recommended to many friends, all who were appreciative of the tip!!
Vonica O. Wed Nov 18, 2015
First time using your company and was impressed with the customer service. Everything was waiting on us when we arrived at resort. Excellent communication and delivery. Thank you!
Shirley T. Wed Nov 18, 2015
This is a great service! I used it for a Disney World trip recently. I ordered some items to keep in our room while at Disney World. It was delivered to the Disney World resort. The bell staff kept it and delivered it to our room along with our luggage when our room was ready. Any items requiring refrigeration were stored in the refrigerator. Garden Grocer staff were very efficient, professional, and answered any questions I had promptly. I higly recommend this company. Our travel planner told us about Garden Grocer and this is the first time we used the service. We will use it again.
Kelley A. Wed Nov 18, 2015
everything was great!
Wanda C. Tue Nov 17, 2015
Quick and responsive service.received a text when my groceries were delivered to our resort.they made it way before we did and were waiting for us.
Jennifer L. Tue Nov 17, 2015
Great service, prompt confirmation phone call within minutes of completing order. Delivery exactly when requested. Would highly recommend this service to anyone!
denise f. Tue Nov 17, 2015
This was our fist time using this service and it was fantastic! Even the special order we needed to add worked out to be the best for us. We would certainly use this service in the future, everyone was so helpful in getting our special request added to our order. Thank YOU!
Joseph C. Tue Nov 17, 2015
Perfect communication, delivery and follow up!
ANNA S. Tue Nov 17, 2015
Everything that was delivered was top notch and delivery was on time and was better than I expected. Made our stay at Disney Kidani Resort easy by making our order in advance. This is a great service.
Tamara R. Tue Nov 17, 2015
Garden Grocer was a God send on our trip to Disney. I didn't have spilled shampoo in my bag. We had inexpensive snacks and loads of water!
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