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Katie R. Mon May 16, 2016
Garden Grocer made my family's first trip to Disney so easy! I was able to get all our breakfast foods, snacks, diapers, and drinks delivered right to my room at the resort. That saved us from having to bring a suitcase full of food with us! Thank you for making our lives a little easier!
Allison B. Mon May 16, 2016
Garden grocer was the absolute best way to start out vacation. We ordered everything we could need to our room, from breakfast foods, lunch items, snacks, drinks and even took advantage of the alcohol selection they offer. All cold goods were kept cold. Bags were packed perfectly and great care was taken of our baked goods. I would definitely recommend this company, as well as use them again on my next trip to Florida.
Becky P. Mon May 16, 2016
Great way to have good snacks while in Disney World!
Shirley H. Mon May 16, 2016
Everything was fresh and was delivered on time.
Taryn A. Mon May 16, 2016
Great service that I will use every time we return to Disney! Our items were fresh and showed up at our door at the exact time we arrived, we would recommend this service to anyone traveling with small children and spending several days at Disney ~ LOVED IT!
Ed K. Mon May 16, 2016
You went above and beyond to meet my daughter's allergy needs and I appreciate it. Everything was delivered fresh cold and neatly packed
Jill V. Mon May 16, 2016
We used this service on a recent trip to Disney and it made things so much easier. All of the same items we buy at home were delivered exactly when and where we requested. Great value for great service!
Jamielyn N. Mon May 16, 2016
Great service! It was nice to stock up on fresh produce and water for our trip to Disney! -Jamielyn
jody d. Mon May 16, 2016
Excellent service and responsive concerning items not listed on the site. Have already referred Garden Grocer to a friend! Will definitely use again.
Andrea T. Mon May 16, 2016
This was our first time using Garden Grocer. They were very responsive and communicative and their relationship with Disney made the whole process seamless for us - one less thing to worry about on vacation! Thanks Garden Grocer!
Gemma P. Mon May 16, 2016
We have used Garden Grocer for our last two Disney holidays and we love the service. Our food has always been waiting for us with Bell Services and being bale to have snacks, water and breakfast items in our room from day one is super helpful. Well done GG keep it up!
Heather B. Sun May 15, 2016
My experience with Garden Grocer was phenomenal. It really made our Disney World vacation so much more convenient to have groceries delivered to our room! Garden Grocer's website was incredibly easy to use, they had excellent communication about our order, and the correct items showed up on time. I could not have had a better experience! Would recommend them to ANYONE coming to the Orlando area in need of grocery delivery!
Jennifer T. Sun May 15, 2016
Great customer service. Loved getting text and email when my groceries were delivered while I was having fun at park with family. It was my first trip to Disney and there were no snags or hassles!
Brian L. Sun May 15, 2016
Very happy with the service, our groceries really helped us enjoy our vacation at Walt Disney World. We were kept well informed of the progress of our order from online selection to delivery.
Marilyn Q. Sun May 15, 2016
A great, professionally run service. Lots of choices. Prompt delivery.
Luisa A. Sun May 15, 2016
Excellent service. Prompt delivery and multiple notifications. Highly recommended.
Linda E. Sun May 15, 2016
This process was so easy, everything was perfect!
Debbie A. Sun May 15, 2016
Groceries were in the refrigerator in our cabin when we got there. Excellent service. Thank you.
Sue W. Sun May 15, 2016
Was really great..
Brooke W. Sun May 15, 2016
The customer service is outstanding- I received a confirmation phone call both when placing my order and when my order arrived at our resort. I have been so pleased with the ease and convenience of this service and company.
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