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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Fran F. Sun Jul 2, 2017
Garden Grocer is an awesome service. Always on time and good is fresh and arrives in pristine condition. We've ordered at least 4 times. And no disappointments. We usually order breakfast foods and snacks. And bottled water. It's awesome !

Catherine M. Sun Jul 2, 2017
This was the first time we used Garden Grocer. We were happy with your service
James B. Sun Jul 2, 2017
Garden Grocer is an excellent service to use. Our order was filled accurately and delivered to the Disney Contemporary Resort on time. When we checked in to the hotel we told them to send up our order. There were 10 of us our group and the snacks and especially the water that we ordered was very much appreciated. Also it was quite a savings for us. I will definitely use Garden Grocer again on my next trip to Disney World!
GABRIEL L. Sun Jul 2, 2017
Excellent ! Services with high quality !
Shelley W. Sun Jul 2, 2017
Using this service was so easy and efficient. The delivery person was super helpful and nice. My mother-in-lawn was in the room with my two kids by herself, and the delivery person put all of the groceries away so she wouldn't have to juggle doing that and watching the kids. Will definitely use the next time we go.
Dawn N. Sat Jul 1, 2017
Great idea to making the stay a bit easier with food cost!! It's very expensive for a family to eat in Disney and this helped out!!
Molly S. Sat Jul 1, 2017
Really convenient, order arrived on time - a must for traveling to Disney, especially if traveling with small children.
Diaa S. Sat Jul 1, 2017
It was great to order & have items there when you arrive.
Lynnae T. Sat Jul 1, 2017
I appreciate the convenience!!
JoAnne P. Sat Jul 1, 2017
A fantastic and smooth experience that really made our stay more affordable and easy!
Lisa P. Sat Jul 1, 2017
Thank you! So easy to order and everything was at the hotel when we arrived!
Sharon S. Sat Jul 1, 2017
We used GG for our trip to Disney and they were great. Food was already in our cabin when we got there. Thanks!
KENNETH B. Sat Jul 1, 2017
Absolutely perfect service. I wish all companies/ services were as great as yours!!! A++
Lauren C. Sat Jul 1, 2017
Traveling with an infant could have been very stressful, especially with the weight limits on suitcases on the plane. This allowed me to ship formula, diapers, baby food right to my resort. I got a call confirming it all came and it was all kept cool for me. Will be using again!
Judith W. Sat Jul 1, 2017
I have to be honest, I was very nervous when I first placed the order. But it was the smoothest order/delivery I have ever used. My perishable foods arrives cold and everything was packages very nicely, nothing smashed or broken. Will definitely use them again.
Michelle N. Sat Jul 1, 2017
We come to Disney once or twice a year and this was the first time we used Garden Grocer. This service is fantastic. The website was easy, we received confirmations on the delivery, everything was labeled with our name and all accounted for when we arrived at our resort. We will definitely use this service again and highly recommend it.
Charlotte M. Sat Jul 1, 2017
Ordering, confirmation, delivery...1,2,3...super easy and reliable. Highly recommend Garden Grocery!
Ruben L. Fri Jun 30, 2017
Coronado Springs Resort handled our grocery from GardenGrocer with utmost care!
Allison K. Fri Jun 30, 2017
Garden Grocer was accurate with my order and delivered exactly when they said they would. The early bird discount was great as well as the delivery discount for larger orders. I have used them every time we go to WDW and will continue to do so!
Kari D. Fri Jun 30, 2017
If you are thinking about using Garden Grocer...don't think anymore! Just do it. From one mom to another it was not only convenient, but saved us money in the end. More importantly it was so nice to have healthy snack options for our family versus ice cream treats each day. Thanks for all your help.
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