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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Elizabeth C. Wed Jun 22, 2016
Would definitely recommend Garden Grocer. Everything arrived as ordered and right on time. Great selection and prices.
Becky S. Wed Jun 22, 2016
Everything I needed to help during my vacation was available and delivered on time. My items actually arrived early and were in my hotel room. Great experience using Garden Grocer!
Jessica T. Wed Jun 22, 2016
This was a great way to save some money and very easy to use. Best vacation hack! ♡♡♡- Jessica Torres San Antonio
Michael J. Tue Jun 21, 2016
All items were delivered in a timely manner and we received everything that was ordered. Would not hesitate to use in the future.
Michelle S. Tue Jun 21, 2016
Second time we have ordered from garden grocer everything was deliverede at the designated time selected and the order was spot on will use them again.
Stacy P. Tue Jun 21, 2016
Great customer service. Accurate items from order. Few things squished, and cold stuff not perfect but could have been from the bell service holding items. Fresh fruit and vegetables were excellent. Thank you!
Karen Z. Tue Jun 21, 2016
The service is great. We got to our hotel and everything was already in our fridge. Would highly recommend it! It saved us a couple of bucks because we didn't have to rent a car to buy groceries.
Jennifer F. Tue Jun 21, 2016
I shopped around before deciding to go with Garden Grocer. I'm so pleased with my decision to go with them. They were extremely helpful with my questions and all of my needs were met. I would highly recommend going with GG!!!
Tracy B. Tue Jun 21, 2016
This is the first time using garden grocer. It was great!!! Easy to use and great communication!! My order was at the hotel when we arrived!!
MaryAnn T. Tue Jun 21, 2016
great service and large selection of products. I received a text message while still at the airport that my groceries had been delivered. One less thing to worry about.
Steven S. Tue Jun 21, 2016
Easy and convenient service !! It's a must use !!
Wendy H. Tue Jun 21, 2016
So easy and convenient! Reasonably priced, with a huge selection. Will definitely recommend to my friends!
Andrea M. Tue Jun 21, 2016
Great service and excellent customer service will use again !
Allison R. Tue Jun 21, 2016
Great customer service!
Bob A. Tue Jun 21, 2016
Absolutely could not do a Disney resort with out these guys !!!! Great service - Great value - will use them again for sure
Jennifer W. Tue Jun 21, 2016
So easy!!! Wonderful to have groceries ready when you get there. Saved so much money!!!
Michelle S. Tue Jun 21, 2016
I loved this service! I will definitely use it again! I just hope it's at all of my vacation spots!!
Jeff A. Tue Jun 21, 2016
I don't write many reviews but this service is great. They were great at communication and very nice. As soon as we arrived in Orlando they called and said everything was waiting for us and it was. The food was great and fresh. I would highly recommend this service.
Nadine W. Tue Jun 21, 2016
Great service! Food was delivered as requested in great condition and on time. Would definately use this service again and recommend to others.
Joshua N. Mon Jun 20, 2016
Everything arrived just as requested. Groceries were double bagged for easier transport.
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