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Danielle R. Thu Mar 16, 2017
It was really nice to have everything delivered to our reaort. That just made a little more magic for us not having to worry about the several items when purchased to have in our room. We will definitely be using y'all again!
Mary R. Thu Mar 16, 2017
We used Garden Grocer on our recent trip to Disney World. We flew in to Orlando and stayed at a Disney resort. Our groceries were waiting on us when we arrived and it saved us quite a bit of money to have snacks, water and adult beverages in our room instead of paying park prices. It's the way to go if you don't have your own transportation out of the park. Bravo!
NICOLE G. Wed Mar 15, 2017
So easy to use and so convenient. Made our disney trip less stressful.
Maria T. Wed Mar 15, 2017
This service was so easy to use. Garden Grocer saved us precious time on our vacation. Our groceries were waiting for us when we checked into our hotel and everything was perfect! Will definitely use again.
Kathleen L. Wed Mar 15, 2017
This service was amazing! Had snacks and water waiting at our resort when we arrived. I highly recommend!
Vicki J. Wed Mar 15, 2017
Everything was easy and great
Brian S. Wed Mar 15, 2017
This was my first time going to WDW with kids (9,9, and 7 years old). Figured eating breakfast in the room would save money and time. Found out about Garden Grocer through Touringplans.com and read all the awesome reviews. I looked into doing Amazon but chose Garden Grocer because they specialize in WDW. We got some milk, OJ, bottled water, and snacks for in the parks. The service was superb. I had ordered some peanut butter crackers but they were out of. I received a call the day before our arrival (and delivery) to tell me. Everything was super convenient with decent prices. I highly recommend this service!
robin f. Wed Mar 15, 2017
This was the best decision we could have made. Who wants to go find food before hitting Disney World? It was nice having breakfast in the room, water bottles to take to the parks on hand and snacks after a long day of fun. this is genius.
Dawn B. Wed Mar 15, 2017
Everything we ordered was delivered cold and fresh and waiting for us when we arrived at Kidani Village.
Sarah B. Wed Mar 15, 2017
Our first time using a grocer service on vacation. It was easy, convenient, and hassle free! We will make Garden Grocers our go to everytime while in Orlando!
paige n. Wed Mar 15, 2017
Garden Grocer took the hassle out of grocery shopping on vacation! I ordered some essentials needed for our infant and some snacks for our toddler a few days before we left for Disney World. When we checked into the resort, our groceries were all there and everything was refrigerated, so don't worry about items spoiling if you check in late! We will definitely use Garden Grocer again!
Kami P. Tue Mar 14, 2017
It was so nice to arrive and have our groceries already in the room and cold items in the refrigerator. Garden Grocer definitely saved us money on food we would normally purchase in the high priced resort food court.
Joan S. Tue Mar 14, 2017
We had 2 orders in our family. One for each room. Everything was delivered, as promised, on time and exactly what was ordered. The cold items were cold and the produce was fresh. What an excellent service. We very much appreciate it being available to Disney Resort guests.
Jessica P. Tue Mar 14, 2017
Well worth the delivery fee. Everything was packaged perfectly. Delivered well within the delivery window. Had to call customer service to change my delivery time and everyone was very nice and accommodating.
joanne m. Tue Mar 14, 2017
using Garden Grocer was easy. They had the groceries at the resort when I arrived. Very efficient and I would use them again.
Laura B. Tue Mar 14, 2017
Customer service was amazing. Everyone made sure we had everything we wanted, when we wanted it!
Shannon M. Tue Mar 14, 2017
Love this service. Would ABSOLUTELY recommend to others and will use again. Customer service is superb!!
KIMBERLY G. Tue Mar 14, 2017
The food was delivered to the resort before we even arrived. Made it super simple to save money on food while at Disney because we decided not to rent a car. I would use the service again.
cassie m. Tue Mar 14, 2017
This was a super time saver when coming to Disney! We usually have to check in, unpack, then head to the grocery - which is not fun after a long day of travel. This was a perfect option to have our groceries delivered upon arrival! They were at bell services when we arrived. The order was correct and received as expected. We would highly recommend this Garden Grocer!
Rosemary Z. Tue Mar 14, 2017
Service was GREAT, delivered early, everything we ordered was there. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!
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