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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Annette C. Sat Aug 5, 2017
Absolutely loved using this site! We were able to fly without having to pack snacks/healthy food and were able to have pretty much any type of grocery we wanted at our room when we arrived!
Sherry D. Sat Aug 5, 2017
food we ordered was waiting at our hotel shortly after we arrived . everything was as ordered!!!!
Kayann H. Sat Aug 5, 2017
It was very easy to use.Saves times.Drops off at Bell Services.Do not need to be there.Emails prompt and informational.
Jenny R. Sat Aug 5, 2017
Our produce was well selected and our order was exactly as we requested.
Tracy K. Sat Aug 5, 2017
We decided to stay at the Saratoga Springs Treehouse villas for our vacation to Disney World in July 2017. Since we had a large group on vacation with us, we decided to cook some of our meals at the villa, to save some money. I looked at all the reviews, and decided to use Garden Grocer.
I only ordered 2 days before our arrival, and expected them not to get the groceries to us right away. I was very relieved when they immediately verified my order and assured us they would have them delivered during the time period we selected. They were true to their word! We were in the park, and we received an email letting us know our groceries had been delivered and were being kept at our resort's bell service. They even separated the perishables and kept them cold for us.
The bell service brought the items to our villa and everything was there, no mistakes.They checked back with us to make sure we received everything alright. If you and your family need groceries while in Orlando, we Highly recommend Garden Grocer!
John V. Fri Aug 4, 2017
We received a call and an email letting us know that our groceries were at our resort. Everything was we ordered was there. I would definitely use Garden Grocer again!
Virginia J. Fri Aug 4, 2017
Delivery to our at resort was such a help. Resort kept items requiring refrigeration until delivery to room. Saved so much space in packing for trip.
Rhonda F. Fri Aug 4, 2017
Excellent service. Delivered on time and all items were fresh and top quality.
Gary N. Fri Aug 4, 2017
Super experience thank you
Heather M. Fri Aug 4, 2017
Excellent service, a good selection of groceries and a great option when traveling to Disney!
Jyl O. Thu Aug 3, 2017
Absolutely amazing service!! Would use Garden Grocer again in a heartbeat!
Pete R. Thu Aug 3, 2017
I thought they did an excellent job keeping me informed of my order when it was delivered and everything was there. We also had ordered some sunscreen and one can wouldn't spray and they promptly replaced it
Andrea W. Thu Aug 3, 2017
Fantastic service and reciev d everything we requested.
Yolanda D. Thu Aug 3, 2017
Great service! Would definitely use again!
Kim W. Thu Aug 3, 2017
Very good service and good selection. My daughter has several food allergies and they had Soy milk that she drinks, which is hard to find, so we were able to order that for her and have it delivered to room. Would highly recommend this service.
Lauren C. Thu Aug 3, 2017
Absolutely wonderful experience. From the personsal phone calls to the tracking of our groceries, I was very impressed. I will be using Garden Grocer again and recommending them to friends.
JOHANNA R. Thu Aug 3, 2017
I was impressed with the service I received from Garden Grocer. The online ordering process is quick and easy and the prices are much lower than what we would of paid purchasing the grocery items and alcohol at Disney! Our order was ready at our hotel when we arrived around 1pm and all of our grocery items were in great condition! I will recommend Garden Grocer to all of my friends and will definitely use the service again when we visit Disney in the future!
Jennifer G. Thu Aug 3, 2017
Garden Grocer was easy to use and my order arrived exactly when requested and was completely accurate. SO convenient.
Tiffany W. Wed Aug 2, 2017
We purchased a few grocery items (mainly snacks and breakfast) for our trip to Disney World and very glad we did! The selections offered by Garden Grocer were very good, service was great and I appreciated the follow ups after my order and phone call after delivery to our resort. Also, a simple delivery fee and expected delivery time helped make the process easy.

Its nice to be able have healthier food while traveling and not rely on eating out for every meal or snack. I would definitely recommend Garden Grocer.
Summer M. Wed Aug 2, 2017
You were excellent!!
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