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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Chelsea M. Mon Jul 27, 2015
I used Garden Grocer for a trip to Disney World. I was impressed with their customer service immediately after placing the order. I got a confirmation call as well as a text message the day it was delivered. My order was delivered on time and everything was just as I asked. I will definitely be using them again in the future
Kenny C. Mon Jul 27, 2015
Fantastic service and very reasonable prices. They called me less than a minute after the confirmation email was sent to check in and let me know that my ID was received and my order was being processed. Our deliveries were always within the time window. Definitely recommend for WDW resort deliveries as a sensible alternative to overpaying for resort food.
Tami V. Mon Jul 27, 2015
This was the first time we used this service as we flew in instead of drove this trip. It was so nice having things waiting on us when we arrived at our resort and the prices were very comparable with regular shopping and much cheaper than buying the items I ordered in the parks or on Disney property. Would use this service again and again any time that I was flying in to Orlando!!!!
David M. Mon Jul 27, 2015
Highly recommended. I've used Garden Grocer before, and will use them again. Expected items delivered as promised. Always on time, with the items bagged neatly, marked with my name, and left with bell services. I then receive a text and a phone call confirming delivery. It could not be any easier.
Sue B. Mon Jul 27, 2015
Even though I over ordered, it was wonderful saving money by having our drinks and snacks delivered right to our room! The cost was about 1/4 of what it would have been in the small shops. At first the promised microwave did not appear and I worried about what to do with all the microwave popcorn I had ordered, but I just called the a microwave was brought to our room. Nice comfort food, low priced!
Molly M. Mon Jul 27, 2015
I ordered online from the uk and the whole process could not have been easier. My order was waiting when we arrived at fort wilderness which is great news as the grocery store on site is very limited!
Christina M. Mon Jul 27, 2015
All of our breakfasts and snacks for a week at Disney were waiting for us with bellhop upon our arrival. It saved us so much time and money, and the services between Garden Grocers and the Disney hotel were seamless. Worry-free.
Katie A. Mon Jul 27, 2015
loved receiving the text and email confirmation once product was delivered. Garden Grocer is simple and convenient.
Kristin S. Mon Jul 27, 2015
Delivered and was waiting on me in my room!!
Ron S. Mon Jul 27, 2015
Other than the text I received, I didn't even know they were around; groceries just came to our room!
Siani C. Mon Jul 27, 2015
Garden Grocer is a great service. It was wonderful to have what we needed there ready for us when we arrived. I will be using them again next time!! :-)
Carin M. Mon Jul 27, 2015
Garden grocer has a great selection of products that were necessary for my family's vacation. The prices and quality of food was comparable to what I would find at my local stores. By ordering early we also were able to save and the delivery fees were extremely reasonable. There were two products that were incorrect and garden grocer replaced them very quickly and professionally. Overall, we were extremely satisfied and will be using garden grocer for all of our upcoming vacations!
Andrea S. Sun Jul 26, 2015
Highly recommend Garden Grocer! We arrived at our Disney hotel at 6am and our groceries arrived at 9am. We received a text message that our groceries were ready. Everything was fresh! It was amazing to have essentials while on our Disney vacation. It helped to have these items on hand and kept our cost low while at the parks.
Vicki s. Sun Jul 26, 2015
Garden Grocer delivered everything we ordered. It was great service. We will certainly use them again!
Madeline B. Sun Jul 26, 2015
My order was correct and on time! Would definitely recommend this service to a friend.
Janet M. Sun Jul 26, 2015
Superb service. Our flight was delayed two hours but our produce was kept cold and delivered within a few minutes of our arrival. Perfect - thank you.
Stephanie H. Sun Jul 26, 2015
Easy to order. They had everything we needed. Prices great. Was delivered on time and as ordered!
Tanya B. Sun Jul 26, 2015
Garden Grocer was great. Our order was delivered on time to our hotel and everything was exactly what we ordered. We will definitely use them again the next time we are in Disney!
Andrea K. Sun Jul 26, 2015
Your service was so easy to use! The groceries were waiting for me when we checked in at our resort. It was packed well, nothing was broken, everything that I ordered was there, and then it was delivered right to my room! I'm so happy I found this service! I will use it every single time we come to Disney!! Thank you so much!
Jennifer D. Sun Jul 26, 2015
Our order was exactly right and waiting for us at our Disney resort just like they said it would be. I loved getting the confirmation text as I traveled toward Florida. I knew when I got to the resort, the food was waiting on me. Saved a ton of money and time by not standing in line for park food.
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