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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Derek C. Wed Feb 22, 2017
The service and selection were excellent. I received a phone call immediately after placing my order to confirm my dates and delivery times so there was no confusion. I selected 12-4pm for my delivery window and my order arrived at 12:04pm. I received a text, email, and phone call notifying me my order was delivered. The bellman delivered my order to the room, the order was 100% accurate and my cold food was clearly marked and had been refrigerated. I will definitely use this service again!
Amy D. Wed Feb 22, 2017
I ordered groceries for our Disney stay. My order was confirmed quickly. It was delivered on the day and time I was promised and everything was wonderful! I will recommend this service to friends for sure!
Melissa V. Tue Feb 21, 2017
It was so nice to have all of our supplies when we arrived. This was so easy and convenient
Brandi L. Tue Feb 21, 2017
Ordering from the garden grocer made our Disney trip so much easier! The groceries arrived on time and were ready for us as soon as we got to the resort. I will be using Garden Grocer everytime we visit Disney!
Jill L. Tue Feb 21, 2017
I was very happy with the ease of ordering from GardenGrocer.com. I was pleasantly surprised to find my order already in my hotel room (things that needed refrigeration were in the refrigerator, too) when I arrived. I couldn't have been easier! Quality was good and customer service was exceptional.
Victoria G. Tue Feb 21, 2017
This was an excellent service that helped me and my family during our vacation stay. I was notified along the way and didn't have to worry about anything. I will definitely be using their services again when I'm in the area.
Kay V. Tue Feb 21, 2017
Garden Grocer provided a good range of products at a reasonable price. They were easy to work with and efficient. It was reassuring to have a text message verifying our order arrived.
Catherine P. Tue Feb 21, 2017
Used the Garden Grocer for a week long trip to Disney. They had all the brands we were used to and it was much cheaper than the Disney grocery service. Will be using it again.
Jenny G. Tue Feb 21, 2017
Having the food & beverages available upon our arrival made our lives so much easier! We will definitely be using the service again!
Kim C. Tue Feb 21, 2017
Wonderful service for having groceries sent directly to your room! We had a diabetic in our party so it was comforting to know that emergency food supplies were within our reach when needed so we didn't need to walk back to the main resort to find snacks.
The cold food was cold so nothing spoiled. All the snacks were fresh and packed well.
The prices and convenience were great! Would definitely recommend Garden Grocer!
Anne G. Tue Feb 21, 2017
Great service. Vey good communication about our order. Everything arrived at resort before we did and was stored.
Kath;y B. Tue Feb 21, 2017
This was great! The food was there when we arrived at the resort and it was so nice having one less thing to worry about. We will definitely use this service again!!
Brian S. Mon Feb 20, 2017
Very pleased with our order from Garden Grocer. Communication was excellent and delivery was prompt. Having some food in our hotel room made morning breakfasts so much easier!
Kelby S. Mon Feb 20, 2017
This was our first time using Garden Grocer for our stay at a DVC resort. Their online process for completing orders combined with their confirmation and follow-up process - which was handled via email and text - were ideal for me while managing the overall planning of my family's trip (group of 8). Their partnership with Disney Resorts and coordination with Bell Services was excellent in getting me everything I requested on time.
lisa k. Mon Feb 20, 2017
I loved your service! It is so nice to arrive at our vacation villa with all our perishables here waiting for us. I loved getting the text just as we were about to takeoff that our groceries had just been delivered. Everything we ordered was was waiting for us in the bell service fridge. Your website was very easy to maneuver as well.
colleen k. Mon Feb 20, 2017
The service was convenient and the staff were helpful and the order arrived as scheduled. Thank you
Jennifer B. Mon Feb 20, 2017
Hands down the best idea ever! Great way to save money and it's so easy! Everything was great! Great communication! Excellent service! I felt that everyone went above and beyond!
Totally recommend!
Anne B. Mon Feb 20, 2017
Fresh fruit, apples and bananas were perfect. I will definitely recommend them to others and use them again.
Matthew F. Mon Feb 20, 2017
We really enjoyed the service and we will absolutely use it again.
Erica G. Mon Feb 20, 2017
I highly recommend Garden Grocer. Our order arrives before we did. Great selection. Also, great communication to let us know of our order'a arrival. We will be using them again on our next Disney trip.
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