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Kim E. Mon Jun 29, 2015
It was wonderful to get both a text and a phone call to let me know our order of groceries arrived to our resort! We were missing one item and the Garden Grocer staff got it to us early the next day... in plenty of time for our meal. The quality of the food was great! I would definitely use the Garden Grocer for our next Disney vacation!
Melissa S. Mon Jun 29, 2015
Order delivered just as ordered.
Holly M. Mon Jun 29, 2015
I had never ordered food to be delivered before to a vacation home and was nervous to pay upfront. The order arrived in the time slot chosen and was 100% accurate. I would not hesitate to order from Gardengrocer.com again!
Sara Z. Mon Jun 29, 2015
It was very easy to use their website, everything was as ordered and all the cold items were packaged together. I would definitely use Garden grocer again
Angela S. Mon Jun 29, 2015
Fast and efficient service. This was our first experience with Garden Grocer and will definitely use again! You would be foolish to go anywhere else!
cliffagene c. Mon Jun 29, 2015
Excellent service delivering top quality goods. Would definitely use again.
Louis V. Mon Jun 29, 2015
I felt everything was great and I will use you again.
Danielle M. Mon Jun 29, 2015
The ordering process was simple, the email and text messages kept you up to date and the food was delivered on the day and time promised. Great service!
Dominique S. Mon Jun 29, 2015
Garden Grocer was a life-saver for our Disney vacation! Everything I ordered was ready and chilled at the hotel when we arrived. It allowed us to eat healthy food and save money too. Thanks for allowing us to start vacation right away!
Martha R. Mon Jun 29, 2015
Great idea to save time and money while visiting Disney.
Reena S. Mon Jun 29, 2015
Received a text that our food arrived about 10 minutes before we arrived at the resort. Great way to save some money while at Disney World.
candy M. Sun Jun 28, 2015
Excellent service and great value products and great selection
Athene P. Sun Jun 28, 2015
Everything was fresh, delicious, delivered on time and worth every penny.
Judi L. Sun Jun 28, 2015
Excellent service as always!
Robin W. Sun Jun 28, 2015
Thanks for the great service. Our son has food allergies and it made our Disney trip a lot easier not having to lug a ton of safe snacks from home for him. Everything arrived exactly when it was supposed to and our order had no mistakes.
rosemarie l. Sun Jun 28, 2015
Service was very satisfactory
We were very satisfied
Ben C. Sun Jun 28, 2015
Awesome experience! My groceries were delivered on time and held at bell services for me. I really loved that I didn't have to bother with grocery stores or pay higher prices on resort!
greg m. Sun Jun 28, 2015
Ordering was easy and the food was delivered right to our hotel before we even checked in.
Julie S. Sun Jun 28, 2015
Very easy to use and efficient with delivery to our resort.
Polly R. Sun Jun 28, 2015
Great service. Items delivered on time and put in fridge at our resort. We had a large order and a few things were left out, but Garden Grocer had everything to us within 12 hours. Great selection and they made having water, snacks, and sunscreen hassle free. The absolute LAST thing you want to do when you get to Disney World is shop or pay up for snacks and drinks in the parks. Worth every penny.
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