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Amy D. Tue Jun 20, 2017
Garden Grocer was an easy, reasonably affordable option for our trip to Walt Disney World. We have small children and being able to order groceries ahead of time, was cost effective and made breakfast far less stressful before heading out for a full day of Disney. Additionally, we spent less on snacks than we would have at the parks.
Angela B. Tue Jun 20, 2017
Excellent! No issues at all. I placed the order a few days before we left for our trip, and all the items I purchased were waiting for me at our Disney resort several hours before our arrival (I received both a text and a voicemail to notify me of the delivery). Made traveling with a young child SO easy -- no need to pack diapers, snack pouches, etc! Will DEFINITELY use this in the future for all our Disney trips!
Ludivina R. Mon Jun 19, 2017
What a great way to have snacks and other essentials ready for you when you arrive. It was very convenient. I will definitively use this service again!
Sarah G. Mon Jun 19, 2017
Ordering our groceries made things so much easier for or disney vacation! Knowing we would have perishables waiting for us in our room added some peace of mind. The process was easy & everything was exactly as ordered!
Jose A. Mon Jun 19, 2017
Everything was perfect. They followed up after delivering groceries with a text and email. Very easy to use an convenient traveling with the kids.
Carol O. Mon Jun 19, 2017
Great service groceries delivered to resort allowing me to start my holiday immeduately
John R. Sun Jun 18, 2017
We were very impressed with Garden Grocer's service. We did not know we needed to call ahead so it took longer then we would have liked but that was lack of research on our part. The food was fresh and in excellent condition and our order was complete. Will definitely use them again.
Joe S. Sun Jun 18, 2017
Garden grocer is great! We we will be replete customers!
Jack S. Sun Jun 18, 2017
Excellent communication
Elizabeth G. Sun Jun 18, 2017
This service was so helpful and saved us so much time. Having our food available upon arrival was great. Our resort brought it to the room and we were good to go.
Chris Q. Sun Jun 18, 2017
Other than the nuisance of the required ID submission for the purchase of alcohol (yes, I understand why; however, in most jurisdictions, the required credit card for payment, should signify/justify one's age of majority).
With that said, the service is pretty much perfect as it stands.
Terry C. Sun Jun 18, 2017
Delivered to Disney Beach Club right on time. Everything was just as ordered. Helped our party of 9 save a lot of money by eating breakfast in villa and packing snacks for park.
Beverly S. Sun Jun 18, 2017
Stayed at Contemporary Resort, wanted to breakfast in and having those items and snacks in room made it so easy to do. We did not have to go out to buy, and did not waste valuable park time on taxi trip, shopping, etc. Hotel is absolutely wonderful working with you - bell stand has freezer and fridge specifically for storing your items until you are back in room. All just great. Absolutely the most efficient process ever!
Alexis S. Sun Jun 18, 2017
We used the service for supplemental water and snacks for our Disney World trip. Garden Grocer works very well with the Disney resorts. The delivery was very easy with our resort keeping cold items cool until we were available for the items to be delivered to our room. Thank you!
James B. Sun Jun 18, 2017
Prompt courteous and reliable. Will recommend service to friends and family
Mark J. Sun Jun 18, 2017
This is a great service, ordered our supplies and were delivered to our resort then bell services delivered to our room, they even put the milk in our fridge. I would highly recommend this service and, prices are reasonable as well.
Julie S. Sat Jun 17, 2017
Easy to use website, you have everything I needed! I received a courtesy call immediately after placing my order and an email, text AND phone call confirming receipt. I ordered perishable items which were fresh and stored properly until I could get to them. I'm in Disney and have already recommended you to three families!
Connie M. Sat Jun 17, 2017
I can only say wonderful things about the service here. I would highly recommend and am completely satisfied!!!! Such a smooth process.
yves d. Sat Jun 17, 2017
We were fully satisfied. We got exactly what we ordered, everything was fresh and good and it was delivered righf on time! Thank you.
Jessica T. Sat Jun 17, 2017
Great service! Orders always correct. Will use every time I come to Disney!
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