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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Rebecca M. Mon Apr 25, 2016
AWESOME! Was so convenient to place the order and our delivery was at the resort waiting prior to our arrival. Would definitely recommend and will take advantage of The Garden Grocer on our next trip!
Alison R. Mon Apr 25, 2016
So convenient. We were staying at the Disney Resort and had snacks, breakfast foods, water, Poweraid and beer ready for us when we arrived. Great for people flying and do not want to rent a car! Best part you don't have to wait around, they drop it off at the Resort!
Bob F. Mon Apr 25, 2016
Everything was delivered to bell services and the order was correct. Easy to use website and they did a follow-up call after I ordered to verify the delivery information. I was texted and emailed when the groceries were delivered, everything was very efficient.
Joanne H. Mon Apr 25, 2016
Perfect. Made my refrigerator in Old Key West just like home!!
Penny R. Mon Apr 25, 2016
The Garden Grocer is excellent. Plannjng a vacation from out of state is not easy and Walt Disney World properties do not have a lot of the grocery items that my family likes. The Garden Grocer made this so easy and our food was in our room when we checked in. I will definitely use them for any future visits.
Jessica H. Mon Apr 25, 2016
This was our first time using this service and we were so happy to have every thing we needed when we checked in. It is nice to have essentials that we can not fly with. I recommended you to a friend already. thank you again
Sarah M. Mon Apr 25, 2016
This was our third time using Garden Grocer and we were once again thrilled with the service. Ordering is made easy on their website, the prices and selection are great, the communication superb, and everything arrived on-time exactly as we ordered. We can't wait for our next family trip to Walt Disney World and we will definitely be using Garden Grocer once again!
Victoria A. Mon Apr 25, 2016
Everything was great! Super easy to use and very efficient. When it came to delivering they were very caring to make sure we got everything on time and correctly. I will absolutely use them again and again!!
mik c. Mon Apr 25, 2016
Using Garden Grocer was a great experience! They delivered everything we ordered and at the time we requested it! I would use them again and again!
Susan W. Mon Apr 25, 2016
Amazing service!
Greta F. Mon Apr 25, 2016
Spectacularly convenient with excellent customer service!
Tracy P. Mon Apr 25, 2016
I loved Garden Grocer. So easy to use!! Saved us so much money instead of buying food in the parks.
Amanda L. Mon Apr 25, 2016
Excellent customer service. First time used Garden Grocers when we stayed at Disney Caribbean Beach Resort for 7 days. Groceries were delivered on time with phone calls followed up. When we got back to the resort just called bell service and they delivered our groceries in 10 minutes. No problem at all and very happy to know this website before we went to Disney to saved some money. Disney Parks foods are super expensive and not tasted good.
Jennifer C. Mon Apr 25, 2016
I would definitely recommend Garden Grocer to anyone staying in a Disney resort.
Kathi F. Mon Apr 25, 2016
Order came on time and in good condition. Very pleased with this service.
Fred D. Sun Apr 24, 2016
Amazingly easy to use. Fantastic communication after ordering and on delivery day. Will certainly use again!
Teresa W. Sun Apr 24, 2016
Excellent service, it was in our room fridge when we arrived at Walt Disney World. I would highly recommend for anyone wanting to save money on food in the parks. This service is a "must have"!
janet n. Sun Apr 24, 2016
Everything was as I ordered it. The fruit was extremely fresh. All refrigerator items were nice and cold. I will absolutely use this service again. I have a few friends who just ordered because of my recommendation.
Allison F. Sun Apr 24, 2016
Your service was excellent and super convenient! Thank you!
Amy B. Sun Apr 24, 2016
My experience in using your site, to getting confirmation of my order, to delivery as well as confirmation, was excellent. I will definitely use you in the future.
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