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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Alex M. Thu Jul 30, 2015
Great customer service, easy to use!
Michael K. Thu Jul 30, 2015
I love the fact Garden Grocer sends your order in double paper bags, and cardboard, very "green" and I use those bags in my resort for my own recyclables.
Kristen G. Thu Jul 30, 2015
Great communictaion throughout the process everything was taken care of dropped off and ready for me before my plane even landed and I got text message that it was dropped off at bell services. Loved it and will be useing again!
Gerald W. Thu Jul 30, 2015
Service was excellent .
Jenny D. Thu Jul 30, 2015
I appreciate that y'all did what you said you would. My groceries were delivered on time and the cold stuff was cold. Thank u!
Elizabeth D. Thu Jul 30, 2015
I used Garden grocer on my families trip to Disney. The website was easy to navigate. They called to confirm my order. My complete order was delivered exactly when it was supposed to and I received a confirmation text message to let me know that it was delivered. Overall great experience would definitely use them again and recommend them to others!!!
Duncan M. Thu Jul 30, 2015
Fantastic service. Delivered to a Disney hotel which was a massive saving. I would recommend everyone to use this service.
Kathy S. Thu Jul 30, 2015
This was our first experience with Garden Grocers and I was very impressed. Our order arrived at our hotel as scheduled and everything was perfect. I was especially pleased with the quality of the produce. I highly recommend Garden Grocer.
Kelly S. Wed Jul 29, 2015
This was our first time using Garden Grocer and we were very pleased with their service. We had a special request item and I received a phone call with in 5 min of submitting g the request to confirm the request. I received a Second call 48 hrs later to let me know they found the item
Janet R. Wed Jul 29, 2015
This was our second time to use Garden Grocer and this experience was even better than the first. We received emails confirming the order and another while on our way to the hotel confirming our order was waiting for us. The money we saved on water alone paid for the delivery fee. Highly reccomend Garden Grocer when visiting Walt Disney World
Caroline C. Wed Jul 29, 2015
What a phenomenal service! Saved us a lot of money too! A must do for a vacation!
Heather M. Wed Jul 29, 2015
Very easy to use! Arrived at our resort just as we did! LOVED not having to grocery shop on our trip to Disney! They even found specific items we asked for not on their site! Would definitely recommend!
Monique F. Wed Jul 29, 2015
Excellent in overall selections and delivery. Will use again!
Trina D. Wed Jul 29, 2015
My family and I were very please with GardenGrocer service and professionalism. The quality of products and the convienence of a wide variety of choices was comforting. We will always choose GardenGrocer for our trips to Florida.
Sue C. Wed Jul 29, 2015
Even before we left home, we received a phone call stating that our food had been delivered and was being held by the bellhop.
roseann p. Wed Jul 29, 2015
Sandra V. Wed Jul 29, 2015
This was a great idea while traveling to Disney. My daughter played in the Field Hockey Classic, and I was able to order water, sports drinks, snacks, and fresh fruit (you can also order beer and wine). Great way to save money and not buy it at the park or resorts! I will use Garden Grocer the next time I travel to Disney.
Heather Z. Tue Jul 28, 2015
It was so nice not to have to pack diapers, wipes, and all the snacks that little ones crave! Thank you for making it so easy. It definitely took some of the stress away when traveling with kids.
Jonathan M. Tue Jul 28, 2015
We usually take time out from our trip to make a journey to the supermarket in our hire car but having decided to not have a car during our time at WDW the Garden Grocer service proved that you can get all that you need delivered direct to your hotel room with almost zero hassle. I will always do this in the future, even if we take a hire car
Josie D. Tue Jul 28, 2015
Every step was easy & simple. Our groceries arrived promptly & I received a text & a phone call upon delivery. Excellent service!
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