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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Bernadette G. Tue Sep 1, 2015
Excellent service. Will definitely use again!
Jill B. Mon Aug 31, 2015
Perfect- everything was delivered on time and just as I ordered- would definitely recommend and use again in the future!
Mark B. Mon Aug 31, 2015
I was very impressed with the easy and simple process of ordering my groceries on vacation. I didn't even think I could do so while staying at a hotel!! It saved me a lot of money by doing so. Thank you Garden Grocer!!
Sylvia H. Mon Aug 31, 2015
Garden Grocer was easy and everything was delivered directly to our hotel at Disney. This is the only way to go if you are flying into Orlando.
Dawn P. Mon Aug 31, 2015
Garden grocer is a great time and money saver. Everything was delivered to my hotel on time, and just as described. I would absolutely use the service again on our next trip to Walt Disney World.
Charles D. Mon Aug 31, 2015
Are food was there waiting for us when we arrived. Great service.
Maurisa D. Mon Aug 31, 2015
This was my first time using the service. It was awesome. I had a text sent to my phone before I arrived at the airport. Bell service dropped my order off in a compact, organized, and efficient manner.

I couldn't be more pleased.

The cost of delivery was a slight turn off at first. However, if you account for the price of water at the parks and hotel you will quickly note the savings pays for the delivery charge.

Additionally, we were only staying for 2 nights. We did not want to waste time going shopping.

Thank you for the great service!
Victoria S. Mon Aug 31, 2015
Garden grocer was great for my Disney vacation! Excellent service and I saved a lot of money!
Patrick L. Mon Aug 31, 2015
Using this service was a huge time saver, money saver, and overall great convenience. The food arrived on time and the perishables were still cold. Definitely worth doing. Food at Disney is very expensive. While Garden Grocer isn't exactly cheap, it certainly saves you money and it was so nice to come back from a day at the parks and prepare our own fresh meals with our own fresh food. I will use Garden Grocer again next time we go to Disney. So glad they provide this service.
eva w. Mon Aug 31, 2015
My niece and I stayed at the royal pacific resort for 3 nites and we ordered from garden grocers...mainly breakfast items (fruit, yogurt, bread) and water. The ordering process is a breeze and they deliver in the time frame promised. What I am super impressed about is the person selecting our fruits. We ordered banana, red seedless grapes, watermelon and avacado. We got all these produce at the peak of perfection especially the avacado were ready to eat immediately. Very happy with their service and they help us to still eat healthy while travelling.
Dorothy M. Sun Aug 30, 2015
Garden Grocer was fantastic!!! Fresh produce, milk and eggs were in the refrigerator when we arrived and all our frozen items were in the freezer. Everything was in great shape! I really appreciated how efficient they were, as well as the wide variety of items available. With Green Grocer we were able to save hundreds of dollars on restaurants by being able to fix nutritious meals in our cabin.
Kathleen F. Sun Aug 30, 2015
All the items were delivered at the time specified on our order. This is a great service and prices are very reasonable. Thank you Garden Grocer!
Ana G. Sun Aug 30, 2015
Convenient service!! So great having water, breakfast foods and snacks delivered right to our Disney resort hotel!!
Jane M. Sun Aug 30, 2015
My order was at the hotel waiting for me when I arrived. After my initial order, I had to make some changes and they were handled promptly and credited back to my charge.
Christine A. Sun Aug 30, 2015
This is by far the easiest way to order groceries. The service was exceptional. The food quality was great. Loved my experience and I would highly recommend this service to everyone I know. I can't wait to use this service on my next trip to Disney World.
Anne M. Sun Aug 30, 2015
I loved using Garden Grocer during my Disney vacation. My order was correct and delivered on time. I will definitely use them again if I need things for my next vacation.
Elaine S. Sun Aug 30, 2015
Service was great, items were delivered when promised. All items were current and appealing. I would recommend and use again when staying in Disney!
Heather H. Sun Aug 30, 2015
Everything was great! Thank you!
Maggie F. Sun Aug 30, 2015
Great service that saved us time at Disney World. Would definitely recommend as well as use again. I liked the selection of gluten free and allergy friendly groceries, made for easy breakfasts and snacks at the parks. Also saved room in our luggage since we ordered things like sunscreen and pull-ups instead of bringing them from home. Thanks Garden Grocers!
Scott H. Sun Aug 30, 2015
Incredibly convenient service for anyone staying at WDW. Save tons of money by having food in your room for breakfast, snacks and even alcohol. The food arrived at the hotel and was delivered right to the room by bell services. Can't get more convenient than that.
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