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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Michaela H. Tue Oct 6, 2015
Order was correct, delivered within time window and fresh! Saved us a stop in way to hotel, very efficient and worth every penny!
Beverly S. Tue Oct 6, 2015
Took a minute to figure out the best way to locate wanted goods and get them into my cart. Once figured out, though, it was really easy and very helpful. We will definitely use Garden Grocer again!
Deb M. Tue Oct 6, 2015
Very good. Food great. Service great!!!!
Shawna T. Tue Oct 6, 2015
This service was amazing. Prices are reasonable and it couldn't have been easier. My groceries were delivered to my hotel room on time! It made my vacation that much more enjoyable!
Peggy C. Tue Oct 6, 2015
The items were all delivered on time and the order was complete.

Thank you
Jamie s. Tue Oct 6, 2015
I used Garden Grocer during a recent stay at Disney All Star Movies. The order arrived as promised and was held in the refrigerator by the front desk until my arrival. 1 item was missing but Garden Grocer was pleasant and apologetic and delivered it the next morning! Will be using there services again on my next trip!
Susan C. Tue Oct 6, 2015
everything was great
Jennifer B. Tue Oct 6, 2015
It was easy to order, the website offered a lot of variety, and the well-packed food was waiting for us upon arrival at our Disney resort. I'll definitely use gardengrocer again on our next Disney trip. Thanks!
tricia b. Mon Oct 5, 2015
Service was excellent! The staff was on the ball, curtious and friendly. Would totally order again when visiting.
Jessica K. Mon Oct 5, 2015
I received a text as soon as i got off the plane -my order was waiting for me at bell services and i had it delivered to my room once i arrived. Everything i ordered was there - it was so easy!! Will definitely order again!
Paula H. Mon Oct 5, 2015
This was the best decision we made to order groceries. Cost was fine and charge for delivery was very reasonable. We would use this service again it was great
george m. Mon Oct 5, 2015
We were satisfied with all aspects of our experience, and will continue to use in future and will tell others. Thank you for wonderful service and selection of produce and food products we received.
Nicole H. Mon Oct 5, 2015
As always, excellent customer service. We use garden grocer when we go on vacation to florida. They call to confirm your order when placed and also called after delivery to ensure we got our order from Guest services.
Will be using them again!
Shannon M. Mon Oct 5, 2015
Quick, easy and impressive! Will definitely use again!
Carmella L. Mon Oct 5, 2015
I found Garden Grocer when I was looking for a grocery in walking distance to our hotel. It was the answer to our dilemma - staying on (Universal) property without a car. Ordering on line was easy. We got a phone call the next day to confirm, and the food was delivered as requested, in our room when we returned from a day in the park. I would reccommend this to anyone who doesn't want to spend $4 for a bottle of water or $12 for breakfast.
melissa p. Mon Oct 5, 2015
Great service!
Carrie T. Mon Oct 5, 2015
Garden Grocer was easy to work with on things I didn't see on their site!
laura w. Mon Oct 5, 2015
I used therapy to order stuff for our recent trip to Disney!' It was fabulous! The order arrived on time and everything was there. How awesome to have diapers, snacks and a case of water waiting so I didn't have to take up room in my suitcase or buy expensive bottle of water in the parks. I was so impressed! Thank you!!
Gillian W. Mon Oct 5, 2015
This was the first time we used Garden Grocer and would highly recommend! Immediately after I placed my order I received a phone call to confirm, then just sat back and waited. The process was easy and the prices were good. Great service, thanks!
Susan R. Mon Oct 5, 2015
My order was great, your grapes were better than I get at home in the grocery store! Would and likely will use you again! Don't suppose you considering other places such as New York?
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