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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Kellie H. Thu Feb 23, 2017
Fruits and vegetables were very fresh. Service was excellent. Groceries arrived at resort on morning of our arrival. Will definitely use this service again.
Jacquelyn D. Thu Feb 23, 2017
Excellent. Selection, web site and prompt
Jennifer M. Thu Feb 23, 2017
What a great service! We were able to have fresh fruit and milk during our Disney stay. It was a great way to keep the kids eating healthy without spending park and resort prices!
Teresa I. Thu Feb 23, 2017
It was easy to use and everything was there, fresh and on time to our disney hotel. Plus they called and confirmed my order and emailed when delivered to the bell desk. Great service!
Daniel M. Thu Feb 23, 2017
The most convenient way to get groceries during a Disney trip - Garden Grocer made fresh produce, snacks, breakfast items, etc. available without needing to make a trip to the grocery store. Highly Recommended.
Lee G. Thu Feb 23, 2017
Great help and very easy to use the iPhone app made things so much easier
Jacqueline B. Thu Feb 23, 2017
This is my first time using Garden Grocer. The website was easy to navigate and had everything you could think of to offer. Prices were reasonable too. My order was delivered during the time frame I selected. I will definitely use and recommend Garden Grocer again.
Elizabeth W. Wed Feb 22, 2017
The app is Simple to use; prompt delivery
Philip J. Wed Feb 22, 2017
Loved the text messages and voice messages. All extremely well organized.
Kristine R. Wed Feb 22, 2017
Excellent service and easy to use I highly recommend and I will definitely use again in the future.
Claudia L. Wed Feb 22, 2017
We ordered our food from gardengrocer.co and couldn't have been happier. Our food for our stay in Walt Disney World was on time, delivered in great condition, and priced very fairly. Will definitely use this convenience again on our next vacation.
Heather J. Wed Feb 22, 2017
I used Garden Grocer for the first time on our most recent Disney trip and it was wonderful. The website as super easy to use and it was easy to add something to my order later on that I had forgotten. Our order was in our room when we got there and everything was correct.
Maggie S. Wed Feb 22, 2017
Excellent service and products
Marci N. Wed Feb 22, 2017
Amazing. So easy. Made our trip so much easier!! Will use Garden Grocer every time we are in Orlando!!
Shelley P. Wed Feb 22, 2017
As a parent of a celiac child, I especially appreciated being able to have gluten free groceries delivered to our Disney resort upon our arrival. It made our trip less worrisome as we could eat breakfast and snacks in our room. Thanks to Disney for giving us your number!
Jean S. Wed Feb 22, 2017
Easy to use shopping interface, comparative pricing, excellent choice of products. Great!
Margaret H. Wed Feb 22, 2017
Great service. Very convenient. Would use again.
Eric M. Wed Feb 22, 2017
Great service and a big help for our Disney vacation.
Brooke F. Wed Feb 22, 2017
We used Garden Grocer on our recent trip to Disney World. Our groceries arrived at our resort in the time slot we requested. Bell services held our items and refrigerated those necessary. I highly recommend using Garden Grocer, especially for vacations!
Meredith P. Wed Feb 22, 2017
The quality of the food received was great. The service was excellent. On the day I placed the order, a representative from Garden Grocer called to confirm the order. On the day my order was delivered, I received an email, text message, and a phone call to inform me that my order had reached its destination. Garden Grocer is convenient and provide their customers with a great variety of options. We will surely order again upon our return to Disney.
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