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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Susan C. Mon Nov 28, 2016
Items were delivered on time and customer service was very helpful to answer any questions.
Jill D. Sun Nov 27, 2016
Garden Grocer was so easy to use and delivered everything we ordered as scheduled! Also, when I realized I forgot to order coffee creamer 2 days before my arrival, it was super simple to just add it on to my existing order. Love the Garden Grocer, will definitely be using again!
Katie J. Sun Nov 27, 2016
Using Garden Grocer was quick, easy and convenient. It allowed me to worry about one less thing as we were getting settled at Disney. Thank you!
Cindy T. Sat Nov 26, 2016
Loved using Garden Grocer! Super convenient and order was perfect! Will definitely use again!
Allie G. Sat Nov 26, 2016
The options, ordering process, and communication were amazing- I would absolutely work with gardengrocer.com again.
Julie B. Sat Nov 26, 2016
Easy, efficient & convenient
We did not have a car on our latest trip, and didn't want to spend time on a car service to & from a grocery store.
Offered a discount for ordering 90, 60 & 30 days from our trip, allowed me to choose my delivery time & they were waiting for me upon my arrival. Could not have been any simpler.
Angie B. Sat Nov 26, 2016
Awesome Service! We arrived to find our groceries at our Disney hotel & refrigerated items in the fridge. I read great reviews about this Company. It has been such a time saver for our family with a lot of convenience added to our trip to make it less stressful. This is our second time using Garden Grocer & are super happy with everything so far.
Jamie D. Sat Nov 26, 2016
It was wonderful having snacks and drinks on our first trip to disney!!!!! I will refer garden grocer to all of my friends and family who are planning trips to disney!
Robin P. Sat Nov 26, 2016
What amazing service! Thankyou. One huge thing to relieve the stress of traveling!
Lauren H. Fri Nov 25, 2016
It was great to get a phone call confirming my order as well as being told when my food had arrived at the hotel. Very professional and fantastic service.
Patricia T. Fri Nov 25, 2016
Garden Grocer is an amazing services. The website is easy to navigate and they have a great selection of products to choose from. Their customer services is great too. They called to confirm my order and followed up to ensure we were happy with the delivery. Definitely recommend this service!
Beckie C. Fri Nov 25, 2016
We had realized a gallon of milk was missing from our order a few days after our order was delivered, I was so surprised at how quickly they rectified it for me, I was assuming I would be out of luck since I hadn't realized it right away, but they were quick to deliver the milk the next morning (they offered to do it that night!) and I was really pleased with the service!
Heather C. Fri Nov 25, 2016
AWESOME!!! I was visiting Disney World and heard about your service online. This should be in every introduction to Disney World book. Sometimes the Magic Kingdom is too expensive for families to eat out every meal. Garden Grocer took the financial pressure off my trip so that I could have the magical vacation that I was hoping for. Thank you for the delivery and stress free service. I would recommend your service any day.
Kelli F. Fri Nov 25, 2016
It was amazing to not have to stress about going to the market on our Disney Trip! Garden Grocer was affordable and very easy!! Made our Disney trip that much better!!
Virginia J. Fri Nov 25, 2016
Amazing as always. We love having all our food waiting for us when we arrive at Disney World.
Linda L. Thu Nov 24, 2016
Great service and selection. Made our Disney trip easy!
Michael R. Thu Nov 24, 2016
The entire Green Grocer experience was smooth. I mistakenly ordered 2 drinks instead of 1...& immediately received an email verifying my order. I called & quickly talked to a Green Grocer representative about my error. You assured me it would be quickly corrected & it was. And my order was ready for me in Disney & delivered to my room. This was all part of a great Disney World vacation. Thanks.
Jennifer M. Wed Nov 23, 2016
Everything was awesome. There isn't anything to improve upon with how easy everything was.
Kathleen D. Wed Nov 23, 2016
Great service!
Very convenient and has a great selection of products.
colleen k. Tue Nov 22, 2016
It's a great service and I highly recommend it to anybody
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