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  98.6% would recommend Garden Grocer

Renee G. Wed Oct 26, 2016
Garden Grocer's customer service is amazing! Everything we ordered was delivered exactly on time and the follow up was great! We will definitely order from GG again!
Rick B. Wed Oct 26, 2016
Garden Grocer did a fantastic job. It was easy to find the items that we needed on their website. When we arrived we received a text to let us know our items had been delivered. All items were there and in good condition. Thank you for a great job. We will use you again.
Kimberly H. Wed Oct 26, 2016
This was my first time using Garden Grocer and I was very impressed. I was so happy to not have to take up my vacation time running to the grocery store to stock up. Plus, I didn't have a car while on my vacation, so this was extremely convenient. I ordered my groceries only a few days before arriving in Orlando and my delivery was received on time as requested with everything accounted for. I appreciated the updates of when my delivery arrived to my resort as I had not arrived to the resort, but knew my groceries would be there when I arrived. I will definitely be using Garden Grocer again and will refer others as well.
Francesca B. Wed Oct 26, 2016
I just love this company they made it so easy to order and get my groceries at my hotel. They reached out to me to let me know my order was received and delivered it was awesome!!!
Dawn A. Wed Oct 26, 2016
This process was so easy. Immediately after placing my order I received a phone call confirming it. I was able to add onto an order up to the day before delivery and my text confirming the delivery was also followed with a phone call. Customer service seems to be high priority with Garden Grocer!
Susan R. Wed Oct 26, 2016
Used Garden Grocer for my Disney trip. Very easy to use web site. Delivered when promised. One item forgotten on delivery. Human error, no big deal. Called right away, and it was corrected. Will certainly use them again.
Priscilla M. Tue Oct 25, 2016
A great service! I have already recommended to friends heading to Disney!
Megan M. Tue Oct 25, 2016
The BEST way to get food in your room. Customer service is outstanding. Amazing option and reasonable price. All of our food was fresh and ready.
Ann Z. Tue Oct 25, 2016
We were a late arrival to Art of Animation and were happy to find that our groceries were delivered to our room. Worked out great for us.
Sara H. Tue Oct 25, 2016
Loved that they called to confirm my order and called when the order had been delivered. It was very easy and quick.
Jim M. Tue Oct 25, 2016
Fantastic service-- got everything we wanted on time and as expected- we'll continue to use them every time we can!
Ronald B. Tue Oct 25, 2016
Great site great service made my trip a little easier by not having to go to grocery store
Hilarie E. Tue Oct 25, 2016
What a great service! Our food was there when we arrived! Everything was great.
Brian C. Tue Oct 25, 2016
Used this service once and then a second time to make sure it was phenomenal And it was. I will recommend to everyone
Shannon M. Tue Oct 25, 2016
Awesome service and products if you want to eat healthy on your vacation. Couldn't be easier to use! So happy we found this!
Renata W. Tue Oct 25, 2016
Great service site easy to use lots of gluten and dairy free choices. Had concerns about free from foods here for me and my families dietary needs. Finding this company was a relief. Fantastic highly recommended.
Cyndy L. Tue Oct 25, 2016
I had an excellent experience with Garden Grocer. Our groceries were delivered soon after our arrival. One item was missing from our order. I called thinking that they would just credit my bill. However, they brought the item right over! I appreciated their quick, thorough and courteous service!
Erin M. Tue Oct 25, 2016
Awesome! Thank you for making our trip simple and stress free
Nicole L. Tue Oct 25, 2016
I ordered as Hurricane Matthew was approaching. When I reviewed my cart, I noticed my 32 pack of water dropped out of my cart (understandably...everyone was stocking up) I missed that my gallon of milk did too! Garden Grocer delivered it the next day with no delivery charge. Great service and highly recommended!
Amy A. Mon Oct 24, 2016
We used to rent a car an go shopping the next morning. This was easy, prompt and let us have a full play day.
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