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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

Jill B. Fri May 27, 2016
This was a great service. They were friendly and the whole process was so easy and convienent. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family and will use them in the future.
Rachel G. Fri May 27, 2016
Best way to save at Disney World! I ordered food to make sandwiches, have fresh fruit, dry cereal, and milk. It helped make up some of our meals and keep the cost down. We also got snacks like cheese sticks, granola bars, small water bottles, etc to take into the park with us. We are very glad to use this service. I would recommend it to anyone. Easy to use and add to as you plan your vacation.
Christine R. Fri May 27, 2016
Garden Grocer provided excellent customer service. Everything on our order was delivered and waiting for us our arrival at Disney's Port Orleans. We would definitely use again and highly recommend them :)
Alison M. Thu May 26, 2016
Prompt & reliable service.
David/Cathy R. Thu May 26, 2016
Excellent way to save money. Customer service is outstanding. They called and texted before the order was delivered, after it was at the resort and after a day to make sure everything was as I ordered!
Kathy F. Thu May 26, 2016
Really made it easy to deliver to disney bell service. Very helpful texts and or calls
Andrea H. Thu May 26, 2016
Very easy to use, received text message,email, and phone call letting me know our items were delivered. The order was correct and cold items were refrigerated. Will use again
Nicole L. Thu May 26, 2016
I was thoroughly impressed with the whole garden grocer process from ease of the website, immediate phone call to confirm my placed order to efficient delivery! My order arrived as I was in transport to my resort! Everything arrived without a problem the order was correct and all refrigerated items were kept cold for me. I would definitely recommend and use again!
Yves B. Thu May 26, 2016
Great services !! Great products !! Great price !! Hope to do business again in the future !!!
Jordan V. Thu May 26, 2016
Fabulous customer service. Made dining on our Disney trip affordable as we had healthy snacks and lunches out of our room.
Kathy G. Thu May 26, 2016
The service was absolutely great. I appreciated the confirmation phone call and emails after placing my order and the confirmation text when my order was delivered . That was first class service and we will definitely be using your service again for our trip in 1 year. Keep up the great work!
Heather S. Thu May 26, 2016
Awesome selection and very reliable
Margaret H. Thu May 26, 2016
Great service, fair prices, saved us money and was very easy to use.
Alisa F. Thu May 26, 2016
Easily one of the best things we did for our Disney trip. It was SO nice to have some basic groceries, and it saved us a ton of money. I only wish we had ordered twice as much bottled water and juice!
Bettina B. Thu May 26, 2016
As French family we spent few days at Disney World for holidays.
I ordered everything we needed for our breakfast few days before our arrival in Orlando. Everything has been delivered directly to our bungalow. It was perfect ! We gained a lot of time !
Emily C. Thu May 26, 2016
Our order was spot on and waiting for us when we got off of the airplane. Could not have been easier, and we were able to start having fun right away because the chore of getting food for the week had already been completed for us! Highly recommend!
Becky C. Thu May 26, 2016
This service is amazing and affordable. Our order was delivered to bell services on the day we arrived and then brought to our room when we called bell services to let them we know we were in our room. It was nice to have 12 packs of pop, bottled water, individual packs of cookies and chips, and donuts for a quick breakfast before heading off to the park. Whenever we returned to our room for a break we had drinks and snacks, no need to go to the food court which was quite a distance away. Great Service!! Very easy to order and pay on-line prior to your trip.
Kevin K. Thu May 26, 2016
Excellent service! Would highly recommend.
Pat C. Wed May 25, 2016
Garden grocer was so easy to order from and was waiting for us at our resort when we arrived. Loved this website and would highly recommend it!
richard m. Wed May 25, 2016
great deal--especially if you have little children
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