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  98.5% would recommend Garden Grocer

liz g. Tue Feb 9, 2016
The best 'secret' to staying at Disney we've ever found. Delivery is prompt, prices reasonable, and we've found we save a ton of money by having groceries in our room.
Lorrie J. Tue Feb 9, 2016
Made our trip! Great to walk into your room/cabin with groceries. After a long day of travel this was extremely nice!
Pam S. Tue Feb 9, 2016
Such a smooth process. Our food was in our room when we checked in. Had a group of 40 people and having food a water was a lifesaver! I like that you can add to your order once it's been submitted. Everything was accurate. Well done!
Stacey H. Tue Feb 9, 2016
Great service!! The delivery as there before we arrived!! Will definitely use again next year!!
jessica z. Mon Feb 8, 2016
Will definitely use this service for our next WDW vacation! It was really easy to use the website to order our groceries and even easier having them delivered. The bellman at our Disney hotel (Art of Animation) put away any items that needed to go into our fridge in room. Very pleased with the level of service, ease of use & convenience of delivery.
Loren Z. Mon Feb 8, 2016
Very satisfied. Will use again if at Disney.
Valarie E. Mon Feb 8, 2016
Great idea and service
Peter G. Mon Feb 8, 2016
We were very impressed by the quality of the customer service, and the peace of mind given by their updates on the order and its delivery. This is a company that I highly value!
Brooke T. Mon Feb 8, 2016
This was so much easier than asking our driver to make a stop and us all going into a grocery store. I had time to decide what we really needed and it was so nice to have it already at the hotel when we arrived.
Lauren C. Mon Feb 8, 2016
Terrific service - very easy to use and we had food the day we arrived. This allowed us to eat a quick breakfast in the room and hit the parks early - we will definitely use again and highly recommend!
Barbara S. Mon Feb 8, 2016
We thought this was a great service and will use this in the future!
David B. Mon Feb 8, 2016
Heard about Garden Grocer from a friend who uses them frequently. We used them this past trip and could not have been happier. Food was at the hotel waiting on our arrival. Everything we ordered was included, along with the fresh fruit which was ripened exactly as we wanted. Definitely will be using them again on our next trip
Lorna O. Mon Feb 8, 2016
Already recommended! I was very impressed with the service. We flew in from Ireland with a baby and toddler, so it was brilliant to have all of the baby things formula, food, diapers etc waiting for us in our hotel.
Sandra R. Sun Feb 7, 2016
Your company went above and beyond. I was arriving in Jan.but the super storm Jonas hit our area. At the very last minute our airport was closed down and all flights were canceled. Our planned trip to Disney was over before it started. We were heart broken all the months of waiting over in a phone call generated by a computer.canceled. Your company understood.and was the first to be very kind and refunded our order.and were very nice .i will again order when I replan our trip and I highly recommend garden grocer to everyone I talk to.so I really can't say how to improve your service when you are the best!
Amber S. Sun Feb 7, 2016
We used this on vacation and it was amazing! The purchases were delivered to the hotel and they were on time. The bread was still in great condition and everything I bought was perfect!! I will use them again for sure and recommend them again and again!
Jeffrey H. Sun Feb 7, 2016
Enhanced our week at Disney with snacks and beverages to supplement our dining plan. Nice to have fresh fruit and snacks in the morning and late at night in the room. Would highly recommend GG to anyone traveling to Disney.
Kelley A. Sun Feb 7, 2016
Thrilled with the service. We had a hotel-related issue (not Garden Grocer's fault) and Garden Grocer resolved it promptly.
Suzanne P. Sun Feb 7, 2016
Great service. We arrived at our Disney hotel and the groceries I ordered were on the table in our room and the cold items in the fridge. Perfect!
Beth D. Sun Feb 7, 2016
Great service! Ordering with these guys is a breeze! Definitely will use them again when staying on disney property.
Natalie D. Sun Feb 7, 2016
Wow! Easy to use - seamless and perfect way to get items delivered to Disney!
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