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  98.3% would recommend Garden Grocer

Christine B. Thu Jan 19, 2017
I will definitely use Garden Grocer for future trips! It saved us a lot of time and money from eating out all the time. We were also able to get in some healthier snacks. A must for any big trip!
Aaron P. Thu Jan 19, 2017
Garden Grocer was so convenient. I even found the prices to be decent. What a great option when traveling to Disney.
Chad S. Thu Jan 19, 2017
No brainer if you are staying at a Disney Resort. We had breakfast items, water, juice boxes, snacks and beer delivered to our resort and was there when we checked in. Saved us a ton of money at the Parks
Martese E. Wed Jan 18, 2017
Easy to order, easy to track, delivered on time and right to my room!
Sarah W. Wed Jan 18, 2017
We will definitely use Garden Grocer for every Disney trip from now on! Having milk, snacks, and breakfast in our room saved us a ton of money and time! Thank you!
Deborah S. Tue Jan 17, 2017
What wonderful service! It's so nice to not have to worry about getting groceries in when we get to Disney World. We were very pleased with the great selection of items offered and all of our favorite brands. Delivery was prompt and prices were fair. Placing my second order soon!
Cecile R. Tue Jan 17, 2017
good follow up. order delivered in excelant condition and the products where top grade.
TERRI I. Tue Jan 17, 2017
Easy to use. Called when they didn't have an item I ordered. Was at our resort on time. Highly recommend!
Lisa C. Tue Jan 17, 2017
Great company to deal with! Easy to order online and everything arrived just as ordered! Good selection and reasonable prices.
Helen I. Mon Jan 16, 2017
I made the mistake of giving the wrong Disne Resort and three hours before my order was scheduled to be delivered, they were able to correct MY error. They did not act as if they were doing any great favor just giving me great service!
Vicky C. Mon Jan 16, 2017
Garden Grocers made Dopey race weekend nutrition so much easier! Fantastic service and extremely efficient!
Tammy D. Mon Jan 16, 2017
Truly professional service delivering quality produce with a great selection.
Lynda G. Mon Jan 16, 2017
Have used this market every time we stay in Disney. Order breakfast items, water, snacks like trail mix, sun chips (things that travel well) and use them in the park around mid day. This allows us to splurge on a nice dinner in the parks. MUCH CHEAPER than buying these items on property but a little higher than a local Publix but if you factor in The cost of renting a car (to take you from the airport to Disney with a supermarket stop) vs free Disney Magical Transportation (directly from airport to Disney) it is well worth the few extra dollars to order from Garden Grocers!!
Rachel Z. Mon Jan 16, 2017
A great service, easy to work with and make changes. Even when there was a mutal mistake with a change in the order, they made it right....no fuss at all! Will use again!
Polly B. Mon Jan 16, 2017
Awesome service business! Highly recommend!
Carrie H. Mon Jan 16, 2017
Our order arrived right at the beginning of our promised time slot. What a great feeling to turn my phone off of airplane mode while sitting on the plane and immediately receive a text that my order had been delivered. Always a great experience working with Garden Grocer!
Teresa B. Sun Jan 15, 2017
I used your service while on vacation at Disney World. It was wonderful! I ordered online, then a confirmation email was sent as well as a confirmation phone call. The items came just as expected. I would definitely recommend garden grocer!
Amber R. Sun Jan 15, 2017
Life saver for our Disney Trip!
Meagan G. Sun Jan 15, 2017
It was convenient and everything arrived at the promised time and well organized!
Kelly L. Sun Jan 15, 2017
We used this service when coming to Disney staying at Fort Wilderness. The website was easy to use and the service was wonderful, they called almost 5 minutes of placing our order to confirm it. Will defiantly recommend and use again! Thank you!
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