Corona Refresca Variety Pack 12pk 12oz Cans product image

Corona Refresca Variety Pack 12pk 12oz Cans

  • ($2.42 each)

This Corona Refresca Spiked Tropical Cocktail Variety Pack includes 12 slim cans of premium lime flavored malt beverages, featuring four canned drinks each of Guava Lime, Passionfruit Lime, and Coconut Lime flavors. Taste the tropics of Mexico with the vibrant, refreshing, natural fruit flavors of these sweet drinks. With fewer than 200 calories* per slim can, the flavorful tropical cocktails in this canned drinks 12 pack are made with malt grains and brewed with minimal fermentation. Each sip of these flavored drinks delivers a crisp finish that is especially enjoyable on a hot day.

Item #: 1717
Brand: Corona


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